Awesome Mother-in-law
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Let me start by saying I am 35 my wife is 24 and her mom is 45. There has always been a running joke that I had a choice between them and would have been blessed either way.

The two of them mre resemble sister rather than mom and daughter. My wife is somewhat of a nympho not complaining at all because I love her young tight pussy.

On to my story: It was a saterday afternoon and my wife was at work, my mother-in-law calls because she is having a problem with her computer. (being my wife and I are both in the technical feild we are her mom’s tech support. ) Michelle (mother-in-law) called me on the phone because her computer was shutting down and she didn’t know why. I hate phone support so I told her I would be there in about an hou.

I never put into my mind going over there with the entention on doing anything ohter than fixing her computer and coming home, Michelle and I never quite seen eye to eye.
I got there and started to repair her computer when I was done she tried to pay me I told her, Keep your money Michelle it was my pleasure helping you out.
She replied with well at least let me offer you lunch. being one to never turn away a meal I agreed.

I was told to go watch tv and when lucnh was done she would call me.
I was watching tv and kept hearing strange sounds. Not giving it much thought I just stared at the tv.
Michelle kept running back and forth up stairs I thought laundry and continued to watch tv. after about 30 minuetts she called me into the kitchen to eat.

when I opened the door to the kitchen I could not believe my eye she was sitting on the kitchen table wearing the most skimpiest outfit I have ever seen with a plate of fruit salad between her legs and a chair inviting me to eat while staring at her lushious pussy.

Now Michelle is very beautiful for her age about 5′ 3″ weighing in at about 110 an short croped dark brown hair about shoulder length. I gasp for a breath as she spoke . just sit down and enjoy your meal. I sat down and could not keep my eyes off her pussy it was nicely pair shaped.

as I started eating the strawberries from the plate I notice that the center of her panties started to show a wet spot so taking a chance I reached out to touch, she jerked back a little and said “NO!” young men need to eat o maintain their strenght.

At this point my mind was going in all directions as to what she had planed and if I where going to actually be able to taste her sweet pussy.

I could smell the must of her pussy as I continued to eat my fruit. I started to eat and take my time licking that stawberries and tounge the cantalope, she became wetter and wetter until I coule see her juices on the table.

as I finished the last of my fruit she removed my plate to her rear and said thats a good little boy now it is time for your desert. I couldn’t wait to feel and taste this woman that had for so many years disagreed with my every dicision.

The outfit she was wearing was a dark blue which made it easy to see her sweet wet pussy jusices seaping through. I reached out and began to trace the outline of her pusy lips and her clit area she began to moan. she said before we go any further you know my daughter must never find out because if she did she would leave you in a heart beat.
I said I know she said so therefore you must come satisfy me once a week for the rest of my life I happily agreed.
I began to focus my finger on the area of her panties where her clit was until she exploaded in a gush of orgasmic pleasure. I have never seen a woman produe so much cum it was starting to foam up on the out side of her panties. I slipped my finger in the side of her panties and bgan to slowly massage her pussy lips as she laid back on the table.
I pulled my chair closer to the table and pulled her pantie to the side and started licking her click getting her sweet tasting pussy juice all over my face. licking and fingering this nice pair shaped pussy it was perfect . clean shaving smooth and delicous.I ate her pusy as if it where the last pussy I would ever eat.

I stuck one then two and finaly the third finger slid into her love hole I began to finger fuck my mother-in-law and she had orgasm after orgasm. then I stood up removed her panties and then my pants. as I moved in for the thrust she sat up and said my turn.

she sat me back down in the chair and kneeled in front of me taking my rock hard cock into her small delicate hand, she took her other hand and swirled it around my precum until the head of my cock was glistening with my on cum.

She looked up at me with the most devious grin I have ever seen then opened her mouth. she licked around the head on my rock hard dick teasing me I was dieing my god how back I want to trust my cock into her hot wet pussy.

She began sucking my dick as if she were a kid with her first candy pop, she then took my entire 8.5″ cock all the way deep throating my god it felt so good I have never had a woman be able to swallow my entire manhood.
I stopped her before I blew and said I wan the first time I cum to bee deep in your sweet perfect cunt she said she love being talk to dirty like that.
Michelle I said you little diry whore get up she got up with a smile on her face I said get in the chaing on your knees facing the back. Now hike your ass in the air like a good liitle slut so you son can put his hard cock in your wanting cunt

As she knelt in the chair I noticed that her pussy had began to trob with her every heart beat. I moved in closer and placed my cock on her pussy lips and she shuttered as I could see more pussy juice ooze from her cunt hole. I spread her lips apart with one hand and guided my cock to the entrance of the glorious hole my wife came out of.
I slowing pushed the head of my dick into her pussy she was shaking and started yes yes thats if fuck you mommy thats t you know how much mommy needs it stick that dick right into mommies pussy
Mommy needs it bad I slid my dick in inch by inch until my balls rested on her thighs as she continued oh yea thats it you know mommy likes slow don’t you?

I paused with my dick all the way in her pussy and could feel her heart beat on my cock I started to feel her heart beat and began to pump my cock in her pussy to her own heart beat she moaned yes baby thats they way mommy likes it oh yes nice and slow so I can feel all of your cock in my pussy. Thats it more fuck me more. I said louder you whore when you talk to me I want you to talk as loud as you can, she began to scream fuck mommies pussy faster harder faster fuck mommies pussy with that dick fuck mommy she yelled fuck me harder and faster.
I pumped her pussy as hard and as fast as I could the chair had slid across the hardwood floor until we stopped at the wall, you like this dick in your cunt don’t Michelle I said yes yes oh god yes she replie.

I drover her cunt like a jack hammer for about 30 min straight I the started to build up and cum I went to pull out and she stopped me she said oh no your not going anywhere.
she turned and laid me down on the floor straddleing me as she began to squat her pussy juice was dripping on my and I just got harder as she slid down on my cock I could feel her pussy muscle complete control she tighend as she lifted and loosened as she came back down. I blew my wad deep into her cunt and we laid on the kitchen floor for an hour or so then I left.

I now look forward to my saterday tech support trip to her house.

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