The Spanish Lady

The wild strike at the airport has ruined the day for many people, and my return trip home has now been postponed until tomorrow. Thanks to Google, I was able to find a hotel that fits the budget of a junior forensic accountant. The hotel is a time capsule that was first opened during the […]

Cummers and lickers

An L Word Universe story Set in the same universe but in a far fling post apocalypse future. When one has to make a living including buying goods by cumming as hard and repeatedly as possible and for just about anyone you meet on the street your whole life is an adventure and hers is […]

First group encounter

One night, when my wife was drunk she told me the following story. Later, she insisted that I had misunderstood and this was a story about one of her friends, but I still think it was about her. At the time of this story, she lived with her parents in Tehran, Iran and went to […]

First time filmed

Several years ago we lived in a Mobil home park and the next door neighbors were three guys going to the local collage. One of them seem to go out of his way to speak to me whenever he seen me and we soon became friends and then lovers. I spent 2-3 afternoons a week […]

Roleplaying Babysitter

Fantasies are meant to be exactly that… a fantasy! By sheer definition, they are unlikely to ever come true as they often possess the most outrageous series of events. This is one that remains firmly ensconced in mind; destined to remain a mere fantasy… for now! “That’s the door. I hope you’re ready for bed […]

My high School Tryst With a Midget

It was mid December in Wyoming, 1970 something, and a friend and I were out cruising main. It was snowing hard, with visibility about 2 blocks. We had just picked up some beer and talking about going to the Hot Pool, about 45 minutes away on a decent night, when we spotted them. It was […]