Betty gets filled for real
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It was late morning when she climbed out of bed, and headed for the shower. An hour later washed and fed and feeling fully refreshed her mind went to the photo shoot. It had been a while since she had even worn a swimming costume let alone model them, she went to the bedroom and pulled her costumes from her panties drawer. Three costumes, a green one piece and two bikinis, she tried the one piece on first, looking at herself in the full length mirror. Betty looked good 36D cup tits with a slim 26 waist and 34 hips, her bottom looked real good in that mirror.

Betty was feeling hot again when she slid into the first bikini, bright florescent blue and really tight to her body the full pants cradling and lifting her ass cheeks, the top just allowing her nipples room to grow. Next she tried the white bikini, George had bought her this one, god she couldn t ever wear this one for the shoot could she, her tits really filled the cups and her nipples were almost poking over the top, then she looked at her bottom in the mirror her bum cheeks hanging invitingly on either side of a narrow piece of material.

She remembered being topless on holiday with George, how men had watched her when she’d climbed from the pool at the time not knowing that the costume was really sheer when wet, her nipples and pussy had been on full view. She’d felt so embarrassed, but really excited and didn’t object when George made her wear it for the rest of the holiday.

Her mind came back to the present, and with a smile on her face, she went to the wardrobe and dug out two pairs of espadrilles, both wedges the first just an inch high, while the second were almost three inches high the one’s she’d worn on holiday. Betty couldn’t resist the temptation and she strapped on the shoes, with the white straps matching her bikini, her ass was pushed high her bronzed thighs looked firmer and stronger. Betty looked in the mirror and thought do I look to slutty.

She packed the outfits she intended to take in her travel case including a few accessories and her make – up kit, it wasn’t until five minutes before Malcolm was due that she changed everything. Out went the blue bikini and low heels, and in went the white bikini high heels plus her broad silver ankle chain George had always wanted her to wear at the beach.

Malcolm turned up bang on time, and Betty could tell by his eyes he appreciated what he saw. She had done her make – up a lot more expressive than would be normal, a lot more of it and a lot thicker. She wore a tight top over a just above the knee skater skirt and three inch heels and she’d left her legs bare, not only her leg, she had put her panties and bra in her bag knowing she would have quick changes…. was that the real reason.

Malcolm had prepared the studio earlier in the evening, and Betty was quite impressed beach umbrella and chair, towel draped over a blow up lido. They even had a back drop, blue skies and seas. Malcolm started to test the light while Betty went to the CHANGING ROOM, two screens in the corner of the room just like in the doctors surgery. While she changed the other members of the group were arriving, mostly thirty or forty years of age. They were laughing and joking light hearted banter, some comments directed at the new model, how old, god Malcolm that’s like seeing my granny in her costume, gross, not fat is she everyone laughed. Oh you’ll be surprised Pete was Malcolm’s reply with a broad grin. They all started to set their gear up, some used tripods, while some were just using hand held cameras to start with.

She was feeling quite nervous when they finally called her out. She pushed her shoulders back, put on her best smile and walked out towards the set. Hair held up by a chic scarf, lips freshly painted she wore just her green one piece costume leaving her feet bare but for silver nail polish. Betty didn’t hesitate at all, and took to it in her stride posing in lots of positions trying not to be to sexy although she wanted to push herself. God Malcolm you ve got us a good one this time, this was Sol a big man about 6’ 2” with a big grin all over his face. He and Malcolm started to take charge and guiding her, well it was almost close to being ordered.

For the next few minutes they got her in different poses, sat in the chair one leg over the arm really stretching her outfit between her legs, bent backwards on her towel pushing her tits higher. Some came up for close ups face and shoulders, some shot her ass bent over or back. Her pussy was feeling damp and she hoped it wasn’t showing, or would she be happy if it was showing. Time for a new outfit please Betty, Malcolm instructed, a smile on her face she strode quickly to her little changing room. Fucking hell she heard Sol she’s fucking hot, those tits, yea Alan joined in don’t you just love that ass and she doesn’t mind showing it off. Wonder what outfit she’ll have on next hope it’s a tiny bikini, this was the older bloke Jeff talking.

Betty stripped down naked, running a towel over her body to freshen her skin, she’d brought tissue and rubbed one over her pussy she was really pretty damp. She slipped into her bikini bottoms pulling them high into her crutch feeling her cheek spreading round the skimpy material, then the top it felt even smaller that when she’d tried it before, but that didn’t stop her putting her hand in each cup to pull her tits even higher nipples almost popping over the top. She applied more make – up and changed her head scarf to a white band to match her outfit, then she slipped into her heels and finally fitted her ankle bracelet. The mirror in the room was not very big but big enough to see how good she looked… in fact she looked and felt hot.

No one spoke when she appeared the second time, but there were a number of sharp intakes of breath, she even approached the set with a little apprehension this time. It was Sol who broke the silence. Stand with your legs apart hands behind your head, this threw her tits up and out and showed how tiny her bikini bottoms were, stray pussy hair could be seen peeping out. Turn round Betty, yes look over your shoulder, now bend over, a little further great hold it there. When she turned again she felt a little breathless, and realised she wasn’t the only one, Jeff she noticed was adjusting his pants. Malcolm walked over with a hand held spray, squirting it across her face and shoulders, looks more realistic he said smiling… she smiled back at him.

Pull the umbrella down Betty, camera’s flashed as her legs parted when she went down on her haunches as she pulled downwards, know raise it again and stay stretched up.. good… when she moved next her hands went to her hair, pulling the band away and throwing it to one side, her long dark hair cascaded over her neck and shoulders. Once more she had got the camera’s flashing, Malcolm went forward again spraying Betty’s skimpy top her nipples were immediately visible and visibly growing.

Betty knew exactly what to do, and she also new what she wanted seven men watching her and she started to give them a great show. She pushed her tit’s forward hands on her hips legs wide, breathing heavily she bent as far forward as she dare. It had the right effect her nipples started to poke over the top of her costume, and when she stood up straight really quickly her hair flew back and those nipples came on full show for all to see. She turned left, then right showing her nipples hard like her clitoris hanging onto the top of her costume, the camera’s were flashing faster and faster.

She once more turned her back to them bending as far forward as her body would allow, her cunt was leaking so much no one could miss the wet patch growing across the thin piece of material that covered it. Spray her again Malcolm, this will make a great shot. Betty felt the cool water all over bikini bottom’s she new what those men could see her pussy lips felt swollen and red like her nipples wanting to be touch. They were all talking about her and she could hear every comment, look at that arse fuck it’s almost bursting out, and those tits, shit mate listen to her moaning the slut is gasping for it, see how wide her cunt lips are she’s begging for it.

Sol moved up behind her his camera clicking, he whispered in her ear, is that right Betty are you begging for it. He didn’t give her time to answer, he moved the chair close to her, put your knee up on the chair, yes like that further on now push your right leg out, further, further. It was hard to do in those shoes but Betty wanted to please, Sol watched he was seeing what he wanted and she could feel it. The tiny piece of material covering her modesty began to move,

Betty felt cool air across her anus as the material finally gave way. she’d heard Sol’s voice all the time, we’ve got ourselves a real granny whore here boys a real cum dump, you want this don’t you Betty want us all don’t you… tell us what you want slut. As he spoke those final words his tongue trailed across her anal ring. Tell us he barked, this was an order… I want you… I want you to use me she whimpered. You want us all to fuck you Betty you want to be a gang – bang slut, TELL US.. yes, she whispered….. yes what Betty louder.. I want to be a slut a filthy slut, I want you all to fuck me stretch me, I’ll do anything you want.

Betty was quickly bent over next to the chair, Malcolm and another man stood before her trousers gone both had nice size cocks, Malcolm about average six or seven inches, but the other man Brian was short but as big round as it’s length god she thought he will stretch me nicely. So many cocks seemed to be in view, was this what George had wanted all that time ago on the beach, god how many opportunities had she missed.

Her tongue snaked out once twice three times, pre – cum made it’s way down her throat. Then she was sucking them one at a time while wanking furiously at the other and playing with the balls of the other trying to keep everyone happy, she felt their hand in her hair guiding her, hearing their voices encouraging her while calling her the filthiest names she’d ever heard…. was she becoming what they were screaming a cum loving filthy old slag who didn’t care who’s cock she sucked or who fucked her.

Some one was pulling hard on her nipples while someone else squeezed their hands round the base of her tits, Sol was still kneeling underneath her eating her cunt and arse causing mini orgasms to flow through her tingling every nerve in her body, she didn’t know but he was enjoying getting a constant mouthful of juice she was so wet.

She didn’t know how long this went on, saliva and cock juice were dripping from her mouth, down her face all over her neck and tits, as the men pushed each other aside to take their turn feeding their cocks into her throat, after only ever sucking one man before tonight she was amazed how much more she liked oral sex and how each cock tasted so different. Even the sweaty older one between her lips right then didn’t deter her, in fact it made her feel like a dirty tart. What she really wanted now was fucking, she was loving her cunt and arsehole assault and the eager fingers firmly pulling on her nipples.

As if they were reading her mind, Malcolm and Brian lifted Betty onto an old oak table they’d dragged out from the wall, covered in a thick blanket. As they lay her back they pulled her legs back and wide as they would go, she was giggling as the men surrounded her wiping their dicks all along her body, slimy pre – cum began to streak her naked skin. Smile Betty, it was Sol taking pictures from between her legs, her cunt and arsehole fully exposed to the camera and anyone who wanted a good view.

Pull her flaps nice and wide, don’t think I’ve ever seen a cunt so wet you look like you’ve pissed yourself Betty. She was still grinning, her mind working overtime all these men touching her all wanting to fuck her and her desperate for it to happen. Sol got closer and slapped her bare tits so hard it shocked her and made her scream, but not a complaint passed her lips, she’d done this before with George and it had become part of their hot sex nights. Some of the others joined in smaking her exposed flesh.

Sol sort of smiled down at Betty, time for some fucking Betty you ready for some pussy stretching. Betty just ginned her hands stroking any part of the men that were closest to her, and enjoying what their hands were doing to her. She felt him then his cock was travelling along her sloppy wet cunt lips, he moved it two three four, and felt her starting to buck against him. He just pressed slowly forward, his wasn’t the biggest cock less than six inches and not very fat but Betty still gasped as he eventually rammed it home. She didn’t have time to get out more than a moan before her head was turned to one side and Alan was fucking her gapping mouth, this wasn’t like before he had his hands in her hair and was pushing his cock into the back of her throat, take it you fucking whore….. look at the filthy slut suck.

She could just see from the corner of her eye, another bloke who’s name she didn’t know was climbing on the table and kneeling across her hips, his hands squashing her big tits round his cock, he was titty fucking her. She was wrapping her legs and digging and drumming her heels into Sol’s back pulling him deeper, and at the same time screaming through her first full massive orgasm.

This was to much for Sol he hadn’t been up her cunt for two minutes when she felt him hardening in her before shooting two or three ropes of spunk, and pulling out as quick as he’d pushed in.

Betty wasn’t disappointed for long, Malcolm’s cock slid into her eager twat spreading her lips wide… really give it her Malc, fuck the arse of her came the cries me next. She pulled the cock from her mouth… yes harder fuck me harder, she had a fresh cock in her hand wanking like hell, tit man was squeezing her boobs round his cock like a mad man. Alan was savaging her mouth faster and faster, then he suddenly stopped…. cumming Betty he yelled swallow girl taste that cock juice. It was hot burning the back of her throat, and he kept cumming and cumming almost choking her keeping his cock buried deep in her throat forcing her to swallow every drop. My fucking turn bitch, the man sat over her chest moved forwards, Betty spat Alan’s out, come on big boy lets lick that fat dick. She didn’t care now she wanted it all…. filthy slut getting fucking sucking. Oh the new Betty sucked and fucked, she got a full face full of hot cum, licking and feeding it into her mouth. When Malcolm shot his load in her cunt, she had her second big expansive orgasm. She heard her own voice asking for more… get me off the table it’s to hard… she ended up on her knee’s on the lido, two cocks vying for her mouth while something big was pressing at her cunt lips. She looked behind her and there was Brian shovelling forward his fat beer can cock rubbing across her eager twat, her heart skipped a beat this was what her body was yearning for.

It took a little more pressure than the others but that fat rod was soon spreading her lips, he held it there for just a few seconds then he pulled it almost all the way out before ramming it home, knocking the breath out of Betty. The cocks at her mouth was almost forgotten, pushing back she didn’t want to lose the bung filling her almost turning her lips inside out. This was Betty’s lucky day Brian had fucked his wife that afternoon and could last for ages the second time, the other thing about Brian was he liked arse, and he was enjoying viewing Betty’s puckered ring while he fucked her luscious swollen fat twat.

He could not resist, he spat on her ass crack and watched it trickle toward that inviting pink anus, he spat again and then using his thumb he trailed it across her brown ring. He noticed the twitch but no objection, he pushed a little harder while slowing his fuck strokes and gauging her reactions, as he pushed his thumb past the knuckle he felt her push back and little, while small gasps escaped her lips round the dick in her mouth.

Two blokes were watching this unfold, and the older bloke took this opportunity, he took Brian’s place and started to open Betty’s arse, fuck she’s got a tight arsehole she could hear him saying behind her we’ll have this slag airtight in minutes what a filthy bitch she’ll fucking love her arse filling, he pretty soon had two fingers up her bumhole and starting to push fingers from his other hand to stretch her even more. When he thought he’d opened her up enough, he straddled Betty in front of Brian and with his slim very hard cock he started pushing against her sphincter, all the time Brian was spitting and slavering along both cock and arsehole to make it easier.

The old guy was a bit surprised when Brian licked along his cock when he was lining himself up over that superb ass, but just like Betty there was no objections. And like Betty he was looking forward to the job in hand, fuck all the way in so easy what a fucking lovely arse…. take it slut come on Brian lets pound this old slag. Betty was full of lust squeezing every hole in use, they were fucking every hole hard and she loved it the best being they were fucking her really hard. The only shame it couldn’t last forever, the two blokes at her gaping mouth were wanking all over her face, they shot rope on rope firing it all over her hair face neck as well as into that waiting mouth. Then they were using her hair to clean themselves and pushing more filthy spunk into Betty’s begging mouth.

All this was to much for the arse fucking man emptying himself into her rectum, it took him a few minute to pull out. Brian was laughing… look at this bloke he’s brought out half her arse, he looked down between his legs there were strands of shit still connecting him to Betty. She’ll fucking clean it up he said laughing moving round in front of Betty… suck me bitch taste your filthy arsehole… Betty could smell him but she didn’t flinch her tongue licked along the underside of that softening dick tasting herself then her mouth took in every inch while smiling up at her assailant.

Brian decided it was his turn at that arse, he pulled out and lay on his back, climb on Betty lets see how far we can stretch that bottom of yours, Sol helped her to lower herself noting she was getting a little tired. She slid down over Brian’s fat cock her rectum opening slowly spreading and stretching easily, she was amazed at Brian’s stamina and right at that moment was glad of it. Sol once she was comfortable actually gave her a cool orange juice which she drank with relish, before she started to bounce over her anal dominator. So fat… yes shit so good, want another, want one up my pussy as well. She wasn’t to be disappointed, One of the men she’d sucked off earlier had recovered and bent her as far back across Brian as she could go and slid easily into her sopping gaping minge. Then they started timing their strokes in out Brian using her fat tits as levers, they were hammering her holes and still Betty begged for more. Then Alan who wanted to get in on the action crouched over her face cock in hand, come on you filthy cumslut rim my arsehole like a dirty street whore.

No hesitation her greedy tongue snaked out trying to find the sweet spot… wider open it wider she screamed, loving the thought of showing these men more of herself and her willingness to perform.

For another hour they really made her perform, her arse mouth and cunt were hardly empty, she remembered the queue of arses she rimmed, but the best experience was orchestrated by Brian and Malcolm with a cunt DP stretching her beyond her wildest dreams. It didn’t last long but both men shot a load of sticky cum up her cunt causing Betty to orgasm for the umpteenth time.

She lay back with Brian alongside her eyes closed and a wonderful contented smile on her face. That wasn’t the end of the night although two blokes had dressed and gone home, three others including Sol were wanking over her face and all three started to shoot spunk all over her face. Drink it slut suck it off our dicks you filthy arse licking slag. She just got on with it her mouth once more opening wide for cum and greasy cock’s.

In the next few minutes everyone dressed and left, with the exception of Sol and Malcolm who helped a very weary Betty to clean up and dress. All the time they were chatting quizzing Betty about the night and future night. The outcome was that Betty revealed her big secret and told them about fisting, while they drove home she agreed (didn’t need any persuading) to do a lingerie shoot the following week. They warned her that she may have a bigger audience while telling her she was a total slut and they new she wanted it, this brought a big smile to her face, which couldn’t be seen in the dark of the car.

When she got into her apartment, she had a quick shower and then sat in her dressing gown pulled out her laptop. Malcolm was as good as his word he had sent her a compilation of picture and short videos of her evenings work. She finished the night looking at them in her bed accompanied by her trusty cucumber, and looking forward to her next adventure.

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