The All-Canadian Hockey Mom’s Gangbang League

“Of course, your wife doesn’t have to participate, Mr. Biddle,” said Geoff Stanley. Geoff was the owner of Stanley Farm Machinery, the small town’s biggest business. He was a forceful and conservative gentleman in his 50’s. His wife, Janis smiled loyally as he continued. “But it would enhance your career and social position in Beaver […]


A true story which I am finally able to write. My wife and I were vacationing in beautiful Jamaica with another couple, John and Diane. We enjoyed the warm sun, the water, and sensuous nights. A truly romantic island. John and Diane had four children, and Karen and I had two children, and after the […]

The Sinner

It was a May, Sunday afternoon in the 80 s years before x – rated, online material irreparably damaged the Spicy Adventures Adult Bookstore s business and Odyssey Express, a swingers mag, was still in circulation. However, the submissive, black – haired and 25 – /o Susan wasn t aware that Troy, her dominant, white […]

Betty fills herself

Seven P. M. on a Thursday evening, a weary Betty sat on the bus heading back to her new flat. She didn’t hate it, but when she thought were she had come from it left her quite depressed. Betty was almost 62 and after a late marriage at 49, she’d been left divorced almost penniless […]

Sassy Granny

I don t know how long my 85 year old neighbor, Maddie, had gone without sex but it didn t matter to me. The light – skinned African – American woman was on a roll. After several glasses of wine the prior evening, I was banging the hell out of this mature woman that lasted […]