A Night to Herself in London
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She’d been working hard in the lead up to this night for month’s. It takes alot of planning and discipline to look and feel as good as she did as she began to prepare.

The day had been spent exercising, fasting and hydrating. As she stepped into the shower after finally finishing cleaning herself out, she sighed deeply since now the fun could start.

The warm water raced down her perfectly smooth skin thanks to the full body waxing a week prior. It ran down her lean muscled back, between the shoulder blades, over the dimples above her perfectly round smooth ass, down the crack and just kissing her silky balls before dripping away.

She turned to allow the powerful spray to hit her chest, massaging her nipple rings and flying down a rock hard torso and abdominals.

She couldn’t help but briefly stroke her semi hard cock, it felt so erotic when it was so smooth and hairless. She was lost in the feel of her body for a while before realising that there was much more to be done.

After lathering up, scrubbing herself down and rinsing off, it was time to begin the process of preparing her hungry asshole for the abuse it would be recieving later.

With the water running she reached for the first of her buttplugs, the smallest, most flexible one. It measured about five inches with a quite respectable girth. Her legs parted, on tip toes she reached back and pressed the pink silicon toy against her tight horny hole. A soft gasp escaped her lips as her sphincter eagerly yielded to the round plug.

She’d denied herself any anal stimulation for weeks which meant her ass was positively yearning to stretch around any object presented. It wasn’t without discomfort but then that’s all part of the fun she thought as she pressed the plug deeper and deeper inside, slowing as the flared base approached.

Her “pussy hole” as she sometimes liked to call it began to resist as the plug widened, suddenly clenching and drawing a moan from her lips and a jump from her cock.

She liked doing the first few insertions without any lube at all, simply because it was a little too easy and less fun to slide a well lubed plug into yourself. Not all friction should be avoided, in fact a little should be required.

She closed her eyes and went higher up on her tippy toes, a look of pure concentration on her face as she focused on bearing down and taking the last wide inch of the plug. With a wave a pleasure that she felt course through her body, her asshole flowed over the widest part of the buttplug.

She sighed as she felt the flat base press against her ass cheeks.

Feeling slightly flustered and more than a little horny, she pranced out of the shower to inspect her work, turning and bouncing her pert, smooth bum in the mirror while peering over her shoulder.

The pink plug had a clear jewel in the base which glinted as she shook and gyrated her bottom. She clenched on the buttplug a couple of times and giggled as she saw her balls tighten in the mirror.

She checked the time as she bounced into the front room of the central London Airbnb she’d rented for a few days. For tonight’s escapades she couldn’t use her own place. 7:30pm lots of time, she wasn’t planning on men to begin arriving for another couple of hours.

She’d lined up several possible guys on Grindr throughout the day, it wasn’t hard given the pics she had on her profile.

The problem was that there were always a few who boasted about how Dom and Top they were but wanted her cock as soon as they saw it. Well that wouldn’t be the case tonight, she was yearning to be a total bottom butt slut, all night long.

To dissuade any gentleman from playing with her admittedly gorgeous big cock, she’d brought her chastity cage and padlock but not the keys. Once it went on it would not be coming off until she got back to her flat a couple of days later.

She’d always had a complicated relationship with cages, being so hung it made most of them incredibly uncomfortable but she loved how submissive she felt wearing one.

After much experimentation, she’d finally found one that was big enough to fit her flaccid dick in comfortably, which was surprisingly small when she wasn’t aroused. The hardest part was always putting it on, she mused, especially with how turned on she was from the butt plug.

She began to fill the bathroom sink with cold water, arranging her make up as she waited. Unlike most other crossdressers and transvestites she didn’t actually enjoy putting make up on, but loved the way she looked when it was all on.

Being a 22 year old athletic mixed race femboy, she was absolutely stunning when made up and completely passable. Her perfectly round feminine ass and lean athletic physique leant her perfectly to the figure hugging clothes she wore.

Her hair was long with a slight curl, though it was almost always in a bun except for nights like this. After a lot of splashing around and gasping at the cold water, the padlock clicked into place as she locked the metal cage onto her now limp little cock.

She felt her mentality change almost instantly with this, now it was all about her ass pussy. It was now the only way she could cum and she had the sudden urge to upgrade on her plug.

The larger metal buttplug seemed to be calling to her and she quickly eased her fingers around the base of the pink buttplug currently occuping her horny ass.

Sliding it out reminded her how much she loved to play with her ass and excitement built for what was in store for later. Her empty butt immediately yearned to be filled again and she duly obliged, pressing the cold metal point against her willing hole.

The first couple of inches slid in comfortably before it started to flare much wider than its predecessor. She was determined to take this one without lube, dropping to her knees and arching her back.

She winced as she pressed the large plug deeper, bearing down, wanting it to split her, needing it inside her. With a big deep breath in, and a long exhalation she wiggled down on it. Suddenly her aching asshole gave way to the wide plug and the entire thing filled her.

“uhhh fuck”, she muttered.

She’d entirely forgotten about her cock and was satisfied to see that it had completely shriveled in her chastity cage whilst she’d been taking the buttplug.

It suddenly occurred to her that her butt may not be the only fuckhole that needed warming up. She considered herself to be a total expert in both the anal and oral arts but given the gauntlet she had planned it might be wise to be thoroughly limbered up in both areas.

The throat training had to be done before the make up though so she set her sights and got going. The life-like 8 inch dildo she usually liked to suck was quickly located, rinsed and stuck with its suction cup at waist height against the bathroom tiles. She duly dropped to her knees, spat on the silicon head and tried to take it straight down her throat.

This wasn’t a real cock, no need to romance it.

It got about halfway down before she gagged but she pulled up briefly before working it down her throat until her nose was pressed against the tiles, she hadn’t even gagged hard yet – that won’t do.

Withdrawing it completely before sliding it smoothly to the back of her throat she began to rythmically fuck her face with the thick dildo. Attempting to swallow every time it was buried in her throat, her mind started to go blank as her entire world was the cock flying in and out of her throat.

“Uhhg uhhg uhhg uhhg uhhg uhhg”.

It was the only sound to be heard as she worked the fake cock.

After a while she plunged it as deep as it would go and held it there, lips pressed against the tiles, dildo vanished. She held it, and held it and kept on holding it there, completely still. Until finally she ran out of breath and her throat rebelled…


She loudly gagged as she pulled herself off of it, gasping for air, thick streams of spit connecting her chin to the dildo and dripping onto her chest to ooze down and over her caged cock, mixing with the precum and dripping down her leg.

She stood up satisfied that her body was ready, now time to get made up and sexy.

After a quick rinse in the bathroom, she put on the lingerie she’d picked out weeks before. A black bra and thong set with deep red kiss marks all over them, extra slutty.

She slipped the thong on first, these were a pair made specifically for the type of woman she was and so hugged the cage holding her leaking limp dick snugly. As she pulled them up to slide between her soft, smooth cheeks the fabric of the thong pressed against her buttplug, pushing it just a fraction deeper inside and holding it there.

She put the bra on next, clipping it on at the front and twisting it round before putting her arms through. She had a specific order in which she liked to prepare and next on the agenda was nails and make up.

She popped to the kitchen to poor herself a glass of prosecco to sip on while she got ready. Just walking round the apartment in her lingerie made her feel so hot, she couldn’t help but smile to herself as she put some music on and brought her glass through with her as she sat at the table in front of the mirror.

She started by wiping her smooth face with cleansing wipes and applying the caramel coloured mascara that matched her skin tone.

She brought up a YouTube video on her phone that she always used for her make up. It guided her perfectly through the contouring, eye make up, eyebrows and lips that needed to be done.

Although it was tempting to respond to all of the Grindr notifications from men asking her if she was ready, she managed to resist.

After a while she looked up and was finally satisfied with the results. Perfectly drawn eyebrows, thick mascara’d eyelashes in a smokey eye, contoured cheeks and full plump led rips, all of it bringing together a look which just skirted the edge of slutty. All waterproof ofcourse but who knew if it would last the night.

Time for nails, but first a refill of the bubbly. She felt very playful, happy and horny as she sat down to paint her finger nails and toenails. While other girls liked long stick on nails, she felt they were far too delicate to wear during rough animalistic sex, and that was her biggest priority.

She grabbed the bright red varnish she’d picked and began to apply it while sitting on the bed, the act of it reminding her that she was still plugged and it would shortly be time for the third and largest buttplug.

Whilst waiting for her nails to dry she picked up her phone and checked grindr.

There were 5 guys that had wanted to meet her tonight for sure (or so they said) and many more who had claimed they could, given the right timing, but with the amount that would flake she knew it was important to have many back ups.

She answered a dozen or so back telling them what was going down tonight and wondered over to the window.

She pulled the curtains back a couple of feet, she was up on the 6th floor and the block faced a small park so maybe a few people would get a peak and she loved the thought of that.

She’d picked this particular Airbnb apartment very carefully, just off Edgware Road near Marble Arch.

Hosting here meant that she was on the doorstop of all the Black and Arab cock currently smoking sheesha on Edgware road as well as being close enough to attract all the drunk, horny, sexually frustrated cock out in the West end tonight. She had made meticulous plans to guarantee as much cock as possible and she felt a nervous excitedness about the night ahead.

She’d only had a couple threesomes in her time, and certainly no more than two guys in a single night so what she was attempting tonight was very ambitious.

Sipping on her 3rd glass of the night she began to think about what she’d wear and who she’d meet first. She launched Grindr and opened her chats. Of the 5 guys she’d arranged with 3 had sent further messages, she didn’t bother remembering screen names, she remembered with dick pics just fine.

It was approaching 9pm and time to form a queue. She messaged the first guy – “hey hun, can you come over at 9:30? So horny for that big cock ;-)”. He didn’t take long to respond with an enthusiastic yes, calling her a “horny bitch” and telling her he couldn’t wait to “ruin her holes”, calling her a “little sissy slut”.

She didn’t mind that dirty talk, she preferred it much more in person though. Many men talked a good game online but few were good dirty talkers in person.

“I’m in the the apartment block at no. 4 Norfolk Crescent, flat 67 on the 6th floor. Code to get in the building is 8825, the door to the flat will be on the latch, let yourself in – don’t be late babe xx”

She messaged the next two guys to come at 10:15pm and then 11pm. It was risky but she felt like gambling tonight and usually guys didn’t last that long and when they were done they couldn’t wait to leave.

Giving them all the details to get right to her gave her a rush that had her wishing the first guy would walk in that second.

Suddenly aware that she had just under 30 mins before show time she pulled on her fishnet stockings and a short ruffled black skirt that barely covered her bum.

She completed the look with a red strappy top that left her lean mid-riff exposed. She put some curls through her hair with the curling iron and all that was left were heels. She had some strappy open toed black heels that were perfect, standing at 5’5 barefoot, the heels only just brought her upto average height.

With the heels secured she stood up and sauntered to the full length mirror by the door, hips swaying heavily from side to side. She stopped in front of mirror to admire her handy work and she had to admit, she wanted to fuck herself… Red nails on feet in high heels, long slender legs covered in fishnets, a short skirt flapping gently as she turned, mid riff and (belly ring) on display, slim arms in a short strappy red top, slutty made up face framed by shoulder length black curls.

She was delighted with how she looked, completely passable, sexy and ready to be used by lots and lots of big juicy cocks. She slipped on a black and silver choker and hoop earrings to complete the look.

9:20pm – ready with plenty of time to spare, perhaps even time for a quick joint. She had been saving it for later but what the hell she was ready early and deserved a reward.

She pulled the joint she’d rolled earlier from her bags pocket along with a squeezy plastic bottle and a fresh bottle of poppers. She cracked open the window and stood smoking the joint as she set up what she called her poppers inhaler. Pouring some of the freshly opened poppers into the squeezy bottle, screwing closed and shaking.

Later it would hit much harder than from the small bottle and last longer too, all without any risk of spillage. Having not eaten all day and finished almost a full bottle of prosecco alone the joint hit her hard and she began to feel light headed, silly and uncontrollably horny.

‘He should be here by now’ she thought as she sauntered past the bathroom door. A glint of light caught her eye and pulled her back, the last buttplug in clear glass and fatter then the one currently occupying her glittered next to the bathroom sink!

Panicking she checked the time – 9:28pm, any other night and she would have shrugged it off and forgotten about it. But this night she was a total whore and a total whore would not dismiss the largest butt plug just because there was no time.

As quick as she could in the heels, she clicked across the bathroom floor grabbed the formidable glass plug and strutted determinedly back into the front room, licking and sucking it as she went.

She arrived at the sofa and dropped to her knees in front of it, resting her elbows on the seat and spreading her knees like she was about to be taken doggy style. She roughly hiked up her skirt exposing her hot ass, and pulled the thong aside.

Her fingers gripped the base of the metal plug and in her drunken panicked haze yanked far harder than she usually would have.

Her asshole had to expand very suddenly to allow the plug to pop out, and it hurt much more than she anticipated.

She yelped loudly and involuntarily. Unfortunately for her this meant she missed the sound of the door opening…

She was still moaning and rubbing her suddenly sore hole when the door shut softly too.

The soft background music and distraction of trying to insert a massive buttplug in a tender butt while drunk, high and horny meant that she didn’t notice the sound of someone undressing in the hallway and softly padding towards the front room.

She was on all fours, back arched, ass up in the air and moaning with the glass buttplug a couple of inches inside her when she heard someone say,

“Oh you dirty little slut!” .

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