The new job 1.
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Ana stood rooted in the doorway to the bedroom, watching Ryan fuck his
sister, hard. She couldn’t move; she just watched him slam his cock, a
good-sized one at that, into Amanda’s pussy. They were brother and sister,
and they shouldn’t be fucking each other. When Ana had taken the job she
had expected to see the Harris family have sex, but she never expected

She had been on the job for three days, but up until now nothing unusual
had happened. Until this moment the Harrises had been, as far as she had
been able to tell, a perfectly normal family. When Mrs. Harris told her
that the family was into rough sex and orgies, she had half suspected to
find clothes flying and naked people lounging about, but no, it had all
been a very normal housekeeping job, up until that third day when she
looked into Amanda’s bedroom and saw her fucking her brother.

A week before, Ana Medina-Aguilar had answered the ad for a live-in
housekeeper, having just fled her latest jerk of a boyfriend a few weeks
before that. With her welcome at her friends’ apartments growing thin from
her chronic couch surfing, she figured that a live-in job would be perfect.
It would give her a place to stay while she paid off the credit cards her
boyfriend had maxed out and until she had saved enough for first and last
month and security deposit on a place of her own.

Ana was twenty-seven and had never been married, but over the last few
years she had lived with a string of not-so-nice boyfriends. Her parents
had emigrated to California from Mexico, but she had been born and raised
here in the States. A good student in high school without working hard at
it, she could have gone on to college if she wanted to, but didn’t. While
she was good at school, academic work didn’t appeal to her.

Out of high school she had worked for a couple years as a hospital
orderly, the best job she could get with only a high-school diploma and no
work experience. That job really sucked. Helping the patients was nice,
but orderlies didn’t get to do that too often. Mostly her job was just
cleaning up shit, often literally. Even worse was the blood. Cleaning the
ER after an accident victim comes through is pretty disgusting work. Plus,
the pay sucked. So when a friend offered her a job in a housecleaning
service she left the hospital and didn’t look back. House cleaning isn’t
bad work, at least not once you’ve been doing it for a while and have built
a clientele of good families who are decent to work for.

From the start it was obvious to her that the Harrises weren’t normal in
one respect. They were wealthy. Not doctor-rich, or big-city-lawyer rich.
Really rich. Bill Gates rich. Well, maybe not that rich, but they had
many times more money than anyone else Ana had met, and she had cleaned a
lot of homes of rich folks. The Harris house wasn’t just a mansion, it was
more like a palace. It had wings. She had never even seen, much less been
in, a house with wings. The money was inherited. Mr. Harris’s dad had
inherited a modest amount of money, put it into the stock market, then hit
it big with tech stocks in the 1980s and 90s, and the family moved into the
class of super-rich. Mr. H, Mike to his friends, didn’t work, except to
manage the family’s money, which was pretty much a full-time job.

When she first saw the house, Ana figured she would never get the job.
It was out of her league. Then when she found out that she would be the
only live-in, she wondered if she really wanted it. One person could never
manage that house on her own. It needed a whole staff, not just one
live-in maid. But Mrs. Harris, Susan, was very nice in the interview.
Ana wasn’t sure what she expected, but Mrs. Harris wasn’t it. She was in
her early forties, and beautiful. A tiny, little spitfire of a woman.
Brown-haired with big, wide eyes, she was barely 5′ 2″ and had a nicely
sized pair of breasts–Ana supposed that one of the perks of being rich is
store-bought tits. Mrs. Harris looked more like a trophy wife than an
original. Plus she was really down-to-earth and friendly, not stuck up or

Mrs. Harris explained the job. The live-in wouldn’t be doing any heavy
cleaning. They had a crew come in twice a week for that. All the live-in
would have to do was make the beds, do the laundry, clean up “spot messes”
as Mrs. Harris called them, do some shopping for the household, and odd
little duties like that. There was a cook who came in on weekdays and on
weekends when the family was entertaining and who did the grocery shopping
and, of course, the cooking. Mrs. Harris said that live-in’s duties
probably wouldn’t take more than a few hours a day, and her schedule would
be pretty much her own.

Then she told Ana the salary, and Ana’s jaw dropped. It was thirty
thousand, plus room and board. Ana would have basically no expenses other
than clothes and whatever she wanted to buy for herself. She would be able
to pay off those credit cards really quickly. Mrs. Harris showed her the
suite where the live-in would stay. It was in the east wing of the house,
above Mr. Harris’s office, and consisted of a bedroom, a good-sized
private bath, and a small sitting room with a television. It was great,
and Ana figured she had no chance of getting the job. But Mrs. Harris
told her that she wanted to have her back to meet the family; as it was a
live-in position, she wanted the whole family to be in on the decision.

The only odd thing about that first interview was that Mrs. Harris kept
emphasizing that the job required “utmost discretion.” Ana figured that was
a bit weird, but she knew the very rich are different than the rest of us,
so it didn’t concern her too much. They were probably just private people.
With that much money, she could understand why.

She came back a few days later to meet the family. Mr. Harris was a
handsome guy, tall, toned, and in really good shape, also in his
mid-forties, with brown hair that was going gray in a very distinguished
fashion. Their son Ryan was eighteen and just finishing his senior year in
high school, a handsome kid who looked like his father and was almost as
tall. The daughter Amanda was away at college. Ana didn’t meet her that
day, but she saw a picture, and Amanda looked like a younger twin of her
mother. The two men mostly kept quiet during the interview, and it became
clear that Mrs. Harris was the one in charge of the household. Ana also
met Tanya the cook, a stunningly beautiful, African-American woman,
light-skinned, and slim. She was in her mid-thirties, but looked like she
could be twenty.

Then Mrs. Harris got down to business and dropped the bomb. The reason
for all the privacy was sex. The Harrises had a lot of it. The entire
family. She said that they had guests over regularly, and all sorts of
things went on right out in the open. Lots of rough sex, S&M-type stuff,
bondage, domination, that sort of thing. It was all among consenting
adults, but they didn’t want the world to know. If Ana wasn’t okay with
that, they’d pay her for her time and send her on her way. Mrs. Harris
revealed what the “spot messes” were. Ana would be responsible for
cleaning up after the sex. It turned out that one of the things that
recommended her was that hospital orderly job; Mrs. Harris figured that
she wouldn’t be squeamish about cleaning up bodily fluids. And Ana finally
realized why the salary was so high. They were paying for her silence.

Then she took Ana down into the basement and showed her the dungeon,
which had been skipped on her earlier tour of the house. It was dark, but
not dank. Padded all around, it contained all sorts of sex furniture,
stuff Ana had only seen in the porn movies her last deadbeat boyfriend
watched all day long. There was a sex swing, a set of stocks, and various
cages and benches where a person could be tied down. It would also be
Ana’s job to keep the dungeon clean, as the twice-a-week cleaning crew
didn’t come down here.

Mrs. Harris also said, and this really blew Ana away, that if she took
the job she would be welcome to take part in the sexual activities. It
wasn’t a requirement for the job, and if she didn’t want to, that was
perfectly fine. And if she did and later decided to stop, that would be
fine too. She would still have her job. But the offer of sex was there if
she took the job.

Then she sent Ana home to think about whether or not she still wanted
the job, saying that she’d call Ana back in a day or two.

Ana debated whether or not to take the job, but there really wasn’t any
question. While her sex life up to that point had been positively tame
compared to that of the Harris family, Ana didn’t have any hang-ups about
what other people did. The Harrises were obviously a lot kinkier than she
was, but it was all cool. And the cleaning didn’t bother her. When she
worked at the hospital she’d cleaned up a lot worse things than some dried
spunk and lube. And the money and apartment were too good to be true.

But as for participating, she didn’t really see that happening.

Mrs. Harris called two days later asking if she wanted the job. Ana
moved in the next day.

Then three days after that Ana stood in the door of Amanda’s bedroom
watching the girl get fucked by her brother. Ana hadn’t met Amanda yet.
She had arrived back from college late the night before, but she recognized
her from the family pictures. She was a younger version of her mother,
with smaller, perky tits. She was shaved down under, which for some reason
Ana found to be really sexy, this young girl, barely nineteen, shaving
herself for wild, incestuous sex. It was plain old, missionary-position
sex, but it was brother and sister, and that just blew Ana’s mind. When
Mrs. Harris had said the whole family participated in the sex games, Ana
hadn’t imagined it was with each other.

She was mesmerized, unable to move. She knew she should move away from
the door, letting the siblings have their privacy, although they had left
the door open. She didn’t know what she would do if they looked up and saw
her, but still she couldn’t move. Her hand slipped down, as if of its own
accord, and started to rub her crotch through her jeans.

She watched Ryan’s cock slide in and out of his sister, their eyes
locked on each other, a fierce look of desperate pleasure in their glares.
Ryan was really a good-looking guy, big cock, at least seven inches and
reasonably thick, plus he had a cute butt. They were a cute couple.

“Isn’t that a beautiful sight,” a woman’s voice said in Ana’s ear. It
was Mrs. Harris. “There’s nothing quite like a brother and sister making

Ana was frozen with fear, even though she knew that she should have
nothing to be afraid of. Seeing the family having sex was to be expected.
But knowing something is going to happen and having it happen are two
entirely different things.

“Although, watching my husband fuck my daughter may just be a bit
better,” continued Mrs. H. “Doesn’t Ryan have the nicest cock?”

Ana nodded in agreement. She couldn’t really see if it was nice, but it
was big.

“It’s more shapely than his father’s, although Mike’s is a bit bigger.”

Ana tried to look round at Mrs. Harris without turning her head, but
Mrs. Harris was directly behind her, speaking right into her ear. Ana
could feel Mrs. Harris’s breath on her ear and neck. By this point Ana
was pretty sure that Mrs. Harris was trying to deliberately excite her,
but without seeing her she couldn’t tell for sure.

Then Ryan threw his head back, emitted a moan, and shot his load into
his sister. He collapsed on top of her.

“That’s just like a man,” said Mrs. Harris, “leaving the woman high and
dry. I guess I’ll just have to finish for him.” With that she swept past
Ana into the bedroom. She was wearing a bathrobe, which dropped to the
floor, and she climbed into the bed, moving Ryan aside, and bringing her
head down into her daughter’s crotch.

Ana watched this woman go down on her daughter just after the girl had
been fucked by her brother. Then, unbelievably, Mrs. Harris moved up her
daughter’s body and started kissing her, and Ana realized that she had
sucked out her son’s cum and was depositing it into her daughter’s mouth.
They kissed for a while, sloppily swapping saliva and cum, then Mrs.
Harris returned to her daughter’s pussy as Ana’s hand returned to her own

She dove right in and started lapping away at her daughter’s clit,
inserting a finger into her vagina, then two, then three. Amanda threw her
head back in pleasure. Then the younger girl started writhing and bucking
as the orgasm hit her. She did her best to buck her mother off, but the
older woman’s mouth was firmly attached to her daughter’s pussy. Finally,
Amanda sank back, whimpering quietly. Only then did Mrs. Harris release
her hold on her daughter’s pussy, moving up to kiss her daughter again,
deeply and desperately.

At that point Ana realized that Ryan was looking at her. He smiled and
cocked his head, wordlessly inviting her to join him. Ana was frozen,
unable to respond. She might have shaken her head “no,” but she wasn’t

“Well my dear boy, are you up for another round yet,” said Mrs. Harris
to her son. “Your mother needs to get fucked this morning.”

“I’m willing, but not up to it quite yet.”

“I can fix that.” And with that she moved and took her son’s cock in her
mouth, positioning her pussy near Amanda’s head. Her daughter needed no
prompting and buried her face in her mother’s cunt.

Ana’s hand moved from rubbing the outside of her jeans to shoving itself
down the waist, so it could rub her clit directly.

After a few minutes, Ryan was again hard as a rock, and his mother
stopped her sucking. Ana got her first good look at his whole erection,
and it was as nice as Mrs. Harris had said it was, a good eight inches
long, thick, uncircumcised, and very nicely shaped.

Mrs. Harris grabbed her son by the shoulders and threw the much larger
boy down on his back, not that he was resisting. She then climbed on top
and guided that beautiful cock into her cunt, starting to rock back and

Amanda straddled her brother’s face, lowering her pussy onto her
brother’s tongue. The three went at it, the boy servicing his mother and
sister simultaneously, while the two women kissed.

Ana just leaned back against the wall, unbuttoning her jeans for better
access and continuing her rubbing.

After a few minutes the threesome switched up. Mother and daughter
moved into a sixty-nine with Susan on top, while Ryan fucked his mom doggie
style. Amanda alternated between licking her mother’s pussy and her
brother’s balls.

Amanda was the first to come this time, with her mother following
immediately after. Amanda’s orgasm didn’t seem as intense this time
around, but Susan was as expressive as her daughter had been a few minutes
ago. Then Ryan blew his load in his mother’s pussy, pulling out in time to
let the last few spurts fall into his sister’s waiting mouth.

“Mmm. Tastes as good as ever, Ry,” said Amanda. “You don’t know how
much I’ve missed that while I’ve been away.”

“Okay, shower time,” said Susan. “The shower in my room is bigger, big
enough for all three of us.”

Susan took Ryan by the hand and, scooping up her robe on the way, led
him out of the room, winking at Ana as she passed. Ryan just grinned a
stupid grin at Ana. Amanda followed, but stopped short when she noticed
Ana standing by the door.

“Oh, you must be Ana. Nice to meet you.” She leaned in and kissed her
on the cheek. Her breath smelled like cum. “Join us next time. You’re
welcome to.” Then she followed her mother and brother to the shower.

Ana was floored. She couldn’t believe what she’d just seen. Incest was
wrong, but what she’d just witnessed had been so hot. She just didn’t know
how she was supposed to react. Her mind told her that she should object,
or at least pretend she hadn’t seen it, but her pussy was wet and ready.
She hadn’t been on the job for more than a few days, but in that time she’d
come to trust Tanya, the cook. Tanya had a level head on her shoulders,
and she’d been working for the Harrises for several years. She could help
her sort this out. So Ana made her way down to the kitchen.

She walked into the kitchen and found Tanya half-naked, sprawled across
the kitchen island with Mr. Harris fucking her in the ass.

He saw the live-in right away and smiled, but Tanya was too far gone in
the throes of passion to notice that Ana had come in. Her head was down on
the countertop, eyes closed, moaning, and yelping a little every time Mr.
Harris drove his cock especially deep into her. Ana had never watched an
ass fucking for real. She’d tried it once at the insistence of an old
boyfriend–not the latest, but two before that, another deadbeat–but he’d
hurt her and she hadn’t liked it, although she did feel some pangs that
made her think that she might really like it with someone who knew what
they were doing. And Mr. Harris seemed to know. At one point he pulled
out of Tanya, lubed himself up with more vegetable oil–it being the
kitchen, that’s what they were using for lube–and then thrust himself back
into her.

Mr. Harris had a really nice cock, just like his wife had said. It was
a bit bigger than his son’s. And the sight of it against Tanya’s
milk-chocolate skin was just too much for Ana. She felt herself getting
wet again, and it was all she could do to keep herself from masturbating
right there. She was afraid that if she started, she wouldn’t be able to
stop and would end up fucking Mr. Harris and losing her job–she still
hadn’t internalized the idea that it was okay for her to fuck the boss,
that his wife wouldn’t not only mind, she’d encourage it.

Ana slipped out and headed back to her room. This was all too much.
Once there, she shut and locked the door. She was on fire with lust. She
stripped, threw herself down on the bed, and started masturbating
furiously. She didn’t even bother breaking out her vibrator. She was in
too much of a hurry and knew she wouldn’t need it.

Her clit was fully erect and poking out of its hood. Scooping up some
of her vaginal juices with her fingers for lube, she just started rubbing
it, closing her eyes and sinking her head into the pillow. Recollections
of everything she’d seen that morning cascaded through her brain, a
kaleidoscope of images. Mrs. Harris going down on her daughter. She’d
never seen two women get it on outside of a porno. Brother and sister
fucking. Mother and son fucking. Then Mr. Harris giving it to Tanya.
That was the image that sent her over the edge. Tanya was so beautiful,
and the contrast of his white skin on her black flesh was just too much for
the pleasure center of her brain.

It was like her brain short-circuited from sensory overload. Too many
images and too much clitoral stimulation all at once. She didn’t actually
lose consciousness, but may as well have, because her higher brain
functions essentially stopped working. Wave after wave of pleasure swept
over her. It was the most intense orgasm she’d ever had.

She came back to reality a few moments later, lying in a pool of
wetness. She wasn’t sure, but thought that she may have squirted. She’d
never done that before.

Weak-kneed, she made her wobbly way to the shower to get cleaned up.
After all, she had a day of housecleaning ahead of her, and she knew of at
least two bedrooms whose sheets needed laundering.

* * *

That was just the beginning. Over the next few days Ana witnessed more
different types of sex than she had dreamed possible. But she couldn’t
bring herself to participate, and alternated between states of sexual
excitement and multiple daily masturbation sessions, continually ducking
back into her room to relieve the tension. As a result, within a few days
she had worn out the batteries in her vibrator.

The first thing she saw was Mr. Harris and Amanda the night after she
had seen the Mrs. and the two kids. Ana was curious, wondering if more
fucking was going on, so she went through the house at about ten p.m.,
ostensibly to see if there was any spot cleaning to do before turning in
for the night, or at least that would be her excuse if anyone asked why she
was wandering through the house, but it was pretty quiet. Mr. Harris was
at his desk in the office that was below her room. Ryan was evidently out,
and Ana didn’t see Mrs. Harris, but the master bedroom door was closed and
she could hear the television, so she was probably in there. There was a
light in Amanda’s bedroom and the door was open, but before Ana could walk
past, she saw Mr. Harris coming in the other direction, toward the master
bedroom. He must have finished whatever he had been doing in his office
and come upstairs to turn in. Ana stopped and stepped into an alcove in
the hallway as he paused at the doorway to his daughter’s room.

“It’s good to have you back home for the summer,” he said to someone in
the bedroom, presumably Amanda. “I’ve really missed you this year. It’s
not the same without you here.”

Amanda replied, but Ana couldn’t make out the words.

“It’s not just that,” he said, smiling. “I just like having my little
girl around.” Amanda said something else, and then he said, “that’s good to
hear. I’m glad all those young college studs haven’t made you forget all
about your dad.” Ana could hear Amanda murmur something else, and then he
went into her room.

Ana crept up and peeked through the open doorway. Amanda was on her
knees before her father, unbuckling his belt, unzipping his fly, and then
pulling his pants and underwear down around his ankles. She took her
father’s soft, but rapidly hardening cock in her hands and gave the head a
kiss. “This is one guy I have really missed,” she said, smiling and
looking up into her father’s eyes. Then she took his penis into her mouth.

It didn’t take long for Mr. Harris to get fully erect, but Amanda was
evidently not treating this blowjob just as a way to get her dad hard. She
was intent on oral pleasure. She licked around the head, paying special
attention to the cleft in the head, doing the best she could to insert the
tip of her tongue down her father’s urethra. Once he was fully hard, she
could no longer get his whole cock into her mouth, so she spent some time
running her tongue and lips down the underside of the shaft.

Mr. Harris threw his head back, and as he did so, Ana thought she saw
him hesitate for a moment. He was looking in her direction and may have
seen her, at least an expression of recognition passed over his face. She
tried to make herself as small as she could, peering around the corner of
the door jamb. Her hand, again with a seeming will of its own, rubbed
against her breast, tweaking her nipple. A shudder of excitement passed
through her.

She watched as Amanda stopped sucking, stood up, and guided her father
to a chair, making him sit, his nine-inch cock sticking straight up. Then
she climbed onto his lap and lowered herself, impaling herself on his
shaft. Ana’s other hand dropped to her crotch, and she started rubbing
herself through her jeans.

Amanda’s breasts were at her father’s mouth level, and the man attacked
them hungrily as his daughter started slowing rocking back and forth on her
father’s cock. Amanda grasped her father’s face and turned it upward,
lowering her own to kiss him deeply. Ana’s hand slipped inside her jeans.

The two continued kissing and fucking for several minutes, then Amanda
lifted herself off her father, walked over to the bed and lay face down.
Her father came up behind her and entered her from behind, fucking her
harder this time, reaching around and rubbing his daughter’s clit as he
pounded her. Amanda became very vocal, grunting loudly with each thrust.
Surely Mrs. Harris down the hall in her bedroom could hear. Ana
unbuttoned her jeans to make more room for her rubbing.

Soon the young woman was shuddering and yelling even louder as her
orgasm coursed through her. Mr. Harris kept up his pounding for a few
more minutes before he threw back his head, emitting a quieter, “Oh, God!
Oh, God!” as he ejaculated inside his daughter.

Mr. Harris didn’t pull out immediately, leaning down to kiss his
daughter. Then as his penis softened and slipped out of her, Amanda stood
up, turned her father around, slapped him on the ass, and told him, “Now go
and tell Mom what you’ve done.”

Mr. Harris left the room, and Ana had to scramble to get back to the
darkness of the alcove a short distance down the hall. It was hard to move
quickly with one hand jammed down her pants. She thought the man looked in
her direction as he went into his own bedroom to confess to his wife what
he had just done with his daughter, but Ana couldn’t be sure if she had
been seen.

Then the next day Amanda witnessed her first dungeon scene. She had
checked the dungeon several times each day, but it had remained unused
until her fifth day on the job.

That day she finally got up the courage to talk to Tanya about watching
Mr. Harris fuck her in the ass. When she mentioned that she had seen
them, Tanya said, “Girl, I was wondering when you were going to bring that
up. You should have joined us, or do you just like to watch?”

That began a conversation in which Tanya told her, without going into
specific detail about sexual practices, which she said Ana “would learn in
due course,” about what went on the Harris household. Mrs. Harris, or
Susan as Tanya called her–Ana couldn’t bring herself to call her boss by
her first name quite yet–ran the show. When Amanda was around, the
daughter also tended to take charge. The two men were submissive,
following the lead of the women. Tanya said that everyone knew Ana had
been watching them, and everyone was cool with it. In fact, they thought
it was pretty hot, and had started to look around to see if the little,
black-haired Latina was peering at them from around a corner.

“If you want to join in, don’t be shy,” said Tanya. “We all think
you’re totally hot and would love to have you.” She licked her lips and
smiled, and a shudder again ran down Ana’s spine. She had never been with
a woman, had never really considered it, but the thought that this gorgeous
woman found her attractive really turned her on.

“But just take your time, and do it if and when you are ready,” offered
Tanya. “It took me a couple of months to get up the nerve to join in.”

Tanya went on to declare that Michael, Mr. Harris, was an extremely
accomplished lover with a huge dick, the best of all worlds. Ryan was
almost as big, but not as artful in his lovemaking, more enthusiastic than
skilled. Mrs. Harris, Susan, was insatiable, up for anything at almost
any time. About the only thing she didn’t do was submission. She was a
dominatrix by inclination, although she often engaged in more vanilla
lovemaking. Amanda took after her mother.

At that point Mrs. Harris passed by in the hall, wearing a robe and
leading her husband to the stairs and down into the dungeon. Ana’s eyes
got wide.

“You like to watch,” said Tanya. “Go for it.”

So Ana followed Mr. and Mrs. Harris down into the basement dungeon.
She stopped outside the door, which the couple had left open, and again
peered around the jamb. Mr. Harris had already stripped naked and was
kneeling before his wife. Ana watched as Mrs. Harris slipped out of her
robe. She was wearing a black leather bustier and thigh-high, black
leather boots. Her breasts were gorgeous, perfectly round globes with big,
brown areolas. She looked quite the dominatrix. Ana watched as she
slapped her husband on the cheek, not terribly hard, but hard enough to
cause some pain and loud enough to send the crack of flesh against flesh
across the room.

“Now, you know the drill,” Mrs. Harris told her husband. “Lick my
pussy well, and you will be rewarded. Don’t satisfy me, and you will be
punished.” She then pushed her husband’s face into her crotch.

From across the room Ana couldn’t really make out how well Mr. Harris
was doing at his assigned task. He was facing away from her, and all she
could see was the back of his head, with Mrs. Harris’s hand pushing it
into her nether regions. Mrs. Harris, on the other hand, was quite
expressive. She was biting her lower lip and her nipples were hardening
into pencil erasers. So he was probably doing a good job. She pushed his
head harder into her crotch, and after a few minutes shuddered with her
first orgasm.

“That was acceptable,” she said, passing judgment on her husband’s pussy
eating. “I guess I should reward you. What do you want? To be jacked off
or to be fucked up the ass?”

Ana hoped he would choose the latter.

Mr. Harris said something in a low voice. Ana couldn’t hear it.

He was slapped again.

“You need to speak up, slave. If you want your reward, claim it.”

“Please fuck me in the ass, mistress.”

“Okay, onto the horse.”

Mr. Harris went to the center of the dungeon where there was a wooden
horse with padding on the top and restraints at the four corners, halfway
to the floor. Ana watched as her employer bent face-down over the horse,
slipping his ankles and wrists into the restraints, presenting his ass to
his wife.

For her part, Mrs. Harris was strapping on a dildo. It looked about
six inches long and reasonably thick, about average size for a dick in
Ana’s experience. Mrs. Harris slathered lube all over it and moved behind
her husband.

Mrs. Harris pressed the tip of the dildo against her husband’s
sphincter and slowly started to push. When she got to what looked to Ana
to be about an inch inside she stopped for a few moments, evidently to let
Mr. Harris get used to the dildo that was invading his ass. She slapped
him on the buttocks and said, “Do you want more?”

“Yes, please, mistress.”

She resumed the slow pushing, stopping again when it was about halfway.
She didn’t wait all that long this time, and resumed the slow progress
again after a few moments. Mr. Harris grunted his approval. Ana
unbuttoned her jeans and slipped her hand down the front of them.

Mrs. Harris proceeded slowly, but it wasn’t long until she was sunk all
the way into her husband’s ass. She reached underneath him and gave his
penis a few tugs. “Enjoying this, my slave?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Does my dick feel good in your ass?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Do you want me to start fucking you? Do you want it hard?”

“Yes, fuck me hard. Please, mistress.”

Mrs. Harris started rocking her hips back and forth, drawing the dildo
out almost all the way, before plunging it back in again. She started
slowly, but picked up speed as she went, and after a bit she was pounding
her husband rather hard.

Ana heard a noise at the top of the stairs. Someone was coming down.
There was nowhere to hide. She couldn’t go back up the stairs without
being seen by whomever was coming down. Her only choice was to step into
the dungeon itself. There was no real place to hide there either, but at
least she could stand off to the side and hope no one noticed her, maybe
getting a chance to slip back out. Mr. Harris was too busy with the dildo
up his ass to notice her, and Mrs. Harris was concentrating on giving it
to her husband. So maybe she wouldn’t be noticed.

The people coming down the stairs were Amanda and Tanya. The college
student was leading the cook by the hand, and Amanda was wearing a leather
harness and spiked heels. She led Tanya into the middle of the dungeon,
beside her parents, and started kissing the African-American woman. Tanya
responded. Ana just watched, her own hand again down inside her pants, as
the daughter French-kissed the cook while her mother fucked her father in
the ass only an arm’s length away. What kind of house was this?

After a few minutes Amanda broke the kiss and ordered Tanya to undress
and kneel before her. Once the cook was naked and on her knees, Amanda
unceremoniously pushed her pussy into her servant’s face. Tanya took to it
immediately, plunging her tongue into Amanda’s vagina, and licking upward,
over and around her clit. Ana, closer now, had a better view of both
couples. Mrs. Harris kept fucking away at her husband, but her eyes were
on what her daughter was doing.

Amanda grabbed Tanya by the hair and pulled her face away from her
snatch. Turning to her mother Amanda asked, “Do you want her to lick your
asshole, mother?”

“Yes that might be enjoyable.”

“You heard her. Lick your mistress’s asshole clean,” Amanda said to

The cook obediently moved behind the older woman, spread her round
cheeks, and began tonguing her anus as Mrs. Harris continued to fuck her
husband. For her part, Amanda climbed on top of the horse, in front of her
father, and gave his tongue access to her pussy.

This was too much for Ana. The sight of the wife fucking the husband in
the ass while he ate out the daughter and the cook rimmed the wife was just
too much. Usually Ana’s orgasm built slowly, and she could tell when it
was coming. This time it came without warning hitting her hard and fast.
Next thing Ana knew was that she was sitting on the floor, back against the
wall, and her legs splayed open and shaking, another pool of liquid forming
in front of her. The others hadn’t seemed to notice.

Amanda was thrashing about in the throes of her own orgasm, nearly
falling off the horse. Evidently, her father had done the job well. When
she had calmed down, Amanda went over to a table on which several sex toys
were displayed, picked up a strap-on, somewhat larger than what her mother
was wearing, and started putting it on. When she had it on, she walked
over to her mother and whispered something in her ear. Ana couldn’t hear
what she said.

Mrs. Harris pulled out of her husband, turned, and commanded Tanya to
lick her dildo clean. The cook obediently complied, giving her mistress a

Amanda ordered her father to get out of his restraints–he hadn’t been
tied, the straps were only looped around his wrists and ankles–to place
his hands on the horse and bend over. Her father meekly obeyed his
daughter without uttering a word.

Amanda slathered a generous amount of lube on her dildo and moved behind
her father, preparing to peg him. She wasn’t as gentle as her mother had
been. She positioned the tip of the dildo at her father’s anus, and with
one thrust buried the seven inches all the way to the hilt. She
immediately began pounding away.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Harris had Tanya stand up and fastened her wrists into
a pair of cuffs that were hanging from the ceiling. She moved behind the
cook, one hand on the black woman’s breasts and the other in her pussy, and
proceeded to watch her daughter fuck her husband. Ana was clearly in her
line of vision; both Mrs. Harris and Tanya could see her, but neither one
acknowledged her presence.

It wasn’t long before Tanya started writhing in orgasm, brought about by
Mrs. Harris’s expert fingers and the vision of daughter-fucking-father
that was before her.

When she had come, Mrs. Harris uncuffed her and laid her on the floor,
and then straddled her face, lowering her own pussy to her servant’s
waiting tongue.

Ana watched Tanya begin to expertly lick her mistress’s pussy, while
Amanda continued to fuck her own father in the ass. That familiar itch
began in her loins, and Ana’s hand again made its way down between her
legs. She could see Mr. Harris’s goodly sized and very hard cock swing
with abandon with each of his daughter’s thrusts, while his wife started
yelping at Tanya’s ministrations. Mrs. Harris grabbed her own breasts,
tweaking the nipples while the cook alternated between sucking her clit and
plunging her tongue deep into the older woman’s vagina.

It didn’t take long for Ana to come to orgasm the second time, but this
time she felt it coming and it wasn’t as intense, but no less pleasurable.
Convulsion after convulsion swept over her, but she kept watching and
rubbing. It seemed to go on forever, then when she could take the pleasure
no longer, she erupted with a spurt of vaginal juice, and her clit became
as if too hot to touch, the lightest contact brought delightful pain. Ana
realized that she must have squirted before too, but she hadn’t noticed.
This time, she was more aware.

Mrs. Harris came at the same time, squeezing her own breasts even
tighter and grinding down onto Tanya’s face. When she had finished, she
slipped off the cook, bent down and gave her a deep kiss. Then she ordered
the cook to suck her husband’s cock.

Poor Mr. Harris had been fucked all that time. While he seemed to be
enjoying it, evidently the ass fucking alone wasn’t enough stimulation to
get him off. Tanya crawled over to him and took his cock into her mouth as
Amanda continued to pound away. It only took a minute or two of sucking
and Mr. Harris erupted, spewing cum all over the servant’s face.

Amanda slipped out of her father’s ass, dropped to her knees by Tanya,
and began licking her father’s cum off one side of the cook’s face. Mrs.
Harris joined her daughter, and together they cleaned Tanya’s face with
their tongues, engaging in a series of three-way sloppy kisses, exchanging
the goo between them.

Ana struggled to her feet and, wobbly-kneed, stumbled out of the
dungeon. All she could think of was a hot bath. She would clean up the
mess later.

* * *

That evening Ana made her usual rounds of the house. Given the
activities of the afternoon, she really didn’t expect to find anyone
playing around, but as she passed by the master bedroom she noticed the
door had been left half-open, and there were some noises coming from
within. She crept closer and peered in. A few days ago she would have been
terrified of exposing herself, but now she knew that the Harrises all knew
that she was watching them, so she positioned herself squarely in the
opening so she could see the entire bedroom.

Ryan and his mother were standing in the middle of the room, naked and
kissing. They were taking their time, simply kissing and running their
hands across each other’s bodies, just enjoying the feel of naked flesh and
soft lips. They seemed to be in no hurry to proceed to the next level or
to anything kinky. Ana found it nice to watch two beautiful people
tenderly pleasuring each other.

Then Ana saw Mr. Harris come out of the bathroom, cross the room behind
his son, and start to kiss him on the back of the neck. Ryan broke the
kiss with his mother, twisted his upper body and father and son kissed
deeply. A shudder ran through Ana’s spine. She had never seen two men
kiss like this. Sure, she’d seen some gay porn films and seen men kissing
in public, but this was different; it was live, and it was naked. It took
her a moment to realize that it was father and son, and when she did,
another shudder ran through her, and she felt herself start to become damp
between the legs yet again.

Mrs. Harris took her two men by their semi-erect penises and led them
to the big, king-sized bed. Ana watched as the three positioned themselves
in a daisy chain; Mr. Harris started licking his wife’s pussy; Mrs.
Harris took her son’s cock in her mouth, and to Ana’s astonishment Ryan
took his father’s cock in his mouth. She didn’t know why she was
surprised. The fact that Mrs. Harris, Amanda, and Tanya had lesbian sex
didn’t seem strange, but this was different. Maybe it was because men were
supposed to be tough and gay sex seemed womanly. Although both Mr. H and
Ryan were anything but. From some distance away, he appeared to be quite
experienced at it, taking most of his father’s rather large cock without
gagging. That would take some practice, and Ana wasn’t even sure she could
do it herself.

The three continued to pleasure each other as Ana watched and pleasured
herself. They were taking their time, and so did Ana. She thought that
this was a change of pace. It wasn’t the wild and kinky show that she had
been enjoying up to this point, but then she reminded herself that it was
incest and she was watching a son going down on his father. As for her own
pleasure, she rubbed her breasts with one hand, while the other rubbed
between her legs. She avoided touching her clit directly, taking pleasure
simply in her own touch rather than trying to achieve orgasm–she wanted
this session to be slow.

Mrs. Harris shuddered with a small orgasm, and with her release the
three switched up. Ryan moved behind his mother, spooning her and entering
her from behind. His father lay down behind Ryan and, after liberally
applying some lube to his penis, entered his son. The three moved back and
forth in a slow rhythm, son fucking mother, father fucking son. Ana
watched from the doorway. This was different from watching a porn movie,
she thought. Not only was it live and only a few feet away, but she
couldn’t really see much, just three, beautiful naked bodies moving in
unison. A gentle orgasm swept through Ana’s body, waves of soft pleasure.

Mr. Harris was the next to cum. It wasn’t spectacular, he just
grimaced and then slowly withdrew from his son. When she realized her
husband was spent, Mrs. Harris pulled away from her son, turned him on his
back, and then climbed back on board his penis, riding him cowgirl style.
Ana watched as Mrs. Harris impaled herself on her son’s cock and started
rocking back and forth. She fondled her own round breasts and stared
directly into Ana’s eyes. This time, Ana didn’t look away.

Ryan couldn’t take this treatment for very long, and soon he was
throwing his head back, eyes closed, and moaning as he ejaculated into his
mother. Mrs. Harris broke eye contact with Ana and dropped down to kiss
her son.

Ana collected herself and started to turn away from the door when she
realized that Mr. Harris was standing next to her. The man leaned in and
kissed her. Ana returned the kiss.

“We’ve really enjoyed your watching us these past few days,” he said
after he broke the kiss.

Ana looked away, not saying anything.

“You know you’re welcome to join us anytime. You don’t have to, but if
you’re comfortable with it, we’d really enjoy something more than just your

“Thank you,” Ana replied. “I don’t think I’m ready yet.”

Chapter 2: Ana Takes the Plunge

That night Ana lay awake, unable to sleep. She was scared, scared of
what she was becoming.

Since first witnessing the Harris family making love a week ago, Ana
thought of almost nothing but sex. She enjoyed sex and had no problems or
hang ups about it, but it didn’t consume her life. And over the course of
this past week that’s what sex had been doing to her. She thought about it
constantly. She patrolled the house, hoping to catch the Harrises going at
it. Watching television in her room, she found that she wasn’t paying
attention to what was on the tube, but was thinking about sex.

She figured that there were three ways this would play out. One, she
would turn into a sex-addled maniac. Two, she would come out of this
hyper-sexed state and return to normal once the novelty wore off. Or
three, she would have to quit her job.

She didn’t want to quit. Not only was the money great and the work
light, but she liked the Harrises. It wasn’t just the sex; they were nice
people and good bosses. Not stuck up or condescending like so many of the
rich people whose homes she had cleaned.

Then she thought that maybe her problem was that watching all that sex
was getting her worked up, but she wasn’t getting the right kind of
release. Masturbation was fine, but it wasn’t the same thing as flesh on
flesh, that surrendering of control to another person. When she touched
herself, she was in control, able to bring herself to orgasm or prolong it
as she wished. But with another person, you were never in total control,
and that made all the difference. It wasn’t planned or mechanical; it was
uncertain and very human. That made it more exciting.

But she knew that she couldn’t very well just dive into bed with all
five Harrises. That would be too much too quickly. She wouldn’t know what
to do, and while that dom-sub play was fun to watch, she wasn’t sure if
she’d enjoy actually doing it, like that time her boyfriend and she had
tried anal sex. Sometimes the idea of doing something is more enjoyable
than actually doing it, especially when you don’t know how to do it right.

So no group sex and no dom-sub stuff, at least not to start. Maybe she
could invite Tanya back to her bedroom. The cook had all but said that was
willing to sleep with her, and it wouldn’t be like fucking the boss. But
she didn’t know the first thing about pleasuring a woman. And face it,
while she was open to the idea of sex with a woman, she wasn’t naturally
inclined in that direction. She was firmly in the attracted-to-men camp.
So no Tanya. And that also meant she wouldn’t be hitting on Mrs. Harris
or Amanda, at least not at first.

That left Mr. H and Ryan. Both were hot. But Mr. H was the boss and
married, and despite all that she had seen there was still the irrational
notion floating around her brain that she would get fired if she fucked the
boss. Ryan was closer in age–his eighteen to her
twenty-seven–unattached, and less intimidating.

So she resolved to pay a visit to Ryan’s room the next night. And with
that, she drifted off to a sleep filled with dreams of being fucked by a
couple of manly Harris studs.

* * *

The next day the Harrises were all out, so Ana had the house to herself.
Tanya was there, and they chatted a bit over coffee, but Ana couldn’t bring
herself to tell the cook of her resolution. What if she chickened out and
couldn’t go through with it? Eventually, though, Tanya needed to go
grocery shopping and begin to prepare dinner, so Ana left her alone. She
tried to watch television in her room, but found she wasn’t paying

What was wrong with her? It was just sex with a guy. She hadn’t been
this worked up over sex since high school. She wandered the house again,
and found that Ryan had just returned. He was walking down the hall to his
bedroom when Ana saw him.

Ana almost let him pass before saying anything.



“I was wondering…” She found she just couldn’t say it.

“What is it, Ana?” asked Michael when it was clear that she wasn’t going
to speak.

“I was wondering if you, if you wanted to sleep with me.”

“Oh, yeah. Of course. I’ve wanted to sleep with you since I first saw
you. I would have asked, except Mom said to let you join us in your own

A wave of relief swept over Ana. “Well come on, then. Let’s go back to
my room,” she said, taking his hand and leading him back to her apartment.
Ryan followed happily.

Once in the apartment, she closed the door and leaned against it. She
didn’t think any of the other family members would come into her room, but
she didn’t want to give the appearance of inviting them in. For this first
time she wanted it to just be Ryan.

She looked into Ryan’s eyes, and the boy took the hint. He leaned in,
and they began kissing. It was almost chaste at first, just a brushing of
their lips together. Then he pressed a bit more firmly, and she opened her
lips just a bit. His tongue swept across her lips, not quite entering her
mouth. Then unable to stand the teasing anymore, Ana grabbed his head and
pulled him hard into her, plunging her own tongue into his mouth and
wrapping one leg around his body, pinning herself between the door and his

Ryan’s mouth was sweet, and he was a good kisser. As they kissed, Ana
could feel him growing hard against her belly.

She broke the kiss, pushed him away, and began unbuttoning her blouse.
Again Ryan took the hint and enthusiastically shed his clothes. As soon as
the two were naked, Ana threw herself into Ryan’s arms. He swept her up,
carried her into the bedroom, and deposited her on the bed, throwing
himself down next to her.

From there the pair took it more slowly. They started kissing again,
more gently but still insistently, as their hands explored each other’s
body. Ana shivered at the feel of his hard body. It was so good to feel a
naked man next to her. It had been weeks. She let the back of her hand
brush against his semi-hard cock. Then she took it in hand, and gently
started to rub it into hardness. It grew to full length, almost eight
inches and nicely thick. His mother was right, this was indeed a very nice

For his part, Ryan ran his hands over her breasts, circling the nipples
with his finger. That felt delightful to Ana. Then his hand drifted
south, gently caressing her belly before finding its way to her sex, which
was already glistening with a hint of wetness.

The pair stayed locked in embrace. Ryan broke the kiss for a while to
suck on Ana’s nipples, before returning his attention to her mouth. Ana
did the same for him, noticing that he shivered as she flicked her tongue
across his nipples. Evidently, he liked it.

The eighteen-year-old’s inexperience, or perhaps it was his experience
as a sub to his mom and sister, showed. He didn’t move to the next level.
Ana was used to the guy taking charge during sex, but she suddenly realized
that she was almost ten years older than the boy and that she would have to
take the initiative. She already had his cock in her hand, so she
positioned it at the opening to her vagina, rubbing the head back and forth
along her lips to lubricate it with her juices. Ryan took the hint and
pushed forward, entering her.

Ana gasped. She wasn’t used to anything this big. The teen stopped,
fearing that he had hurt her.

He hadn’t. Ana grabbed his buttocks and pressed him closer, forcing him
further inside. He slipped into her sheath fully, down to the hilt. Ana
marveled at the fullness. Just having him all the way inside her was a
pleasure. Then he started sliding in and out, and Ana experienced a
pleasure that she had never felt before. Ryan’s cock wasn’t so big that it
was uncomfortable having him inside her, but it was big enough that it
stimulated her clit with each stroke. No other man she had been with had
done that for her. She closed her eyes, bit her lower lip, and let him
rock her to orgasm. It was a pleasant journey that took a while, but the
pleasure slowly mounted with each stroke until after some ten minutes she
could take it no longer. Pleasure like burning fire stabbed through her
with every stroke, then she went over the edge.

The pain of the pleasure became unbearable. She shoved Ryan away from
her, unable to be touched down there, and convulsed as her orgasm rocked
her. Usually Ana liked to touch herself throughout the orgasm, maintaining
the stimulation until she was done, but she couldn’t touch herself now.
She tried to touch her nipples, but they were too sensitive as well, as if
a wire ran from her clit to her nipples and then straight into the
reptilian pleasure-center of her brain.

When she was through convulsing, Ana thought about climbing on top of
him and riding him to his climax, but she was still too sensitive. So she
slipped down and took his cock into her mouth. She was a bit worried that
she wouldn’t be able to get much into her mouth, but was surprised that she
could get about two thirds of him in. She thought about pushing it
further, but then thought that gagging on the first blowjob probably wasn’t

She pulled back, flicking tongue around the head and around the ring of
his retracted foreskin, then dove back down, taking him as deeply as she
could. That was all that Ryan could take.

“I’m coming,” he said.

It was nice that he gave her warning, thought Ana, but she didn?t mind
the taste of spunk and persisted in her sucking, and a moment later her
mouth was filled with salty goo. At that she started to gag a little and
had to withdraw. Spilling cum all over his cock and shaved pelvis, which
she then promptly vacuumed up with her lips and tongue. It tasted good,
salty and clean.

The pair lay there cuddling, not speaking, with Ana’s hand still on
Ryan’s penis, slowing coaxing it back to life.

Ana was enjoying just being held and could have lain there like that for
hours, but the boy’s cock began stirring. Young men were amazing, the
rebound was so quick. She flipped herself around, pushed his foreskin
back, and began sucking him again.

Ryan began to push her legs apart, so she positioned herself on top of
him in a sixty-nine, and he began licking her pussy. He was quite good at
it. His mother and sister had taught him well. He sucked on her clit for
several minutes, before switching to plunging his tongue into her vagina
and sucking on her lips, and then moving to flicking and swirling his
tongue around her clit. Each time he kept at it long enough for Ana to
really enjoy the sensation and start to build toward orgasm, switching
before it became monotonous or she went over the falls.

She began to emulate him, taking the head and upper shaft of his cock
into her mouth for a few minutes, before switching to licking the
underside, and then taking his balls into her mouth, swirling her tongue
around them. Ryan grew rock hard, and if it were possible, even bigger.

Eventually Ana decided that she needed him inside her again. In the
past, she would have opted for cunnilingus over intercourse any day of the
week. But the sensation of that large cock inside her was too new and too
tempting. She slipped off Ryan and got on her hands and knees. Ryan may
have been reluctant to take the initiative, but he was no fool. He got the
hint and entered her from behind.

He filled her with one, slow thrust. It felt so good. In keeping with
the tone of the session so far, he thrust back and forth slowly, gently.
But Ana needed and wanted more.

“Faster. Take me hard,” she ordered him.

He complied immediately, picking up the pace and slamming her hard.
God, that felt really good! She had to dig her fingers into the mattress
to keep from being pushed off the bed.

Her first orgasm came rather quickly. Then there was a lull where she
just enjoyed the pleasure of his pounding, then the second and possibly a
third orgasm. She wasn’t sure if it was two or just one extended one. Not
that it mattered. Then as she came down from the heights, she felt Ryan
stiffen and groan as he came inside her.

They collapsed next to each other, both sweaty messes.

“That was great,” said Ryan. “I’m so glad you finally decided to join
in the fun, and especially glad you started with me.”

“Frankly, I was really nervous; I still am. I’ve never done anything
like this before.”

“It didn’t seem like your first time,” he said smiling.

“You know what I mean. I’ve had plenty of sex before, but never
anything kinky like you and your family are into. I picked you for my
introduction because, in addition to being good looking and having a nice,
big cock, you were the least intimidating. Your dad is my boss, and I’ve
never been with a woman before. Besides, your mother and sister seem
rather … aggressive.”

“Yeah, they’re really into the dom thing, but don’t let that fool you.
They’re very considerate. They won’t push you into anything you don’t want
to do.”

“How long have you and your family been having sex together?” She
finally got the burning question out there.

“Amanda and I have been going at it for years. Pretty much as soon as I
figured out that I liked girls.”

“I mean most brothers and sisters don’t do it with each other.”

“Yeah, I guess it was growing up in this house. Mom and Dad have always
been real casual about sex and nudity. They’re not nudists or anything,
but being naked was never a big deal around here. I mean, it’s not like
they were having sex in front of us when we were little, but we were always
seeing them naked, and I’ve always known they were swingers. Even before I
really knew what sex was, I knew they were having fun in their bedroom with
friends. And Amanda and I knew what was going on back home whenever they
shipped us off to a friend’s house for a weekend so they could have a sex

“Wow. That must have been a wild childhood.”

“Not really. We didn’t know anything different. And when I was
thirteen, Amanda and I started having sex. We knew we weren’t supposed to,
that incest was bad, and we thought we kept it hidden from Mom and Dad, but
of course they knew, almost from the start. But they never said anything.
Turns out that Mom had been having sex with her brother since she was a
teenager. She still does.”

“Oh my God!”

“Yeah. My aunt and uncle and cousins and us are one big sex family.
You’ll meet them.”

“Wow. So when did you start having sex with your mom and dad?”

“That’s actually pretty recent. They waited until I turned eighteen.
They started with Amanda when she turned eighteen, but kept that a secret
from me for an entire year. I should have figured it out, but I didn’t.”

“So on your eighteenth birthday they just grabbed you and took you into
the dungeon?”

“Sort of, although the dungeon is new. It used to just be a regular
basement. It was a couple of days after my birthday when Mom came into my
room. She was just wearing a robe, which wasn’t unusual, that’s how she
usually dresses when she’s just hanging around the house, and she said she
wanted to talk and told me that she knew what Amanda and I had been doing.”

“You must have been terrified.”

“Yeah, I thought we were totally busted, but then she told me that her
and Dad had known about it for years and that she had fucked her brother,
so it was okay. We weren’t in any trouble. Then she just put her hand on
my crotch and said that it was something that boys and their moms could do

“You must have been floored. Was it a fantasy come true?”

“Yeah, I didn’t know what to say. I said something; I don’t remember
what. I’d never really fantasized about it. I mean, I’d wondered what it
would be like to fuck Mom, especially after I’d started fucking Amanda, but
it wasn’t like a fantasy of mine or anything like that.

“Anyway, she just started to unfasten my pants and took my dick out and
started giving me a blowjob. I blew my load like right away. She just
swallowed it and said that if I wanted more, to stop by her bedroom that
night. Then she left.”

“What a way to leave an eighteen-year-old boy hanging,” said Ana.

“Don’t I know it. I couldn’t do a fucking thing the rest of the day.
It’s all I could think about. I was so horny.”

“I’ll bet,” she said, turning and snuggling up to him. “So what
happened that night.”

“I waited around until I was pretty sure that Mom was in her room, then
I took a shower, put on a robe and went to her room.”

“Were you wearing anything else?”

“No. I could hear the shower running in the master bath, so just opened
the door. Then I realized that Dad was in there too. Mom was in the
shower, but he was just laying on the bed watching a porno on the TV with
the sound turned down. I’d forgotten all about him.”

“You must have been freaked out.”

“Majorly. But he just said that Mom would be out in a few minutes, and
that I could just get on the bed with him. I realized that he must know,
but it was weird. We didn’t really say much. We just lay there watching
the porno. After a couple of minutes I heard the water turn off and a
little later both Mom and Amanda came out of the bathroom, naked. They
were giggling and still drying themselves.”

“All four of you. That must have been a surprise to see Amanda there.”

“Yeah, but instantly I felt better. It all fell into place, and I
figured out that it was all cool. Mom said that now I was here, we could
begin. Mom and Amanda hopped on the bed and started giving Dad and me
blowjobs, Mom with me and Amanda with Dad. Then we ended up fucking every
which way. I don’t know how many times I came, but we didn’t quit until
two or three in the morning.”

“Did you and your Dad fuck too?”

“Not that night. Later that week he sat down with me and told me he was
bisexual, and if I wanted, the two of us could fool around. But he said
that same-sex stuff was different for guys than for girls, and if I didn’t
want to that was fine.”

“Are you bisexual?”

“I dunno. Maybe. I’m not really into guys, but if something happens,
I’m cool with it. It can be fun, but I’m not like Dad. He’s into both
guys and girls, and he’s got some guy friends he has sex with on his own.
But the two of us don’t fuck, not unless it’s part of a group sex thing.”

“Do you like it when fucks you in the ass?”

“Yeah,” he smiled as he said that. “It feels really good. I liked to
be pegged too. Amanda is really good at that. She’s death with a
strap-on. Better than Mom. You should try it with her.”

“I dunno. The one time I tried anal, it kind of hurt.”

“Had the guy ever done it before?”

“No. We were both totally new at it.”

“That’s where you went wrong. We could try it, but I’m still kind of
new at giving anal. And Dad’s kind of big for a first time, so you should
ask Mom or Amanda. Especially Amanda. Just tell her that you’re an anal
virgin, and she’ll treat you right. It won’t hurt at all, that is unless
you want it to.”

“I’m not really into pain.”

“Are you a dom?”

“I don’t know. That’s the kind of thing I’ve never tried. I wouldn’t
know how to be a dom. I might like it though, so long as it’s not painful.
I do like rough sex, but I draw the line at actual pain.” Ana found Ryan
really easy to talk to. He seemed eager to talk about it too. He probably
didn’t have any opportunity to talk to anyone about this.

“That’s cool. You’ll figure it out. Just be sure to tell Mom that you
don’t want pain. Dad is a sub, and Amanda is more into psychological
dominance. But Mom has a sadistic streak, but she won’t do anything you
don’t want, so don’t worry about that so long as she knows your limits.”

“This is all so new to me. It’s kind of intimidating.”

“I’ll tell you a secret. You know how Mom seems so self-assured,
dominant, and in control?”

“Yeah. I’ve noticed.”

“The other night when you watched us, we were snuggling after sex, kind
of like you and I are doing now. Anyway, she told me that she was
terrified of you.”

“Of me?”

“Yeah. She didn’t know how you would react to all this. She and Dad
are nervous as all get out. They’ve never brought someone into the games
like this. I mean, Tanya has been here forever, since back when it was all
behind closed doors. And with new friends, they get to audition them and
work them into games bit by bit. But hiring a live-in was a big step. You
have no idea how many people Mom interviewed, and still she was sweating
bullets with you.”

“I had no idea.”

“Don’t tell her I told you that. Just know that you’re not the only one
a little scared at all this.”

Ana leaned over and kissed the boy again.

“Go tell your mother what we’ve done,” she said, taking a hint from what
Amanda told her dad the other day. “Tell her that she, Amanda, and your
dad can take me anytime they want, but that I’m still a bit nervous about
it, so they should be gentle.”

With that, she got up and went into the shower.

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