The Holiday Goes With A Swing
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After their flight from the UK and the journey from the
airport both Beth and James felt tired and weary and
were glad of help.

As it was their first visit they had been met at the
airport by a representative of the Time Share Company
and they found Giselle Wixforth extremely helpful and
attentive. She advised them on the car hire firm to use
for a long term hire and told them when they were ready
to follow her to the villa.

In answer to their questions she reminded them that of
the four villas in the enclave only two were time
shares. Theirs and one at the moment occupied by a
German family of four.

Of the other two one was owned by a retired English
couple, Giselle thought they were in their late 60’s
early 70’s but were no stick-in-the-muds as they
enjoyed giving parties, the fourth villa was owned by a
French family whom Giselle had not yet met.

When they arrived all the villas appeared to be
deserted. Beth was pleased, all she wanted to do was
have a cup of tea and unpack, knowing that the villa
would be fully stocked and looking in the ‘fridge and
the freezer she was gratified to see that was indeed
the case.

As Giselle left she told them that she would be in her
office in town on the Monday but in any case she might
see them before hand as she knew the German family,
Lisa and Max Weber.


After unpacking, making tea and having a shower Beth
elected to lie on the upstairs balcony while James
drove into the nearby town to buy a few items he
needed. She put on her bikini and went outside and lay
down on the lounger

It was about an hour later that Beth heard sounds
coming from the villa next door, she stood and looked
over the stone balcony and immediately withdrew from

On the patio below, hidden from view except from above
was a woman Beth guessed to be in her 40’s and all she
was wearing was a skimpy pair of bikini bottoms and no
bra. In her hand she had a water pistol which she was
using to squirt water at a younger couple who appeared
to be in their 20’s.

Both were naked and both were quite well endowed the
girl with quite large breasts and the young man seemed
to be sporting a cock which even from distance seemed
to be about 7-inches long even if it was soft and
swinging in the breeze.

As Beth watched, she heard the young man call out
‘Mutter Bitte nicht,’ and even Beth understood the word
for Mother.

For some reason it thrilled her. If the son and
possibly his wife appeared naked in front of his
mother, what else did they do? It was at that moment
that a man appeared on the patio, a man of about 40
calling “Lisa”. Beth did not understand what he wanted
her attention was on his cock which swayed as he walked
and it curved up to his stomach like a banana.

He grabbed his wife’s hand and turned to go inside but
with a laugh the younger woman reached out and got hold
of that splendid dick. The older woman not to be
outdone grabbed hold of her son’s prick and laughing
they all disappeared inside.

Beth never to be put off by a show of sexual delight,
quickly she removed her bikini top and panties and
lying back on the lounger fingered her pussy. It was
already wet, here she was, 54-years-old and plunging
three fingers into her wet cunt thinking about the two
cocks she had seen next door and fantasizing as to what
was happening next door.

When James arrived back, that is how he found her, legs
apart, cunt swollen and fast asleep.

It was some time later that she told him what she had
seen and his first words were, “Hmmm I wonder how we
can get to know them better?”

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