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Andrea worked for an economic development company that
traveled with business leaders to different cities to
entice companies to move to our city. On one of these
trips she was with two fellows who we actually knew
pretty well.

Andrea and these guys had done these trips before and
always had a great time. They were very friendly, but
had never had any sexual contact; just friendly flirting
as friends will do. This particular night in San Diego,
they were in a party mood and went to a bar to have a few
drinks. At the bar, Andrea sat on a bar stool facing
the room while her two friends stood on each side of her.

A table full of guys started flirting with Andrea by
making comments about her legs. Evidently, they were
getting a good look at her legs as she was on a high stool
and they were right in front of her at a table. That put
them much lower and at eye level with her good looking long

The guys were just having some fun and she was enjoying
crossing her legs and recrossing them. She had on a very
business-like dress that buttoned up the front (her favorite
for obvious reasons) and had it undone just a little.

She had on sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose with no panties
and high heels.

Her two friends noticed the attention that she was getting
and started kidding her about teasing these poor guys. They
all just laughed together about it when one of her friends,
Gary, said that she should give them more of a show. She
asked how she should do it. He said to start by undoing
another button because that would show more of her legs.

With that, he reached down and unfastened one button on
her dress The guys at the table said, ” All right!” With
that, her other friend, Bill, reached down and undid another

Now her dress was undone very far up her thighs. The guys
really enjoyed this. My wife continued to move around on
the stool until her skirt was up very high, almost to her
hips. Her legs were crossed so her pussy wasn’t showing
but her legs are fantastic and everyone was enjoying the

Gary said that she should uncross her legs and show them
her panties. She said that she wasn’t wearing panties.
He didn’t believe her so she spun around on the stool so
she would be facing the bar and uncrossed her legs so she
could show him.

When he saw that she really didn’t have on any, he couldn’t
believe it. He asked why she had never shown them that on
their other trips. She said because they had never asked
her to.

Bill said that he wanted to see too so she turned in his
direction and showed him her pussy as well. The guys at
the table by this time realized that she was giving these
two a show and said that they wanted to see too. She
asked Gary and Bill what she should do. They both said to
turn around and show them. She said that she had a better
idea and got off the stool and left for the restroom.

In the restroom, she took off her pantyhose and put them
in her purse. It was summer and her tan was terrific so
her legs were spectacular without the hose anyway.
When she came back, she crawled up on the stool and said
that she was ready now.

They noticed what she had done and were a bit taken aback
when she slowly spread her legs open so the guys at the
table, which was at the perfect level and only a few feet
away, could see her bare, glistening pussy. She kept her
pussy trimmed very short so they could actually see

They all just gasped. She spun back around and said that
she was finished with those guys. Gary and Bill said that
it was just getting fun. She said that there were just
too many of them to really do anything and she didn’t know
them and teasing them would only leave everyone frustrated.

With that, Gary pointed out to her that there were only
two of them and she knew them and that there was no reason
for anyone to be frustrated. She laughed and said that
while he was right, the night was young and she wasn’t
sure if she wanted to do anything. She was still facing
the bar at this time and they were facing the crowd.

They were all just laughing and drinking when Gary put
his hand on her leg. She, of course, didn’t remove it
and left it on her leg while they all talked. After a
few minutes, she felt his hand sliding up her leg. Her
legs were crossed and her dress was unbuttoned and very
short. When he got pretty high up and was softly
caressing her upper thigh, she uncrossed her legs. His
hand at this point was left just inches away from her
pussy. He slowly inched his way up a little more until
his finger touched her pussy.

They all kept talking and she opened her legs a little
to let him in more. He had his fingers in her pussy now
and she was so wet that you could hear him fingering her.
Bill of course was watching all of this and got his hand
into the action as well. He put his hands on her legs
and rubbed them while Gary fingered her.

Then Gary pulled his fingers out and Bill put his in.
She said she wanted to turn around and face the other
way. She pulled her dress back together a bit so as not
to show everyone her pussy and again faced the four guys
at the table. They were very pleased to be able to look
at her again, but that wasn’t the reason she did it. She
showed them her crossed legs but the real reason was that
she wanted Gary and Bill to face the bar now. She told
them to do it and when they did, she reached between
them and the bar and started playing with their dicks
thru their pants.

This went on for about ten minutes when Gary suggested
that they go to another more secluded bar to continue
their fun.

With that they left and all got in the front seat of
their rental car. The problem was that it was a two
seater and she had to sit on Bill’s lap. When she got
in and sat on Bill’s lap, he unbuttoned her dress up to
about her waist so he could play with her soaking pussy.
She was facing Gary so while driving, he fingered her as
well. When Gary got busy with her pussy, Bill went to
work on her dress again. He got it completely unbuttoned
and started feeling her tits through her bra. She got
so into it that she put her arms around Bill and Kissed
him while he felt her tits and Gary fingered her pussy.

Gary suggested that they skip the bar and go back to
the room. When they got to the hotel, they went
immediately to her room. As soon as they got there,
she took off her dress and her bra and left only her
heels on. She got on the bed and told them to take their
clothes off. Gary’s dick was very long and skinny and
somewhat crooked she said; he got on the bed between her
legs. Bill’s dick was short and very big around and he
got on the bed so he could stuff her mouth. She sucked
them and fucked them both for hours. They did it in
every possible position. They ate her and licked her
asshole and came in every opening she had. Finally they
all showered together and the guys went back the their

She called me and told me the whole thing just as I have
told it here. She had a great time and they repeated it
for the next two nights that they were in San Diego.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as she and I and Gary and
Bill, but I doubt it.

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