Sister’s squirming cunt
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John followed his sister into the room, watching her smooth, naked
hips swaying provocatively before him. Her large, firm tits hardly even
jiggled as she moved sensuously over to the bed and turned to face him.
She oozed sex, and from the look of burning lust in his sister’s eyes,
John could tell that he was in for one hell of a good time.

“Kiss me, Johnny!”, she husked, pressing her tits against his hairless

With one hand still firmly grasping her brother’s hard cock, Tina threw the
other around his neck and pulled him to her, plastering her hot mouth
firmly over his. John felt his sister’s tongue enter his mouth as he
returned her open-mouthed kiss, frenching her with equal fury. The heat of
her soft, naked body against his skin was intoxicating, and John could
feel every contour, every curve, every delicious bump as his horny sister
pressed herself suggestively against him.

Tina was shameless in her lust for her handsome young brother, grinding her
pubic mound against his rigid cock as they kissed, rubbing the hard tip
though her tight, juicy slit, begging him to fuck her! Tina pulled her
lips from his.

“Lie down, darling!”, she gasped, almost pushing her brother backwards onto
the bed. “Let’s get a little bit more comfortable, shall we?”

John loved it when his sister got rough with him. It meant she was
really turned on, and that he was in for some really wild sex with her. He
lay in the middle of the bed, flat on his back with his hard cock sticking
straight up, jerking with intense hardness. Tina licked her lips at the
gorgeous sight, her cunt twitching with incestuous need! She longed to
jump on top of her brother’s waving cock and fuck it till she dropped. But she
was determined to wait, to hold back until she had experienced every
possible pleasure his insatiable mouth and tongue and cock were capable of
giving her. Even if it took all night, she was going to fuck him dry!

John watched as his sister crawled onto the bed on all fours, her
eyes blazing like a tigress about to devour some poor defenseless animal.
She straddled his thighs, pausing as her cunt hovered above his throbbing
cock. Rolling her hips, Tina teased him, her eyes like twin points of

Tina gurgled with pleasure, lifting her pussy off his chest, sliding
higher. She knelt with her hairy crotch directly over her brother’s upturned
face and held the lips of her pussy wide open.

John gazed up at his sister’s cunt, his eyes burning and his tongue
licking at his parched lips. A drop of pussy-juice dripped onto his tongue,
and John pulled it into his mouth, shivering with anticipation.
The taste of his sister’s cunt always turned him on and the fact that
she was now his wife made it heavenly. It was almost like an aphrodisiac
to him, and as usual, his prick began to harden and swell to mammoth

Holding his sister’s naked asscheeks with both hands, John pushed his
face into her wide-open crotch. Tina gasped in delight, dropping her cunt
over his sucking mouth as her young brother rubbed his face about in her soft,
wet pussy-flesh. His tongue darted and probed, sliding repeatedly over her
clit as her ass jerked back and forth.

John opened his mouth wide, and plunged his tongue deep into his
sister’s squirming cunt, his hands gripping her firm, creamy ass as he
noisily slurped up her free-flowing juices. Tina whimpered with ecstasy as
she whipped her ass about, rubbing and twisting from side to side,
smearing her drooling pussy onto her brother’s willing lips. She looked down
between her bobbing tits at his face, seeing only his eyes above the soft,
curly mass of pussy hair. Her brother’s long tongue felt fantastic in her
cunt. She especially loved the way he licked the full length of her slit
before burying his tongue deeply in her quivering fuckhole, sucking all
the while.
She had forgotten all about sucking his cock, all that mattered now was
the blinding pleasure of his mouth and tongue on her cunt. Clinging to his
sister’s grinding ass, John sucked and licked hungrily, driving his
tongue hard and fast into her mound, his fingers squeezing deeply into her
asscheeks, leaving red marks in the soft yielding flesh. Her juices
flooded into his mouth but he swallowed every tasty drop with relish,
eager for more. He twisted and twirled his tongue inside his sister’s
pussy, sucking at her rigid clit, licking over every delicious inch of her
lust-swollen twat.

Tina began to jerk her cunt up and down on her brother’s face, rubbing
hard, her hands now behind John’s head, mashing his mouth as tightly as
possible against her burning cunthole.
Tina bucked like a mare in heat, her tits jiggling and her long hair
flying. John held on to her hips for dear life, his mouth glued to his
sister’s spasming pussy as she came. Wave after wave of intense pleasure
filled her cunt as the most powerful orgasm Tina had ever experienced,
engulfed her panting, trembling body.
Tina moved her fist up and down the length of her brother’s stiff young
prick, squeezing the bloated head of his cock gently each time. God he was
hung! She could hardly get her fingers around it’s thick circumference. As
she stroked his cock, John’s hands roaming his sister’s body, massaging
the smooth, tanned flesh of her tits and ass, pressing her naked,
trembling body against his own. Tina kissed her brother briefly on the lips
and whispered hotly into his ear, “Johnny, I am so glad we got married!”

She slid down between his legs and feasted her eyes on her brother’s mighty
erection. She took it in both hands and, with her mouth directly above the
tip, she looked up into his excited face, her eyes burning with lust.

Tina shifted her position so that she lay alongside her brother with her
head over his crotch and her feet near his head. She lay partly on her
side and opened her creamy thighs, bending her knees and spreading them
wide so that John had free access to her pink, glistening cunt. She
turned her head towards him, a wicked gleam in her eye.

Her excited young brother groaned loudly as Tina dipped her head and closed
her hot moist lips over the tip of his cock. She sucked on the large
flared knob for a few seconds before opening her mouth and sliding her
tight lips slowly down over the length of his shaft, swallowing his
hard cock as best she could.

At first, Tina couldn’t get all of him into her mouth, but once she
relaxed her throat and became accustomed to the size of his prick, she was
able to deep-throat her brother’s cock all the way to the base of his
throbbing shaft. Her lips pressed into his fuzzy pubic hair. His balls
were hot on her chin and her mouth was very, very full. She ran her
fingers up his thighs, caressing the smooth, hard muscles. Then, cupping
his naked ass, Tina began to move her mouth eagerly up and down on her
young brother’s prick. John loved it!…he was in seventh heaven!… his
sister’s hands squeezing his tight asscheeks and her hot mouth wrapped
around his cock like a tight wet cunt, were an unbeatable combination and,
with a grunt, John began to fuck his prick in and out of her mouth.

Tina moaned, his prick pushing down her throat with each lunge. She
closed her lips tightly around it her tongue pushing the shaft to the roof
of her mouth, making it as tight as possible for him. Her mouth watered
with the hot, musky taste of him, reminding her how much she loved to suck
cock, especially the one in her mouth right now… that of her own horny
young brother. Forbidden fruits always tasted better, she thought with a
smile. It tasted fresh and salty, and each time she took him
fully into her mouth, Tina nostrils filled with the excitingly musky, male
odour of her brother’s hairy young crotch.

The smell made her cunt twitch and she began to twist and writhe her
ass, bunching it tightly, pressing herself against his arm, silently
begging him to touch her pussy… to feel how hot she was for him. Tina
was so strongly aroused by now, that the insides of her thighs were
saturated with her fuck-juices, the blonde pubic hair on her cuntmound
moist and matted around the deep, glistening slit. John quickly got the
message and reached down, inserting two fingers inside his sister’s
well-lubricated cunthole.
She smiled at him and winked suggestively before returning her
insatiable mouth to his prick. Her tight lips closed around his cock once
more, and using her hands under his ass, Tina urged her brother to fuck her
mouth. John watched her full, red lips squeeze his cock. He pumped his
cock into her throat, listening to the soft, gurgling sounds his sister
made as he rammed all four fingers into her squirming pussy. Tina sucked
her brother’s rigid cock for a few more minutes, enjoying the feel of his hand
in her cunt. But pretty soon, her super-heated pussy demanded more! It
quivered and twitched around John’s delving fingers, just aching to be
filled by the thick pole of cock-meat the boy had crammed into her gulping

Suddenly, Tina wrenched her mouth off John’s erection and sat up. His
fingers pulled out of her tight, juicy gash with a wet plopping sound. She
was hot and horny, and desperate for cock… hard young cock! She knew
only too well,that at his age, her virile young brother could fuck her all
night long and still have a hard-on at dawn. She wanted him now… she
wanted his lovely, big prick filling her pussy, stretching her cunt like
she knew it would! Her eyes were glazed and wild looking as she clambered
over him, her thighs spread wide. Tina was so highly aroused by the
prospect of fucking her young stud of a brother, she could hardly think
straight. She quickly straddled his thighs until her drooling snatch was
directly above the tip of the boy’s perpendicular cock. It jutted up a
good ten inches from his crotch now, an angry red spike, ready to split
her in half. Tina stared at it eagerly.

Tina moaned deep in her throat and grasped his cock at the
base, holding it upright between her thighs. Then, inserting the fat,
purple head between the gaping lips of her cunt, she sank down slowly on
top of him, letting her weight do all the work. Her tight, juicy cunt
enveloped his cock steadily, an inch at a time. Tina didn’t stop until she
felt John’s pubic hair press against her flared cuntlips and she knew
his prick was in her all the way. Her cunt finally felt complete, open and
stretched, and very, very full… filled with the bulk of her brother’s hard,
pulsating cock. John hunched his hips upwards, causing his
sister to give off a sensuous sigh of satisfaction. She sat on him like
that for several long seconds, his hard, young prick buried to the balls
in her cunt. Her brother’s cock felt so much bigger to her when they fucked
this way, and for the moment, Tina was content to let her body adjust to
the size of it. She leaned down towards him, letting her lush tits brush
tantalisingly against his hairless chest.
Tina giggled like a teenager and began to bounce up and down on her brother,
sticking herself again and again on the rock-hard column of his
wonderful prick. Tina sat up and clutched her tits in both hands, bearing
down on his cock with all her strength.
John looked down between his sister’s creamy thighs, his eyes wide at
the lewd sight of is hard, glistening shaft disappearing time after time
into her belly. His hips moved in time with hers, pumping his hard meat
into her writhing hole as best he could. Tina gave out a loud squeal and
began to pound up and down, faster and faster, slapping her pussy onto the
base of her brother’s driving cock, then lifting her hips until she almost
lost it, only to ram down again, grinding her swollen clit hard against
his pubic mound. Tina gasped hotly, fucking on John’s prick.

Her cunt juices flowed like a river, forming a white froth around the
base of his cock, coating his young balls with a thick, creamy lather.
Tina gurgled and sobbed with pleasure, clutching at her naked tits. Her
back was arched in ecstasy as she rode him, fucking her young brother with all
the energy she could muster.

John began to thrust his cock upwards as she came down, his crotch
making loud, wet sounds as it slapped against her juicy cunt.

She fell forwards supporting her body on straightened arms either side
of her brother’s head, dancing her ass about, grinding her cunt into his
crotch every time she plunged down.

“Suck my tits, Johnny!”, panted Tina. “Suck my tits while I fuck you,

John did as he was told, licking his sister’s hanging breasts and
sucking her stiff nipples into his hot mouth. Her eyes were closed as she
fucked faster and faster, her cunt on fire, burning with wild, incestuous
lust for her brother. God what a stud!… He knew how to fuck her better than
any male alive! Frantically, she brought a hand to her pussy, rubbing and
agitating her swollen clit as she stuffed her cunt with his cock… over
and over. Her naked ass whipping about, sliding back and forth… up and

John held his sister’s thighs, his fingers gripping near her cunt,
his eyes wide as he watched her hairy fuckhole devour his prick. He moaned
and gasped as her cunt rammed up and down the length of his impaled shaft,
pounding so hard she was making the bed bounce. Her cunt was so tight and
so hot he couldn’t hold back the creamy tide rising in his young balls
much longer. Tina felt it too and reached back behind her whipping ass,
clutching his swollen balls, squeezing them, pulling them.

“Johnny! Ohhhh, Johnny, your balls are so swollen!”, she gasped. “Give
me your jizz, honey!… Squirt your hot cream up sister’s cunt!… Come in
my pussy… I want it in my cunt, Johnny!”

“Are you gonna come, Tina?”

“God, yes!… Any second… come with me, Johnny!”

Tina sat upright again, her ass bounced faster and faster. She was
stabbing herself down on his cock in a frenzy, grinding her cunt against
him and squealing loudly in total abandon. Her hands flew once more to her
jiggling breasts and she squeezed the hard, digging her fingers into the
the firm flesh, her nipples protruding between her knuckles. She stiffened
and screamed at the top of her voice as her orgasm peaked.

As she came, Tina’s pulsing twat gripped him in flexing waves, gripping
and squeezing her brother’s prick as wave after glorious wave of contractions
gripped her jerking cunt.

She screamed loudly, her head twisting and her long, blonde hair flying
wildly. John almost lifted off the bed, his hands darting past his
sister’s hips to grab her churning ass. With a grunt, he came, spewing his
thick, incestuous load deep into his sister’s cock-filled cunt. As his
head and shoulders came off the bed, Tina stuffed one of her tits into his
mouth. John began to suck frantically on her large, pink nipple, his
fingers digging into the hot crack of his sister’s ass. His cock squirted
time and time again until Tina thought he was never going to stop,
flooding her pussy. She cried and gasped, her orgasms coming stronger and
stronger, her cunt almost squeezing his cock off at the base.

“Suck my tit, lover!”, she squealed. “Suck my fuckin’ tit and come in
my cunt!”

John sucked his sister’s tits one at a time as he emptied his balls
into her sweet fuckin’ cunt, and, as the final spurt of cum splattered her
hungry womb, Tina fell forward, crushing her brother beneath her shaking body,
the spasms of her quivering cunt still working at his softening cock.
After a minute or so, John rolled his sister’s almost dead weight off
his body. Her final climax had been so powerful, she had fainted with
sheer pleasure and now lay beside him, radiating flushed beauty as only a
freshly fucked woman can. John looked at her cunt. It was open, and
leaking a sticky mixture of sperm and cunt juice. The boy lowered his face
to his sister’s gaping slit and tested the liquid with his tongue. It
tasted good.. just like she always did, except maybe a bit saltier. That
was probably because of his jism, he thought.

John found the taste exciting, and licked his lips as he stared at
his sister’s naked body, spread out so lewdly before him. Her tits were
firm and swollen, rising and falling as she breathed, the rosy nipples
stiff and erect with latent passion. But it was her open slit that
attracted his full attention, the pink lips gaped sweetly, and the dark,
glistening hole continued to ooze that wonderful elixir he had tasted only
moments before. John rolled his unconscious sister onto her back and
spread her legs, pushing them back and bending them at the knees until her
swollen cunt lay before him, exposed to his hungry gaze like a juicy, rare
steak on a platter. He lowered his lips and kissed her gooey mound,
licking the juice from her cunthair before dipping his tongue into her
liquid cunt.

Tina began to come ’round at the touch of her brother’s mouth on her pussy.
At first she was still a little dazed, but when she realized what he was
doing, she smiled and pressed against the back of his head, pushing his
mouth deeper into the bubbling swamp of her cunt.

“Mmmmmm, that’s nice, Johnny!… Suck your sister’s cunt!”, she moaned

When John realized that his sister was awake he turned around and
straddled her head, lowering his cock into her mouth before she could say
another word, and returned his mouth to her cunt as if nothing had
happened. They sucked each other off and climaxed simultaneously, John
cleaning out every last drop of juice from his sister’s cunt, and Tina
gulping down a second load of her brother’s creamy jism. Then they fucked and
sucked till morning, indulging in every sexual fantasy they could think
of, taking only brief rests between sessions to recover. It was a night of
depraved, incestuous delight that the newly-wed sister and brother both would
remember for a long, long time.

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