Moira’s sex stories….”In the twilight”
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The day began like any other. Moira was awakened the insistant beeping of
the alarm clock sitting on the nightstand next to her bed. She groaned
slightly as she started to rise. She HATED mornings! As she went to swing
her legs off the side of the bed, her right ankle came to a stop in midair.
Attached to the ankle was her Master’s leather cuff. Running from the cuff
was medium wieght silver chain which ended at an eyehook screwed into the
baseboard of the bed.

Moira chuckled softly to herself as she reached down to unbuckle the cuff.
It has only been a few months since she had opted for this lifestyle, and
sometimes the “small things” still surprised her. As she undid the cuff, she
rubbed her sweaty ankle for a moment then dropped to her knees beside the

“I am awake Master. Your slave will now go tend to her Master’s bitch.”

Hearing nothing, she rose to her feet and padded quietly to the dresser. Her
Master had explained to her that He would place a different “slave trinket”
there eavh evening that she was to wear the following day. Moira reached
into a small metal bowl and removed a 13″ beaded chain. At each end was a
stretchable loop. She fasted each loop over one of her rigid nipples and
cinched it tight. The nipples grew harder and became slightly darkened and
sent a fiery tingle through Moira’s breasts.

Moira hated/loved the nipple chain, but smiling softly to herself, she knew
it could be worse. Her Master occasional put in a set of nipple clamps with
small metal teeth. Those stung from the moent they were put on until He
chose to remove them!

Moira then dropped to all fours and crawled to the the end of the dresser.
The chain dangling between her breasts dragged slightly along the floor,
tugging lightly on her sensitive nubs. Once there, she leaned forward and
lapped up a small bit of water out of one of two bowls sitting against the
wall beside the dresser. while doing so, she silintly repeated the mantra
her Master had taught her:

“I am my Master’s animal.”

“I am my Master’s thing.”

“I am here for His pleasure.”

“I am beatufil and desireable.”

“I am my Master’s.”

Finishing her drink, she noticed in the twilight of the room that there was
something in the the second bowl. She couldn’t quite make out what it was,
but she knew better than to pick it up with her hands and bring it out of
the shadow of the bowl. Moving slowly, she brought her lips down to the
object. She knew it probably wouldn’t be anything TOO bad. After all, she
had been pleasing to her Master the day before. She knew because He had told
her so and allowed her to sleep with only her collar and ankle cuff.

Her lips touched a hard, smooth surface. Moira’s tongue crept out and felt
along the top of the object. It was rounded and smooth with a fine ridge
running across the top. Moira lapped at it for a moment, but drew no real
taste. She thought it tasted sweet but could not be sure.

Once again, Moira thought though the previous day. She had done everything
she was asked and a little more. She had been attentive to Sir and the
children. She had tried hard to laugh and smile and make a loving home. She
didn’t think she had failed in anything! Then she remembered. She had left a
load of laundry in the dryer! Had HE seen? Of course He had. Sir saw
everything! He ALWAYS knew when she had blown something off because she was
“too busy”.

Now trembling slightly, she sucked in a breath and, reaching down tenderly
with her teeth, grasped the object and pulled it into her mouth. Now that
she had it completely engulfed, she could tell it was round on one side and
flat on the other. She braced herself and bit down. The outside cracked and
a very sweet liquid poured out. Moira thought she could taste alcohol.
Biting down again, the juices mixed with her saliva and now brought the
taste of chocolate and cherries. HE HADN’T NOTICED!!

Moira grinned foolishly at herself and finished chewing the mouthful of
candy and swallowed it down. When she was done, she dipped her head into the
other bowl and lapped up some water to wash some the sweetness from her
mouth. She knew she wasn’t allowed to drink anywhere else unless told so, so
she wanted to make sure she wouldn’t want to. After several second she was

Moira crawled to the closet and knelt perfectly, her back straight, her
knees apart, her buttocks resting lightly on her heels ansd her hands
sitting lightly, palm down, on the inside of her thighs. As she held this
position for a minute or so, Moira could feel her nether lips part slowly,
exposing her clit and pussy to the open air. She wasn’t the least bit
surprised to feel wetness between her legs. After, merely thinking about
having to drink and eat from bowls made her wet. Actually doing it was even

After holding her position for what seemed like five minutes, (she could
always tell because her toes started to ache a little) Moira stood and
pulled on her robe. She too special care in bringing it over her breasts so
she didn;t snag the chain. The smooth material did absolutely nothing to
ease the tightness of her nipples.

She ran her hands through her hair and headed toward the bedroom door. She
would use the bathrrom then go and wake each of the studs. As she opened
the door, she heard Sir’s voice coming out of the darkness that was the bed.

“Don’t forget to fold the clothes.”

“Yes Sir.” Moira replied meekly as she almost bolted for the bathroom.

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