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It was an October Friday evening when the white, 18 – y/o Larry and his 20 – y/o brother, Stefan. came home for lunch from the college they attended and found Gale, their divorced, 37 – y/o mother s open laptop in the kitchen with the following on its screen: – Considering I m masochistic, inordinately submissive and need degradation, it s thrilling to admit I m shameful and interested in anything abusive that doesn t physically harm me, especially my sons forcing me.

Astonished, the youngsters didn t speak until Larry asked, Mom can t possibly mean that, can she?

Oh, yeah, she can. I saw her reading a rape – fantasy novel the other day and she looked excited, although she must ve e – mailed her message from her office this morning, Stefan replied.

But how does she know we ll do that to her? Larry inquired.

A lucky guess. Besides, she s heard us talking about slamming girls, Stefan answered.

Right. So when are we going slam her? his brother grinned.

Let s surprise her after she goes to bed tonight, Stefan said.

Nonetheless, most people wouldn t have believed that Gale wasn t prim and proper since she appeared innocent – though she had rather big, firm tits, black hair, nice legs and lovely face.

And once she d walked into the house that night, she said, Are you boys hungry? I am.

We ve already eaten, Stefan informed her.

Following dinner, however. she watched TV and repaired to her bedroom at 11:30.

She d scarcely disrobed, turned the lights out and slid under the covers before, naked, Larry and Stefan entered the room and pulled the covers off her luscious body.

Startled, she sat up and whispered, What are you doing?

We re going to stomp your holes! Larry snarled.

Yeah! Beg us to hurt you, bitch! Stefan ordered.

Oh, god! Please hurt me! she obeyed as Larry shoved his finger into her furry vag and remarked, This is your den of vice, mom!

Yes, sir!

Next, Stefan drilled his thick, 10 – inched cock into her pooper.

Aaaah! she gasped.

Shut up, you dirty slut! he yelled.

That s it! Rape her! Larry told his brother.

Fuck you, fuck you, mom! Stefan roared.

Eeeeeh! Gale shrieked,

For a cruel 10 minutes, Stefan hammered her anus before punching his seed into it and withdrawing from her, after which Larry said. You re too dumb to realize you embarrass your sons because you re filthy whore, aren t you?

I m a bad mother! the vamp sobbed.

Yeah, you are, troll! Larry snorted while jamming his 12 – inched pecker into her throat.

Ummm! she mumbled.

Why don t I masturbate you, huh, pig? Stefan inquired, as he located her clit and rubbed it until she had a loudly – moaning climax.

Listen to her! Stefan chuckled, followed by Larry ejaculating in her mouth.

Did you enjoy us violating you? he asked.

Yes, son.

You re even worse than a bad mother! Stefan jeered…

… not to mention a worthless trash – bag! Larry disparaged her.

The studs then departed the room and left Gale to sleep while dreaming they d rape her again whenever they wanted, and, of course, they did.

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