Queening with the principal
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I had the late shift and that meant the stopovers who’d offended Principle Hawkins. I’d drawn this period as I was the newest and youngest of the college’s teachers.

It all meant that at twenty two I was barely four years older than the girls sitting sullenly in the now deserted library.

There was Camilla Cordage, ‘Double C’ to her friends, a Raven haired beauty with a hint of Mexican in her blood. Double C’s speciality was abusive language and gestures.

Sitting besides Double C was Shona; she was Double C’s closest confidants. They were always together, inseparable and could have been twins had Shona not been as blue eyed and blonde haired as any Californian beach bunny.

They were tall, taller by my five foot four standards, topping me by several inches and the better part of a stone in weight, not that they fat. Both girls were in the college netball squad, which meant they were fit and toned.

In addition to Double C and Shona, there was Viv Thomas, a brunette with a reputation for simply being nasty, the rumour was that Viv settled her arguments with her fists. Principle Hawkins had tried to channel this anger into wresting. All that seemed to have done was just make her more confident.

Finally there was Roz, she had a mind, a brain, could have been something, only she wasn’t interested in academia.

The only other person in the library was yours truly, they didn’t want to be here and neither did I. The big truth was that principle Hawkins didn’t rate me as a teacher and could afford to lose me if I became fed up of drawing the crap assignments.

I was already looking for another post when that evening I walked into the library.

There was music, rap music pounding out from a portable sound system, and the girls were just lounging about. They were supposed to be working on their assignments.

Taking a deep breath I crossed over to the sound system and pulled the plug. The silence that descended was almost physical.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” Exploded Double C, none of them had seen me enter; now they all turned in my direction and none of them was pleased to see me.

“Get on with your work.” I managed to say.

“We were listening to that!” Double C snarled. She slid to her feet and crossed the room. Unconsciously I took a step backwards. Double C replaced to plug and once more the library was flooded with sound.

I was being challenged, a quick glance towards the others confirmed the fact, they were watching to see who won, me or Double C.

In Training school they don’t mention testosterone driven young women and how to face down a challenge. I didn’t have the experience to handle this, but handle I had to. This was my authority that was being challenged, if I backed down it would be all around school the next day.

Double C planted her feet astride the power lead, the intent was obvious. I had to go through her to switch off the music.

“Just turn the sound down.” I said, cringing at my immediate retreat.

Double C response was to tweak the volume higher. She smiled evilly. “It’s your move.”

I should have walked away; the job wasn’t worth this much aggravation. It was good advice but I have a habit of ignoring good advice. I left my books on a nearby desk and crouched down to reach the volume control. To do so I had to reach between Double C’s open legs. That was a bad move.

Before I knew what was happening, Double C was actually standing over me. I looked up and then away, I was that close that I would have stared up her skirt and I didn’t want to know what colour her underwear was.

I was conscious of movement behind me and a backward glance revealed that the others had left their seats to surround me.

The sound died away as a smug looking Double C towered over me. She’d switched the power off, not me. “What’s wrong Miss?” She crowed.

“I need to go.” I said and tried to stand but Shona’s hand on my shoulder held me down. I struggled but only succeeded in ending up on my backside. The silence in the room was suddenly filled with titters

Now the four of them looked down on me, and which ever way I looked I could see a hard, cruel face. There was no sanctuary to be seen.

“What do you want?” I managed to stammer.

Double C shrugged. “What could you have that I want?” She laughed harshly.

“I’ll just leave then.” I tried to move but Shona kept me seated on the library floor.

“You leave when I say so.” Double C announced. “Grab her arms, I want her like this.” She made a shape with her arms outstretched.

I wasn’t expecting to be physically assaulted so when Shona and Viv each grabbed an arm I was taken by surprise. Almost before I knew what was happening I was being pulled onto my back, my arms pulled wide.

Of course I struggled but then Roz sat across my legs and I was fighting a losing battle.

Double C looks down at me and laughs. “I really hate this place, Hawkins and all his prissy habits, you fuckin teachers lording it over me. I hate you all, and now I have you.”

“W-What do you mean?” I stammer.

“You’ll see.” She grins evilly. As I watch she steps out of her trainers, she’s wearing a tiny pair of white socks. “This should do to start.”

Double C’s sweat stained foot descended onto my face. I twisted to avoid it but she could rub that damp sole across my face.

“How does that feel, good and sweaty?” She laughed.

“Let me go.” I cried, trying to keep her foot from my mouth.

There is laughter and then someone catches my head, moment’s later a pair of knees is holding my head still and Double C begins to force her foot into my mouth.

“Open your mouth Cunt!” Double C snarls.

I don’t but then fingers pinch my nose and I have to breathe through my mouth, it’s only a matter of time before my mouth opens and Double C’s sweaty foot is lodged inside. I gag, from the smell and from the presence of her foot inside my mouth.

“Suck, just imagine it’s a dick.” Double C says and the others laugh. I realise that it’s Shona who’s trapped my head. She’s staring down at me, her eyes are smiling with pleasure and triumph.

“Go on bitch, suck on those toes. I want to see you suck.” Shona demands.

She has to be joking! I try to shake my head.

“She needs to be punished.” Roz says nastily, getting unsteadily to her feet she steps onto my stomach, first with one foot and then with both. I try to groan but Double C’s foot is almost choking me.

“Let me do that!” Double C commands and quickly replaces the much lighter Roz on my stomach. At least her sweaty foot is no longer trying to choke me and I can groan.

My cries of pain seem to amuse them.

“How does that feel?” Double C laughs again. She bounces up and down and I squeal with pain, I twist about but they hold me. “Well?” Double C demands. “How does that feel?”

“It hurts.” I manage to gasp.

“What about my feet?”

“They stink!” I groan.

It makes them laugh.

“I can think of something much worse!” Shona announces. She shuffles forwards until I’m staring up into her sweat stained crotch. It takes me a moment to realise what Shona plans.

“Nooo!” I cry as Shona actually sits on my face. She essentially smothers my cry as her ass sinks onto my face. I descend into a hot, smelly darkness.

I feel my arms pulled above my head and then Shona moves enough to pin my arms beneath her legs. She wiggles about until she is comfortable and then she settles and the darkness is compounded by my utter humiliation.

I try to breath but can only manage to draw in the slightest of breathes, saturated by Shona’s earthy, hot scent.

“What’s it like?” Someone asks.

“Cool, like I’m totally in charge.” She shifts just enough for me to breathe. “See, I decide when the bitch breathes.” She grabs my hair, pulling my face back into place before mashing down again.

“It looks a great position for a fart!” One of them laughs.

“Yeah … anyone got one brewing?” Laughs Double C.

I don’t hear their answers, but no one replaces Shona so I guess I’m safe, for now. They start to discuss who is going to be next. All I want is to breath again so when Shona shifts from my face that is my only concern.

“Like my ass?” Shona asks, looking over her shoulder at me.

“Yes!” I gasp, knowing that resistance will be worse than agreeing, not that acquiescing held any promise of release.

“Good … because here it comes again.” They all laugh at Shona’s joke as her ass once more pins my head to the floor.

When she finally relinquishes her seat it’s only moments before Viv has replaced her, only she wants to see my suffering. She doesn’t face down my body but grinds my nose and mouth beneath her pussy whilst all the time looking into my face.

“Do you like that bitch, do you like the smell of my pussy? Viv crows as she grinds down on me. “Hey, this is real cool.” She laughs. “Like I could get off like this.” She looks down into my face. All she can see is my eyes; the rest of my face is buried beneath her sweaty, smelly cunt. “Like the view?” She taunts me and then shifts enough for me to breathe and then answer her. “You want me to sit on your face, don’t you cunt?”

“Yes!” I gasp, knowing that the more I talk the less time I have to spend wrapped in her stinky panties. “I love you sitting on me; I’d love all of you to sit on my face.”

“I’m glad you said that, because that’s exactly what we’re going to do.” Double C shouts.

Viv is has resumed her position and is beginning to move slowly across my trapped face. She settles for crushing my nose against her mound and covering my mouth with her pussy.

“This is cool!” She laughs. “You can just see her piggy little eyes, and it feels…” Viv hesitated as she shuffled her position. “It feels so good…I bet I can do it, just like this.” She squealed in triumph. She started to jerkily push herself against me, moving little by little across my face. “Oh yeah, now this is cool.” She laughs.

The fetish fishy smell of her panties is becoming mingled with a hotter, muskier aroma. Viv is turned on by what she’s doing!

At least as she moves I can snatch the occasional breath.

“You dirty cow!” Somebody exclaims. ”Hey everyone, Viv’s gonna use the bitch to jerk herself off.”

There’s a mixture of cheers and laughter.

Viv looks down at me, already her face is crimson. She pinches my nose. “This is like a little dick; I can rub my clit against it.” She grins.

“Make her use her tongue.” Somebody, I think its Double C suggests.

I shudder; the thought of oral contact with Viv makes me gag, but Viv isn’t listening, suddenly she starts groaning, mashing down on my face, I experience her climax first hand or should I say face.

Viv has become the first, but as the evening progresses she isn’t the only one. I am used as in turn each of them uses my face to bring them to a climax, quite how often that it happens I can’t tell as long before the end I’m insensible and just waiting for the end.

I remembered crying, begging them to stop, offering them money, anything that would bring my humiliation to an end.

It only ended when they tired of the game.

Double C was sitting astride my chest, just looking down at my battered face. “You all go on; I want to have a private conversation with her.”

There is a silence broken I think by Shona asking what Double C had planned.

“I’ll tell you tomorrow, right now we need some privacy.” She isn’t angry with her crew but has made it clear that they should all vanish. Suddenly I want them to stay but am to afraid to say so. I hear the double doors to the library close behind them. “I’ll just go and lock up; we don’t want to be disturbed do we?”

She leaves me and in the few seconds I have I try to rise. I have to escape although I have no idea how. Double C is at the only doors. She catches me before I’m even standing properly; I feel weak and giddy and am no match for her.

“Going somewhere?” She grabs my hair and hauls me across the library; I stagger after her, crying for her to let me go. She only does when I’m thrown into the librarian’s office; I bounce of the side of the desk and onto the floor. Double C stands over me; I mean she just stands either side of my head. “I got to thinking, whilst you were being face fucked that you could just as easily bring me off with your tongue.”

I mouth the word NO as suddenly her threat had robbed me of my voice, then I shake my head in rejection of the idea. She can’t be serious about carrying out her threat it would almost be rape.

Double C finds the look of horror on my face amusing. “Ohh … don’t tell me that teach has never sucked a pussy, after all those years living in the girls dorm, you must have … well?”

“No.” I lie; well it was years ago, when were all experimenting.

“I don’t believe you.” Double C slowly crouches down; bring her pussy nearer and nearer my face. She’s still wearing her soiled panties but I know or believe I can smell her. She settles across my chest, crushing my boobs beneath her ample buttocks. “I don’t believe you.” She repeats. “I think I’ll keep smothering you until you tell me the truth.” She inches forwards until my chin is pressing against her crotch, another inch and she’ll be astride me.

I can’t tell her the truth; it’ll be round the school by break tomorrow. Hey Girls, did you know that Ms. Beckett is a dyke? I’m not a lesbian, not exclusively, and never like this, on some scruffy girls demand!

Double C takes my silence as a refusal and her arse descends onto my face and the nightmare begins again. She sinks full weight onto me, spreading her legs either side of my face, pinning me so that I couldn’t move. All I can do is to stare up into her cruel face.

“Your choice bitch!” She almost laughs. “I have all night.”

She’s toying with me, giving me just enough air but waiting until my head’s beginning to pop before releasing me from my sweaty prison. She’s right; she can keep this up longer than I can. Now with the same calculating smile she has turned about, jamming my face between her generous buttocks.

“How’d you like me to fart … the longer I’m here then there’s more chance.” She laughs.

It might have been the final straw or maybe she’d just beaten me down, the next time she lifts her arse to ask the question I agree.

Double C swings away from me. She wants to see and hear me say it.

“What was that teach, what did you say.”

“You win … what ever you want.” I defeated and it sounds in my voice.

Double C stands up long enough to step out of her panties, and then she settles across my mouth and my tongue darts out. Double C starts to laugh; it’s a laugh of triumph and victory.

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