My Cousin’s Wedding
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I was nineteen years old when my favorite cousin got married. She went all out in the week leading up to the wedding – parties every night, alcohol wherever you looked, and she even provided rooms for everyone who was in the wedding to stay in every night that week. It was especially awesome for me, because my best friend Joey was in the wedding too, since he was the groom’s little brother.
I was short and skinny, but with the beginnings of some muscle, since I had recently started working out. I had curly black hair that was absolutely impossible to control. Joey was a little taller than me, and was built nearly the same as me. He had smooth, dark skin and soft, dirty blonde hair. We did pretty much everything together – we hung out, played and watched sports, and worked out together.
The Tuesday of “wedding week,” we had gone out with the bridesmaids and gotten way beyond wasted, and each of us picked one of them up and slept with them. He had taken one back to the room we were sharing, and I had taken the other back to her room. She had been great in bed, and when I talked to Joey the next day, he raved about the one he had slept with.
The Wednesday was where it got really crazy. We went out again and each took home a bridesmaid again – but this time we switched. Apparently, though, we hadn’t communicated with each other very well, because when I got back to her room, Joey was already there with the other bridesmaid. We were all so wasted that none of us wanted to leave and head back to Joey and I’s room, so we made a silent understanding that we would all just fuck in this room and ignore the others.
Joey had been right. The sex with this girl was mind-blowing. He was having fun with the other bridesmaid, judging by all the loud moans coming from their side of the room, which made it hard to ignore them. All in all, it was a fantastic night.
On the Thursday, we went out yet again. We got unfathomably drunk again, and started debating over which girl which of us would take home. Unfortunately, they heard us, got pissed, and left without us. We were so drunk we could barely see straight, but somehow we staggered back to our room. He collapsed onto his bed pretty much immediately, but I stayed standing up, giggling about nothing. Honestly, I couldn’t even remember what I was laughing about. Joey laid there, eyes closed and grinning, and kicked off his shoes. I kicked mine off as well, and for a second, there was silence. Then, I have no idea what came over me, but I knelt down and pulled off one of his socks. It was crazy – I even took myself by surprise.
His foot was stark white and faint pink compared to the dark tan skin of the rest of his leg. I ran a finger down his foot. It was warm from being in dress socks and shoes the whole night, but not sweaty. Joey let out a sound that was somewhere between a moan and a groan.
“Mmmm. What’re you doing?”
“Nothing man,” I replied quietly, not knowing what I was doing myself, “just helping you get comfortable since you’re so wasted, haha.”
He laughed a little, and I pulled off his other sock. His feet looked perfect, which was strange to me. I had never ever thought of him in a sexual way, or any guy for that matter. Suddenly though, all I wanted to do was rip all of his clothes off, but I couldn’t see him going for that. But then, my alcohol soaked mind told me to just go for it.
“Hey man, how about a foot massage?”
The words were out of my mouth before I could stop them. His face crinkled in a slight frown for a minute, but then I guess the alcohol in his system took over too. He gave a grunt of assent and relaxed.
I grabbed one of his feet with both hands and began massaging it softly. After about thirty seconds of this, I switched to the other foot. A couple of times, he let out soft moans of pleasure. As I was massaging, I bent down and put a couple of his toes into my mouth.
This was crazy, I thought to myself as I gently sucked on his toes. What was going on with me?
“What’re you doing,” he groaned again.
“Don’t worry about it dude.”
Apparently, he wasn’t worried about it. I kept sucking his toes, then switched to the other foot. He was clearly enjoying it, and I was too. I began to lick the soles of his feet, savoring the taste and the feeling. His toes curled a little as the tip of my tongue traced up and down his foot. I unbuttoned my shirt and slipped out of it, then took off my pants as well, then knelt down at the foot of his bed in only my boxers, still massaging and licking his feet.
I stopped for a minute and climbed up onto his bed so that I was kneeling over him on all fours. I told him he should get more comfortable, and he grunted in agreement. I unbuttoned his shirt and helped him out of it, then tried to undo his pants. Even as drunk as he was, his hands flew down to block me. I told him not to worry about it again, and he relaxed and let me unzip his pants and pull them down. He laid there, in nothing but his boxers, eyes still closed and wearing a silly little grin. His nipples were small and pointy, his stomach flat and toned. I knelt back down and began kissing his stomach, making my way up, until I got so high on his chest that I had to stand. I kissed his nipples a bit and traced them with the tip of my tongue. He moaned again, loudly this time.
I put my whole mouth on his nipple and sucked on it softly. It was amazing, and he was clearly loving it. I switched to the other nipple for a while, and then went back to kissing his chest. I couldn’t help but notice that his dick, flaccid when I had first taken of his pants, was now creating a nice little tent out of his boxers.
I let myself lay on top of him, our bodies rubbing together, feet intertwined, our dicks rubbing on each other through our boxers. I lowered my lips gently onto his, and he tried to push away, though his heart clearly wasn’t in the effort.
“No, I don’t want to…”
“Don’t worry about it man, it’s nice.”
He considered for a moment, then laid back down and let me resume kissing him. He even let his lips open a bit so that I could slip my tongue in. I slipped off my boxers, and then his, so that we were both completely naked, and both rock hard. I stood up again and slid my dick between his soft feet. It was an amazing feeling.
Finally, at long last, I grabbed his dick. His body tightened up at first, but then relaxed. I spit on his cock and rubbed it in, making it slick and shiny, then sat on it very slowly. The tip slid in, then I slowly worked the rest of it in. He was so drunk I don’t think he could’ve done much work anyway, so I did most of it. My ass was so tight, but his dick seemed to fit it perfectly. I moved up and down on it, up and down, slowly first, then faster as I got used to the sensation. It was a little painful, but in a wonderful way.
I leaned over and made out with him some more, his dick still in my ass. I’d estimate his dick was around 6 inches long and average width. I moaned as he went in and out, in and out.
I climbed off him before he came. I rubbed my dick against his lips, and he parted them, taking half of my dick into this mouth all at once. He wrapped his lips lightly around it and sucked me better than I had ever been sucked before. The feel of his tongue on my dick was indescribable.
When he finally released me, my dick was dripping with saliva. I crawled back down to the foot of his bed and licked his asshole a little, then worked my smooth, wet dick into it. He was beyond tight, but I slowly worked it in, just as he had done with me. I was on top, and once he was ready, I banged him hard, slamming in and out of his ass, until finally I couldn’t hold on anymore, and I emptied my load into his asshole. I left my dick inside him until I was sure I was done. I pulled out, and a little thread of cum came with me, and a little bit of cum leaked out of his ass.
I then wrapped my mouth around his dick, and gagged because I tried to take it all at once. I tried again, just the tip first, then deeper and deeper, a little at a time, until I had the whole thing in my mouth. I bobbed up and down on it, savoring the taste, until, without warning, he exploded in my mouth. His warm, salty cum shot into my mouth, and I swallowed the whole load.
Unsure of how it had happened, but unbelievably glad it had, I collapsed next to him, and, naked, we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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