Barnes has a new boss and his wife wants him to ask for a raise
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I was dressing to kill. My long blonde hair was brushed
’til it shone. I had sheer nylons covering my long,
silky legs. The generous, rounded globes of my ass were
encased in my very tight leather skirt and jiggled very
nicely when I walked. Up above, my bulging tits were
spilling out of a sheer white halter top. 6-inch
stiletto heels completed my ensemble. I was sitting at
my dressing table applying wet-looking lip gloss when
my husband came in the room. I knew my husband loved my
shiny, pink lip-gloss and would probably like me to rub
some on his cock. Fat chance of that!

“Darling,” he said, “this is a meeting at my new boss’
house. His wife will be there. My co-workers will be
there. Do you have to look like such a slut?”

I gave him a withering look. Taking one of my Eve 120s
from my pack, I lit it and said, “I’ll dress any way I

“But, honey…”

“Shut up! Not another word.”

I was anxious to meet my husband’s new boss. He had a
reputation of being a man with an eye for the ladies,
even if he was married. I like to be eyed up and
admired. I’ve got the goodies and I know it and I put
them out on display precisely to be admired. And to get
what I want!

I dragged deep on my Eve and blew a rather large exhale
of smoke to the ceiling. “What did this new boss say
when you asked him for a raise?”

“I didn’t want to bother him.”

“What?” I asked in disbelief. He was too fucking much.
“Well, you fucking better ask him tonight. I’m sick of
living on the little you bring home. I’ve got nothing
to wear.”

“But, honey…”

“Don’t but honey me!” I snapped. I blew smoke, dangling
my cigarette from my glossy lips while I finished my
makeup. I was ready!

Soon, at the party, I was standing by myself surveying
the scene. Boring. Boring. Boring. My husband’s dorky
co-workers and their twit wives. I took an Eve from my
pack and slid it between my lips. As I was reaching in
my bag for my gold lighter I heard a ‘click’ from
behind me.

“May I?”

I turned slowly to face a handsome, gorgeous hunk of
man, wondering where the hell he had been hiding all
evening. I hadn’t seen him before. He was offering a
lighter. I smiled slowly, steadied his hand with mine
and took his light. I was careful to look him right in
the eyes as I took my first deep inhale, held it while
I studied him, and then exhaled a large cloud of creamy

He smiled. Not saying a word, he watched me take
another luxurious drag from my cigarette as he boldly
looked me up and down, his eyes peeling the clothes
from my bod.

I could tell by the gleam in his eyes that he liked
what he saw!

I exhaled a huge cloud of creamy smoke and returned his
gaze. He was trim and muscular and his tight pants
showed a hell of a basket.

“Do you like what you see?” I purred in a sexy voice.

He eyes lingered on the generous amount of cleavage I
was revealing for his viewing pleasure. As I took
another hit off my cigarette I made sure my tits
wobbled a little for him!

“I’ve seen worse,” he chuckled. Boldly he reached down
and rubbed his crotch, adjusting his swelling prick-
lump. “What about you?”

My pussy was creaming but I tried to be nonchalant. I
shrugged causing my boobs to wobble some more for him.
I watched his eyes bobble right along with them. “Looks
like you keep yourself in shape.”

He laughed. “I have a certain exercise that I try to
indulge myself with, a few times a day. As a matter of
fact I was just thinking it was time for it. Why don’t
you come along with me and I’ll show you?”

I crushed out my cigarette and exhaled slowly. He
watched me intently. His tight pants allowed me to see
everything I needed to see. “Think you’re quite a stud,
do you? I’m a married woman. Why would I go anywhere
with you?” He chuckled. He already knew I would. Go
with him, that is.

“Because doll-face, as usual, this work get-together my
wife insists on having is boring me crazy. You’re a
lady looks like could use a little excitement and I’ve
got just what you are looking for.”

“Mmmmm, I’m intrigued. But you don’t have any idea what
I might be looking for. And don’t you think you should
maybe introduce yourself?”

“I’m Troy. Your husband’s boss. That lady that your
husband is talking to is my wife.”

“What do you think they will say if I follow you?”

He chuckled, downed his drink and clicked his lighter
to light me another 120. “I don’t give a shit, do you?”

I smiled. I just love a confident man. “I say I’ll
follow you anywhere.” I smiled and exhaled a cloud of
smoke, “but just so you understand, buddy, no promises
about what might happen.”

He laughed and took my arm. “Doll-face, you just come
with me. I’ll decide what will happen.”

I loved the confident way he steered me through the
crowd in his living room. All heads turned to watch,
including his wife’s, as he opened the door to his
study and guided me through.

“I don’t think your wife is too happy right now,” I

He chuckled, reached out and took a handful of my hair.
He pulled me to him.

“You don’t waste any time, do you?” I said, but I went
in willingly and his lips came down on mine.

His kiss was solid and cunt-warming. He caressed my
creamy lips with his rougher ones. He jabbed his tongue
in my mouth. He sucked my tongue into his mouth and ran
the tip of his tongue over the roof of my mouth sending
shivers all up and down my spine. If there was any
doubt, a minute ago, that I was going to let this hunk
throw a fuck into me, it disappeared. The confident way
he had man-handled me past his wife, his firm grip
around my waist, his tongue probing strongly into my
mouth, the way he obviously didn’t give a shit what
anyone thought, all these things had my pussy steaming
and creaming and ready.

“Carol, what is going on?” My husband’s voice came
through the door.

Troy looked annoyed at having to tear his lips from
loving mine. “Is that you, Barnes?”

“I’m just looking for my wife.”

His large, confident hands were copping feelies around
my boobs. “Your wife is in here with me, Barnes. She is
asking me about a raise for you. Something apparently
you aren’t man enough to do. Go talk to my wife. You
and her can exchange cookie recipes or something.”

While this exchange was taking place, I undid Troy’s
belt and zipper and dropped his pants to the floor. He
stepped out of them. Then his boxers hit the floor and
I was in possession of my prize.

It was a cock to be proud of! I’m sure Troy was. He was
hard as a rock and he flexed his ass muscles so that
his prick moved up and down. I cornered it and kissed
it, giving it some hot sucks! In fact, I slobbered all
over the head of it, impishly sticking my tongue into
the piss-slot.

My dorky husband’s voice continued. “But, sir, I really
need to speak with my wife.”

“Barnes,” Troy thundered. “Your wife can’t talk right
now. Her mouth is full of my prick! Now, fuck off! I’ll
talk to you later, maybe!”

I chuckled around his knob. There wasn’t going to be
much left of my hair-do the way he had his fingers
tangled in it, but he sure knew how to handle men. And
women too!

I treated his meat to feathery kisses up and down its
length. It was burning hot, pulsing and twitching its

Troy had a nice, low-hanging nut-sack and I cuddled
those hot balls in my warm hand as I made sure not one
square inch of that pecker remained un-kissed.

“What are you doing with that wimp of a man?” Troy
asked, as I changed tactics and started sliding my
glossy lips the length of his rod, root to head and
back, slowly, over and over. “You know he will never go
anywhere in my organization. He’s just not much of a

I couldn’t answer. I was busy eating him. Pre-cum was
leaking steadily from his piss-hole. I licked it up.
Mmmmm. Tasty. My tongue laved all over the smooth, hot
head of that pecker. Must have been just delicious for
Troy. I hoped so. He was a man I wanted to please. I
opened wide and popped the whole cock deep into my

Troy liked that. The way I could tell is that he
clutched my head even harder and gave my mouth little
cock jabs. Not enough to hurt me, just enough to let me
know this stud was delighted at the treatment his boner
was getting from the hot cauldron of my mouth. His cock
was covered with my lip-gloss and I drooled on it. I
could feel the head way back inside my mouth.

I still was cuddling his nuts and I swear I could feel
them thrashing and boiling in my hot little hand.

I de-cocked my mouth long enough to give each of those
nuts a tender, loving, slobbery kiss. Troy liked that
too. He rocked his hips causing his nut-bag to sway,
back away from my lips and then back in for another
loving kiss. While I was loving up those nuts my other
hand was slowly masturbating that iron rod. It was
pulsing and I figured it would not be long before that
freight train was going to roar up Troy’s spine and
that sweet cum would shoot out of that boner like
nobody’s business! I licked the balls some more. I just
knew a man like Troy would have tasty, sweet cum. I
wanted a mouthful of it.

I sucked the knob of Troy’s prick back into my mouth
making sure the head got lots of tongue action.

“Ooooh-weeee, doll-face,” Troy said, his voice only
slightly shaky. “I’m going to cream you, sugar! How do
you think your tonsils are gonna look painted white?”

I liked the sound of that!

I bobbed my head, gobbling that pecker greedily,
lovingly, in and out of my mouth. Then I clamped down,
keeping just that mushroom head in my mouth and swirled
my tongue all over the head in wicked, delicious,
unbearable circles.

Nothing that delicious could last forever. Troy moaned
a deep, guttural moan and fired his gun!

The first volley of sperm hit the roof of my mouth, a
long, wet rope, then dripped down to puddle on my
tongue. I planned to let my tongue puddle up with all
Troy’s cum but the second jet of sperm, was as just as
long as the first. Long and drawn-out and must have
felt just fucking fantastic to Troy. He was a cummer,
that’s for sure. I had to swallow some to make room for
some more. Oh, did I mention that Troy’s cock was
spitting out some of the most delicious baby-batter
that it has even been my privilege to have in my mouth?
And I’ve ate a lot of sperm. It is one of my favorite
things to do.

Troy’s legs were quivering and he was moaning and still
sperm was leaking into my mouth and puddling on my
tongue. Yummy!

But finally he was drained. I stood and smiled at Troy
and swirled my tongue in my sperm-filled mouth making
sure he saw how much he had shot me, both balls-full
for sure, minus what I had all ready swallowed that was
making my belly so warm.

Troy smiled and I, reluctantly, because it was so
tasty, swallowed the rest of his ball-blast.

Troy loved that! His powerful arms reached and pulled
me to him. I went willingly to my new stud and his lips
mashed down on my mouth. He must have been able to
taste his cum on my lips but Troy didn’t care! His lips
made sweet love to mine! Our tongues slid together with
exciting friction, slipping and sliding and tangling.
At 34, I’ve balled a lot of guys. None had ever had me
as hot as Troy. His insistent sucking of my lips and
tongue. His powerful, confident hands wandering freely
over my body. My husband and his wife in the next room
knowing we were in here together. His obvious intention
to fuck the living piss out of me no matter what, no
matter who cared.

I was pretty sure I was standing in a puddle of my
pussy juice so much was leaking out of me! I am a
pretty confident woman who usually demands more from a
man than she puts out, but Troy had me melting and
oozing into a puddle of fuck-lust for his pleasure and
all he had done so far is kiss me, fondle my titties a
little and let me blow his nuts and eat his cum! What
kind of a fuck-toy was I going to turn into, I
wondered, when he finally got around to using that
boner to split me open? All I knew was my pussy was
heated and sweaty and leaking and couldn’t wait to suck
this gorgeous man’s cock inside and give it a treat!

Suddenly, Troy bent slightly at the knees, picked me up
and with our lips still locked, carried me into the
next room and slung me on the bed that was there. He
was naked, of course, from the waist down, from me
eating him out earlier, but he still had on his shirt
and tie. He stood beside the bed, looking down at me
and slowly removed the rest of his clothes as I
lavished my kind of loving on his drooling prick. I
licked his nuts.

“Carol, baby-honey, you sure love my bone, don’t you?”

I giggled and stopped blowing him long enough to reply,
“What is that? A rhetorical question?” Then I buried my
nose in his cock-fur and kissed that slick pole from
the root right up to the cock-knob! That knob was very
glad to have my lips there munching and licking and
sucking and rewarded me by drooling out some more very
tasty pre-cum treats for me!

Without interrupting my loving-up of his knob, naked
now, Troy reached down and plain and simple ripped my
halter top from me and slung the rag it now was across
the room! Then he grabbed my ankles and lifted me so
that I was upside down. He was so strong! I rubbed my
hands up and down his steely thighs and my mouth
continued kissing all around his cock.

In this interesting position, Troy was strong enough to
hold me, accept the loving I was giving his pole and
dispose of my leather skirt.

I was naked underneath it, of course, so Troy could
wrap his arms around me, bend his head and, attracted
like a heat-seeking missile, bury his mouth in the
slickness of the V formed by my legs and lick up some
treats for himself!

He didn’t have to work too hard. He had me so hot that
cunt-sauce was flowing out of me like the mighty

Troy had a talented tongue which I should have known
from the number it had done in my mouth! It was
wriggling around in my pussy like a fish trying to
fight off a hook! Only Troy’s tongue definitely was not
fighting to get away from me! It was licking up the
treats I was pumping out for him like poor old Troy
hadn’t eaten for a week!

I wriggled through a couple of cums and then Troy,
maybe his arms were getting tired, dumped me on the
bed. I lay there shivering with cums for a moment and
then Troy joined me. I welcomed him with sweet kisses.
I spread my legs.

Troy positioned himself. First he rubbed the length of
that steely prick up and down on my soaked pussy-fur,
shivering with the pleasure of getting his boner bathed
in the heat of my boiling cunt-juice. Then he grabbed
two big handfuls of my boobs, squeezed the large
mushroom head of that prick past my cunt-gates, rested
for just a second and then my pulsing pussy sucked that
man right on in!

A loud moan of pure pleasure was muffled when Troy’s
mouth came down on mine! I sucked on his tongue and
told him again and again how much I loved what he was
doing to me. Troy sure knew how to fuck a woman! He
alternated full strokes in and out with little cock
jabs. He would pull that prick so just the head was
sitting inside my cunny, being washed with the river of
cream I was pumping out, and then he’d give about 10
short, maybe one inch cock-jabs until he was buried to
the limit. Each of those little jabs was like an
electric shock to my clitty and the river of cream
became like boiling rapids.

For my part, I was fucking back with enthusiasm,
determined to pleasure this man out of his ever-loving
mind! With each of his little cock-stabs I would
squeal, lift my ass off the bed and wriggle it all
around! My silky legs were ‘twined around his and my
arms were around his muscular shoulders, my long, red
nails raking his back as I moaned and wriggled with
sugary pleasure!

Troy’s tongue was doing fancy things in my ear and I
moaned, “Come on, lover! Why don’t you dump Carol a big
load? Stroke me harder and then cream me!”

Troy did! He arched his back, his whole body stiffened
and he dumped a world-champion barrel of cream into my
sucking, sticky honey-pot. He stirred his stick in the
mixture of his cock-cream and my cunt-creamings and the
puddle under my ass grew.

This handsome stud withdrew and rolled over and
collapsed on his back. But I wanted to make sure his
fun wasn’t over. I rolled over too and sucked that
still-hard dick back into my mouth. I tongued all over
his rod, kissing and licking and cleaning. When I was
done his prick was slick and shiny clean!

The I lie back beside my stud. We cuddled and caressed
until I thought my trembling legs would hold me. Then I
rose and found my purse where I had dropped it when
Troy first grabbed me in his lust. Troy’s cum was
running down my legs as I found my cigarettes and lit
one gratefully. I stood beside the bed and smoked for a
moment my eyes roaming and enjoying the sight of Troy’s
muscled, tanned body. His prick was still rock-hard and
Troy was idly stoking it as he watched me enjoy my

When I was finished I joined him back on the bed and we

“I’ve been thinking,” Troy murmured, as he cuddled a
boob in each hand. “Maybe that dorky husband of yours
deserves a few more bucks after all!”

My nipple hardened and I licked his lips some more.
“Yummy. You seemed to like the outfit I was wearing
tonight. Wait ’til you see how I can dress for you when
I have more money to spend!”

“Barnes!” Troy roared, “Get your ass in here!”

I giggled and Troy kissed me again. Fuck, this stud
made me hot!

“Honey-bunch, when your husband gets in here I want you
to go down on me again,” Troy instructed me. “Show
hubby how much you love my wang!”

I licked his lips and mine. “Sure thing, stud! With a
meat-pole like you got you don’t have to even ask me. I
gladly suck your tasty cock anytime! And while my
husband is here be sure to shoot me a mouthful of cock-
cream! One time he actually thought I’d take his
pitiful load in my mouth. I want to show him what I do
with a real man’s cum-wad!”

Just then my husband came in the room and his face went
white when he saw Troy and I naked in the bed.

Troy leaned against the headboard and I kissed my way
down his muscular chest until I was between his legs
licking and kissing up and down the length of his
considerable pecker!

I tore my lips from their tasty task and using both
hands waggled Troy’s cock at my husband.

“See what a real piece of cock looks like? Make you
envious, little man?” I resumed my very pleasant task
of kissing every inch of Troy’s pole!

As I sucked his cock, Troy tangled his fingers in my
hair and talked to my husband. “Your wife is a pretty
fine cock-gobbler!” he teased, “She really knows how to
lick a dick! But I suppose you wouldn’t know that,
would you?”

“But, sir…”

“Shut-up, Barnes. I’m going to give you a raise in pay.
In honor of your wife’s hot lips. And in honor of her
dick-sucking skills I’m going to give her something
right now!”

That was my cum-wad that I asked for! I kissed up the
stalk to his cock-knob and sucked it into my mouth. I
took just the sizeable head inside and made my tongue
dance around its smoothness!

Troy held my head right where he wanted it and growled,
“Barnes, why don’t you get over here closer and watch
what a real man does when he has a treat like your wife
in his bed!”

With those words he bucked his hips off the bed and
with thrilling vibrations running the length of his
prick blasted another nice cum-wad into my sucking

I drooled Troy’s cum back onto his prick so my husband
could watch me greedily lick it back up. Pooling some
cum on my tongue I hefted each of Troy’s nuts in his
sac and gave it a cum-bath! Troy was groaning with

“Man, oh, man, Barnes! You’ve never felt anything like
your wife’s tongue smearing cum all over your cock!
Lick it up now, sweetie! Suck that cum!”

As I used my tongue to clean Troy’s pecker he explained
how things were going to work now.

“Barnes, your wife is such a good dick-licker and cum-
guzzler I am going to put all your pay into an account
for her from now on. You can negotiate for an allowance
from her. Maybe if you kiss her ass enough she’ll be

I lit a cigarette and cuddled beside Troy. “I know I
would feel much more generous if my darling hubby there
would get his head between my legs and clean up the
mess you made, Troy.” I snapped my fingers. “Do it,
dear! Now!”

I thought Troy’s monster dick was hard before. Now,
seeing my husband crawl, fully clothed, between my legs
to lick up his cum caused Troy’s pecker to get even
more steely hard. I knew because I blew smoke on it was
licking it up and down!

“Oh, honey-bunch!” Troy asked, “Does he always do

“After a real man, like you, has fucked the piss out of
me, IF, my husband, Mr. Barnes, has been a very good
boy, yeah, I’ll give him a pussy and cum treat. I hope
he likes your cum, Troy. I think he’ll be licking up a
lot of it!”

“Not this wad, cutie! This one’s for you!” Troy
squealed and blew another big load! It was just as big,
just as creamy, just as tasty as the others!

I played with it a good long time kissing and licking
my new lover’s cock, covering it in cum and sucking it
back off! My husband was long since finished licking
Troy’s sperm from my crotch. He had caused me a few
little thrills but nothing like the thrills I was
getting from just kissing this man’s cock! Troy had it
all! He chuckled as I licked his bag some more. He knew
it too, the bastard!

With a bleak face my husband watched me suck Troy’s
prick some more then climb aboard and sink that
pleasure-pole into my snatch!

Troy pulled me tight and bucked his hips off the bed
making damn sure he had jabbed everything he had inside

“You can fuck off, now, Barnes,” he said to my husband.
“Go see if my wife will kiss you. She might like a
taste of my cum. Tell her I’ll be back to our guests
after I fuck your wife one more time!”

I heard the door click as Troy pulled my head to his
and our lips met in another sweet kiss!

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