Glory hole for my Wife
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Bridget lay on the sliding bed. She was fully clothed with a long skirt and some white Keds tennis shoes. She loved to wear those white sneakers with knee-high white socks under her long black skirts.
My Wife Bridget is simple. She has long brown hair that is thick and wavy and big almond eyes. She is half Italian and half Greek and reminds me of a young Julia Roberts, with a gentle voice and big brown, long eyelashes.
The sliding bed was one that slid through a hole in a wall which left my wife protruding half way out so that her legs and waist vanished behind the edifice, or the flat, monolithic and hard wall.
She looked up at me and smiled. She knew that I loved her and was always there for her no matter what. That is what that smile said. But it also was a smile that knew she was about to experience intense, orgasmic, pleasure from another.
“John, I feel someone holding my ankle.”
The thrill of another man holding my wife’s ankle suddenly sent a shiver and pump down my rectum. I put my hand around her wrist. The game was beginning. She in turn help me with her other arm and hand.
“Tell me what he’s doing to you, my love.” I whispered in her ear.
“He’s not doing anything, yet. He’s just holding my legs and rubbing the sides of my ankles. I feel him putting his fingers all around them. He has a strong grip, John. But he’s gentle. He’s teasing me by twirling his hand on the skin of my legs like gentle angel kisses”
I saw her eyes bulge a little. I feared that his hands may have dipped into her loving cup reaching for all her glorious, melting insides.
“My love?”
“Oh John, don’t worry, my shoes are still on, but his hands are moving up my long skirt and he’s touching my knees, John. I think he’s licking the sides of my knees. His tongue is so longue. He’s a monster of a man. I can’t wait to feel him rummage through my cabinets”
The look on Bridget’s face was one of anticipation.
“John, he just took off my left shoes and he’s messaging my feet. You haven’t done that for me in a long time, John, you’re a bad boy. Now you have to watch as another man does what you’re too busy to do. His other hand is around my thick. We haven’t made contact yet but I can feel his dirty hands nearly inside of me”
She was turning kinky. My pistol wasn’t full yet but it was getting there. I held back the thrust or pump of my cock but then bridge grabbed my knob with her long, psychic fingers and felt me getting hard.
“John, you dirty bastard, you like this. You’re just going to let this man plug me like a hole? You sick fuck.”
She was squirming a little more.
“John, he didn’t take off my underwear because I didn’t put any on for you to hear him fuck me. Do you know what he’s doing right now? He’s putting the tip of his dick on my pussy and teasing me. Tell him to put it inside John! Oh god, tell him to stop teasing me! I want his cock so bad…he hears us too. I can feel him getting harder as he hears us John. So are you. You’re both bad boys. You both need to be…”
She gasped a little. Now I knew the man on the other side of the wall was drinking from her golden chalice. I imagined his face was dripping with her sweet wine as it poured out onto his tongue from her deep well.
“Fuck he’s eating me. Oh my god….unreal, John, I can feel the stubble of his face. First he teased me with his cock and tricked me…my pussy rained for him, and now he’s drinking from me like a fish. I’m going to squeeze my legs around him…is that okay with you sissy boy.”
She took off her top and her saggy, yet still beautiful, tits sunk to the side with her two golden brown nipples each erect like the leaning tower of Pizza. Her nipples were huge and luscious and her breasts were venomously large from her small frame. She was a seductress.
“Come here John,” she pulled my face down on to her nipples and I devoured them. Suddenly I felt a force move up her spine and through her body as I heard a loud slap from behind the wall followed by a ghastly moan from my wife.

“John, he’s inside of me! He’s so big! I wonder if he’s black. He must be at least six inches taller than you!”
Her breasts began waving back into her face as the man behind the wall accelerated with rhythmic thrusts. I could feel the rhythm of this beast pulsate through her and into me and I could feel her pleasure translate into my meat stick as she rubbed and kneaded it through my pants to the very same rhythm of the man fucking her.
“John,” she said in between breaths, “he’s….fucking….me….he’s…..fucking…..fucking….me…..fuck me you wild animal, fuck me!”
“Ahhh! John! You motherfucker, he’s coming inside of me! I Can feel him warm and dripping. There’s so much, so much more than you could ever give me you creep!” she screamed as her back arched and with an unholy shudder fell.

I quickly slid her back out of the glory hole made for women, the one in which entire body vanished into a corridor of random strangers.
I quickly lifted her skirt. Her crevice looked defiled and stretched out as thick seed spilled out over her two cheeks and ripped on to the sliding construct. I put my fingers inside and felt the deep wetness inside as if it had just rained for all of summer inside of her and all that was left were puddles of mud.
I began fingering her. She opened her eyes and looked at me. Now it was my turn.
I Went down and ate her snatch, licking behind every fold, gently, like a nibbling puppy.
She kept moaning, “you sick fuck,” but contrary to her words, her body was post-orgasmic, experiencing deep pleasure and she kneaded my hair as she thrust my chin into the space between her golden cheeks.
There were a few hairs on her ass, and I licked over them as the other man’s seed still drip.
It looked like a mess that I was happy to eat.
Finally, I pulled out my dick and began fucking her until I spilled inside. I gave her a kiss and we left.

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