For Those Who Think Young
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A man somewhere in his mid thirties is standing by the
side of the busy city street watching traffic go by. He
pulls his cellular phone out of his mid priced dark
gray business suit and begins talking about plans for
the afternoon meeting with the owners of Steinberg
Holdstrom Institutional Technologies. An interviewer
approaches and sticks a microphone in his face almost
knocking off his black plastic rimmed glasses:

“Excuse me sir… is there anything youthful you’d like
to experience?”

The man isn’t at all surprised that someone he doesn’t
know with a microphone is vitally interested in his
dreams and longings and begins to remark:

“Well, I’d like to have my old jeans… no, wait a
minute. How about…”

The scene suddenly shifts to the almost deserted
hallway of a local high school. A pretty young blond is
jauntily walking toward him in a cheerleader uniform
with her books clutched tightly to her titties and a
bright orange plastic horn in one hand. She smiles at
him and he smiles back as he walks a few more steps
past the soda machines before turning around to look at
the cute little bum bouncing from him in the loosely
pleated cheering skirt.

Joe business geek sneaks up behind the cute little
blonde teenager and quickly puts his right hand up the
back of her skirt groping at her fine little panty clad
ass. The camera zooms into a big stupid grin on his
face as he runs his hand down over the globes of her
tight butt and his fingers through the cotton crease
between her thighs.

The stunning sixteen year old blonde girl quickly
swings around with her mouth open and a look of total
shock in her big green eyes. Suzy huffs at the man:

“Are you a professor???!!”

“OhMygod you’re dumb too!!”

The man gasps with obvious glee and grabs the shoulder
of her fluffy white sweater dragging her under the big
wooden stairwell where no one can see. Dropping to his
knees he frantically lifts the front of her short
little blue cheering skirt and, without even taking
time to admire the barely visible shadow through the V
of her panties, hungrily buries his face into her
crotch while gripping that panty clad ass.

“Eeeeeeeeeek, sir what are you doing?”

The lovely blonde drops her orange cheering cone to the
tiled floor and, being a well mannered and neat girl,
tries desperately to put her textbooks gently down
without dropping them as well. Twisting backward the
flustered teen opens her legs as she bends at the knees
displaying a little white cotton panel in her panties.
She falls on her bottom with her knees spread wide open
and giggles.

“I fell on my bum!”

Leering at the young teens cutely covered crotch the
executive geek’s jaw drops and, with a wild-eyed
cartoonish expression, his panting tongue drags itself
across the lips of his gaping mouth as he reaches for
darling Suzy. With hands firmly on the cheerleader’s
hips he inhales the scent of what FINGER LICKIN GOOD is
really all about and voraciously buries his face into
the cotton clad treasure awaiting him, mouthing at the
deliciousness of a meal fit for a king and the
breakfast of champions.

“Ohhhhhhhh sirrrrrrr… is this going to be on the

She reaches down grabbing at the man’s ears, splaying
her legs as widely as possible and pulling his mouth
madly to the conceals of her still panty-clad pussy as
she hunches into his face. Hungry for some of the real
thing the man hooks a finger in one side of the cotton
panel and pulls it over revealing the young puffy
mounds of pussy before him. Snickering to himself:

“Oh… this is gonna be sweet!”

The aging executive slowly slides the full length of
his tongue from Suzy’s little asshole through the folds
of her opening pussy lips to her inch long clit and
sucks it between his lips flicking the tip of his
tongue all around it. Between panting and humping Suzy
is beginning to figure out what the man wants realizing
this was never supposed to be part of her curriculum.

“This is so dirty and I don’t think FEMALE EJACULATION
and MULTIPLE ORGASM are really part of the course
outline sir?!?” she determinedly pants through clenched
teeth while grinding her cunt into his face.

He lifts his soaking wet smirk from the beautiful,
lightly furred folds of pussy splayed before him and,
firmly slipping a finger all the way into her
nakedness, assures Suzy:

“Just think of this as a sort of remedial training that
is guaranteed to help you in all your classes.”

The cute blonde cheerleader smiles a happy sort of
reassured smile, satisfied of the legitimacy of the
whole thing while feeling the man’s finger moving in,
out and all around the inside of her clenching cunt.
Our hero hurriedly unzips the fly of his poorly fitting
Moores trousers rubbing the head of his slowly
hardening cock into her wetness. Leaning upward on one
elbow Suzy raises her other hand frantically waving it
in the air.

“Oh SIR! SIR! SIR! Are you going to stick that thing in
me??” she asks.

“heh, heh, heh…” the man chortles under his breath
slowly pushing his usually neglected member up Suzy’s
twat and lifting her sweater revealing two sweaty milky
white titties with big pink gumdrop nubbins.

“Oh honey they’re real and natural aren’t they?! These
pointy hard nipples and going to earn you extra credits
for sure!”

Mr. Executive grins and pulls down the little white and
pink panties tossing them aside as Suzy runs her hands
over her tits, proudly smiling and pulling at her
hardening nipples. She tries her best to look very
serious for a moment nodding her head and informing her

“They always get like that when someone sticks their
thing in me.”

She says confidently as she feels the cock hardening
nicely and pushing in and out of her clenching pussy.
Suzy’s skirt is hiked up around her slim waist and she
clamps her legs around his back as Mr. Executive pants
and pumps his dick in Suzy’s lightly furred beaver.

“OhOhOhOhOhOh sir it’s going to be a big one. I can
feel it happening sir. It’s building up while you push
it in and I’m going to shoot cream all over the place
if you don’t stop sir, don’t stop sir, don’t stop

That is all he needs to hear. Suzy thrashes while
ejaculating cheerleader cum all over his cock, pubes
and balls as he pumps frantically in and out of her
spasming pussy.

“EEeeeewwwwhhhh, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me you perky
little cheering pussy. Here comes your A+! Eeerrrghh!”

blowing his load up Suzy’s grinding wetness panting and
grunting in a frenzy of hot steamy sex with cum and
sweat flying in every direction under the stairs just
across from the Principal’s office.

Scene quickly changes back to cars and buses as the man
in the poorly fitting suit comes back from a daydream
inspired by the interviewer’s suggestive inquiry.

“Yeah right, Diet Pepsi uh… thanks anyway!!!”

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