Marions feet
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It was late in the evening as the front door of the apartment opened and Peter entered. He was just here for a short visit. They never locked up the door so it was easy to open it. It was dark in the apartment and there was just a little light coming from a lamp from the bedroom straight in front of the front door. He took a peek into it and he saw Marion sleeping on her belly on the bed. She wore a white tank top and pink very short pants and her legs were covered under a blanket.

Marion was a very sexy and cute looking european women with a pale silky skin in her mid 20s. She had dark blond hair and brown eyes. She was about 5’7” high and had a weight of 114 lbs and perfect very soft and smooth size 7 feet.

Peter was a good friend of Marion’s boyfriend but he forgot that he had to work that night so he wouldn’t be at home before 8 in the morning. Peter often had a boner because of Marion after he visited them. Sometimes when they watched TV together in the living room Marion laid with her head on her boyfriend and Peter was at the other end of the couch with Marion’s beautiful light pink soles right a few inches away from his face. She had the softest looking skin on them. Peter always wanted to get closer to Marion’s feet but he often felt sad that this will probably never happen. But since her boyfriend didn’t like feet Peter knew that her feet will never get the attention what they deserve. The thought that Marion’s feet got never used, touched and rubbed by a guy frustrated him even more. But the fact that Marion took good care of her feet let everybody know that she liked them.

Peter took the risk and lifted the blanket the get a look at her feet. And there they were. As she laid on her belly her soles were up and they looked smooth and soft as ever. He knelt on the floor to get a closer look at them and then Peter started to kiss Marion’s toes. He continued to kiss the balls of her feet the arches up to her heels. Marion still kept sleeping as Peter put his tongue between all her toes. In his excitement he unzipped his pants and took his dick out as he gently bit into her toes and balls. As Marion still slept he moved up and pressed his cock softly on her soles and rubbed it very carefully over them as he was about to cum just because of the amazing softness of her soles.

But instead he put his dick into his pants covered her feet and walked out of the apartment house. On the street he saw 4 guys as they stood around and talked as he entered the house before. They were all over eighteen but not 20 yet so it was easy for Peter talk them into having a little fun as he showed them pictures he made with his phone of Marion sleeping on her bed. So they moved up to Marion’s apartment but before they entered Peter was looking for 2 older neighbours from the same floor where Marion lived. He got them too for having fun because they were always horny for her. Then Peter opened the front door and he entered the apartment followed by the 6 guys and as they entered they had a look straight into the bedroom with Marion still slept on her belly.

Peter told them to be careful not to awake her. The guys asked what kind of fun they will have than. He told them that they will see as he walked quietly into the bedroom and he lifted the blanket to uncover Marion’s feet again. He moved them together and with a duct tape he found he tied them at her ankles together. Then he lifted her feet up and placed a little pillow under her legs to keep her feet with her soles up in the air. At last he duct taped her big toes together. He walked to the guys and in their eyes he saw that some of them were excited and some confused of what they saw.

“I think we should unload our balls on this perfect pair of soles. I tied them so you can fuck her feet without touching them” Peter said.

“So let’s have some fun with her feet now.”

The guys agreed and moments later they were undressed and ready for action. Some of them were a little bit erected and some rock hard. So first one of the younger guys moved into the bedroom to Marion’s feet and put the head of his cock between them and then he pushed his whole cock through her tight arches till her soles made contact with his groin. He moved back and pushed forward again. He didn’t make just a few pushes he kept fucking her feet for a few minutes while Marion still slept.

Then he stopped and left the room.

“Guys this is amazing. Her feet are probably the best what you can have around your cock.” he said.

One of the older guys stepped forward and walked to Marion’s feet and slid his cock between her arches. First he pushed slowly but then he speeded up. His balls bounced on her soles with every push as he fucked her feet.

“Guys I have never had feet around my cock but as great as they look the better they feel when you fuck them.” he said as he left the room.

So the next entered the bedroom and started to fuck Marion’s feet while she kept on sleeping. One guy after another fucked her feet. After more of an hour of footfucking they left a lot of precum on the sheets under her feet.

“I think it’s time to give her soles what they deserve.”

Peter placed a bowl under Marion’s bondaged feet and let her them dangle into the bowl with her toes touched the floor of it. All six guys stood around the bed now and masturbated while they looked on Marion’s helpless soles.

“Ok let’s cum on her feet now!”

As first one of the younger guys went to Marion’s feet. He aimed her soles with his cock and stroked hard as he shot a few streams of cum straight on her arches and the balls of her feet. He stepped to the side as one of the older guys walked to her feet. He held the head of his dick over Marion’s toes and let his cum ran down on her cute little toes. Then two of the younger came closer. They knelt on the bed beside her feet as they reached their orgasm. They aimed at her feet and at the same time they shot stream after stream of cum across Marion’s light pink soles as the other older guy shot a few streams of cum on her feet just a moment after the other two. They managed to get cum all over her soles from her heels to her toes.
Then the last guy moved to her feet and let his cum ran down on her heels. A huge river of cum flowed down from her heels to her toes.

He stepped away as Peter moved to her feet. Peter unzipped his pants and pulled his rock hard cock out.

“Marion this special load is from me” he said as he stroked his cock hard.

With a loud moaning Peter shot huge streams of cum all over Marion’s soles. The amount of cum he shot looked like his balls were about to explode as he emptied them and shot streams again and again. Her light pink soles were all shiny and completely covered with cum and the little bowl was well filled with cum. There was so much cum in that bowl that Marion’s cute toes were completely bathing in cum.

The guys put their clothes on and left the apartment. Peter went to Marion and gave her a kiss on her face as he left too to drive home but still let her bondaged cumcovered feet bathing in the bowl of cum.

Peter visited Marion and her boyfriend a few days later and it was just like before. Peter knew that Marion didn’t say a word to her boyfriend of what she found in the morning because her boyfriend was in a good mood. They watched a movie they bought that day and they chilled on the couch in the living room with Marion having her head on her boyfriends lap and at the other side laid Peter with Marion’s bare feet in front of his face. As her boyfriend moved out for the toilet Marion and Peter were alone for a few minutes. He stared at her bare soles what he did many times before. But suddenly her feet moved closer to his face. He felt that something must be wrong and looked up to Marion’s face and he scared as she looked straight to his face too. He knew that she just caught him staring at her feet and quickly looked to the TV just to hope she won’t say anything. But she kept on moving her feet closer to him.

“Will my feet get such a treatment everytime I sleep alone?” Marion asked.

Peter was shocked as his eyes opened wide. He slowly looked to Marion who still looked at him and couldn’t say anything. Then she gave Peter a small smile.

“Possibly.” he answered carefully and Marion smiled again.

“How do you know that it was me?” he asked.

“Well I just guessed. But my feet were messed up too much. It was from more than one guy, right?” she asked again.

“Yes.” he answered.


Marion smiled again and continued watching the movie as her boyfriend came back and she placed her head back on his lap again and continued watching the movie. Peter was in his old position to have Marion’s soles in front of his face which were now real close to him till she felt his breath. She moved her feet towards him a little bit more till her soles touched Peter’s nose and lips. While Marion and her boyfriend watched the movie Peter had his own movie in his head as he now gave Marion’s soles a treatment with his mouth and she seemed to enjoy it because she played with her soles and toes with Peter’s mouth and face too for the rest of the evening.

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