A Little fun in Key West
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Here’s a little story that I got to tell about a little
platinum blonde that I knew too well…

Blair was this five foot two, curvaceous, platinum
blonde that I used to handle my business with every
Friday during the time I lived in Key West. I had to
warn her all the time that she needed to be careful
riding me bareback, cuz she was gonna end up pregnant
one of these days.

She would always reply, “Baby, I can’t! I just can’t
get enough of how your eleven inch dark chocolate pole
feels sliding’ in and out of my hot, tight, sloppy wet,
blonde cunt. Ooooh, it feels like nirvana, boy! And, it
makes me cum every time, Everett!”

I could never convince her otherwise, plus I enjoyed
it, too! But, like I said I used to nail her every
Friday. I had to cuz I was busy nailin’ other chicks
the other days of the week. This wasn’t too bad for a
twenty-two year old, especially since Blair was twenty-
nine and fine as hell! She was the oldest of the women
I was nailin’ every week. Anyhow, I remember this one
time during spring break, which is always fun in the
Keys, I experience my second threesome.

The first one happened when I was nineteen and long
before I knew Blair. I got the chance to actually screw
two teachers from Michigan, who were visiting for the
winter. One was this six foot brunette, forty-one,
newly divorced and horny as hell! She had the biggest
tits I’ve seen in awhile. They must have been at least
44EE’s! She loved anal and so she got lots of it!

Her friend was this thirty-five year old, never
married, dishwater blonde with grey eyes and a 38 inch
ass! And, she loved, more than anything to have her
asshole licked and her cunt eaten. So, I got the chance
to service them both at the same time for the entire
two weeks they were in Key West. I was definitely tired
after they left and for awhile I thought they were
gonna kill me because they never got tired! However, I
need to continue with the current story…

Like I said I got the chance to experience my second
threesome and I got to do it with Blair. Her friend
from Ohio, Karen, was going to be down for spring break
that year and she wanted me to meet her. One Friday
afternoon, after I’d just finish slamming’ her cunt
doggy style for about a straight hour, she mentioned
that she heard from Karen and that she was in Key West.

“So, do want to hook up with her tonight, Everett?” she

“Sure, of course. I’d love to meet your friend, Blair,”
I replied.

“Great! When I get back to my place I’ll call her and
then I’ll come by later and pick you up!”

“Cool, gurl. Holla back at me…”

Sure enough, Blair did holla at me about two hours
later, at about nine o’clock on her cell and said she
was on her way to my place. I lived right above a bar
on Duvall Street and she was about two blocks north of
me. She was there in less than five minutes. She let
herself in, as usual, wearing a tight black tank top,
skin tight cut off black shorts, which gave her
absolutely great camel toe, and black Kino sandals.

“I would guess…no underwear?” I stated.

“And, you would be correct, baby,” she cooed, as she
ever so gently rubbed her slit through the jean
material, and batted her eyes in false innocence.

I just grinned at her and led her out the door.

“Karen’s staying at the Pier House, so all we have to
do is walk, baby.”

“Great!” I exclaimed.

The Pier House is the most well known hotel in Key West
and it’s at the very west end of Duvall Street.
Actually it’s where the street ends anyway. We got
there in a matter of minutes and took the elevator to
the second floor. We went left and to the second room
on the right. Blair knocked and we waited. In about two
minutes Karen opened the door and she and Blair hugged
immediately. They exchanged pleasantries and giggled
like two little girls for a few minutes as I stood
there and shut the door behind us. Once in her living
area of her hotel room Blair introduced me.

“Karen, this is, in a way my main squeeze right now.
Everett,” she smiled mischievously.

“No, Blair, lets be honest… this is your fuck buddy,
gurl. And, he’s fine as hell… mmmmm,” she smiled at
me as I shook her hand.

“Thanks, Karen. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Nope, the pleasures all mine, Everett.”

Karen was cool. She was a black woman; about five foot
nine, and curves from hell. Her tits were about a 38DD
and she had to have had a 42 inch ass. It was an ass
that you just wanted to spread those cheeks and lick
that ass for an eternity. And, of course, if you could
get your dick in it…so be it and I sure did!

We ended up going to three clubs and five bars on
Duvall that night and just livin’ it up with Karen. Her
outfit almost matched Blair’s except her bottom was
barely covered with a tight red miniskirt and I knew
she didn’t have any panties on because she must have
flashed me at least ten times this night. She was great
to party with and a great dancer. She had her ass on my
jock as much as she could and Blair didn’t mind.

She whispered to me later that Karen had to be horny as
hell because she had just divorced her husband of ten
years about two months ago. She said that she was 33,
free and ready to fuck. She told me that if I wanted to
I could probably fuck her that night and that if she
propositioned me to go ahead.

As you can tell, or as I didn’t tell, Blair knows about
all the other girls I fuck, so that’s why she was okay
with this. She said Karen could use a good eleven inch
pole right about now, and just when she said that Karen
returned from the bathroom, as we were waiting for her
in one of the bars we passed through this night.

“So, are you ready to go back to my room? It’s almost 3
am! Let’s take this little threesome to my place and
continue the party there,” she proposed.

“Okay,” we answered in unison, as we looked at each
other and smiled.

Back at her room, she put on some R&B and started to
dance slowly and seductively, as she sipped some brandy
that she’d given to us also. Blair joined her
immediately and of course, I watched. Thirty minutes
later we’re still drinking and dancing. Karen’s gettin’
low in her cut offs she changed into and grinding’ all
on my cock through my jeans. My dick was hard as steel.
She could see it and still didn’t stop dry fucking me
as we danced.

Blair had started to pleasure herself as she danced up
against me from behind, and I knew cuz I recognized her
moans. Suddenly, Karen picked up Blair and carried her
into the bedroom. I watched in total surprise and
shock. Before I went in there, I had to stop by her
kitchenette and grab a beer from the fridge. Once in
there, I saw both of them totally naked with Karen’s
face planted dead in the middle of Blair’s thighs,
eating her like it was her last meal on earth!

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!” shouted Blair, as
she was already about to cum and cum really hard. When
she did, she grabbed Karen’s braided hair and shoved
her harder into her blonde pussy. Karen continued to
eat like a ravenous beast that hadn’t eaten in weeks.
Blair kept cumming for what seemed like twenty minutes
as she went into multiple orgasms.

She just continued to scream, “OH FUCK!” over and over
again until she finally stopped. When Karen came up for
air her whole face was entirely wet with Blair’s cunt
juice. Blair sat up and licked her face clean. When she
was finished she motioned me over to the bed to which I
immediately followed. Once there they both undressed me
and my cock stood like a freshly trained soldier
straight out of boot camp.

“Oh, yesssss…” cooed Karen, as she stroked my ridged
black cock with both of her hands. As she did, Blair
started to lick and kiss its tip. Then she pushed
Karen’s hands away and engulfed it as far as she could
into her warm, wet, waiting mouth. Karen grabbed her
hair and used her mouth to fuck my cock. I was in total
ecstasy. Then as Blair continued to gloriously suck my
rock hard cock, Karen got on all fours on the bed and
put her amazing 42 inch ass in the air. When she did
this she spread her cheeks wide so I could see her
magnificent bunghole, which she winked at me with.

She turned to look over her left shoulder and said
wantonly, “Stick your middle finger inside my chocolate
starfish, honey and feel its warmth waiting for you.
Its wants to milk your chocolate stick of all its
tasty, gooey, cum baby.”

Obviously, I did as she asked and who wouldn’t! I
slowly pushed my finger in all the way to the hilt.
Then I slowly started to move it in and out and around
and around.

“Is it tight for you, baby? Is it really, really,
really tight, honey?” she moaned, with her head on her
pillow in total nirvana.

As I got a good rhythm, she started to fuck my finger
as my finger fucked her asshole and the whole time
Blair hasn’t missed a beat sucking’ the hell out of my

When Blair felt she was done she looked up at me, “So,
are you ready wreck her little chocolate starfish,

I just nodded cuz I was in oblivion at this point and
was ready to screw the shit out of Karen for the next
couple of hours in her ass! So, Karen stuck her ass way
up in the air, as I stood on the bed and started to
lower my cock into her tight anus. As my bulbous tip
finally passed her sphincter with a good plop, she
moaned, and I slowly lowered more and more inches deep
into her bowels until I was balls deep. She moaned with
intense pleasure as I just held my cock there so she
could experience all eleven inches of steel hard man
meat inside her stomach.

At this point Blair was behind me lick my balls and
asshole and fingering herself into nowhere land. I
started, at a slow rhythmic pace to move in and out of
Karen’s snug butt hole and boy was it snug. As I picked
up tempo, she started rocking back and forth into every
thrust of mine.

Every time my balls would slap against her pink pussy
she’d moan, “Harder, Harder.” Soon, I was pulling
almost out of her asshole and just slamming’ my huge
black cock balls deep into her slimy bowels as she’d
scream at the top of her lungs, “FUCK ME IN MY BLACK
ASS!!!” I skewered her like this for about forty
minutes before I felt like I was about to explode deep
in her intestines.

“Oh, I’m gonna cum, gurl!” I shouted.

“Oh, fuck yes! Cum in my black, juicy, anus, you
motherfucker! I want your cum deep in my ass! Slam that
giant black cock in this bubble butt! Hurt me, hurt
me…make my ass bleed…you fucker!” she shouted in
wild abandon, as I continued to utterly destroy her
black anus. And, within seconds I unloaded what seemed
like a quart of cum deep into her black ass. And, she
responded by cumming, too.

“Oh, fuck! I’m cumming, I’m cumming…shit, shit,
shit…I’m c-c-cumming…ooooohhhhhh, it feels so
good!” she shouted, as her anus contracted around my
stone cock trying to milk as much cum out of me as
possible until I was dry.

As I pull out, I come out with a loud plop, to which
Karen let’s out a long moan of ecstasy and loss. I fall
on the bed next to her on my back as she’s still on all
fours. Blair walks by me to my left and says, “Thanks,
lover.” Then Karen, still on all fours backs up to the
edge of the bed, as Blair gets a on her knees and
begins to eat my cum out of Karen’s asshole!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Blair had her
tongue as far as she could get it up Karen’s stink
hole, scooping out my cum and swallowing it with a
smile. And as she ate her ass she started to fist Karen
who started cumming all over again. This was such a hot
scene my cock was at attention again, so I got Blair to
stand up bent over to continue servicing Karen and
plunged my cock, without warning, into Blair’s ultra
tight shithole. She yelped as the first six inches went
quickly in but once I was balls deep in her bowels, I
grabbed her by the hair and fucked her like a rag doll.

“You like this tight little blonde shitter, don’t you?”
she taunted, “Come on big boy and fuck me like you mean
it. Fuck me with that hard black steel cock of
yours…r-r-ram y-your black eleven inch meat in this
submissive white shithole, baby! fuck my ass, fuck my
a-a-ass, fuck m-my w-w-white ass…o-o-oh shit,
yes…I’m gonna clean a-a-all my shit off of y-y-your
fucking h-h-hard c-cock, baby!” She shouted this as I
continued to ram my bludgeoning black pole without
remorse for her sphincter, inside of her over and over
again, as she sucked my cum out of Karen’s stretched
chocolate anus.

When Karen came again we all came together in unison,
screaming with ultimate pleasure at the top of our
lungs. I swear I thought whoever was residing next to
Karen in the other room was going to call security but
nothing happened. After I emptied again, what seemed
like a quart of cum inside of Blair’s stretched anus
and bowels; we all collapse on to one another in sweet

We laid there for another hour kissing, licking and
sucking all over each others bodies. At about five in
the morning we were still sucking and fucking. We ended
up in an analingus circle: Karen was eating Blair’s
blonde, pink, stinky starfish and fingering her; Blair
was eating my shitter and stroking me; and I was eating
Karen’s juicy dark bunghole and fingering her! We would
cum and do it again; then cum and do it again, for
about forty-five minutes, until we passed out, and we
woke up at 3pm the next afternoon. Blair and I got up
first and used Karen’s shower. Blair sucked me off in
the shower as she always does and we got dressed in
yesterday’s clothes afterwards.

As we we’re headed toward the door, we we’re trying to
be quiet as to not wake Karen, we heard, “Where are you
guys going?”

“We’re headed home Karen. You’re here for two weeks.
We’ll see you many more times before you leave!” yelled
Blair towards the bedroom.

“Shit, gurl!” said Karen, as she came to the door
naked, “If everyone here fucks like Everett does, I
think I’ll just stay.”

Blair and I just looked at her and laughed. And, she
laughed, too.

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