Sharin’ Amber
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“Pee in me, now.”

“Not yet, Amber.” I answered to her newly invented nickname. “Sit up a
moment. You need to spread your ass cheeks for me.”

“Please do this first, I’m begging. You don’t know how much I need

“No, I will, I said I…”

“You said you would. You promised. You promised you’d put your cock
deep in my pussy and fill my bladder with your pee.”

“Slow down a bit, I’ll piss inside you if you want me to, you need to
sit up first.”

Reluctantly, with some small remaining energy, Amber lifted her casual
body and balanced on her knees. She pulled her soft ass far enough apart
that her asscrack now disappeared. I gently pushed down on the tops of her
thighs so her spread ass was now held open propped on top of the heels of
her feet. She grinded her hips a half turn to get comfortable as her toes
splayed on the carpet of the truck.

Up close, her swollen hole didn’t disappear into the little milk
chocolate whirlpool it had been a few minutes earlier, but had become a
little puffy, a little more attractive. I noticed she had a small birth
mark only an inch or so northeast from her hole. It must only become
visible when she spread her cheeks, so this may be the first daylight this
mark has ever seen, circling her brown little star like a planet revolving
around a sun. Only like a film negative where all the colors are reversed.
It was such a beautiful little hole I could kiss all day and touched it
with my tongue.

“I’d love you to do this one thing for me.” She sighed and quietly
reached a hand between her legs for my hand to hold. I cradled her small
hand and placed a small dot of saliva on the fingerprint of her ring finger
before gently blotting out her hole. I pushed her finger inside with my
index finger, as another of her sighs was cut short followed quickly by a
deep sharp inhale of surprise. Our fingertips disappeared inside her
asshole as I held and guided her hand with mine. A musky mix of oils,
sweat and cotton panties now made heavier in the air with our mixed
humidity. Like dancing partners, my hand led hers as our fingers swirled
around first inside then outside her still moist rectum. As our dance
ended, I led our fingers out and as they further withdrew a string of my
warm cum suspended itself between her closing hole and the tip of her
finger catching the light like a high wire at the circus. I kissed her
finger as her smell entered my nose. The string collapsed from the tension
into a small colony of my cum bubbles collecting and leaving her ass down
her inside thigh.

I closed my hand around hers and squeezed hard as I leaned in close
enough to extend my tongue. I blew some warm breathe and licked. Each
time her ass puckered, tightened, then relaxed in surprise at the sudden
change in temperature. She unconsciously ground her hips another half
turn. A small cum bubble emerged from her ass to join the others as I
reached to interrupt it with the tip of my tongue. It didn’t burst but lay
suspended between us, her ass and my tongue, connected in a thin film, as I
flattened my tongue wide. With one broad stroke wiped thoroughly clean her
crack from bottom to top. I could feel every pore as every taste bud woke
up to her flavors mixed with my own salt. I loved licking ass.

“You don’t understand, I need your pee so bad. Look it’s…” her voice
trailed off.

As I brought my face closer into her ass, I slid my hands down the tops
of her thighs. Then across her bunched panties and around the curve of
each knee. Amber instinctively adjusted one then the other, so that now
each hand was pinned under each knee. I had face pressed deep in her ass.
She moaned softly and was wiggling more comfortable now as I cradled her in
my open hands. She leaned forward to rest her hands on the tops of her
knees and allowing our hands to touch, her ass rose deeper into my waiting
face. Her ass smelled different every inch closer to her little round
muscle. I opened my mouth wider to allow the condensation of my breath to
collect between the folds of her tight starburst anus. I pointed the tip
of my tongue like an icicle and stabbed deep into her. I dug my tongue so
far into her my pressed firmly against the oily skin.between her cheeks.
Over and over I stabbed her until in one heaving orgasmic motion I could
feel her legs and stomach constrict as she pushed my cum deposit onto my
tongue in one long push. She ejected my entire wad in one beautiful
perfect ball of translucent as it collapses in my mouth.

“My Gosh,!” Amber heaved orgasmic and began to collapse as I pushed her
off my hands to kiss her with a full mouth of cum before she could start a
new sentence. I held her from behind like that for a moment, with my hands
resting on herlittle bit of belly that’s always cooler than the rest of her
body. We spit our juices back and forth washing our my fluids together.

“Oh my gosh did I just do that to you?” was all she could whisper as my
cum lost its sheen around the corners of her lips. “I can’t believe we
just did that.” She exhaled deeply, “I’m begging you now, I’m so hot now. I
need you to pee in me please I `m going to be late.”

I loved fucking her ass. I slid in then nearly the entire shaft out, as
she crammed her ass back down my entire length. I slid the entire length
of my cock in one very slow stroke as she reached back and pulled my sides,
forcing me to provide the deepest slamming thrusts. Whispering “Pee in me
or I’m going to be get in trouble.” She brought me out of my daydeam.

“One more game: of Guess the Letter I’m Writing On Your Back.” As I
dried my hard cock wiping myself in broad strokes across her back. Unaware
of the shape impressed on her back as her mind processed the name of the
game with the imagery of what I was doing with my cock. My fingers stuck
sticky to the underside of my tool by the mixture of our combined glue.
“Wait, what? Oh, that’s a letter G” She asked with more urgent and anxious
frustration, than humor left. Maybe it was also that her lungs were being
compressed and she was running out of air. Either way she was wrong.

“Not even close, no cigar.” I prepared to write it out a second time a
little slower. The slit at the tip of my cock opened and a drop of urine
left as one final bubble of cum left unnoticed from her ass.

“B? I don’t know please let me up, I have to go pee now.” She pleaded.

“Stop already. One more guess, then that’s it.” I had her straddled on
the floor of the pickup with her bare back still giving off a little
coconut smell of the Coppertone she’d put on after breakfast. The contrast
between her lightly tanned back and the red and blue mushroom tattoo at the
small of her back stood in contrast too the white of my thighs and the hair
on my legs. The tip of my cock rested a little to the left of the cap of
the mushroom giving the illusion there were two tips to my cock. I could
feel the humidity off the back of my balls collecting now in the crack of
her ass, forming a drop and sliding down into her crack and into her hole.

This time I was determined she would guess. I grabbed the shaft of my
joint and in a very slow drag up one side of her back across her shoulders
in a broad sweep of curve as a shape took shape, finally advancing the tip
of my penis down the other side of her back and stopping precisely at her
tickle spot. For the proper punctuation, I gave her a good stab in the
side hard enough that the purple of my head disappeared in her side just as
she arched sideways in a squealing gasp. “Period!”

For a moment as the tip of my cock wiped away the sheen of the suntan
lotion and the pressure created first a lighter impression as the blood in
the skin was forced away, then slighter hint of redness as it returned, for
that split second you could see a big shape of a heart on her back.

“B, as in I have to pee.”

“No Amber, it’s an R as in rectum. Do you remember where that is? It’s
the part of your body with my wet cum in it and saliva on it. It’s a HEART
silly. OK, game over, I’ll piss on you now if you want.” My cock now lay
squarely in the center of her back and perfectly concealed the mushroom
tattoo underneath and nicely resting in the folds of her plaid skirt, not
quite wrinkling the pleats but leaving enough small pubic hairs behind that
it would need a hand to brush it once or twice to not be obvious.

“Ok, R as in rectum, I need your pee inside me now, please?”

I spread the walls of her waiting pussy as she clamped down on my
throbbing tool. Having shot my load in her ass, I prepared to give her the
watering she was begging for. It seemed like pissing inside a woman is an
act easier imagined than performed. Like a slingshot that you’ve pulled
all the way back, but are unable to release, the tension builds and builds
straining until at last one warm drop finally entered her canal. Pull the
slingshot back and the tension only increases, yet a second drop of my
urine splashed deep inside her pussy as my helmet pushed again against her
bladder. I can’t believe I am pissing in this woman, even that she’s asked
to be pissed in. I caught my bladder distracted and the full rushing
stream of urine raced from my hard cock into Amber’s waiting cunt. The
entire bone of her pelvis twist downward to accept my piss as my penis was
tugged by its base forward. The full gush of my bladder entered her
tightly and although I had to go, just as quickly as it had started it
stopped. My bladder, momentarily shy, stopped midstream. Perhaps only
enough to half fill your coffee cup. Though my urine now lubricated us
together, I withdrew in increasingly longer and deeper thrusts. Our two
pools of urine in her bladder mixed together. Her pussy hair was wet as if
just exiting the shower dangled int eh sun. I wanted to taste the small
mix of hair and fluid in my mouth to dry her pussy off. I withdrew my cock
expecting a waterfall of unplugged urine to fall from her womb splashing
onto my face.

“Don’t stop! There’s no way I can fail this test, so please give me as
much pee as you can!”

“What are you talking..”

“It’s about my job. I don’t mean to be…”

“You’re a prostitute?” I said half joking, half testing her.

“NO!” as she punched my chest, ” The pee test is about my job. I’m
going to get fired if you don’t piss an awful lot right away.”

My sore penis caught the light through the back window of the truck
glistening cleanly, unexpectedly let loose a blasting stream of hot piss
splashing across her back and into her jet black hair. She quickly turned
her head mouth open to catch my piss directly drenching her face and into
her waiting mouth as she squealed with delight. She slammed down on my
cock with all her strength allowing the full stream of my water to explode
into her ass. While we kissed the entire contents of my bladder drained. I
rammed her ass harder than before. As tears collected in her green eyes,
she shuddered violently and in waves came a second time. A hot puddle of
amber liquid drained in the small of her back, as I pulled out and lowered
my head to wipe her pussy and ass dry with my tongue. A few more drops of
piss and cum collected on the lips of her teenage vagina.

Her intense orgasms passed but her thighs twitched on for a few minutes
more. “That was incredible, I have to dry off and go.” Amber began to
collect herself and made ready a hasty exit.

“I have to go inside now or their going to make me wait and I’ll leak
all over the floor I have to pee really bad now, I promise I’ll be right

“Ok sorry. I don’t want you to lose your job, just fooling around.
Return the gfavor and piss in my mouth before you go, let me taste us.”

“Just a little though, I have to save you for my test.” I positioned
myself squarely as she squirted a few well aimed arrows of piss and juice
straight into my open mouth. It splashed over my tongue onto the roof of
mouth, before continuing to my throat. I closed my eyes and swallowed a
bit as it mixed with the fresh taste of my own jism. She reach her head
back signaling, waiting for a kiss and the chance to once again share our
combined fluids passing between our lips. Pouring from my mouth into hers,
splashing backward into her mouth, she swallowed. A few final drops
followed the curve from her back down her ass, the fold of her pussy, to
hair, to air, to ground, and splash into the carpet.

She paused in aftertaste long enough for me to push her on her belly and
straddle her back. Some urine collected on my chin mixing with my sweat
and the taste of her ass and my cum.

As I slid back down on her legs a bit, Amber gained enough leverage to
lift herself up on her elbows. The grit in the truck’s carpet started to
dig into her elbows and leave impressions across her breasts and tight
belly, as her elbows dug in deeper and created their own red wrinkles, she
turned her head and I could smell her shampoo. I tasted a mixture of
urines on her wet pussy and dug my tongue deep into her ass with a twirling
motion to see how ticklish she was as she yelped. Her asshole clamp down
on my hot tongue with a final kiss before we said goodbye. Up went the
cotton panties and down went the skirt as she jumped out of the side door
towards the lab.

“I’ll pee in the cup but I’m full of your pee, so I better not fail.
And the test lab is opening now so I’ll be right back”. Pulling her shirt
over her head.

“Very clever, as long as the nurse doesn’t recognize my specimen. Hey,
they don’t do a taste test, do they?”

She Laughed, “I dunno, but, do you think the nurse would think it
strange if I started drinking your pee after I filled it up the cup, I
mean, It’s not like it’s mine, right?”

“Ya, but I think that’d be incest?”

“Isn’t it incest if you drink own pee, not someone else’s” as she slid
her foot into her second sneaker. “If I put it inside me it becomes mine.
I can do whatever you want with it. Splash it on the nurse, if I want.”

“Please just don’t shit piss in the cup.”

“I’d just say I’m taking a lot of of vitamins. Do you think any of your
spunk is in left in my ass? I can give you some more of that to remember

As she poised to jog across the parking lot, I shouted, Good luck on
your test…” I paused before finishing “Amber!”

“My name is Sharon!” She stopped and smiled with a twinkle..

“You mean like I’m Sharin’ my piss with you?”

Our first date, if you would call it that, ended just like that. Sharon
found out she passed her urine test a few days later. Even though she had
to take a test once every few months or so after that, all that pre-test
pissing fun became part of our routine sex play.

That was nearly ten years ago and even though she hasn’t had to pass a
urine test in years, Sharon loves it when I piss in her ass and all that
fun back and forth. We’ve even gotten dirtier over the years, if you can
believe it.

Anyway, that’s not the story we tell most people of how we met, but
that’s how it happened.

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