The Mating Game
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“What’s up with Wolf?” Glenn asked. “I can’t remember
ever seeing him this horny.”

Judy walked over and joined him by the window. Peering
through the glass, she saw Wolf sitting on his bed. He
had his penis in his hand and was pumping it aggres-

“You don’t suppose anyone’s told him about Lois, do
you?” Judy quipped.

“Maybe he’s got a sixth sense,” Glenn replied.

The man’s breathing was deep and he was making loud
moaning sounds as he came closer to his orgasm. His
amplified sounds were being pumped into the public
viewing galleries where a large crowd had congregated.
The human male’s mating display always caused a buzz
of excitement. Who didn’t shiver at that incredible
crescendo of sound building irresistibly into a mighty
scream of climax? Judy had seen and heard it so often,
yet still she turned to putty whenever Wolf began his
mating cry. From her very first day she had found it a
mighty turn on.

If only they could timetable it more frequently, she
reflected, then the zoo wouldn’t be in such financial
difficulty. They had discovered that Wolf reacted best
to the stimulus of projected images of gyrating human
females removing their clothes. However, having only a
finite attention span, and if they tried it too often,
he would quickly lose interest.

“Which is a disaster, isn’t it?” Judy said to the
creature on the other side of the window. “And you
know what I’m thinking, don’t you? I know you! You’re
smarter than you look.”

She had never ceased to be amazed by the way he could
sense her presence. There were times when she knew he
could not see her, but he would turn and look in her
direction, and she would sigh, and go gooey inside,
and think what a remarkable creature this was.

She bit her bottom lip as she watched the human’s angry
cock; its foreskin folded back, his balls tight and
hard at its base. Working with animals didn’t bring
many perks, it was mainly mucking out and coping with
foul smells, but Wolf was the supreme perk. There was
something unbelievably magnificent about the adult
human male, its rippling muscles upon its powerful
frame, and who could not cringe when it got enraged and
let out that blood-curdling roar of fury.

The woman whose image was being projected onto the wall
was down to her underwear. Wolf could usually contain
himself until she was nude and was touching herself
between her legs. He liked that, Judy thought a little
jealously. He could not resist an aroused woman. The
sight of her rapid breathing and flushed expression as
she squeezed her breasts and stroked her pussy was
guaranteed to make him spurt. But today he was on the
point of coming and she had not yet uncovered her

Judy felt her own pussy begin to tingle. It wasn’t an
unexpected surprise. Wolf always had this effect on her
when she watched him. She was trying to resist it be-
cause it was viewed as perverted, but what could she
do? This was the way she was built. “You’re a bad boy,”
she sighed under her breath in Wolf’s direction. “Look
what you’re making me do!”

She had placed her hand inside the waist of her skirt,
inside her knickers, and had explored there until her
forefinger rested upon her clit. She gently began to
massage it, immediately releasing wave upon wave of

Glenn noticed her growing excitement without surprise.

“Shall I get Mario for you?” he asked nonchalantly.
“You look as though you need a service.”

Judy bit her lip again. “No,” she groaned reluctantly.
“I’ll manage.” She pulled her hand unwillingly from her
skirt. She smelled the finger, then held it out to
Glenn. He took hold of her hand and placing it beneath
his nose, breathed in her bouquet. He smiled at her
knowingly, then released her hand.

“How long has it been,” he asked, “since you last had
a service?”

There was a calendar upon the wall; it was a promo-
tional calendar supplied by the company that had sold
them Mario. It was the beginning of a new month and so
the picture had changed. It caught her attention. A
female was tied to a black metallic frame with her
legs apart and her arms above her head; coils of rope
hung across her flat chest and belly. Of course, she
was also being serviced. Judy gulped heavily. Maybe
Glenn was right; maybe she should call Mario: it would
ease her tension. She resisted the urge. Later, she
thought. He would pleasure her later.

She lifted the page and looked at the previous month,
noting the mark she had placed there. “Eight days,”
she said, reluctantly turning from the bondage scene.

Glenn gave her a smile. “You can do it. I know you can
break the addiction. Each day it will get easier.”

Judy nodded. “He always gets to me, does Wolf.”

They were suddenly distracted as the Media cut in on
their frequency. This must be about Lois, Judy thought
instantly, and she listened attentively to the

“Hello, this is World News London,” it began. “De-
livering tailored news just for you. My name is
Dmitry Romanoff.

“Excitement has been mounting at London Zoo today
because Wolf, the human male, is to receive a mate.
You may remember that the Chinese authorities donated
Wolf nineteen years ago when he was just a man cub.
During all those years he’s been a bachelor, never
seeing a human female except on the projection
screen. Now all that is to change. Lois, a human
female from Chicago Zoo is being sent to keep him
company and hopefully to make him a dad. There are
now only twelve pairs of humans left in captivity
and so Lois’s arrival is of major scientific

“Dr. Michael Johnson, from Bristol University ex-
plains some of the issues:

“The survival of any species comes into doubt as its
population drops. When there is a large population,
the genetic variation of its members is sufficient
that if there are sudden changes in its environment,
the individuals will vary enough that some of them
will be able to adapt and survive.

“On the other hand, with inbred populations there
is a loss of genetic diversity called genetic drift
that results in individuals with poor health and who
are less able to evolve and adapt to new environments.

“The potential for loss of genetic diversity in
captive populations of endangered species is high
because these captive populations are small by
nature. Captive breeding programs based on scientific
management principles attempt to maximize the reten-
tion of genetic diversity. In these populations, we
use pedigree analysis to decide which animals should
breed, with whom, and how often.”

“I see,” the presenter intoned. “That was Dr. Michael
Johnson from Bristol University. Now just a reminder
that this bulletin is sponsored by The Family Massage
Parlor: where ‘a friendly service brings a smile to
the stressed’. So, Dr. Johnson, what happens if Wolf
doesn’t find Lois attractive? Is that more money down
the zoological drain?”

“I don’t think there will be a problem,” the doctor
replied. “Wolf and Lois are young healthy humans who
have never mated before. They’re not like us; there’s
no love or romance when it comes to human mating. For
them it’s just instinct: the need to pass on their
genes to the next generation. We just ensure they
pass on the right genes so that the human species can
go on entertaining us for years to come.”

“Thank you Dr. Johnson. And now for your tailored
serial, “Whipping Wendy”. Last week you may remember
that Wendy had been caught cheating in her Science
exam and had agreed to be caned on her bare backside
by her Science teacher, Mr. Collins, rather than be
put on report to her parents…”

Judy switched the broadcast off. She didn’t have time
for “Whipping Wendy”.

* * * *

Judy watched as two keepers, George and Alan moved the
crate containing the human female into position. Glenn
stood behind them directing where it should be placed.
They needed to get it to where they could open its door
and then force her out into a sealed outer enclosure.

Lois, wearing a lemon top cut low at the bust and a
pair of jeans, stared through thick iron bars that ran
vertically the length of the cramped crate. She held
on to the bars, trying to keep her balance as they
lifted and jostled the crate into position. Above her,
the Minds were staring down at her from the gallery.
She saw a sea of faces, expressionless, vacant, without
individuality or feeling. They had come to stare, to
gawk; to see what a human female looked like, and per-
haps, if they were lucky, to see it being screwed.

“How do you want to play this?” Glenn called out to
Judy from down by the enclosure. “Do we just let her
into the cage and let them experiment naturally or do
we give them some help?”

“God! I don’t believe you just asked me that!” Judy
snapped back shortly. “This is a two million dollar
project. Do you think we’re going to leave its success
in the hands of a couple of humans?”

“No,” Glenn accepted. “I’m not suggesting that. But I
thought it would be kind if we let them get to know
each other first.”

“Let them get to know each other after? They’re humans,
not Minds! First I want him to fuck her. Strip her and
present her to him. They can have nine months to get to
know each other when she’s pregnant!”

“Judy, what’s got into you? You’re the one that’s
always telling me that Wolf is intelligent, that he’s
superior to any animal… Don’t you want…?”

“No, I don’t want. It’s getting late. Folk will be go-
ing home soon.” Judy looked across anxiously towards
the clock. “Before anything else, this is a business:
remember that. We have to please our punters; we have
to make money. Are we going to let them go home disap-
pointed? Remove her clothes, Glenn! I want Wolf to
breed with her, not go to the prom with her.”

Glenn grimaced, picking up his stun gun. “Let’s get
this finished,” he said to George and Alan. “You heard
the lady. The public is watching and we don’t want to
disappoint them.”

He poked the stun gun through the bars and pressed the
trigger. Lois knew what was coming; she had been stun-
ned before. But there was nothing she could do; nowhere
she could go. She recoiled as the gun bit, and then she
slumped awkwardly.

“Come on,” Glenn ordered George and Alan. “Let’s get
this finished before she recovers.”

They unfastened the clasps that held the crate locked
shut and pulled it open. George reached inside and
pulled the semi-paralytic woman out. She fell to the
floor and stared up at them helplessly.

Alan and George grabbed her and began tugging at her
clothing. While Alan unfastened her jeans, George
pulled her top over her head. Judy stared down at them
from her position in the control room, fascinated by
the breasts that bounced free. She had seen the pro-
jection loops, she had seen human breasts, but these
were for Wolf and she spied them with envy.

“Hurry up,” she yelled down to her minions. “Strip

The effect of the stun gun was beginning to wane and
Lois was kicking at Alan as he pulled at her jeans.
George quickly came to his aid by holding her arms.
That prevented the worst of her struggles and enabled
Alan to remove her jeans, but still she kicked out at

“Yes, dear Wolf,” Judy thought with idle malice. “You
will be her master. You will tame this bitch.” And she
watched with glee as Alan finally managed to avoid the
bare flailing legs and took hold of her cotton knickers
and ripped them from her.

Lois screamed in protest. She felt afraid and vulner-
able: naked and alone.

Alone: for the keepers had now left her. They had done
their job and now they had left. It was time for Wolf
to meet his new bride.

Alone: in the control room, Judy voyeuristically
watched the scene below, critically examining the new
exhibit as she waited. She already knew the girl’s
age: Lois was eighteen years old. But the picture she
had received from Chicago had been three years old and
Lois had changed significantly in that time. She had
filled out and matured: she had become a woman.

Her auburn hair was naturally curly and hung in tight
corkscrews that cascaded onto her shoulders. It formed
a comely setting for her regular features.

Judy jealously examined her figure: her breasts Judy
had already noted as being firm and well sized, crowned
with dark nipples that stood bold and hard. Judy looked
down to her crotch; the hair there was soft and tightly
curled. She could discern the shape of her mound…

Glenn signaled that they were all out of the cage and
that Judy could open the door between Lois and Wolf’s
enclosure. She did so and Wolf came immediately to the
opened door, tall, hairy and muscular, and he looked
through it. There it was again, Judy thought, he had
seen nothing, but he knew: he was expectant. He saw
Lois, standing there, naked, waiting and with nowhere
to hide. He saw her mound; he saw her breasts; he saw
her try to cover herself with her hands.

“Damn!” Judy exclaimed. She was lost. “Mario,” she
shouted frantically. “I need you. Come quickly: at

Mario came in. Judy was leaning forward to get a better
look through the window. Her mound was pressed hard,
pushed into the flat of her desk and she was rubbing
herself against it. Her backside was stuck out, up in
the air; it wriggled from side to side as she pleasured
herself against the desk. Mario approached and without
saying a word, he flicked Judy’s skirt passed her waist
and pulled her knickers across her buttocks with
practiced ease. A second tug pulled them over her hips
and down her legs. Mario lowered his own pants and
pulled out his penis. It was only a little hard, but
he stroked it into hardness as he stared at the hole
glinting through the crack in Judy’s presented pos-

He pushed his cock inside her. Judy felt it slide deep
inside. “That’s nice,” she sighed remaining totally
focussed on the humans below.

Lois still held her arms across both breasts and pussy
as she glanced shyly at Wolf. She was comforted by the
presence of another human, seeing him there, yet self-
consciously aware of the crowds looking down at her
from the viewing galleries above.

“Hello,” she said timidly to Wolf. “I’m Lois.”

“Hi,” he said shyly.

“What’s your name?” she asked him.


“I like that. It’s a nice name.”

“I heard you scream. I was worried. What did they do,

She began to cry. “They took all my clothes. They
frightened me.”

He was anxious and concerned. “Would you like me to
turn round? Not to look at you?”

“Why? Do you want to turn round?”

“No. But I was thinking of you. You don’t have any
clothes and it makes you look uncomfortable.”

She rubbed the wetness from her face. “I am uncomfor-
table, but that’s because I know the Minds are

“Damn the Minds!”

“One of them touched me.” She shivered. “Their hands
feel all wet and clammy.”

“I hate the Minds. Are you all right, Lois?”

“Yes, I’m all right, Wolf.”

“And you’re sure you don’t want me to look the other

“Tell me what you want, what do you want to do, Wolf.”

“I want to look at you. You are very pretty.”

She smiled through her tears. “You are very pretty
yourself. I’ve never seen a man before. My mother told
me… You’re much prettier than she described.”

“I’ve never seen a woman before,” he confided. “Not a
real woman. I knew what you’d look like, because they
show me the pictures.”


“On the wall. They do it to make me happy, I think.
But I know exactly what a woman looks like and how she
likes to be treated.”

“Would you like to see me, properly?”

“Only if you want to. I want to make you happy.”

She had relaxed and was feeling peculiarly strange. The
feeling became much stronger as she removed her hands
from in front of her body and felt the intensity of his
gaze upon her breasts and legs.

There was pandemonium in the public gallery. The Media
were there and their cameras were rolling. Excited
children turned to their parents. The humans were get-
ting friendly.

“You really like me, Wolf? No one’s ever said they like
me. My mother… She said I was too skinny…”

“You’re not too skinny. I think your breasts are won-
derful. I’ve only seen the Minds, and they don’t have

“They don’t need to nurture young, Wolf.”

“I would love you to nurture me.”

“You would like to suckle at my breasts?”

He nodded and she took in a sharp intake of breath.

“I would like that very much,” he said and he took her
hand and led her to his bed. She sat down upon it and
made herself comfortable. Kneeling down between her
legs, he kissed her very gently on the rise of her
breasts, his lips grazing rather than touching them.
Next, he kissed her softly in the hollow between her
breasts. She moaned, squeezing her breasts together
about his head, holding him there. He was loving it.
He took the whole of her nipple in his mouth and sucked
deeply, flicking the nipple with his tongue while it
was inside his mouth. She gasped.


Encouraged by her response, he continued playing with
her nipple using his tongue…. As he kissed her, his
penis inflated and grew; the glans emerged from inside
his foreskin.

Judy could not look away from them. As Mario drove into
her from the rear, she placed her hands upon her own
flat chest and squeezed the nipples. They were burning
and ached for release. She pushed her mound hard into
the table, grinding her clit against it. Oh my! She was
coming! “Harder!” she instructed Mario. “Harder,
faster!” He obediently increased his pace; he was the
perfect lover. That was his job. He would do what she
wanted him to do, but it was the penis in the cage that
excited her most. It was unobtainable, it was per-
verted, it was wrong, but how she envied the human Lois
and the love she was receiving from that gentle giant.

Mario plunged hard inside her. She panted and groaned
as she gripped hard with her vaginal muscles upon his
plastic cock. “Yesss! Yesss! More! Yes! Like that!
More! He held himself deep inside her and made small
rotational movements pressing down towards the table,
pushing her clit against it. “You’ve done it! Yes!
That’s it!” she cried as she came. She gripped the
table tightly as the waves of passion engulfed her.

Wolf’s arm was encircling Lois. They were kissing
gently; it was a tentative, exploratory first kiss.
There was innocence in that kiss but the size of his
erection told a different story.

Judy collapsed onto the table and lay there for some
seconds recovering her breath. “Thank you, Mario,” she
said to her unseen benefactor. “You can take it out
now.” Mario withdrew his still armed weapon and pushed
it into his pants. It didn’t want to go for he was
still hard, but he forced it, shutting his erection
away, and then he asked Judy, “Will that be all, Miss?”

“Thank you, Mario,” she sighed wiping the perspiration
from her forehead. “Yes, that will be all.”

Glenn had come in during her service and was now quiet-
ly sitting at his desk. Judy sensed that he was there.
“Don’t you dare say a thing,” she scolded him. “I can
give it up! I know I can. But how can I resist that?”

“I didn’t say a thing,” Glenn replied without looking

“Shit!” Judy exclaimed, pulling up her knickers. “Shit!
Shit! Shit! They’re humans! That’s all they are!
They’re stupid, scummy humans! And I’m an adult Mind!
What’s the matter with me?” She looked desperately
through the window, down into the human enclosure.

Lois was kissing Wolf on the chest. He was now lying
on the bed and she was sitting astride him, her large
breasts firm upon her chest and her nipples still
visibly hard from Wolf’s tonguing. Her lips wandered
through the soft hair that matted his chest, finding
and chewing his nipples as he had done hers.

“This is stupid,” Judy snapped. “I’m not watching this
any longer. We’ve paid for that bitch to be sent here
so that she can breed. Look at them. What do they think
they are doing? They’re supposed to be fucking, not
sucking. We’re not here for the fun of it. This isn’t
a game.”

“But that’s all part of their mating ritual. They’ll
get down to the fucking soon enough.”

“Sure! Of course!” she said cynically, glancing up at
the clock. “But have you seen the time? I know Wolf.
He’s awkward. He’ll prolong it until after closing
time: just to spite me. When the zoo’s closed and the
people have all gone home, then he’ll do it!”

“So what do you want to do? If they don’t want to do
it, then we can’t make them.”

“Show him a film of human mating. He’ll copy. I know

Glenn thought for a moment, he didn’t really understand
the hurry, but Judy was the boss here and so he obe-
diently scanned through the various thumbnails in his
library. “What kind of film?” he asked. “Hard or soft?”

“Hard. I want him to bang her.” She waited impatiently
while Glenn searched the archive.

“OK,” he said finally. “Let’s give this a go.”

She spun round and looked back out of her window just
as the projection loop began.

“What’s that?” Lois asked looking at the large image
projected upon the wall. A woman was tied to a table,
her legs were pulled apart by her restraints and there
were clips screwed to her nipples. She was in pain. One
man was on top of her, screwing her while another

“It’s the girls,” Wolf told Lois eagerly. “That’s how
I know about women. That’s how I know how they like to
be treated. Do you want to see?”

Lois was distraught. “I hate it. What is he doing? Why
is he hurting her? Take it away, Wolf! Please, take it

Wolf anxiously searched her face. He saw the distress
there and he was upset by it. He placed himself between
Lois and the projected images and covered her ears with
his hands. “Don’t worry. It’ll go away soon. It won’t
last long. I’ll protect you, Lois. If you don’t like
it, then I don’t like it.”

“Damn,” Judy screamed from within the control room.
“What has she done to him? She’s turned him into a
wimp! Wolf! You’re supposed to be a man! You’re sup-
posed to be a human! Screw her! Make her beg for mercy!
Fuck her, damn you! Don’t let me down! Have I looked
after you all these years: fed you, cleaned up your
mess, provided your loops; and now you treat me like

“There’s no need to worry,” Glenn said calmly. “They
will do it. They will fuck. But they’ll do it their
own way. They won’t be hurried.”

Judy was furious. “We’ll see about that! I’m going in

“You’re what? You’re mad! They are dangerous animals!”

“I know what I’m doing. I just want to get them in
position. They’ve never done it. They’re timid. They
don’t know how…”

“Judy, they don’t need your help. They just need a
little time. I don’t care how close you think you are
to Wolf, if you get between him and Lois, or he thinks
you are harming her in any way, he will become aggres-

“Rubbish. Wolf would never harm me. I’m a mother to
him. He’s known me since he was a cub. Get George,
Alan. I’m going in!”

“This isn’t a good idea.”

“I disagree. If this is going to make the news, they
don’t just have to mate; they need to be seen fucking
by the cameras in the gallery. Time is getting on. I’m
going in there.”

Wolf heard the sound of the door shutting. He tensed.
“What is it?” Lois whispered.

“Minds,” Wolf hissed.

“They sense us,” Judy directed at both George and Alan.
“They know we’re here. How can they know that?”

“It’s instinct,” Alan directed back. “Humans have this
uncanny instinct.”

“They know you’re around even when they haven’t seen
you,” George added.

They moved across to the inner enclosure where Wolf and
Lois were located. As George looked in he saw the pro-
jection wall at the rear, the woman was now sucking the
second man while the first was beating the inside of
the woman’s thighs with stinging nettles. Wolf was no
longer on the bed; he was on his feet standing between
them and Lois. He looked angry.

“I don’t think he’s too pleased to see us,” George said
to the others.

“It’s okay. He knows me,” Judy said from behind him. “I
can calm him.”

She stepped past George and Alan into the inner en-
closure. “It’s me, Wolf,” she said. “It’s Judy. You
know me. We’re friends. I take care of you.”

Wolf watched the Mind suspiciously as it approached.
What did it want?

“I’m scared, Wolf,” Lois burst out. “It’s so ugly. Why
doesn’t it speak? What is it after?”

“Minds don’t speak,” Wolf told her. “I don’t think they
can. Watch this one: I know it! Don’t trust it. It’s
particularly disgusting!”

“Move round to the side,” Judy told the others. “Get
hold of the girl while I keep Wolf occupied. We need
to hold her down on the bed.”

“I don’t trust them, Wolf,” Lois cried. “They intend
something bad.”

“If you only knew how much I like you,” Judy said to
Wolf. “How often I need to be serviced when you perform
your mating ritual. I only want to help you. I want to
help you fuck your mate.”

She stepped forward and was at the point of touching
him. In the corner of his eye Wolf could see the others
moving forward. They wanted Lois. They were after Lois.
What did they want with Lois? What were they going to
do with her?


He swung round screaming the word. He had promised he
would protect her. He swung an arm and his fist caught
the chin of the Mind that had approached him. It fell
immediately to the floor. It remained there, still,
silent. He raised his arm again, to repulse the others,
he was madder than he had ever been before, but they
were retreating and he let them go. Lois rushed to him,
flinging her naked self upon him. “Wolf,” she cried.
“You are so brave! I’m so proud! You did that for me!”

Judy had seen the blow coming; she felt the enormous
wall of rage and anger radiating from Wolf. She
screamed, “Not me, Wolf!” His fist connected with her
chin and she dropped to the floor. “How can you do this
to me!” she cried. For a few moments she continued to
transmit, and then her spark went out.

* * * *

Dmitry Romanoff had rushed to the control room. It was
so fortunate he had been there in the gallery. This was
the most incredible scoop for him and for World News.
He had filmed it all.

“What was her name? Judy Scott? Why did she go in? My
God! Look! Look at that! You’ve got to film it!”

He pointed to the window and the cameraman immediately
swiveled to get the shot. Wolf and Lois were on the bed
and they were fucking.

“I’m sorry,” Wolf said. “I didn’t mean it to hurt. Will
it always be painful?”

“My mother said it only hurts the first time. Please
Wolf, keep going. I don’t want you to stop. It’s not so
bad now. In fact…”

She gripped his arms tight. “In fact,” she had begun
to say. “In fact it is very good.”

He wrapped his arms round her, cuddling her, holding
her close. She felt both his tenderness and his
strength in that embrace; her breasts were mashed hard
against his chest and his cock was buried deep inside.
“Please love me,” she cried. “Always love me!”

His answer was to kiss her upon the cheek, gently,

* * * *

“Did you get that?” Dmitry asked of his cameraman.

“I got everything,” came the cameraman’s hoarse reply.

“OK, follow me. I need to find the director. I’ve got
to get a quote from him and that’ll wrap the story.”

It took an hour to find him, but eventually Dmitry was
talking to the zoo’s Director of Operations.

“So what happens now?” Dmitry asked him.

“There’ll be an enquiry,” the zoo official told him
politely. “A member of staff has been killed in a
tragic accident. We need to know what happened so that
we can prevent anything like this from happening

“But what about Wolf? Will they put him down? Will he
be destroyed? After all, now that he has the taste of
blood, he could easily kill again.”

The zoo official laughed cynically. “Are you joking?
Do you know how much an adult human is worth? There
are twelve pairs left in the world, and the only other
breeding pairs are in China. Now it looks like we
might have a breeding pair as well. Kill him? Our
admissions will go through the roof; everyone will
flock to see the Mind Killer. His reputation is made.
This is the best thing that’s happened to this zoo in
years. Kill him? I would accept his transmittance: were
he to send any! A real Mind Killer! Who would believe

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