My Magical Lover
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We sat out on the balcony looking at the people walking
by on the sidewalk below. I was smoking a cigarette and
lying in my lawn chair.

“Anything else you need?” the little munchkin said sit-
ting across from me, buttoning up his little pants.

“Ummm…a real boyfriend?” I said sort of jokingly.

“You big fat cow! What do you need a boyfriend for when
you have me?!” the little guy said rather irritated.

With a snap of his tiny fingers he turned into this big
blond Thor-sized muscle-bound man in tiny red Speedos.
He was tan and tall and had a huge bulge in his trunks.

“Wow!” I said looking at him.

This lady came walking by with a small child on a leash
and obviously a bun in the oven. Her belly stuck out in
her maternity clothes pretty prominently.

“You know, I never fucked a pregnant girl,” the Thor-
sized munchkin-in-disguise said as he glanced at the
pregnant woman.

“Don’t get any ideas!” I warned him.

“Too late!” He smiled at me.

My belly rumbled.

“Ooh! Hey!!” I exclaimed as I slid my hand to my sto-
mach. I felt my tummy rumble again and felt it rise a

I gasped as suddenly my abdomen expanded, rising up
like I had swallowed a balloon and it was inflating in
my belly. The stirrup pants I was wearing stretched
until they couldn’t stretch any further. They slid down
away from my rising tummy. My belly grew bigger, bigger
, bigger, pushing up, nudging my big boobs.

“Oh my word! Stop! I’m going to burst!” I told the
naughty little man who was suddenly back down to his
normal size and smiling as I ballooned.

“Ye know, seems to me that a pregnant woman also has
breasts filled with milk,” The little man grinned. “In
fact, it seems a woman’s breasts get extra big when
they get all milk-laden.”

“Oh no, you don’t! Thank you but my bosoms are quite
fine the size they are…thanks to your over-imagina-
tive little mind,” I said glancing momentarily at my
40DD breasts. I used to be a petite “little” 36D until
the little troublemaker entered my life. My belly
finally stopped growing. I was huge and very VERY
pregnant looking.

The little man stroked his chin and then smiled. “If
you’re going to play the part you have to look it too!”
he said snapping his fingers again.

My whole chest rumbled.

“Oh noooo!! Don’t do this to meeeeee!!”

Suddenly my big twins ballooned up and outward and got
so heavy that the chair I sat in creaked beneath the
added weight.

The pregnant woman walking along the sidewalk glanced
up and saw me on the balcony. I could tell by her
expression that she didn’t “show” as much as I must
have been. She subconsciously ran her hand over her own
swollen belly and breasts as she looked again.

“Come inside, my dear,” the munchkin said assuming his
blond hunk-boy size again.

“What will my parents say?!” I whined as he helped me
to my feet. I was so large I almost fell over.

“You haven’t seen them in almost a year now. They’ll
probably think their big-titted slut-of-a-daughter
finally got what she deserved,” the munchkin said as
he guided me to the bedroom.

I lay on my back with my huge milk-heavy tits sticking
up and a mountain of a belly rising up beyond them. I
couldn’t see the little munchkin beyond my belly but
his cock was doing the dirty dance I was so used to
from him. Ever since I found him, he had never missed
and opportunity to screw me.

“This is like fucking a beached whale!” I heard him
grunt as his hands pushed against my big tight belly.

He made his dick bigger and bigger until my legs were
spread wide and I was moaning from the friction.

“Ooh! I’m gonna explode in your fat little twat!” the
munchkin snarled as his huge cock trembled in my stuf-
fed pussy.

I could only lay there and moan as I felt his huge cock
tremble then explode inside me. Cum filled me and gush-
ed out of my swollen pussy.

“That’s it, mama!” he grunted a he pounded away in my
cunt, making squishing noises.


My little munchkin man assumed his Thor hunk-guy per-
sona and we went over to a gathering with my friends.
I hadn’t seen them in a while nor had any of them seen
me, especially how I was now.

“Do you think you could make that bulge in your pants
any more prominent?” I asked sarcastically, as we drove
to my friends.

“I wanna show off. Show the guys and girls what you get
stuffed up your little cunt,” he smiled.

“By the way, you ought to be a bit bigger now I think,”
the naughty little man grinned.

“Oh, please. I’m quite big enough now,” I told him wav-
ing a finger at him.

He leaned over and sucked my finger into his mouth with
an evil grin. I gasped as he seemed to blow into my
finger. My huge belly rose even bigger in the huge
maternity outfit I now had to wear. My big breasts grew
even larger and heavier pressing against the material
constricting me.

“Oh my!” I gasped never being as big as I was now. “I
think I’m starting to enjoy being this way, playing
pregnant,” I said running my free hand over my big

He blew again and I became even bigger.


We arrived at my friend’s house. Funny, they were try-
ing to have a baby and when they saw me walk up to the
door all huge and obviously very pregnant I’m sure they
were shocked.

“Come in, come in!” my friends said inviting us into
their home.

“My word! Look at how big you are!!” my friend’s hus-
band exclaimed as I waddled in.

“Ooh, I’m so happy for you,” my friend Gail said, giv-
ing me a little hug then rubbing my belly. “How far
along are you?”

“Uh…” I glanced at the munchkin.

“Five months,” he smiled.

“Five months?! Wow!! You’re really huge for five
months!” she said.

“Yeah, I feel ready to burst,” I said glancing at my

We went into the living room where everyone else was
sitting. They were all surprised to see how huge my
belly and breasts were.

“She’s always been a little busty,” my friend said
smiling at “Thor.” “But I can’t believe her size now!”

“She is a fat one,” the munchkin man said sitting next
to me. He squeezed my leg and I felt my belly rumble.

The huge maternity bra I wore, my huge heavy tits al-
ready bulging over the rims of the cups, grew a bit
tighter around my poor back. I wiggled about on the
couch, my stretch pants slipping down a little exposing
my big belly.

“So, are you going to breast feed?” Gail’s husband
asked as everyone looked down at my huge breasts al-
ready knowing the answer I was sure.

“She could breast feed the whole city I think,” the
munchkin chuckled, slapping my leg.

I looked at him a little irritated. My bra straps were
beginning to dig into my back and I kept pulling my
stretch top over my belly but it kept sliding up as my
stretch pants slid down a little more.

Everyone except the munchkin and I got up to go to the
kitchen for drinks. They left us there in the living

“What are you doing?! Stop it!!” I scolded the munchkin.


“You know what!! making me grow a little as we sit
here!!” I told him.

“What are you talking about, you bloated cow?! I’m not
doing anything to you!!” he said slightly pissed, giv-
ing my leg a pinch.

“Oh right! I know you and your tricks, you little…”
I suddenly felt something in my belly, it was a sensa-
tion that ran all over my body. “OH MY!!”

“What? What’s wrong with you, you whiny bitch?” the
munchkin said as he looked at me. My hands were on my
big belly.

“M-my stomach! S-something is h-happening!!” I grimaced
as I rubbed my huge belly.

“What?! What are you talking about?!” My munchkin said
annoyed at my whining. His hand was resting on my

“OH!!” I cried as I ran my hands to my big heavy
IT!!” I said rubbing my huge boobs.

The hostess walked in with two glasses. “I thought you
two might like some..” She stopped and stared. “Oh my!!
Dori!! What in the world?!”

My huge belly was bulging out. It had pushed my big
stretch pants down and my top up. My breasts were so
big, the top looked like a second skin. My poor nipples
were also enormous, poking up against the top.

“I think we better get going. Dori isn’t feeling too
well,” the munchkin said to the woman with the drinks.

ran my little hands over my big pregnant belly.

The munchkin took my hand and ushered me out the front
door. I wobbled all the way to the car. I stopped at
the passenger side door as he went to open the car on
the driver’s side. He slid into the front seat and
leaned over and unlocked the door, opening it and giv-
ing it a shove.

“Get in!” he commanded.

“I can’t!” he heard me cry.

“What?! Quit fooling around!” he said as he glanced out
the door.

“I’m too big!! What’s happening to me!!” I cried as he
looked out, his eyes bugging out seeing the size of me.
My swelling belly had pushed down the stretch pants and
the top had ridden up, being pushed aside by my gaining

The little man got out of the car and came around to
where I stood. He put a hand to my belly, feeling it
rumble then actually swell.

“Quit that!!” I cried.

“But I’m not using any of my magic to make you bigger!”
he said as he took his hand away from the fattening

“Well, something is happening!”

“Something indeed. The only time this happens is if…”
A wide-eyed look at surprise crossed his features. “Oh
my!! Unless you are really pregnant! I’m not sure but
my magical sperm mixed with your human egg…”

“What do you mean I’m really pregnant? Why am I getting
so big?”

“Well, my species usually don’t carry their young
through the whole duration because we birth about ten
babies at a time. The pregnancy cycle for your species
and us probably doesn’t mix and the magic inside you…”
he tried to explain thinking hard about the situation.

“You mean I am pregnant with ten babies?! Is that why
I’m getting so big?!” I cried not believing this was
happening to me.

“Well, the babies and the magic are probably making you
swell,” the munchkin said. “We must get you home, to my
place and investigate this further.”

He looked at me and the at the car.

“It seems that form of transportation is out,” the
munchkin said looking back at me. “I guess I will have
to use a little magic and use YOU as our transportation

“Me?! What are you going to do?”

“Ever been in a hot air balloon?” he smiled mischie-

“No,” I replied.

“Better yet, have you ever been a hot air balloon?”

“OH NO!! NOOOO!!!” I cried as he snapped his fingers
and stood back as my belly and breasts and everything
except my head began to expand. I grew up and up, ris-
ing up through the tree branches as my body swelled
larger and larger. Below, I heard the munchkin snap
his fingers again and I saw the car vanish and a big

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