A lesbian fantasy
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Right! To set the scene…

We had just finished a lovely night cuddled up in front
of the fire with a bottle of wine.

We decided to have an early night.

While you put your PJ’s on in the bed room, I put my
nightie on in the bath room.

When I came back to the bed room you were sat at the
dressing table brushing your hair, you saw my
reflection in the mirror, as I leaned over the bed to
pull the covers down you saw that I was not wearing any
panties, and you had a good view of my tight bum as I
bent over.

I heard you say quietly, “Mmmmmm, nice,” and I walked
over to you and whispered in your ear thank you, I gave
you a kiss on the neck and moved up towards your ear so
that I could give your ear lob a nibble, you leaned
back a bit and I could see that you had nothing under
your top, I put my hand around you and undid the two
buttons that held it closed.

I stood up and you let your PJ top fall down, I carried
on kissing your neck and you ear lob, you could feel my
bust against your back, and put my hands back around
you , but this time I cupped one of your breasts in
each hand.

Gently squeezing and playing with it, your nipples
start to get hard, and you turn around on the chair so
that you were facing me I took one of your tits in my
hand and lowered my mouth towards it, you start to moan
with delight as I suck on your nipple, which grows the
more I suck on it, you hands move down towards my tits
and you start to play with them as I suck at each of
your nipples in return.

You say to me shall we go to the bed, I agree and we
make our way over to the bed, on the way you let your
bottoms of your PJ’s fall and you step out of them. as
you are slightly in front or me I have a chance to see
your wonderful bum its so tight and inviting. You lay
on the bed and I climb on top of you, sitting over you
just about by your hips, so that our pussies are
together, your’s with a lovely mound of hair and mine
fully shaven.

I lean over you to get a bottle of baby oil from the
bed side cabinet, our tits brush against each other for
the first time, and you go to take one in your mouth, I
say to you, “not yet hun, not yet.”

With the baby oil in my hand I sit back up into the
same position, on the way you grab onto my nightie and
pull it over my head, we are now both completely nude.

I tip some of the oil in my hand and start to rub it
into your bust doing one tit at a time, with both hands
I massage your tits playing with the nipple’s as I go,
you lie under me letting out a little moan as you start
to get turned on, you ask me to go lower, and I reply
soon baby. My hands move down your body towards your
tummy, and I rub the oil in there, I turn around still
sat a stride you but with my back towards your face,
our pussy’s are still very close to each others.

I side up your oily body so that I am sitting near your
bust, I lean forward so that I can now rub oil into
your thighs, and you start to kiss the cheeks of my
bum. Feeling the sort skin of you inner thigh starts to
get me hot, you ask again for me to start on your pussy
as you are getting very horny. Again my reply is no not
yet. You try to put your hand on your own pussy but I
remove it, and say soon my love. I carry on massaging
your thighs and all around your pussy being careful not
to enter you yet, you start to moan loader now as if
you cant wait any longer.

My hands move over your pubic hairs now glistering with
the oil, as I lean lower my bum rises and you get a
good view of my pussy, you start to kiss and lick at
it, and I think it is about time that in did the same,
I lower my head towards your pussy and proceed to play
with your clit with my tongue, my fingers slowly
playing with your pussy and entering you two at a time,
I start to taste your juices as you get wet, they taste
so nice and sweet.

It is not long before we both have an organism, our
bodies shudder under the force of it, we stay in the 69
position for quite a time each going back to the others
pussy for another lick and suck, we taste each others
juices many time that night…

Suddenly the alarm goes off I awake to find the bed
clothes on the floor, I am completely nude one hand
still in my pussy, and completely alone.

You were never there it was just another horny very wet

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