Backstage pass at rock concert
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I was a bit wild in college. I grew up a small-town girl who suddenly sprung free when I arrived on campus. Over my university tenure, I enthusiastically enjoyed many novel and interesting experiences, including girl-on-girl sex, boy and girl threesomes, way too much drinking…even some light drug use. In fact, all through my first two years I was definitely into seeking out crazy new adventures. By the time I was in my fifth semester, I was a little more settled, although I still had a bit of a wild hair now and then.

One weekend late in my junior year, my favorite hard rock band was coming to play at an arena in nearby Columbus, OH. As it turned out, my boyfriend was tied up that weekend and couldn’t go to the concert with me. I decided to go anyway, and then had a crazy idea pop into my head…..I wanted to try to get backstage and party with the band.

I had never done this before, but I kind of knew how it worked….you dress like a slut, try to catch the eye of the security guys or manager-types who are picking groupies from the crowd, and….if it works….voila, you’re backstage with the band. At least that’s how I figured it would work.

So, the night of the concert, I pulled out one of my sluttiest outfits. I was an attractive co-ed, with long brown hair, big brown eyes, natural 36DD tits, and a narrow waist, so I figured I’d at least get noticed….wasn’t really sure about getting backstage. I chose to wear a tube top made of crinkly, stretchy material, with spaghetti straps, and a short denim skirt with thong panties underneath. The tube top made wearing a bra impractical, and the thin straps over my shoulders did nothing to keep my big boobs from bouncing and swaying as I walked or moved around. And since going braless always made my sensitive nipples a little stiffer than normal, I knew I had obvious nipple bumps showing through the thin, lycra material covering my breasts. After throwing on a little too much make-up, I was ready to go.

When I got to the concert venue, I parked my car, then made my way to the side entrance where band members and roadies came and went, and where the security guys, obvious in yellow shirts and khaki shorts, congregated and eyed the groupies. As I approached the small crowd standing by the side door, I noticed a bunch of girls dressed a lot like me….some even sluttier. I smiled to myself, then started elbowing my way to the front of the pack, making no friends along the way. When I got to the front of the crowd, I started jumping up and down with my hands over my head, trying to get the attention of the big, black guy who was clearly the one in charge of the security team.

With my tube top barely able to contain my bouncing boobs as I jumped around waving my hands, it didn’t take long for him to notice me. He gave me a big, toothy smile and waved me over to where he stood. Once I got there, he put his hand around my waist and ushered me in the side door, then off to the right a little bit, where there were instruments, storage crates and spare amplifiers all over the place. I didn’t know where I was going, so after I took a few steps amongst the equipment, I stopped and started to turn around to ask where we were going. Before I could get my head turned around, the security guy reached around from behind and grabbed both of my tits, pulling me back into his body and rubbing his crotch against my ass as he did.

I was totally surprised! “What the fuck? What are you doing?” I said over my shoulder.

He kept kneading my tits over my tube top and rubbing what felt like a really big bulge against my ass cheeks, and quipped, “What? You didn’t think a backstage pass was free, did you?”

As his hands mauled my boobs and the presence of a really big cock against my ass became more obvious, I mumbled, “Well….I guess I never thought about it.”

With a laugh he pulled my tube top down, allowing my breasts to spring free, then went back to squeezing my boobs….occasionally finding my already stiff nipples with his fingers and pulling on them, which made them even stiffer. I noticed that his hands were almost big enough to cover the entire flesh of my big tits…but not quite. He seemed to be really enjoying himself as he fondled and massaged my breasts like he was kneading dough. And, I have to admit, it was having an effect on me, as I could feel my pussy getting moist.

With his hands still holding both tits, he used the pressure from his hips to move me toward an amplifier crate that was just about waist high. When the front of my thighs bumped into the crate, he pushed me forward so I was bending over it….my ass rubbing directly up against his growing shaft, which I could now clearly feel through his khaki shorts.

So, there I was….bent over the amplifier crate, resting on my elbows, as the security guy played with my dangling tits and dry humped my ass. I felt a bit self-conscious, so I took a quick look around to see what else was going on and if anyone was noticing. The stage was already set up for the band, so there were relatively few guys actually plugging in amps and stringing wires. As I continued to look around, I was a little surprised to see other girls…dressed in slutty outfits, like me…with their tits hanging out and bent over other equipment and storage boxes, or kneeling in front of other security guys and roadies, giving blowjobs or getting fucked….obviously “paying for their backstage passes”, just like me.

My mind was wrenched back to my current situation when I felt the security guy behind me flip my denim skirt up onto my lower back, pull my thong panties down to my ankles, and use his knees to push my legs farther apart. Then I heard the sound of his zipper coming down, followed by him lining up the head of his cock with my wet pussy, and starting to shove it in. He began slowly, sliding it in and out until my vagina was acclimated to his size. After rocking his hips back and forth for a few minutes, he finally got his cock balls-deep in my pussy, and picked up the pace….eventually slamming it in and out of me like a jackhammer. I could feel his dangling nut sack slapping against my clitoris, as he continued massaging my swinging tits while he drilled me from behind. His shaft was the thickest I’d ever had inside me, and it filled my cunt completely, hitting all the right spots and making me moan and grunt as he pounded away.

Between the sheer size of his rigid pole, his flopping testicles banging against my clit, and his fingers pinching my stiff nipples, I felt an intense orgasm rip through my body. God, his thick cock felt amazing as it plowed into my pussy over and over. I closed my eyes and pushed back on his shaft with every one of his forward thrusts, enjoying my climax as it washed over me like a warm, tingly tidal wave.

Suddenly, he grabbed my hips and rammed his hips forward, holding my ass hard against his torso as he blasted a huge load of cum deep inside my cunt. He pulled out to the tip of his cock, then slammed it back in, holding it there again as he spewed more hot jizzm all over the walls of my pussy. He did this over and over, making my tits swing forward with every lunge, slapping against my chin, and making me grunt from the force of each thrust.

When he finally finished cumming, he pulled his softening prick from my pussy, grabbed a towel sitting on a nearby amplifier and wiped off his shaft. Then he grabbed another towel and tossed it to me, before stuffing his dick back into his khaki shorts and pulling up his zipper.

As I used the towel to clean between my legs and pull my thong back up, he told me where to stand to watch the band from backstage, and pointed out where everyone would be partying backstage after the concert was over. He reached out and grabbed my tits again, which were still swaying outside my tube top as I wiped cum from my pussy and thighs. Reluctantly he finally released my boobs, then playfully slapped them to watch them wobble back and forth, before heading back to his security duties by the side door.

I pulled my tube top back up over my tits, then stood where he had told me to stand and watched the band take the stage. This was amazing!! I was actually only about 20 feet away from my rock idols! I looked around again and saw the other girls cleaning up and taking their positions nearby as we all started dancing and gyrating to the heavy metal bass and drum beat that was filling the arena and vibrating up through the floor beneath our feet.

As the band pounded out one song after another, I felt like I was in another world. The sound was almost deafening, but the experience was unreal. I danced and jumped around as I absorbed every tasty moment of being backstage, watching my favorite band play my favorite songs.

About half way through the concert, I felt an arm thrown across my shoulder. I looked to my left to see who it was, and saw that it was one of the roadies that had been moving the equipment around on-stage before the concert. He was kind of chubby, not horrible looking, although definitely not my type. He smiled down at me and, with the hand that was draped over my shoulder, reached inside my tube top and began fondling my right breast. He said something that I couldn’t hear due to the level of music from the stage, and I looked up at his face and yelled “What?” Rather than respond, he just pointed down to his crotch. When my eyes followed where he was pointing, I saw that he had unzipped his fly and pulled out a decent sized cock. It was semi-hard, so it hung out from his body a little, with a soft bend to the shaft, the tip pointing at the floor in front of him.

As I looked at his dick, he reached down and began stroking it with the hand that wasn’t squeezing my tit. I saw it start to stiffen, and I felt his arm across my shoulder push me down to my knees, then move up to the back of my head and pull me forward toward his prick. I figured this was just an additional price to pay for my backstage pass, so I opened my mouth and sucked the tip of his cock inside. Thankfully, his dick wasn’t as big as the one stuffed inside me earlier, so I was able to suck it without too much trouble. I bobbed my head back and forth on his pole, using my tongue around the tip, and it didn’t take long before he blew a load of cum down my throat. I swallowed, then sucked a little longer on his shaft, pulling out the last remnants of spunk from the tip of his dick. When he was done cumming, I pulled his shrinking cock out of my mouth, stroked it a few times for good measure, then shoved it back into his jeans and zipped him up.

He seemed satisfied. He gave me a huge, stupid grin, then headed off to do whatever roadie tasks needed to be done. I stood up, pulled my tube top back up to cover my boobs, and finished dancing and jumping around to the last three songs of the concert.

When the show was over, I watched the band members rush off stage toward the area that the security guy told me about. I looked around and noticed that the other girls and the band’s entourage were heading in the same direction, so I hurried off with that group, hoping to catch the attention of one of the musicians we’d been watching.

As we all clamored through the door of the after-party area, I literally stumbled into the bass player, Tony, who had to catch me to keep me from doing a face-plant right in front of him. When he caught me, one of his hands grabbed a good handful of boob, which he held onto a little longer than was necessary to get me steadied. I didn’t mind at all….I was starry-eyed….almost losing my voice as I stared at him with a goofy smile plastered on my face. With a slight stutter, I introduced myself and began chatting with him. We tried a little small talk and laughed at our one-liners as we warmed up to each other. Then I noticed he couldn’t take his eyes off my boobs, which wobbled when I laughed. His focus seemed locked onto my nipples, which were clearly protruding through the thin material of my top….pretty much exactly as I had planned it.

I grinned at him, then reached between his legs and grabbed hold of his bulge, saying, “Since you got to squeeze my tit, do I get to grab your crotch?”

He laughed….especially when I didn’t release my hand after asking the question. He said, “Well, I guess we know each other well enough now, eh?” And grabbed both of my breasts with his hands, pressing the flesh of each boob through my tube top, and finding my nipples with his fingers. We were leaning against the wall just next to the refreshment table, which included food, beer, liquor and even some smack, so there was a lot of traffic – groupies, roadies, and manager-types – all jockeying for the food, drink and attention right near us. We decided we needed to move somewhere else.

The room was getting pretty crowded and noisy, so Tony released my tits, grabbed a couple of beers for the two of us, then put his hand around my waist and maneuvered me over to a sofa on the other side of the room….still a lot of people around, but not as much traffic to deal with. I noticed the lead guitar player was already sitting on the sofa with a girl on his lap. The girl was clearly a groupie, straddling his lap, with her short cocktail dress pulled up past her hips, and her big, swinging boobs pulled out from the top of her dress. She appeared to be dry humping him as he squeezed, slapped and sucked on her breasts, between taking huge swigs from a tall bottle of whiskey. I could see that she was working on his zipper between her legs, and was positive that she would be impaled on his rigid cock in no time.

My attention was pulled back to Tony, sitting next to me on the other side of the sofa, when he threw his left arm over my shoulder and pushed my tube top down past my boobs with is hand. He began playing with my tits with one hand, while drinking his beer with the other. As he toyed with my naked breasts….squeezing the flesh and pulling on the nipples….he carried on short conversations with whoever stopped by to congratulate him on the show.

I felt a little exposed and self-conscious until I scanned the room and noticed that almost all of the girls were some degree of naked…some walking around with boobs out, or even completely nude. Guys were grabbing tits and pussies as they walked by, sometimes pulling one of them in for a tongue-filled kiss and a few squeezes of their boobs. Some of the girls were even kneeling in front of guys, sucking and stroking dicks, as the band members, entourage and roadies kept up a constant chatter around them.

It kind of sunk into my brain that being self-conscious wasn’t really a thing in this room. Then I felt Tony take my hand and put it on his crotch. He looked at me and nodded….I knew exactly what he was getting at. So, I pulled down the zipper of his jeans and reached in, grabbing his shaft and pulling it out so I could stroke it….just like everyone else in the room. It was an impressive cock…about 8” long, and not yet fully erect….it was pretty thick, with a beautiful bulbous tip, and I found myself mesmerized by it as I slid my hand up over the head, and down to the base, over and over.

Tony continued drinking his beer and playing with my exposed tits, with his eyes closed and his head leaning against the back of the couch. The din in the room was pretty loud, so I wasn’t sure, but I think he was moaning as I continued stroking his stiffening prick. After only a few minutes, his prick had grown to its full 10” and was standing straight up as I kept pumping my hand up and down his shaft.

After a few more minutes, Tony moved the hand that was around my shoulder from my boobs to the back of my head, grabbed a handful of hair, and pushed my face toward his now fully erect cock. I didn’t really need more encouragement – I drew his rigid pole into my mouth and began sucking, bobbing my head up and down on his staff and using my tongue to stimulate the ridge just below the tip.

With his head leaning against the back of the couch and his eyes closed, he seemed to really be enjoying the blowjob, pushing with his hand in my hair and rocking his hips in rhythm with the motion of my mouth on his dick.

It wasn’t long before he pulled his engorged cock from my mouth and pulled me over onto his lap so that I was straddling his hips. He reached down and grabbed his rock hard shaft while I pulled my thong panties off to the side, exposing my dripping wet pussy to the tip of his penis. He wasn’t gentle….which was OK by me….he just grabbed my hips and pulled me down onto his stiff rod, while shoving his hips upward at the same time. He completely filled my cunt with his cock. I let out a loud grunt when he entered me, but the room was so loud I’m absolutely sure nobody heard it.

I glanced over at the blonde girl next to me again and noticed that her dress was now bunched around her waist, with her tits bouncing up and down in front of her. She was still impaled on the guitar player’s prick, but now she also had a cock sliding in and out of her ass. I didn’t recognize the guy fucking her from behind, so it was probably a roadie or someone from the band’s entourage. The blonde had her eyes closed and was rocking her hips against the base of the guitar player’s shaft, which seemed to be giving her a lot of pleasure. The noise level in the room was almost deafening, so I couldn’t hear anything she was saying or moaning, but it sure looked like she was having an orgasm as the two dicks slammed in and out of her pussy and asshole.

Tony once again drew my attention back to what we were doing when he grabbed both tits, squeezing the flesh rather firmly, so that both nipples were extended and pointing right at his face. He sucked one into his mouth, and then the other, using his teeth to bite them – a little harder than I was used to – and then suck on them, while kneading the flesh of my boobs. The sensation was electrifying, and I felt shockwaves shoot from my nipples to my clit as I kept bouncing up and down on his cock and grinding my clit against the base of his shaft.

The nipple-biting and clit-grinding were having their effect on me, and I suddenly launched into an intense, knee-shaking climax. I threw my head back and closed my eyes as a warm flush rushed through my entire body.

It wasn’t long after that when Tony grabbed both of my hips and thrust his prick as deep as he could into my pussy, shooting rope after rope of cum all over the inside of my cunt. My God, that was amazing….I could actually feel the force of his cum blast on the walls of my pussy as he kept pumping more and more warm, sticky semen inside me.

When he was done cumming, I sat there straddling his lap…his cock still deep inside me…as we enjoyed our orgasms and caught our breath.

After a few minutes our breathing was back to normal, and I yelled over the din in the room, “Wow, Tony, that was fantastic! I had no idea your cock was that big! That was just fucking amazing!”

He laughed and yelled into my ear, “Well, you have one of the nicest set of tits I’ve ever seen, so yeah….that was fucking amazing.”

I giggled and hollered back into his ear, “I’m going to grab a drink, you want another beer?”

He said, “No, thanks, darling….I’m still working on this one.” With a wink he added, “I got interrupted before I finished it.”

I laughed at that, then crawled off his lap and pulled my tube top back up over my boobs. As I headed off to the table where a guy was making drinks, I noticed that Tony didn’t bother to put his cock away….just left it hanging out of his unzipped pants, the flaccid shaft draped over one of his thighs.

The guy making drinks mixed me a rum and coke, and I headed back toward the sofa where Tony and I had been sitting. I had to laugh when I pushed my way through the crowd and got close enough to see that another girl was now sitting where I had been, locked in a tongue-filled kiss with Tony, and using one of her hands to stroke his slick penis. Sliding her hand up and down his slimy cock, still covered with Tony’s cum and my pussy juices, didn’t seem to bother her at all. In fact, as I stood there watching, she moved to her left, bent her head into his lap, sucked his glistening cock into her mouth, and began giving him a truly sloppy blowjob.

I laughed to myself and shook my head, figuring my time with Tony was finished. I doubt he even knew that he had a different girl sucking his dick than the one he had bouncing on it just a few minutes ago.

I walked around the room for a while, taking in the sights and trying – unsuccessfully – to dodge hands that were groping and fondling my boobs, even pulling my tube top down to watch my tits bounce and jiggle as I pushed my way through the crowed area. As I worked my way around the room, I managed to catch sight of the different band members….each of whom had at least one naked girl working on their cocks…either sucking, fucking, or stroking. There were several naked girls on their knees with cocks in their hands or in their mouths, giving the roadies, managers and security guys handjobs and blowjobs.

I was still enjoying the euphoria of being backstage, and having been fucked by a member of my favorite band, but I smiled to myself and decided that my backstage pass had run its course… it was time to leave the party. I finished my drink and headed for the exit. As I got close to the door, I saw an attractive, dark haired woman – maybe mid-30’s – lying on a table, legs spread wide, and her beautiful big tits bouncing back and forth like water in a wave pool. Parked between her legs, with her knees draped over each of his elbows, was the black security guard who had given me my “backstage pass” earlier, pounding his huge black cock in and out of her pussy like a piston. I couldn’t hear over the noise in the room, but her eyes were closed and, from the look on her face, she seemed to moaning out an orgasm as I edged past them and made my way out the side door.

Once outside, I turned back and looked at the closed arena door, reveling in the memory of my epic backstage experience. I had pulled it off….I got a backstage pass and fucked a member of my favorite band. All in all, an amazing experience that I knew I’d remember forever.

I headed for the parking area where I left my car, hopped in and drove back to campus.

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