After The Party Is Over
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“Damn it,” my husband Sam muttered, “he’ll do the doors
a mischief if he keeps that up.”

The ‘he’ my husband was referring to was our 15 year old
son Tom who was suffering what the behaviourists would
call teenage angst, putting it more bluntly Tom was in a
right sulk and a teenager sulking was calculated to get
everyone on edge.

Though on this occasion I suppose he had a good excuse
to be sulking, he was supposed to be going to a party
later that day, but his date had been grounded by her
parents for some reason and the party was a ‘couples
only’ affair. If he had been a typical hormonal teen Tom
would have had a ‘back-up’ girl waiting in the wings,
only Tom wasn’t exactly typical.

Truth be told I was a little worried about him and I
knew his father was too, Tom rarely seemed to go out and
socialise, the girl that had been going to the party
with him was in fact his first girlfriend. What was
worse from his point of view was that this particular
party was a ‘must be at’ for teenagers, and of course he
wasn’t going to be there.

“He’ll just have to get over it,” Sam sighed.

I nodded in agreement with my husband while wondering if
we could survive this ‘getting over it’ period. Looking
across the table at Sam I wished he wasn’t going away
that weekend, but the conference he was attending had
him as a guest speaker so he couldn’t back out of it. At
51 Sam was still a dynamic businessman that was still
teaching ‘young upstarts’, as he called them, a few

He was less successful in his bedroom skills, but I
loved him nevertheless despite the 20-year age gap
between us, I can still remember the shocked looks when
I had announced that I was to marry a man in his
thirties. I suppose those gasps came in part that at the
time I was only fifteen. A year later I was to present
him with a son.

A door banging upstairs jerked my mind back to the
present; this sulk had now lasted three days, or put
another way ever since he’d had that fateful call from
his girlfriend.

“If I knew how to go about it I’d hire him a girl for
the night!” Sam said with a sigh.

And from his words an idea suddenly formed in my head.
If all my son needed was a female to show off why not
his mother. Feeling pleased with myself I passed my
thought on to my husband who put down his coffee cup and
looked at me as though I were daft.

“Well,” I said defensively, “I won’t know anyone there
so they won’t know I’m Tom’s mother… and besides, with
the right clothes and make-up you know I can look almost
18 or a bit younger.”

“You don’t have to tell me how good you can look or how
young.” Sam grinned then frowned, “I’m not sure it’s
such a good idea though, Tom might feel a bit restricted
with his mother hovering all the time.”

“I would not hover!” I protested, “At least he’d get to
go to the party and have a dancing partner for the

“Alright, alright Sara,” Sam gave way reluctantly, “have
it your way.

Put the idea to him and see what he says.”

As if on cue Tom walked into the room, his face bore
such a pout it was hard not to giggle, slouching across
the kitchen he went to the fridge and got himself some
juice. He definitely looked one unhappy teenager. I
couldn’t hide a small grin as I twisted in my seat to
face him.

“Tom,” I started, “about this party…”

That was as far as I got before Tom’s face filled with a
look of anger, he was all set to give me some sort of
cutting remark when his father looked up and simply
said: “Listen to what she has to say then blow your top,
if you still want to.”

Tom shut his mouth and gave me his number one bad mood
glare, he stood waiting for me to say my piece so I
quickly obliged him and put forward my idea. As I spoke
he looked at first incredulous, then thoughtful and then
his sulky looked returned.

“It would never work mum.” He grumped at me.

“Why not?” I asked bluntly, “No one there has met me and
I can dress to look a lot younger, young man.”

“Yeah but…” he started t say.

“It’s your mother’s suggestion or nothing,” Sam
commented firmly, “take it or leave it. I suppose it all
depends on how important being at this shindig really is
to you.”

It was obviously very important to Tom to be seen at
this do, yet he still seemed unconvinced and I could see
his features weave their way through all the pros and
cons of having his mother as his ‘date’ for the evening.

“Well?” I asked after a long five minutes had passed.

“Oh all right.” He finally sighed, “It’s not as though I
have much choice in the matter.”

“Well thank you!” I responded feeling miffed by his

“It’s not that mom,” he got in quickly, “you are a right
smasher, only… well I mean…”

He faltered lost for words that would explain what he
meant without digging himself an even deeper hole. In
the end he gave up trying to talk himself out of the
hole he’d dug for himself and that was that. With the
party only a couple of hours away I needed to go bathe
and doll myself up, and Tom had some preparing of his
own to do. With Sam shaking his head we left the kitchen
to go get ourselves ready for the night ahead.

After a nice long shower that left my body tingling I
went into my bedroom to dress, as I passed the dressing
mirror I paused to admire myself. As you can tell, I was
a little vain, but then again I had some justification
in being so, at 31 I still had my girlish looks and
weekly sessions at the gym had kept my body firm and
trim. Grinning at my reflection I took my ‘party’
clothes out of their hiding places, suspenders, black
stockings, lace bra and panties finished the
undergarments and a slinky wrap-over dress completed the
ensemble. Then it was to my dressing table to apply my
make-up, by the time I had finished I looked 15 years
younger, just young enough to be Tom’s ‘girlfriend’ in
fact. Feeling pleased with myself I headed downstairs
expecting Tom to be waiting impatiently for me to
arrive, instead only my husband was there.

“Damn!” he grinned as I entered the living room, “How
the hell do you do it Sara, you look almost exactly the
same as you did when we got married!”

I grinned and gave him a cheeky little curtsey, which of
course drew his attention to what I was wearing, he
frowned then looked me in the eyes.

“Sara,” he sighed, “just don’t do your usual.”

“My usual?” I frowned.

“Your usual,” he said shaking his head, “forget whom you
went to the affair with. I know you enjoy attention and
like to flirt, but you lose focus and your partner. I’m
used to it and I don’t mind that much, but Tom is having
a bad enough time accepting that the only way he can get
to this shindig is with his mother as his date, he won’t
take too kindly to his own mother wandering off to flirt
with the other males there.”

“Oh Sam, I’m not that bad!” I protested knowing he was

“Maybe you aren’t, maybe you are,” he grinned taking the
sting out of his words then became serious again, “but
if you thought Tom’s sulking was bad you wait and see
what it’s like if you do end up doing your usual thing.”

Of course I promised I’d stick with Tom and give him all
my attention for the whole night, though Sam still
looked doubtful. Anyway, he had no more time to discuss
the matter as Tom appeared in the living room doorway
and I have to admit that he looked a very handsome
figure, which made his non-socialising more of a pity.
Sam looked at this watch then said he’d give us a lift
to the party stating it would be quicker than waiting
for a taxi or mini-cab, as a result we got to the party
just after eight. Even being early we weren’t the first
to arrive by a long shot, the party was already in full
swing so Tom and I got ourselves a drink then danced a
few fast dances together. Tom looked to be enjoying
himself and when we stopped for another drink he was
smiling, though I’m sure he would have preferred to be
with his girlfriend. We were about to go back to dancing
when Tom leaned over to me.

“Won’t be long,” he said softly, “I need the bathroom.”

“Okay.” I smiled.

He’d barely left the room when another boy came over and
asked me to dance, I figured that by the time Tom got
back the boy would be back with his girlfriend, who I
could see with a small group laughing and chatting. So I
agreed and was soon bopping away to the music with this
boy, just before the record ended I saw Tom wandering
back into the room; he saw me dancing and went to get
himself a drink. A few moments later the record ended
and I was all set to go back to Tom when another boy
came over to me as the next record started and asked me
to dance. The boy seemed so eager that I hadn’t the
heart to say no; soon I was dancing to the music with
this boy. I have to admit that I was enjoying myself, it
seemed I was a popular dance partner as a steady stream
of boys came over to dance with me and when at around
nine thirty the music became slow and smoochy I didn’t
hesitate about letting one of the boys take me in his
arms and start drifting around the floor.

A while later one of the boys let his hands drift lower
than they should, I know I should have objected or
something, but I was having too much fun and it just
seemed sort of natural anyway. Things sort of escalated
from there, the boy sort of kissed me and I sort of let
it happen, then the record ended and another boy took
his place. Within seconds of the music starting this boy
had his hands on my bum and his lips on mine, I thought
it a bit cheeky, but at the same time I enjoyed his
attention and just settled in to enjoy myself. The boy
certainly was cheeky; about half way through the record
I felt one of his hands sliding up my body and onto my

“Naughty.” I said to the boy softly.

“Do you mind?” He grinned at me and squeezed my tit.

I laughed and let him get on with his touching me up, it
was as his lips came back on mine that I had the nagging
feeling that I was forgetting something, but his roving
hands distracted my thoughts before they could gel,
though the feeling I had forgotten something was there
in the back of my mind throughout the night. And that
seemed to set the pattern for the rest of the night;
each boy that took a turn to dance with me lost no time
in kissing me with his hands roving over me. My husband
was often amused by the liberties I let some people take
with me when I was in the mood, Sam called me his little
flirt and tonight I was flirting like crazy. More than a
few of the boys were more daring, these ones let their
hands slide into the wrap front of my dress to get a
good feel of me, but two boys in particular were
exceedingly daring.

The first of these two took me in his arms at around
ten, he had his hand in the top of my dress almost as
soon as we got together, but he didn’t stop there, his
hand pushed into the cup of my bra and I felt him
squeezing my bare boob. When I didn’t make a fuss he
started to play with my nipple and I’m afraid I gave him
encouragement by letting loose a small hum of pleasure
as he teased my already hard bud. Half way through the
dance he slid his other hand into my top forcing it to
gape around his wrists, then his hand was inside my bra
playing with my other nipple. Shortly before the record
ended he moved one of his hands down my body and slid it
into my dress and straight onto my panties, for a few
short moments he stroked my pussy through my panties. By
the time the record came to an end I was more than a
little excited and a bit disappointed that the boy let
go of me and let another take his place.

The second daring boy was the most precocious of the
lot, like most of the boys before him, one of his hands
was into my bra as soon as the music had started, he
felt up my tit then started to tease my nipple. Moments
later I felt his other hand slide around my body from my
bum and I expected it to rise upwards to my other boob,
it was a surprise when I felt the hand slip into the
wrap of my dress and onto my stockinged leg. I have to
admit that I was curious as to how far this boy was
going to try going, my curiosity was soon satisfied,
without any hesitation his hand slid up my leg and onto
the crotch of my panties. As his hand press to my pussy
he parted out lips and looked me in the eyes with a
knowing grin on his face, I could hardly deny I was
feeling somewhat excited, not with his hand feeling the
dampness of my pussy through my panties. The fact that I
didn’t object or try to move his hand away was all the
encouragement he needed, as his lips descended on mine
again his hand pressed and rubbed at my pussy with a
firmer pressure. As our bodies moved with the music his
hands moved on my body, one hand in my bra teasing my
nipple, the other stroking my pussy more and more
demandingly. When something touched my back I realised
he had manoeuvred us into a quiet area outside the main
room and now had me with my back pressed to a wall. All
pretence at dancing went and he got down to some serious
snogging and fondling, at one point the hand at my boob
moved, a moment later I felt a tug at the knotted fabric
belt and my dress went loose. This of course made it
easier for him to fondle me, something he lost no time
in doing by returning his hand to my boob, cheekily
sliding my bra upwards to let my tits free of their
minimal protection. Then his warm hand was back to its
teasing and squeezing of my boobs and nipples, meanwhile
his other hand kept up its motions on my pussy, I could
feel my flimsy panties getting wetter as they pressed
into my pussy under his sliding fingers. Leaning back
against the wall I decided to let him get his jollies
and hopefully a climax or two of my own. Pretty soon he
had decided that I was enjoying his actions and went a
stage further by slipping his hand in the side of my
panties, moment later one of his fingers slipped all the
way into my pussy, my juices coating it as he began to
slide it in and out of me.

Once again he parted our lips and looked into my eyes,
the growing excitement he must have seen in my eyes
appeared to please him because he pushed as second
finger into me and began to finger fuck me firmly.

“I shouldn’t be letting you do this.” I murmured half-

“But you are.” he grinned broadly, leant his head down
and sucked at one of my nipples.

I felt myself rising to an orgasm under his touch, it
seemed a shame to miss out on a climax, and so I let out
a low moan and pushed my tit tighter to his mouth. By
now he had pushed my panties all the way to one side and
was going at both my pussy and my clit unhampered by
even their flimsy material. Having his mouth on my
nipple left him a hand free, this he used to grasp my
wrist and to guide my hand down his crotch. I was
surprised to find that instead of the fabric of his
trousers I came in contact with his hard cock, I have no
idea when he had managed to release it from his
trousers. The few times in the past that things had got
to this sort of stage Sam had stepped in after a few
minutes to put a damper on the guys ardour, but it
dawned on me that Sam wasn’t there this time. As I
started to wank the boy I hoped that was as far as he
was planning on going, I might be a an outrageous flirt,
but I am no pushover and in all the time I’d been with
Tom the nearest I’d ever got to being unfaithful was the
time I sucked a guy off at a party, mind you I was so
drunk at the time I could barely stand. This time there
would be no Sam to suddenly appear to save my ‘honour’
and a touch of concern filtered through my pleasure. I
was just rising to a peak of pleasure when the boy
raised his mouth from my nipple.

“Bet this is way better than anything that wimp of a
boyfriend does for you.” He grinned then went back to
sucking on my nipple.

“Boyfriend?” I responded in a puzzled tone as I felt my
climax rising.

Just like that the nagging thought gelled into just what
it was I had forgotten, my son, Tom! My pending orgasm
died on the spot as I pushed the boy away from me and
readjusted my clothing. It was a little after midnight
when I left the boy standing there with his dick hanging
out of his trousers and a look of shocked disbelief on
his face. Quickly I looked around the main room, but
there was no sign of Tom, though I noted that the
numbers of people present had dropped quite a bit and I
realised that the party had been breaking up for some
time. A small knot of boys and girls was standing
talking so I went towards them to ask if they’d seen
Tom, but, as I got closer I could hear their
conversation and it stopped me in my tracks.

“Think Henry has finished with the slut yet?” one of the
girls was asking; “Only I need to get home.”

“He’ll be a while yet,” one of the boys replied with a
laugh, “when I last looked he’d only got his hand in her

“What a whore!” one of the girls laughed.

Shaking off my shock at their words I finished my
approach to them, as soon as they saw me the
conversation changed, but the damage was already done.

“Has anyone seen Tom?” I asked biting back anger.

“Tom?” one of the boys mused, “Oh you mean the wimp you
arrived with. Yeah, I saw him, it was about two hours
ago as he left in a huff.”

“Oh shit!” I muttered to myself as I rushed off to get
my coat and purse.

With an ever-growing feeling of major guilt I called a
minicab and berated myself mentally for doing the very
thing my husband had warned me not to do! Although the
cab only took five minutes to arrive it seemed to be an
eternity during which my feelings of guilt rose and a
deep shame at what I had done to Tom by forgetting he
was there filled me. When the cab came I sat impatiently
in the back urging the driver to go faster.

“Listen lady,” the driver said without turning his head,
“there’s no way I’m speeding, we get there when we get

We got ‘there’ fifteen minutes later, dreading facing
the consequences I rushed into the house.

“Hi hon.” Sam greeted me as I entered the living room,
his smile becoming a frown when he saw I was alone,
“Where’s Tom?”

“He’s not here?” I asked with panic in my voice.

“No, he’s not.” Sam replied, “Don’t tell me, you went
and did your usual even after I warned you not to!”

I blushed with guilt and shame, hanging my head unable
to voice a reply, but my demeanour was enough to tell
Sam that he was right on the button.

“Oh Sara how could you!” he sighed, “This is all I need,
the cab will be here soon to take me to the airport to
catch my flight. When did you last see him?”

“Around nine.” I replied with tears welling up in my
eyes, “Someone told me later that he’d left around ten,
ten thirty.”

“Christ, and you didn’t notice he was missing for over
two hours?” Sam gasped in dismay.

I could tell that Sam was holding back his anger at my
actions; his concern now was where our son was.

“I hope he hasn’t one something stupid.” He muttered

“He wouldn’t… would he?” I gulped.

“Sara, Tom was already down from being dumped already
this week,” Sam replied, “now you go and do it to him
again. You know how introverted he is, two blows like
that, especially as one of them came from his own
mother, will have had some negative impact on his ego.
He’s a mixed up, depressed teenager, he could do

“Oh God!” I cried with my tears flowing down my cheeks.

Just then the front door opened and closed with a bang,
the figure of our son passed the living room door and
Sam called out to him.

“What?” Tom snapped as he came back to the living room

“Where have you been?” Sam asked firmly.

“Bloody well walking home!” Tom snorted.

I noted that throughout all this he wasn’t looking at me
at all, in fact he was acting as though I wasn’t even
there. I also noted that his eyes were reddened as
though he’d been crying.

“Your mother was worried,” Sam persisted quietly, “your
leaving like that without a word frightened her.”

“Yeah,” Tom half muttered, “and how many hours later was
it that she even noticed I wasn’t there?”

“Tom I…” I faltered as his eyes looked at me for the
first time; the anger, betrayal and hatred I saw there
took the words out of my mouth.

Looking back to his father Tom totally ignored my
presence again and this, more than anything else hurt me
to the core.

“She would have assumed you were dancing with the other
girls there.” Sam said in my defence.

“Oh yeah, fat chance,” Tom snorted in disgust, “if I’d
tried that I’d have had my head kicked in. The only mug
there was me and I sat half the night like a prat
waiting for her to remember I even existed.”

“That ‘her’ is your mother boy.” Sam responded a little
annoyed now.

“Yeah, so you tell me.” Tom snapped back, “Well you can
keep her!”

The venom in my son’s voice made me gasp in dismay, even
Sam seemed momentarily lost for words.

“Apologise to your mother.” Sam said at last.

“What mother?” Tom snorted.

“Tom!” I gasped with my heart feeling as heavy as lead.

“That’s it!” Sam snapped in anger, “Apologise to your
mother or go to your room and be grounded until I get

“Fine.” Tom replied turning to leave the room.

“Tom, please,” I called out to him desperately, “I’m
sorry, Tom, God I’m so sorry!”

He left the room as though I hadn’t even existed let
alone cried out to him, if he’d turned and slapped me
across the face the shock couldn’t have been any
greater! Despair filled me and I had no-one but myself
to blame for alienating my own son by my actions. As Sam
opened his mouth to speak the doorbell rang, with a
curse he went to the door, a moment later he looked into
the living room.

“It’s my cab,” he sighed, “I have to go love. Damn it,
why did this have to happen tonight!”

“But Sam,” I gasped in despair, “what do I do about

“I have no idea,” he replied with a deep sigh, “you
could try making peace with him while I’m gone, if he’ll
talk to you. I’ll try talking to him when I get back on

He gave me a brief kiss and hurried out to the cab with
his suitcase in hand leaving me alone with the
consequences of my actions. A few minutes later I went
upstairs and tapped at the door of Tom’s room, there was
no response so I tried again a little louder, but there
was still no response.

“Tom?” I said softly.

There was no answer so I tried to open the door and was
shocked to find that he’d locked it.

“Tom!” I called out, “I need to speak with you.”

“Go away you… you… whore!” he called back at me,
“Don’t come near me, don’t even talk to me!”

Stunned I turned away from his door and stumbled as
though in a trance to my bedroom, flopping onto the bed
I began to cry, sobs wracking my whole body as I heard
his words of rejection over and over again in my head.

I must have cried myself to sleep because the next thing
I knew I was waking up on top of the bed, fully clothed
and feeling awful. Waking brought back the tears and the
echoes of his words; I felt as though my whole world had
crumbled when he’d voiced those few words. Wishing I
could turn back the clock I got undressed, showered and
put on dressing gown, even the shower hadn’t been able
to wash away my tears or the guilt I felt. It was only
seven in the morning, but the first thing I did when I
got downstairs was to pour myself a large vodka. Sitting
in the living room I cried and sipped in equal measures,
before long the glass was empty and I poured myself
another, I think I was trying to drink myself senseless,
but this day drinking wasn’t working. At the same time I
was hoping that Tom would come down from his room, that
he’d give me half an opportunity, but as the time passed
it became clear that he had no intention of stirring
from his room unless forced to.

About nine the telephone rang, it was Sam ringing to let
me know he’d arrived safely and to ask how things were.
I sobbed out what was happening to my husband, even what
Tom had called me.

“He didn’t mean it love.” Sam tried to comfort me.

“You didn’t hear his voice Sam,” I sobbed, “he meant it!
And he’s right! I am a whore!”

“Sara, calm down,” came my husband’s soothing voice,
“Tom’s upset and just lashing out. Give him time, he’ll
settle down again.”

“I wish you were here Sam,” I wept back, “I can’t bear
this alone. Tom hates me, he really hates me Sam!”

“I wish I was there too hon,” Sam sighed, “but I’m stuck
here. As for him hating you, I doubt that. I doubt that
very much. Sara you need to pull yourself together and
try to talk with Tom, deep down he loves you darling,
he’ll listen sooner or later.”

As he rang off I hoped he was right, but my inner fears
kept telling me that I had managed to drive my son away
from me. Nevertheless I tried to talk to him, which
wasn’t easy through a locked door, but I stood leaning
against the door to his room and talked my heart out,
all I got in return was silence. Heartbroken I
eventually went back to the living room and poured
myself another drink; sitting alone with my misery I
watched the living room doorway in the vain hope that
Tom might appear. At about noon I heard his door close,
with hope blossoming I listened to the sounds of him
descending the stairs, and then he came into view in the

“Tom?” I said as he walked past the door.

He totally ignored me, not even glancing my way as he
left the house. Two hours later, two hours of despair
for me, he returned and even though I stood in the hall
directly in front of him he acted as though I wasn’t
there. There wasn’t even a flicker of a glance my way as
he brushed past me and went back up to his room, stunned
I went back into the living room, collapsed on the couch
and just stared mindlessly at the carpet at my feet. I
sat there for hours lost in my guilt and despair; even
the growing darkness in the room didn’t draw my
attention from my misery.

The sun rose on the Sunday morning to find me still
sitting in the same position, sleep had not even been a
passing thought as I sat lost in my desolation. Wishing
I could just curl up and die I decided to make another
attempt to talk to Tom, with a heavy heart I made my way
up to his locked door, as I leant against it I could
have sworn I heard a sob from the other side of the

“Tom?” I said softly, “Please Tom, I need to talk to

There was no response, had I not known better the room
could have been empty. His silence hurt me to the core,
but out of sheer despair I persisted.

“Please Tom,” I pleaded, “just give me five minutes.
Just five minutes, please Tom, please, I’m begging you

After ten minutes it finally sank in that he was not
going to even acknowledge my presence let alone respond
to me. In a waking nightmare I stumbled back downstairs
and fell onto the couch weeping my heart out, knowing
that the whole situation was my fault just made me feel
all the worse. The strident ringing of the telephone
drew my attention eventually, but even knowing that it
was likely to be my husband calling I couldn’t summon
the will to make the small movement to answer it. On and
on it rang as I sat staring blankly at the floor through
my tears. Suddenly the sound stopped and I heard the
mutter of a voice, my heart leapt as I turned my eyes in
the direction of the phone to see my son standing there
with the receiver to his ear.

“Tom!” I breathed.

“Yes dad,” he said into the receiver ignoring me
completely, “she’s here.”

The venom in his voice made the breath catch in my
throat as I listened to my son’s side of the
conversation numbly.

“I don’t care any more dad… She sure showed it that
night! … No! … Fine, I’d rather… But… I’m not
the one that… I… But… Yes dad. He wants to talk to

I couldn’t believe that he’d spoken to me directly, for
a moment I just stared at him, finally he thrust the
receiver towards me and I took it dazedly.

“Sam?” I almost whispered into the receiver.

“Sara,” my husband’s voice came through the instrument,
“I’ve persuaded Tom to give you a chance to talk, for
God’s sake don’t blow it!”

“I’ll try not to Sam.” I breathed, “Thank you.”

“You’d better get talking to him before he changes his
mind,” Sam replied, “I’ll call again tomorrow. Bye for
now my love.”

Putting the phone down I turned to look at my son, he
was glaring at me with his arms crossed over his chest
and I suddenly couldn’t find the words to explain what
had happened. Feeling lost and helpless I sat there
looking up at my son praying for some inspiration or
even better, a miracle.

“You wanted to talk,” Tom eventually snapped, “so talk!”

“Tom,” I said softly, “I don’t know how to explain what
happened so you’ll understand it. Your father knows what
I’m like, but I didn’t think I’d slip because I was with
you. I never wanted to hurt you, never!”

“So you say.” he snorted, “Do you have any idea how it
hurt to leave you for a few minutes and come back to
find you giving all your attention to everyone but me?”

“I’m sorry Tom, I’m so sorry.” I said with my tears
starting to flow again, “But I do know the pain you must
have felt, I’ve been feeling it every moment since. I
honestly thought you’d be dancing with the other girls,
they had to be free if their boys were dancing with me.”

“Yeah, they were free,” he almost snarled, “but unlike
my date they simply waited for their date to come back
to them, they didn’t want to know me and neither did

“Oh Tom, that’s not true!” I wailed, “I just get so
distracted when I’m partying. Why didn’t you cut in? You
must have had the chance a dozen times.”

“One warning off was enough thank you.” he sighed.

“Warning off?” I asked feeling very puzzled.

“When I tried to cut in a couple of the guys” he said
softly, “told me to butt out or have my face rearranged.
They told me that if you were remotely interested in me
then you’d find me and you never did! You never even
made an effort to!”

“The bastards!” I hissed so angrily that Tom took a half
step back, “If I’d known that was what was going on I’d
have left the damned place!”

Tom started to look uncertain, as though he was almost
part inclined to believe that I hadn’t realised what was
going on between him and the others at the party.

“Tom I swear I would have come to you if I’d known that
was the way it was.” I said earnestly.

“I almost believe you.” he sighed.

“Tom darling,” I pressed on with all the sincerity in
me, “your father knows what a flirt I am, it amuses him
and he’s always been there to step in if things look
like going too far. I can’t help it Tom, it’s the way
I’ve always been, but I have never been unfaithful to
your father and had you found a way to attract my
attention I would have dumped whoever I was with to come
to you. Please believe me darling! Your rejecting me is
killing me, I couldn’t take it if you didn’t give me
another chance!”

I could see him wavering, part of him still smarting
from the events of the party, part of him willing to
believe that I hadn’t been rejecting him that night. He
seemed to be lost in thought for ages, I wracked my
brain for something else I could say to convince him
that what I said was the truth, but I could think of
nothing else to say, which was probably just as well.

“Maybe I should’ve tried a bit harder to get your
attention.” he said softly.

“Oh darling,” I said quickly, “none of this was your

“Just before I left,” Tom said softly, “I heard Billy
boasting he was going to do you, he was saying you were
hot for it. Did you let him mom?”

I’d figured out that Billy was the last boy I’d been
with, the one who’d fingered my pussy, he’d come damned
close to getting his cock into me too, if it hadn’t been
for his arrogant comments that had reminded me I was
supposed to have been with Tom he would have probably
got to fuck me. However, he hadn’t got to do that last
pat of is seduction.

“No Tom,” I replied looking him in the yes so he could
see the truth in my eyes, “I didn’t let him.”

Tom looked relieved by my answer, it dawned on me that
having lost his ‘girl’ to the others for the night he
would never have been able to face them if Billy had
fulfilled his boast. Thank God the arrogant bastard had
to push it by trying to belittle my ‘date’. There was
something else on Tom’s mind though, I could see he
wanted to ask something, but didn’t know whether he
should leave well enough alone.

“Mum,” he said after a long silence, “just before I left
I saw one of the boys with his hand in the lower part of
your dress…”

“Did he feel me up down there?” I finished for him as he

“Yes.” he breathed.

“Yes he did.” I answered honestly, “He stroked me
through my panties.”

“And Billy?” Tom blurted.

“Billy went a little further.” I sighed feeling my
throat tighten again, “Do you really want to know about
this Tom?”

“Want?” he sighed, “No, but I need to know what to
expect when school starts again, Billy will rub in how
far he got and I want to know what to expect not be
surprised by his boasting.”

“I’m sorry darling,” I said looking down in shame, “I
let him get his hand into my knickers, I guess you need
to know that he also sucked my nipples. Only one other
man has got further with me.”

“Mum!” Tom gasped.

“Now you know why your father always keeps half an eye
on me.” I sighed, “I sometimes get carried away in the

“You’re telling me.” Tom said, then he giggled, “Well at
least the bastard didn’t match his boast and if he tries
to make out any different I can tell it as it is, he’ll
hate that!”

“Tom,” I said looking up at him, “I wish I could turn
the clock back and makes thing right, but I can’t.
There’s got to be a way I can make it up to you though.
I know, how about we try again, we’ll go out, just the
two of us, how about a meal and some dancing?”

“You mean like a date?” he asked.

“Not like a date,” I smiled for the first time, “a real
date. And this time I resist any and all outside
temptations, I promise.”

“Okay.” he replied after a long pause, “When?”

“Well no-where’s open today, it being Sunday,” I said
with a lighter heart, “and I am a definite mess. How
about tomorrow night though?”

“Okay,” he responded with a half smile, “but on one

“Anything!” I said without thought.

“You wear what you wore to the party.” he said.

Having wept myself to sleep in those clothes I knew they
would need to be cleaned first, but I was so relieved
that my son was seeming to forgive me that washing the
clothes seemed a small price to pay.

“Deal!” I replied.

To my growing relief Tom stayed with me for the rest of
the day, though he still seemed a little uncomfortable
he was at least talking to me and not staring right
through me as though I weren’t there. Of course one of
the first things I did was to get the clothes I’d worn
to the party and put them in the washing machine, while
they were washing I rejoined Tom in the living room and
tried to put him further at his ease. I suppose it
wasn’t too surprising to me when Tom started to ask me
to explain more about ‘how I was’, I could tell he was
both curious and puzzled about my actions, even more so
since he now knew that his father was fully aware of my
flirtatious nature. So I tried my best to explain, but
it was hard since I didn’t really know myself why I was
the way I was and I think Tom began to understand this.
A little later I went out to the kitchen and moved the
washing to the tumble dryer, as it started its cycle I
went back to Tom. As I sat back down beside him on the
couch I got the feeling that he was steeling himself to
ask me another intimate question, but I was a little
taken aback when he finally got the nerve up to ask it.

“Mum,” he said in low voice, “you said earlier that only
one man ever got further than Billy. Would you tell me
about it?”

“Oh lord.” I breathed.

I was in two minds about answering him or not, but in
the end I decided that the only way to regain my son’s
trust was answer all his questions honestly and openly.

“It happened a couple of years ago,” I started quietly,
“we had gone to a small party held by a business friend
of your father’s. There was nothing particularly special
about the party or the people there, but there was this
one man who took a real shine to me as soon as he saw me
walk through the door. Any time your father left me for
even a moment this guy was there chatting me up, your
father thought it extremely funny and I was just
enjoying the flattery this man was dishing out. You
know I can’t even remember his name. Anyway, about mid-
evening someone put some music on and people started
dancing, I love to dance and was one of the first moving
to the tunes, most of the time I was dancing with your
father, but this guy was quick to step in the couple of
times Sam had to leave me.”

I paused to gather my thoughts for the next part of the
story then went on.

“Eventually the music got slow and dreamy and I was
loving dancing close to your father. Then the man who
was giving the party asked to talk to your father which
of course left me at a loose end, but not for long.
Almost the instant your father was gone this guy moved
in on me again, it didn’t take him long to slide his
hands down to my backside and I guess my not objecting
to it gave him encouragement to make his next move.
Pretty soon he was kissing me as we danced and when one
of his hands moved round to my boobs it just seemed sort
of natural. A little while later he must have decided he
was in because as soon as we got near the open door into
the garden he let go of me, took my hand and led me
outside. I have to admit that my curiosity got the
better of me, as usual; I wanted to know what he was
planning. So I went outside like a lamb to the
slaughter, he took me to a sort of arbour and started to
tell me how beautiful I was and then kissed me again,
one of his hands went straight to my boob and the other
to my backside. We kissed for quite a while with him
fondling my tits and bum before he made his next move,
he was so smooth it wasn’t until I felt the warmth of
his hand on my boob that I realised he’d opened the
front of my dress, that same dress that’s in the wash
now. For my sins I let him get away with it, he was
exciting me and I was still curious to see how far he
was planning to go. Pretty soon he’d pushed my bra up
and was teasing my nipples, then he kissed his way down
to one and sucked on it, maybe I am a slut and a whore
because I enjoyed it.”

I paused again surprised that I was feeling a little
excited by the telling of the events of that night, it
never occurred to me that Tom might have been feeling a
similar excitement.

“Go on.” Tom said breathlessly.

I looked at him in surprise then smiled, as it came to
me that he might be getting a thrill out of my

“Well for a while” I continued, “he went between sucking
on my nipples and kissing me. Then he moved on a step,
his hand slid into my panties and he just zeroed in on
my clitoris, which of course gave me such a thrill I
didn’t protest at all. Next he pushed some fingers into
me and well, putting it bluntly, he fingered me to a
climax right there in that arbour, but he wasn’t
finished yet. Although he’d been feeling me up all over
I had done no more than hold him while he got on with
it, he wanted me to be an active partner. The sod looked
me in the eyes as he fingered me some more, took his
hand from my boob, opened his flies, pulled out his cock
then took one of my hands and placed it on his cock. He
let go of my hand so he could use it on my boob again
and stood looking into my eyes fingering my pussy and
teasing my nipples. After a while I was getting excited
again and his erect penis in my hand was too good to
resist, so I began to wank him, which of course was just
what he wanted. He fingered and teased me right to the
edge of a climax while I wanked him, then just as I was
about to come he took his fingers form my pussy, let go
of my boob and put his hands on my shoulders. The next
thing I knew he was pushing down gently on my shoulders
and I just let myself go with it, I dropped to my knees
in front of him and when I looked up he was looking down
at me smiling. He put a hand to the back of my hand and
took hold of his cock with the other, the hand at my
head pulled me towards him while the hand on his cock
guided it towards my mouth. And that’s how your father
found us, I was just taking the guys cock into my mouth
and he told me later that he got a thrill watching me go
to work on the guy. Your father let me suck the man off
and waited to see what was going to happen next. What
this man wanted next was to have sex with me, but I was
starting to feel I wanted to get back to my husband,
only this guy was not going to take no for an answer and
that was when your father stepped in. Your father could
never prove it, but he always thought that the man that
gave the party and the one I sucked off had somehow
worked it out together so that your father would be
distracted while the man moved in on me.”

I took a breath to calm my inner excitement and looked
at my son.

“And there you have it. Satisfied?” I asked.

“Thanks for telling me mum.” Tom smiled looking a little

Since neither of us had slept much since the party we
decided to get an early night so we’d have plenty of
energy for our date. Before I went up to bed I ironed
the clothes I was to wear on our date and took them up
to my room in readiness for the night ahead.

The next day I was up a little later than usual, but I
had slept like a log and felt refreshed, I also felt
happier than I had since those fateful events of that
party. About mid-morning Sam rang and was relieved to
hear that I had managed to ease the situation with Tom,
he even thought it was a great idea that we were going
to go out that night. As the day progressed I found
myself looking forward more and more to my forthcoming
night out with Tom, in fact I was getting excited about
it. In the early afternoon I phoned a local restaurant
that also had a dance floor and booked us a table for
seven thirty, Tom was standing nearby when I made the
call and looked as excited about the night ahead as I
felt. Just after five I went upstairs to start getting
ready, I luxuriated in the hot shower feeling so glad to
have got another chance with my son. After my shower I
got myself dressed, I could hear Tom in the shower as I
dressed. Next I fixed my hair, brushing it into a pony
tail just as I had on the night of the party, lastly I
put my make-up on and I wore the same combination as I
had that fateful night, the effect was to make me look
like a teenager.

When I eventually went downstairs it was getting close
to seven, Tom was already waiting for me in the living
room and it made me feel so happy to see him look me up
and down and smile at me. Thankfully the restaurant was
not that far so we walked there enjoying the warm summer
evening. When we got to the restaurant I discovered that
it had changed since I’d last been there with Sam, they
still had their dance floor, but the place had been
given a more intimate air with the tables being in
privacy booths and the lighting, even on the dance
floor, being low, intimate and seductive. Still, Tom
seemed to be pleased with the place so I was happy to be
led to our table.

“This place is nice.” Tom commented as we read the menu.

“They’ve made it more intimate since I was here last,” I
smiled across the table at him, “but I think I like it
better this way.”

We ordered and were soon eating a very nice meal, of
course we had to have wine with it and since Tom drank
sparingly I ended up drinking most of the bottle.
Shortly after our meal Tom looked at the dance floor
then at me, the music they were playing was slow stuff
obviously designed to encourage couples to get together.

“Shall we?” my son smiled almost shyly.

“I’d be honoured to.” I smiled as I rose to my feet.

Tom stood up, took my hand and led us out onto the dance
floor, at first it felt a little strange dancing slowly
with my son, our bodies not touching, but only inches
apart. Soon the strange feeling vanished to be replaced
by a happy intimacy, and then Tom sighed.

“This is nice,” he said softly, “only… no, never

I was intrigued by his ‘never mind’, there was obviously
something he was wishing and I had a feeling I knew what
that ‘only’ was. If I was right my son was wishing we
could be dancing as close together as he’d seen me with
the other boys that night.

“Only?” I encouraged him to speak his wish.

“No, never mind, it was a stupid thought.” He blushed.

“No, go on Tom,” I smiled at him, “tell me.”

“I was just wishing I could hold you the way those boys
at the party did.” He replied after some hesitation.

His words merely confirmed what I had suspected and I
didn’t see any reason why I shouldn’t dance as
intimately with my son as I had with totally strangers.

“Like this you mean?” I said as I closed the couple of
inches between us to nothing.

“Hmmm, like this.” He responded dreamily.

We continued to dance with his body pressing to mine as
I held him in a loving embrace, it felt nice to have my
son pressed so close to me, his body rubbing on mine as
we moved. Leaning my head on his shoulder I kissed his

“I love you Tom.” I whispered in his ear, “Always
remember that my darling boy.”

“I love you mom.” He responded, “I guess I was acting
like a jerk.”

“Don’t worry about it dear, you had every right to be
mad at me.” I said as I snuggled closer to him.

We just drifted around the floor in an intimate silence;
it felt so good to have his arms around me, even if they
did seem to be gradually drifting lower. I smiled into
his neck as his hands slowly slid downwards, I don’t
think he was moving them on purpose, after all in this
sort of intimate dancing position it was only natural
for the man’s hands to come to rest on his partner’s
backside, which was just where my son’s hands came to
rest eventually. His hands had been holding my bottom
for about ten minutes when he suddenly apologised and
moved his hands back up my body.

“Don’t be silly,” I said leaning back to look into his
eyes, “it’s a natural position, and if you want to put
your hands there you put them there.”

As I snuggled back up to him I felt his hands slowly
slide back down to come to rest on my bum again, I gave
a saucy wriggle against his hands and relaxed against
him. Time just drifted by as we danced, but eventually I
became aware of something pressing into my lower body,
at first I couldn’t puzzle out what it was and then it
dawned on me that my son was getting an erection.
Leaning back I looked at his face to see him blushing
bright red.

“Sorry,” he murmured in embarrassment.

I had been surprised that he had got so excited by
dancing close to me, but looking at his embarrassment I
felt sorry for him. It also crossed my mind that I had
already done enough damage to his ego without adding
even more to it. Smiling at him I pressed my lower body
to his hardening cock, which made him suck in a breath
sharply, and I felt his cock getting even harder.

“I’m flattered,” I said softly leaning up and lightly
brushing my lips on his.

It was only the briefest of kisses, but the contact of
his lips on mine sent a tingle through me as though I
had kissed a live electric wire. Leaning back on his
shoulder I tried to ease the sudden swell of excitement
I was feeling, I felt shocked that I could get so turned
on as I was by a mere kiss from my son. Yet it had been
such a thrill to feel his lips on mine for that brief
moment, and then he gave my buttocks a gentle squeeze
and I felt myself go all fluttery inside.

In confusion I drifted around the dance floor with Tom
gently massaging my bum, ‘this can’t be happening’ I
remember thinking to myself, but it was and what’s more
I loved it. His touch was so tender and loving while at
the same time it was so intimate and exciting.

I knew I should say something, even if it was only a
joking reference to what he was doing, but I kept quiet,
I think partly because of the guilt at the pain I had
made him feel by letting him see others do the same as
he was doing to me now. Glancing around the floor I saw
other couples dancing close together, many were kissing;
most were caressing each other as they kissed. Watching
them I felt the need grow in me to be kissed by my son
again, only not a brief peck, I wanted a full blown
kiss, but I couldn’t bring myself to initiate that kiss,
instead I wished he would kiss me.

A few minutes later I felt Tom’s head move, I turned my
face to look at him and suddenly found his lips
caressing mine in a light tentative kiss that lasted a
few seconds then ended. Opening my eyes I found myself
looking into my son’s eyes, he had a speculative look in
his eyes and also excitement. Then his face moved
towards mine and I felt the warm touch of his lips on
mine again, at first his kiss was hesitant, but over the
space of a minute it became firmer and more demanding.

Sighing I returned his kiss pressure for pressure
letting him set the pace while I simply savoured the
sensations his caresses were sending through me. When I
felt his lips part slightly and his tongue gently press
to my lips I let my lips part to allow him to push his
tongue into my mouth, pressing my tongue to his in

Emboldened by my response Tom began to kiss me with a
fervent hunger that sent a thrill through me, at the
back of my mind a little voice whispered a warning of
where this could all lead, my answer was to ignore it.

Then I felt one of his hands move off my buttock and
slowly slide up the side of my body, it left goose bumps
of excitement in its wake as it gradually worked its way
up to my boobs.

I shivered with excitement and gave a sigh into my son’s
mouth as he gave my boob a gentle squeeze through the
material of my dress. My nipples, already hard and
aroused seemed to get even harder as the pressure of his
hand on my boob became firmer.

Gently he began to rub the palm of his hand over my
nipple, it sent another thrill through me and I pressed
my lips tighter to his as I gave a soft moan of pleasure
at his actions. A few exciting minutes later his hand
slid sideways from my boob and I waited in eager
anticipation for him to slide his hand across my chest
to caress my other boob over my dress.

Well he did slide his hand over to my other boob, but in
the process he slid it into the top of my dress and onto
my lacy bra. I gasped into his mouth as I felt his
fingers tenderly tease my aroused nipple through the
thin material of my bra, then his hand moved again and
once again I gasped as it slid into my bra, the warmth
of his hand making the flesh of my boobs tingle.

His fingers started to tease my nipple again, only now
he held it without the barrier of cloth in the way, at
first his tugs and tweaks were soft, almost faltering,
but as I responded to his caresses with sighs and more
soft moans his teasing became firmer and more exciting.

God alone knows how long we danced around slowly with
his lips locked to mine, and his hand toying with my
boob, his fingers teasing my nipple so excitingly.

Without warning his hand slid out of my bra and dress,
his lips left mine, opening my eyes I looked into his,
there was an uncertainty in them, as though he was
unsure about what was happening. He looked around us at
the other couples then back at me, my son gave a half
embarrassed, half excited smile and without a word
guided me back to our table.

It was only as we got back to the table that I noticed
the time, it was a quarter to ten, I could not believe
how fast time had flown by, but then I had been
concentrating more on the sensations my son was giving
me than the passage of time.

“I guess we ought to be going,” I sighed reluctantly.

“I guess,” Tom muttered.

By the time we got outside the restaurant it was just
gone ten, it was a wonderful summer night, warm and
without a cloud in the darkened sky. Above us a full
moon shone down lighting everything almost as brightly
as sunlight, taking my son’s hand in mine I started to
walk slowly towards home, though a part of me was
wishing we were still inside with his hands caressing me
as we danced. As we strolled along I looked at my son,
he seemed lost in thought and when his head turned I
could see his eyes sparkling in the moonlight.

“Mum?” he said quietly, “Do we have to go home?”

“Not if you don’t want to Tom,” I replied. “What would
you like to do instead?”

“There’s a place I like to go,” he replied, “it’s down
by the lake, it’s so peaceful there.”

“Would you like to show me this place?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied in a low voice.

The lake my son was referring to was a small nature
reserve in the local park, I knew of it, but had never
been there myself, yet it seemed my son had been there
and more than once or twice.

I let him guide our path, his hand warm in mine as we
walked along, the place he was taking me sounded to be a
special place for him and I felt a warm glow that he
wanted to take me there. At the same time I wondered
what was on his mind, there had been something in his
eyes that spoke of longing though I could not be sure if
the look had been there or if it was crazy wishful
thinking on my part.

It didn’t take long to reach the park, as we entered I
wondered at the beauty of the place in the moonlight, as
we walked along through an alley of trees I looked up at
the leaves shining with a silver glow above us. Tom
squeezed my hand and I looked at him, he was smiling at
me, I realised that I must have had a look of wonder on
my face as I looked up at the trees.

“It’s breathtaking Tom,” I breathed.

“This is nothing,” he grinned, “the best is yet to

“This is nothing?” I gasped in amazement.

He just smile, squeezed my hand and drew further into
the park, the tree lane came to an end and the park
opened out into what I had expected to find, grass,
grass and more grass with a few clumps of bushes to
break the monotony.

We walked along a path towards one of those clumps of
bushes; the path entered them and on the other side
opened out into fairyland that made me gasp. Ahead of us
was the lake, it was more of a large pond than a lake,
but it was beautiful with the moonlight gleaming and
dancing on its surface.

“This way mum,” Tom said softly drawing me out of my

He led me by the hand around the edge of the lake; I
could feel grass under my feet and the brush of leaves
on my cheek as we skirted a large bush with my son
holding a group of branches aside for me to pass.
Behind the bushes was a small clearing, the moonlight
seemed to reach right into the clearing making it glow
with a warm, gentle silver light, the water of the lake
stirred as a small breeze crossed it’s surface. The
place was so beautiful it took my breath away; I turned
to gaze out over the shimmering water.

“Oh Tom,” I whispered, “it’s so exquisite.”

He came up behind me, his warm body pressing to my back
as his arms came around my waist and across my stomach;
I felt his breath warm on my check as he kissed it.
Turning my head I kissed him on the lips, without
hesitation he kissed me back firmly, his hands sliding
up the front of my body to my boobs.

I could feel his cock swelling as it pressed against my
buttocks, pushing back against his erection I moaned my
pleasure into his mouth as his tongue speared into mine.
Putting my hands over his I squeezed them, pressing them
into my boobs even tighter encouraging him to play with
me firmly.

Releasing his hands from mine he slid them down to my
waist and opened the fabric belt that held my dress
closed, his hands moved to pull my dress open then moved
up onto my bra covered boobs. My nipples burnt with
excitement as his palms pressed against them, his
fingers squeezing my flesh and sending a wave of
excitement through me.

I felt my thin bra sliding as he pushed it upwards, then
his hands were warm and firm on my bare skin, his
fingers squeezing me boobs tightly then teasing my
nipples hard.

A delicious time later he parted our lips, his hands
dropped to my waist and I felt him turning me to face
him, then his lips were on mine again and I felt myself
melting against him. One of his hands pushed between us
onto my boob again, but his other hand moved down my
body to my pussy, I knew he could feel the dampness that
had already seeped through my thin panties, knew he
could tell how much his touch was exciting me.

I could not hold back a groan as his fingers pressed the
material of my panties into my pussy, running the length
of my slit and back over and over again making my pussy
juices flow even more and my voice rise a notch with

I suppose if I had thought about the situation at all I
might have felt shock at my submission to his seduction,
but with the pleasure running through me thought was the
furthest thing from my mind. When he moved his hand into
my panties to stroke my bare pussy flesh I felt a minor
climax run through me and that moment I did something I
had never done with any other man except my husband. I
went from a passive ‘let them do it all’ role to an
active participant in what was happening. My fingers
trembled as I reached up to tug at his shirt buttons,
fumbling them open one by one until his shirt flapped
open to allow me to run my hands up and down on his

Once again his lips left mine, but only to kiss their
way down my neck and upper chest, he sucked one of my
nipples into his mouth and my hands flew to the back of
his head to draw him even tighter to me. I felt his hand
leave my boob to slid over my skin to my panties, the
hand at my pussy slid up a little and a moment I felt
his hands tugging my panties down around my ankles.

A cool breeze brushed across my pussy as I pulled one
leg free of my panties so that I could open my legs
wider to make his access to me all the more easy. He
lost no time in pressing two fingers into my pussy;
sinking them all the way in then pulling back he gave me
a long slow finger fuck to a climax.

Leaving my boobs my son kissed his way down to my pussy;
kneeling in front of me he opened my pussy lips with his
hands then licked the full length and breadth of my
already excited pussy. His oral actions simply shot me
into a orgasm that hit a new peak when he paid special
attention to my clit, I felt my orgasm buckle my knees,
but his surprisingly strong hands at my waist held me on
my feet.


Sometime later Tom stood up and kissed me again, I could
taste my own juices on his lips before he stopped
kissing me again. I knew what he was hoping for and I
did not disappoint him, dropping to my knees I looked up
at his face as I opened his flies and drew his cock into
the open, I leant forward to lick his cock from root to
tip and back.

Taking the head of his cock in my mouth I sucked on it
while at the same time letting my tongue run all over
its surface. His size stretched my lips as I slowly slid
them down his shaft as far as I could, but I could only
get about half of him into my mouth and that was with it
pressing hard at the back of my throat.

Above me Tom groaned. Encouraged by his sign of pleasure
I began to bob my head on him, my mouth sliding so
deliciously on his engorged flesh. His sounds of
pleasure grew louder as I sucked harder and moved my
mouth faster on him until he came, his juices spurting
warm and thick into my mouth almost faster than I could
swallow them.

When Tom climaxed I felt myself tremble with a minor
orgasm of my own, my heart pounded as I continued to
suck on him and to my joy he barely lost his erection
after his climax.

His hands touched the sides of my head; gently Tom moved
my head backwards until his cock slid from between my
lips. Smiling I licked the last of his juices from my
lips and looked up at him, he smiled down at me with a
rapturous look on his face, a look I knew was mirrored
on my own face.

Reaching up I opened the waistband of his trousers then
tugged at the material drawing it down his legs to his
ankles, his underpants were next. As they slid to his
ankles my son knelt down and kissed me, his hands roamed
my body, teasing my nipple, playing with my clit,
squeezing my boobs, probing into my pussy and driving me
crazy with desire.

Wrapping my hand around his cock I wanked his hard flesh
as he explored my body to the full, at one point I felt
him press his hands to my shoulders, obeying that
pressure I let my son lay me back on the grass, my dress
falling to either side of my excited body as he leant
over me to continue his exploration.

The only sounds were the gentle rippling of the water of
the lake as a breeze moved it, the sighing of leaves,
the lonely cry of an owl, our excited breathing and our
moans of pleasure.

Once again I felt my son kissing his way down my body,
his lips pressing to my thighs above my stocking tops as
he stroked at my hips. Spreading my legs I gave him the
space to come between them, his tongue sliding over my
skin as he left a trail of saliva from my upper thigh to
my pussy.

Then he was lapping at my freely flowing juices, sucking
them from me and sending me back towards the peak of an
orgasm. When he moved his mouth I gave a low cry as he
sucked at my clit, moments later a wave of bliss washed
over me as my son drove me to another orgasm!

My body bucked as I put my hands to the back of his head
to draw him tighter to my pussy, his tongue flickered
and probed at my pussy and clit forcing grunts and low
cries of delight from my throat. Oh God, the joy he was
giving me was driving me wild, pulling at his shoulders
I drew him up my still shuddering body, thrusting my
lips onto his hungrily when his face came level with

Once again I tasted my own juices on his lips as we
kissed excitedly, our tongues dancing fervently, I could
feel his cock pressing against my pubic mound, one of
his hands playing with my nipples, the other pressing to
the ground to support his weight as he lay over me. My
arms held him tightly to my, my hands running up and
down his back, my legs bent around his body as I
wriggled in an attempt to get his cock into me!

Reaching between us I grasped his erection, he groaned
into my mouth as my hand closed around him and when he
felt me pushing at his hardness my son lifted his lower
body slightly. Guiding his cock I placed the head at the
entrance to my pussy, as it parted my outer lips I felt
a moment of doubt about what I was doing, but that
moment was too little and way too late.

Feeling his cock at the entrance to my inner body my son
sighed and pressed down, his shaft slid through my hand
as the head penetrated me I let out a groan and with a
will of its own my hand released its hold on his shaft.

With a slow gentle pressure Tom pushed his massiveness
into me, I felt every slide of his cock inwards as it
stretched me so gloriously. Then our pubic mounds met,
the pressure sending a major tingle of excitement
through my clit as my son lay still, his cock throbbing
within me as my inner muscles clenched around it as he
lay still savouring what was surely the first female
pussy he had ever taken.

The sheer delight of him laying there filling me so
completely sent me crashing into an orgasm, wrapping my
legs tightly around his back I tried to draw more of his
meat into me as my body arched under him.

Tom groaned into my mouth as my pussy tightened around
him, merging with my own moans of delight! In so many
stories of lust and sex the couple are talking dirty,
exchanging curses and swear words, but the joy I was
feeling made speech impossible, all I could give out
were moans, groans and animalistic grunts.

Tom remained still for a long and blissful time before
he finally began to slide his cock in me in a
deliciously slow rhythm, barely having come down from
one peak I instantly rose to another. I cried out into
his mouth as his motions drove me higher and higher up
the scale of pleasure, I could feel his pace quicken as
my son began to approach his own peak.

Soon he was driving into me with a force that crushed my
pussy lips between our bodies, that sent shockwaves of
bliss shooting form my clit, his balls slapping at my
buttocks. Then he was pushing down on me, his lower body
grinding on my pussy, our pleasure drove our lips apart
as we both let out a cry of ecstasy.

Suddenly Tom was still, his groin pressed hard to mine,
his voice raised in a long, loud moan as he had his
climax. Deep inside my pussy I felt his cock swell then
jerk again and again as he filled me with his hot young
juices, as I felt the spreading heat deep inside me my
senses reeled with ecstasy, my fingernails digging into
his back! We lay straining against each other for
glorious long moments, and then Tom began moving in me
again in fast, furious strokes.

I had thought that my pleasure could grow no greater, oh
God how wrong I was, this pace coming at mid-orgasm
lifted me to a point that I thought that I would faint
with joy, the park rang to my cry of bliss and I did not
care who heard me!

Gradually his motions slowed, his body grew less tense
until at last he lay motionless on top of me, his cock
still buried within my pussy, but showing the first
signs of shrinking. Then he lifted his upper body,
through pleasure hazed eyes I looked up at his face to
see such a look of contentment and love that I just
pushed up from the ground and kissed him joyfully.

When I lay back again my son smiled down at me, his eye
flickered over my face as though memorising how I looked
in my post-orgasmic glory, but his cock stayed lodged
within me and I could feel the pleasure mounting in me

“We should go,” my son spoke the first words since we’d
entered the clearing.

“I know,” I sighed unsteadily.

Yet neither of us made any effort to move. He gazed into
my eyes, his look one of love and gratitude, I returned
his look happily, and words were unnecessary. He leant
down and kissed me tenderly then gently withdrew his
cock from my satiated pussy, and then he was kneeling up
and gazing down at my almost naked body in the bright

“You are very beautiful mum,” my son smiled.

I laughed and sat up to hug him close, then he rose to
his feet and reached down to help me up. Almost
reluctantly we dressed, even as I drew my panties up my
legs I could feel his sperm starting to leak from my
pussy. As we left the clearing I took one last look
around at the magical place, Tom smiled as I looked back
to him.

“We can always come back here,” he said quietly as he
lifted the branches for me to pass.

“That we can,” stroking his cheek I agreed with him.

Those few words were enough to establish that he would
be making love to me again, though in my mind I knew we
would need to be careful when his father was around. But
that was a future concern, for now my mind was filled
with the thought of getting home and taking my son to my

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