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When I was 18 I worked for a trucking company in the midwest. I lived in a nice home with my mother and never knew my father because he left us when I was only 5. While working at my job I became good friends with John. I introduced him to my mother and with in a year they were married. But I always saw John as my best friend other than my step father. We would go to strip clubs, or he would flirt with girls and it would never bother me even though he was married to my mom. After 3 years of marriage my mother was killed in a car crash, and I stayed with John until I was 18. Every sat night he would have poker partys in the basement that had a full bar and was set up more like a bar than a basement. Their was always plenty of booze and sometimes coke or pot to keep the party’s going. Sometimes John my now step father would have hookers over during the poker party’s to keep all the guys entertained. They would sit around and play cards while the girl would give them blow jobs or what ever. John started letting me join the party’s when I turned 21 and it became a once a month thing every 3rd saturday.

When I was 24 I headed out to my step dads house for our monthly card game and when I arrived I saw the regular crowd of cars outside. As I walked down the stairs I saw this knock out of a chick dressed up as slutty as it gets, she was hot! My step father hadn’t had a stripper/whore at a game in years and she was the only one there! Their was about 9 of us sitting around playing cards. Jenna was the girls name and she was serving drinks, prancing around in that slutty outfit distracting the crowd from the cards so my step dad could win no less. They would occasionally finger her when she would bring them a drink or play with her tits. I lost all my cash in the first hour of the game and spent the rest of the time drinking and talking to Jenna.

We really hit it off and made a date for next week. The thing I like about her the most was she was not afraid to be a slut and I really got off on this. After the game finished and every was leaving, she got on her knees at the bottom of the stairs and sucked off every guy as they left. She would get really nasty while she sucked cock with her words and her actions. My step father went first and I was last. She had cum all over her face, and looked soooooo sexy.

The following week we met for our date and started going steady, and one year later we were married! She was only 18 when we met so was 19 when we were to get married. She didn’t live in our state very long when we met and had no family that she spoke to anyway. 2 weeks before we were to be married, I told my step dad that we were looking for her dress and that they were so costly we might have to skimp on the dress. He told me that he would find her a dress and buy it for her and we could pay him back. I told jenna about this and she said ok. Two days later he called us and told us that he has her dress and we could come pick it up that night. We were at the bar at the time he called us and Jenna was lit up. So we headed out to my step dads house to pick up her dress. When we came in my step dad greeted us at the door by shaking my hand and doing his usual feel up of jenna by hugging her holding her ass and making a sexual comment to her about her great lips. (i never minded)

He handed her the bag with the dress and undergarments in it and a box for the shoes. I told her to go try it on while we went down stairs for a drink. After about 30 min of talking with my step dad and drinking we could hear the click click of her heals on the stairs. When she walked into the room I was blown away! Jenna is 5’5” and about 105 pounds, she has green eyes, shoulder length brown hair and 36c tits. She always keeps the pussy shaved and has full red lips that just beg for a cock. The dress was white, off the shoulders, It was a mini skirt in front and real long in the back. The front of the dress was so short that you could see the tops of the white stockings and the grader belt clearly. She was finished off with 6 inch platform stilettos. (also known as stripper fuck me shoes.) She looked like the sluttiest bride I have ever saw! And I loved it! Just the thought of her walking down the isle in a church in that looking like a total whore got me hard as a rock! She too loved the dress because she just loved to be treated like a whore. Just as we were admiring her, my step father said :” Oh you guys owe me $2.000 dollars for the dress. And I need it in 2 days. I was pissed! I asked him why he needed it so soon and he told me that it is because he needs to recoup for all the booze he got for my bachelor party. Then he told me “Oh yeah…it is tonight!” Just then the door bell rang and 12 of his friends came walking down the stairs! When they saw Jenna they thought she was the stripper for the night and started groping her. She playfully walked past them and over to me and my step father. I said “We cant pay in 2 days. And I didn’t know you were having a party for me tonight! Jenna cant drive home in the shape she is in.” My step father said: “Ok I will make you a deal. Let jenna be the entertainment tonight, and we will call it even.” Suddenly Jenna said: “OK!” I was shocked and really turned on. I explained that she is going to have to service every guy here. She said no problem. Then my step dad explained that she is to do what ever they want to her. And again she said ok. At that my step father announced. “OK BOYS SHE IS OURS!” he then grabbed her by the hair and pulled her along standing her near the center of the room. “THIS IS THE SLUT BRIDE! SHE IS 19 AND IS GOING TO DO SOME OF THE MOST NASTIEST THINGS WE CAN THINK OF TONIGHT!” Two of my step dads friends came up to her and grabbed her one by the hair and the other by the arm and walked her over to the pool table. They pulled her dress down to expose her tits. then pushed her over the table so her breasts were pressed against the table. They tied each hand to the other end of the table and tied he ankles to the bottom of the legs of the table. Then one by one they steeped up and started fucking her. One of the guys hooked up a camcorder to a large screen TV that was in the room and focused it on her face. I watched her face on the TV while all 12 of my step dads friends fucked her. Her face was a mix of pleasure and pain. They were calling her filthy names while they slammed into her young pussy. And would sometimes shove their finger into her asshole then pull it out and make her lick it clean. No one would cum inside of her. They would all pull out and cum into a near by glass.

There I was sitting there watching my wife to be gang raped! And I was enjoying it stroking my own cock. One guy came up and said he wasn’t going to fuck her. Then he grabbed a pool stick form the rack and started sliding the larger end into her. He started asking her. “ARE YOU A WHORE?” “yes I am a whore” she would say. “TELL THE CAMERA WHAT IS HAPPENING TO YOU, YOU FUCKING WHORE!” “i am being fucked.” “NO! TELL THE CAMERA WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING TO YOU BITCH!” “i am being gang raped” “AND YOU LIKE IT DON’T YOU SLUT!” ….”yes” “WHAT!” “YES!!!!!! I LIKE TO BE GANG RAPED.” “SAY IT AGAIN!!!” as she continued to say it to the camera he would fuck her with the stick forcing more and more into her. She started to cry then he pulled it out. Just then one of the other guys came down with something that was glowing. It was a coat hanger that had been shaped to say ” FUCK SLUT” and they had heated it up on the stove to make it red hot. As I got up to stop this I was hit in the mouth. Then tied up. As they branded Jenna on the ass I could hear one of them say. Put it where people can see it when she puts on her slut swim suit. The guys that were tying me up told me that they owned my step father because he owes them over $20,000 from his gambling and this is how he pays.

Then one of them put me in front of the TV and I saw them uniting Jenna. The other guy put in a tape and said enjoy. As the tape started I could see a woman hand cuffed to a fence in some back ally at night. The dress she was wearing was close to that of the one Jenna had on. I watched as 6 homeless guys were fingering her making her suck their cock and fucking her. Every one of them would cum on her face. The tape must have been started half way through because I could clearly see that her farce, hair, and tits had soooo much cum on them you could hardly make out who it was getting raped on the screen. I could hear Jenna scream and looked over my shoulder to see them branding her little ass. Then they turned her around and I herd one of them say “hold the bitch” Then they started putting a needle through her nipples. And attached a ring to each of them. Then walked her over to me by pulling on the rings. As I looked back at the TV I saw the close up of the woman’s face and she wiped the cum off her face and she walked back to a waiting limo. It was my mother from when her and my step dad got married. I could not believe my eyes! They sat Jen right in front of me and put her on her knees. One of the men came over with the glass full of cum. The guy holding her down whispered something in her ear. Then he pulled her hair back so her head tilted back and mouth opened. The other guy slowly poured the cum from the glass onto her face and into her mouth while one of the other guys taped the whole thing. My cock was hard the whole time watching my beautiful young wife to be get treated like a trashy whore right in front of me. She had cum all over her face and hair. She choked a little on the cum in her mouth. When the glass was empty they let her hair go and she looked at me and tried opening her eyes and the cum dripped down covering her face like a gooey mask she said to me as the cum bubbled on her mouth and dripped onto her tits. “You are marrying a cum whore.”

Just then my step father walked into the room with another stranger. He introduced him to me and jenna as Judge Thomson. And explained that we were to get married right now! The dragged Jenna by the hair over to the bar area and made her get on all fours. Then untied me and had me stand next to where she was. The judge pulled out his cock and they instructed Jenna to start sucking. As she did one guy came up behind her and said “I will be the best man!” The others just stood around. As the “best man” started fucking her and she sucked on the judges cock he started the wedding. He did not refer to her a woman but a slut. “Do you take this slut as your wife?” he asked me while she sucked on his cock. “Yes” I said. And when I did her forced the entire thing into her mouth and down her throat. “And slut, do you take him as your husband to pass you around to anyone at anytime to be used as a fuck toy?” He then pulled his cock out of her mouth while the guy fucking her pulled her hair again so she would have to look up at the judge through the cum covering her eyes. “YES!” she said. Just then the judge started cumming on her face and said. I now pronounce you husband and slut. You may fuck the bride. The guy fucking her then came in her and got off. I then took his place. I couldn’t hold back anymore. As I fucked her they all chanted ” SLUT! SLUT! SLUT! SLUT! SLUT!”

After I came in her messy pussy, they all took a break and passed around shots. They wouldn’t let her change her dress or clean any of the cum off her face. They poured shot after shot into her and me and took turns on her all night long. At 4:00am they all finally left. Jenna was passed out on the pool table cum oozing out of her pussy and mouth, her hair was matted and her dress was nothing but rags on her used body. My step dad came up to me and handed me $3,000 in cash and said this is for tonight. My new daughter in law is worth a fortune. Now take her home and I will be in touch. Remember she is branded.

I carried her to the car and she woke up and said, “I like this family. That was the best.”

I couldn’t think of what he meant by we will be in touch. I think this is not the last time they are going to use my new bride.

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