The MILFy Way
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First there were the furtive glances we exchanged while I was on my
daily morning walk. She was out by her car, and then turned around for
a brief second as She walked toward her house. She saw me looking
back, too.

Then there were the timorous waves, the shy smiles. It was two weeks
of this before She was near enough for me to say hello. A few days
later, my heart quickened when She greeted me with her characteristic
bright smile and asked if I’d like to come in and have coffee. Of
course I accepted. We talked while the coffee percolated.

She silently sat across the modest kitchen table after pouring coffee.
Her long, almost-straight blonde hair was parted in the middle and
nicely framed her face. Her slender build was solidly healthy.

She said her name was Karen, that She was thirty seven, and was taking
time off between jobs. She smiled and held a spoonful of cream well
above her coffee, and had it slowly drip into her cup. She giggled,
then reached across the table and grasped my hand. “What are you

I briefly imagined being in bed with her, front to front, my engorged
member nestled inside her. Her full lips but an inch from mine, her
excited eyes. It would not take long to come to a full spurting
ejaculation in that situation.

“I can’t help noticing you’re very attractive,” I stammered. “Don’t
you have guys constantly chasing you?”

“I’m very selective about the men I take to my bed,” She unabashedly
stated. “Most of them don’t want to do what it takes to please me.”
She cocked her head to one side and looked penetratingly into my eyes.
Karen was hot, without even trying.

“How can that be?!” I exclaimed.

She giggled. “For now, I’ll just say that their ardor goes away soon
after their release. I have some ideas on how to handle that with the
next one that I let inside.”

Her talk sent my cock into a firm erect state. I’m sure She must have
known. Her teasing words fueled my imagination. “I’d like to know
more,” I said.

She looked at me for a long moment, trying to decide how much to tell
me. Finally, She said, “Can you come back after dinner? We can have
some cheesecake and I’ll tell you more then.”

I of course assented, and before I left, She drew near. I caught the
scent of coffee on her lips just before she made contact. It was a
sweet kiss, and I was on my way.

Karen was on my mind every minute for the rest of the day. While I
didn’t know what to expect when I went back to Karen’s I had an idea
that there would be discussion of sexual matters. After I cleaned up
and before I went over that evening, I bought some coffee for her.

She looked seductively stunning when I saw her. A lightweight blouse
that looked a size too small, white shorts, and barefoot. She served
coffee and cheesecake, and her plans, whatever they were, began.

She again dripped cream into her cup in spurts while eyeing my
reaction. I could not deny that I found the scene very erotic and
stimulating. Then she scooped some cheesecake on her finger and spread
it around her puckered lips. She leaned toward me and said, with her
lips still puckered, “Lick it off.”

I had never done any food play before. On her lips, the cheesecake
looked irresistible. I pressed my lips on hers, and kissed and licked
the white creamy substance. She giggled at my enthusiasm.

She took a sip of coffee, and we both finished our dessert in silence.
My heart raced as I wanted to say something, but was at a loss for
words. Finally She broke the silence.

“Have you ever ejaculated inside a woman and sucked her clean

I again briefly imagined myself face to face with this woman on her
bed, looking into her excited eyes, and feeling the forceful
propulsion of spurts traverse my cock into her moist lubricated pussy.
Coming back to the present, I stammered, “Uh, no, I haven’t.”

“Most women think it’s gross when they first hear of it. Once they try
it, though, they really enjoy it,” She said. A short pause, and she
continued. “Is it something you would consider?”
She reached over and grasped my hand.

“Is that what you meant when you said that men don’t want to please
you?” I asked. She nodded. The room was charged with sexual tension.

Her eyes were bright and excited. I saw a slight smile on her face. My
stomach fluttered.

“I – I want to,” I whispered.

Still grasping my hand, She got up and led me to her bedroom. She
stood passively and said, “Undress me.”

My erection was obvious as it pressed against my pants. I unbuttoned
her top and slipped it off. I ran my hands over her shoulders, arms,
and front. Her nipples were stiff, and I gently kissed each one. Then
I unsnapped her shorts and pulled them down to her ankles. She stepped
out of them, and I did the same with her white panties.

“Karen,” I whispered. Her hips seemed so inviting, with her disheveled
blonde mound prominently commanding my attention.

“Take your clothes off,” She said. In under a minute I had shed
everything. She sat on the edge of her bed and spread her legs. The
unspoken directive was clear, and I knelt before her and gingerly
approached her blonde pussy.

At first I gently kissed her glistening pussy lips. Then I licked and
kissed more fervently, and she squirmed. Her natural scent aroused me
further, and when her body shook with her orgasm, I lightened my

I pulled back. My ardor was at a peak, and I really wanted in. Drops
of pre-cum seeped from my cock. Karen got up on her bed and I

“How do I know you’ll follow through?” she asked while placing one
hand in front of her pussy. I had heard of the post-ejaculation blues,
and recalled her words about the ardor of her other suitors vanishing
after their release.

“I really want to,” I whispered. It was true. I could not imagine
anyone not wanting to plant their mouth on her pussy and suck on it,
even if it was filled with sperm. My arousal was so high I would have
consented to anything for a chance to release my tension inside her.

Karen smiled. “I know you mean it. The others meant it too, but after
their release they’d tell me they just couldn’t do it.” She looked at
my anxious cock. A string of pre-cum hung down.

She grasped my cock and milked some pre-cum onto her finger and
brought it to my mouth. I sucked on her finger, which pleased her, and
She appeared to relent a little.

“I’ll try out my idea,” She cryptically said, and lay back on her bed.
She spread her legs enough to show her aroused pussy. “I want you to
stay inside me for an hour before you cum,” she continued. “You’ll
have to keep still, but you can pump enough to stay hard.”

Her eyes gleamed teasingly. I knew it would be challenging to accede
to her wishes. My cock was already anticipating quick thrusts followed
by an ecstatic release of lust. I didn’t know if I could last that
long, but it would be fun to try.

I got between her legs and entered her. Her arousal made it easy. I
got down on top of her and pumped a couple of times to settle inside

“Easy now,” she panted, and placed her hands above her head. She
puckered her lips and I pressed in for kisses. My senses were almost
overloaded with the sweet feeling of finally being inside her, front
to front, tasting her kisses, feeling my chest against hers, and
seeing her magnificent body.

I’m sure my rock hard member seeped profusely after as short a time as
a minute or two. I knew I had to keep completely still inside her as
long as my erection was firm, or I’d easily cross the line.

I gazed into her excited eyes; I kissed and licked her breasts; even
her underarms were attractive, and she squirmed when I swiped my
tongue inside them. I occasionally felt a pulse of cum involuntarily
spurt from my cock when the erotic stimulation became especially
intense. When the feeling at the base of my cock was that of impending
ejaculation, I had to direct my attention away from Karen and the
sensual feeling of contact with her.

After several minutes I felt I could give one or two pumps. I was
careful, and took them slowly. Under the state of arousal, I felt like
I’d been inside her for a long time. Karen dared not whisper
endearments — She knew my reaction might be to fall into the point of
inevitability. Her excited smile and gleaming eyes brought me close to
that point several times. A strong act of will on my part served to
keep the feeling under control.

Fifteen minutes. It seemed like an eternity, so close to ejaculating,
yet wanting to delay it, with my cock practically screaming at me to
let it do what it wanted. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold
out. I had experimented a few times with edging practice, where the
goal is to stay just under the point of no return. It had not been
easy, and I had rarely stayed in the zone as long as I wanted.

I knew She wanted to say something. I made the slightest movement and
felt another squirt spill into her.

“Karen,” I panted, “I can’t last much longer.”

“Try, Rick. It feels so good. I love the way you fill me up.”

I pressed my lips together. I was well familiar with the amount of
stimulation where it is simply not possible to delay ejaculation any
longer, and I was near that point, even when keeping completely still.

I hung on. Twenty minutes had passed since I first entered her. She
wanted at least three times as long as I had lasted so far. Is it even
possible, I wondered.

“Please,” I implored aloud, not to her but to myself. I desperately
wanted to give her the pleasure She wanted. A moment later I looked in
her eyes and called her name. She knew I was truly at the end of my

She stirred under me. “Let’s turn over,” She said. As soon as She was
on top of me She rocked her hips while keeping her pussy pressed
firmly against me. The instant I crossed into ejaculation she kept us
as still as she could, preventing my pumping as much as possible while
enduring my frenzied twisting. I spurted uncontrollably inside her.

Afterward, my member was still steeped in the sweet feeling of having
released, and Karen giggled.

“Are you ready?” She asked.

“Yes, Karen! Yes!”

She pulled back and quickly straddled my mouth. I felt the warmth of
her pussy, the wetness of our sweat — and the mixture of our juices
at her entrance. With my mouth surrounding her opening, I brusquely
swiped my tongue on her labia and got a fair amount of cream.

Now she was the one aroused beyond words. Her eyes gleamed with
anticipation as I hungrily scooped our blended juices while she
vigorously rocked her hips. I swallowed a wad, and she crested into a
raucous orgasm. I kept going after the pie, and she kept wiggling.
After she had three climaxes and I could not get any more, she
breathlessly lay down beside me, a satisfied smile on her face.

She giggled, and licked around my mouth. “My idea worked,” she said.
“By keeping you still when you squirted, you kept some of your arousal
and motivation.”

It was true. I was still aroused, and wanted to have unhampered
intercourse with her.

She pulled me on top of her. “Now that you’ve done it, can you follow
through when you’ve had more release?”

“Every time if you want to, Karen.”

I entered her, and it was exquisite – as I probed her inner depths, I
saw up close the various expressions of pleasure on her face, tasted
her kisses, and gazed into her eyes. Eventually I blasted forth inside
her, and kept thrusting until I slipped out. Then she spread her legs,
and in the classic cunnilingus position I worked on extracting my
sperm from her pussy.

I had to admit that my motivation was less than the first time, but
having the first time’s experience made it easier. I knew I could give
her the pleasure She wanted without backing down.

I spent the night in her bed, during which we engaged in another
frenzied sexual romp, followed by her sweet gasps of orgasm.

Karen likes to sit spread-legged on the ottoman, with her legs spread
as wide as possible, with her hands on her hips as I kneel before her
and pump my hard member in her pussy. She stays that way after my
profuse squirting, and has several open-mouthed orgasms as I suck her
pussy clean of my sperm.

Last week, Karen did something especially erotic. After I gave her an
especially profuse load of sperm due to my having refrained for
several days, she got a spoon and inserted it in her pussy. She
scooped up a spoonful of semen and stirred it into her coffee. Then
as she sat at the table with her legs spread, I sucked out the rest of
the combined juices. She had an intense orgasm from my attentions.

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