Paper Man
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I was trying to work my way through school so I took this job
selling newspaper subscriptions door to door. It was a Friday
evening and I was getting pretty tired when I knocked on a door in
this apartment building.
Well when the door opened I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.
This cute little blond, about 5’5″ stood at the door with a tank
top and silk jogging shorts that clung to her well developed 38-
22-36 body.
I could hardly talk as it was obvious she didn’t have on a bra and
her nipples stood out like someone had sucked on them for the last
20 minutes. She asked what I wanted and I started to tell her
about the newspaper.
She asked me to come in and sit at the kitchen table. About that
time I thought I was seeing double as in came her daughter. They
looked so much alike I thought they were twins. The mother’s name
was Sarah and Sally was the daughter. What a pair, I mean both
I again started to explain why I was there when Sarah asked if I
would like a drink. I said a coke would be great. She went to
the fridge and bent down to get the drinks and her jogging shorts
jumped up her crack and out peaked the blondest pussy hair I’d
ever seen. Sally saw me watching and immediately her eyes fell to
the hard spot in the front of my pants.
Sarah brought the drinks and sat down. Sally then dropped her
lighter on the floor and when she bent down to pick it up I saw
one beautiful set of tits hanging down waiting to be squeezed and
played with. Her mother was also watching and asked if I liked to
look at breasts? I didn’t know what to say and I mumbled a yea or
Again I started to explain my visit when in walked, Sabrina, the
other sister. She didn’t look like Sarah or Sally. She had coal
black hair and dark eyes that reeked with sex. Sabrina had a bath
robe on that was open enough to see that the curls at her crotch
were as black as the hair on her head. Her tits were smaller then
her mother and sister’s, but they stood straight out holding the
robe up and away from her gorgeous body.
By now I didn’t even know why I was there. Sabrina sat with us
and we all kind of looked at each other. The mother kept her
stares at my cock and I was certainly getting hot. I saw Sally
reach down between her legs and start a circle motion with her
hand. The whole time she was doing it her tits heaved with each
breath she took and the nipples were about to break through the
It wasn’t long before I saw Sabrina drop her hand to her crotch.
She did even care that the robe was completely open and her entire
beautiful body was there for me to take in. The mother was still
staring at my cock and it felt like it was going to shoot off
right there.
Before I could start my speech again I felt a hand stoke my leg.
I stood up and told them I couldn’t take it anymore. If they
didn’t stop what they were doing I would fuck them all. Sarah
asked if I thought I could handle all three of them? I told her
I’d give it all I had which was about 9 inches. It felt like it
was 14 inches as hot as I was.
Sarah dropped to her knees and said she wanted to see this three
woman pleaser and before I knew what was happening she had my cock
out and was licking the head like it was a lollipop. The other
two girls couldn’t have ole mom outdo them, so before I could say
nipple, I had four tits staring me in the face. What’s a man to
do but start sucking and licking.
Sarah was really doing a number on my nine inches. She didn’t
stop at the head, she was about to have all of that meat down her
throat in no time flat. I reached over and started to massage
Sally and Sabrina’s pussy. I couldn’t believe how wet these two
cunts were already. It felt like someone had shot a load in their
cunts and it just stayed there. I’d never felt two wetter hotter
cunts in my life.
Sarah pulled her sucking lips off my cock and suggested we retire
to the living room. I was in no shape to argue at this point.
I’d have followed them to the end of the earth. As soon as we
reached the living room all the ladies removed every piece of
clothing they had on. I wasn’t going to be left out so I followed
Sabrina laid on the floor and spread her shapely legs and asked if
I ever ate pussy. I didn’t have to be asked twice. I started to
lick that jet black cunt without hesitation. It was so hot and
wet that I thought it was licking me. Sally crawled between my
legs and decided she was going to have a nine inch snack. She
started sucking my cock so hard I thought I’d pass out. Mom
wasn’t going to be left out so she started to lick the blond
little pussy between Sally’s legs.
This went on for awhile when Sarah jumped up and said she wanted
to be the first to fuck my cock. The girls certainly obeyed their
mother because I was laid flat on my back and Sarah jumped on.
Sally decided it was time to have me eat her pussy, so she sat on
my face while her mother was pumping up and down on my cock.
Sabrina did not want to be left out so she started to suck her
sisters tits while I ate her honey hot cunt.
It didn’t take long for me to shot a hot load of cum in Sarah. I
shot so much that it started to run out of her cunt before we were
both through cumming. Sabrina saw what was happening and
immediately began to lick up the excess cum that was forming at
the base of my cock. About that time Sally was pumping her hot
little pussy on my face about 60 miles a hour. Soon she was
yelling at me to lick harder. Harder she screamed. The harder I
licked the faster she moved. She was pushing that cunny so hard
on my face, I thought my nose was going to break. She was gushing
hot pussy juice all over my face. The whole time she kept pulling
at her hard long nipples. They were so hard they looked as if
they were going to shoot cum.
I thought I’d really had it and was done until Sabrina said it was
her turn. She began to suck me until I was hard again. I really
didn’t think I could get hard again, but these women really knew
how to please a cock. Sabrina was just like her mother when in
came to cock pleasing. Before I knew it, she had all nine inches
down her throat and was using her tongue to tickle my balls. It
wasn’t very long before my meat was again ready for a hot hole.
She slid her hot pussy down my shaft in one quick motion. Sally
saw the opportunity and began to suck Sabrina’s tits while she was
stoking my cock. The mother told me it was time for me to eat her
cunt since I’d already fucked her. She straddled my already
soaking wet face and started to grind her wetness into my face.
These gals had the hottest cunts I’ve ever tasted. I thought her
juices were going to drown me.
Sabrina was pumping my cock like there was no tomorrow. She had
the great control over her cunt muscles. As she was sliding up,
she would tighten her cunt and it almost pulled my cock out of its
socket. Sabrina started to scream, “I’m cumming, give me more
cock. Fill my hot hole with cum. Fuck me harder.” Hell I was
just laying there. Sarah continued to grind that clit into my
mouth. About every three seconds I could feel her pussy juices
spraying my tired tongue. Sally had now switched and started to
suck her mothers tits. Watching that I felt a huge load of cum
starting to reach the end of my cock. I told Sabrina to hold on
that I was going to fill that cunt with hot cum. Sarah then
yelled, “I cumming with yea,” and she moved that cunt even faster
on my tongue.
I shot a load like I didn’t know I had. I think I pumped for
another 5 minutes before I collapsed with exhaustion. I’d had all
I could take for one night.
I didn’t thing I’d make it that night, but I’ll say one thing
about those three ladies. If they ever find a man to stay with
them permanently, he’ll never be lacking for sex. I never did
sell any papers, but who cares. Money isn’t everything.

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