Dancers Debut
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Jennifer never thought it would come to this. The
21-year-old college junior had no idea it could feel
this wonderful. A virgin up until about a month ago,
she had had a couple of relationships with guys, not
quite going “all” the way but getting far enough to
get turned on every now and then.

She had had orgasms in the past, masturbating whenever
she thought she needed the release. The guys she had
been with had touched her. She had been topless and
had her large nipples sucked on more than one occasion
and even let one of them lick her clean-shaven pussy.
She had jerked off a couple of them, feeling that it
would be bad to take the pleasure over and over and
never give anything in return. Jennifer was on the
pill to regulate her period so she prepared for her
first encounter.

Now, though, things were different. She had been in a
sexual relationship with a theatre major for a little
more than a month. It’s not that it was an accident.
Jonathan was attractive and more than a few girls ogled
him when he walked by, so why shouldn’t she want him.
She knew he wanted her.

She had seen him giving her the dressing down. She was
proud of her body, an incredibly in shape figure
(dancers are in shape) with 34C-25-29 measurements.
The only thing she didn’t want was something so serious
as to disrupt her dancing schedule and get in the way
of her professional life.

It all started innocently enough. She liked to go out
on the weekends around campus, drinking with friends.
She saw him there, with some of his friends and they
started talking. He invited her back to his place and
they talked some more before she made her move. She
wanted to have sex for the first time and she wanted
it that night. She knew that her roommates had sex on
a regular basis and she was going to join them in their
conversations the mornings after.

She nudged up to him on his couch, rubbing her hard
nipples (bras were useless when performing, so why
wear them at all was her motto) against his arm, at
the same time, leaning over to lightly blow warm air
into his ear. He wrapped his arm around her and cupped
her pert breasts, moving his fingers over her nipples.
She kissed him, probing his mouth with her tongue and
allowing the same. Her hand felt its way down his
chest, unbuttoning his shirt as it went, until she was
lightly rubbing his bare skin, pinching his nipples and
making him shift slightly.

She broke the lock and sat up, pulling her shirt over
her head, revealing her ample breasts. She then stood
up and pulled her cutoffs down, leaving only her purple
velvet thong. She knelt in front of him, kissing him
on his lips and chest, all the while, his hands roaming
her back, moving forward and rolling her nipples around
and back to her back again. She had managed to undo
his belt and unzip his pants, freeing his now throbbing
manhood (since he didn’t wear underwear).

He picked his hips up and allowed her to pull his pants
off. She took his hard shaft in her hands and lightly
stroked it. She cupped his balls and stuck her tongue
to them, rolling them around in her mouth before she
licked his entire cock, getting it soaking wet with her
hot saliva. She had never actually sucked a cock be-
fore, but she knew enough talking to her roommates
about it and she intended to perform spectacularly that

She slowly took the head of his tool into her mouth.
It was an impressive specimen: about 9 inches long and
about two and a half inches around. It was also shaved
neatly. No ball hair at all and clipped low on top.
In fact, his whole body was shaved for performing. She
dimpled her cheeks as she sucked and licked the head of
his cock, going down farther and farther each time she
sucked. She looked up at him to see him watching
intently, placing his hands on her shoulders as she
gave him a blowjob. Her fingers played with his balls
while she pistoned up and down on his cock, moving
underneath them and finding his ass and tickling there
too. She sucked hard on his cock, to the back of her
mouth. Her tongue went crazy over his flesh, licking
the head like a lollipop and lubricating the shaft as
her lips moved up and down on it. She wanted him to
cum so she started to pump his cock in unison with her
mouth, looking at him the whole time. His legs started
to tremble and he closed his eyes. She quickly let
go with her lips as his cock spasmed and exploded it’s
hot white juice all over her face and neck, running
down to her nipples.

She started to rub it in as he pulled her up on the
couch and proceeded to lick her nipples, preparing her
for her orgasm. He tongued his way down her belly to
her still panty covered crotch. He could feel the heat
from her pussy since the blowjob had turned her on as
well. He licked her slit through the velvet and hooked
his tongue under the straps, pulling the thong off with
his mouth. Her bald pussy was available to him now and
she licked her lips in anticipation as he began his
assault. His fingers found her nipples as he started
to stroke her slit with his tongue, slowly pushing it
in her wanting hole, tasting her sweet nectar. She
reached down to spread her lips for him, hoping to cum
for him so he could taste her.

He moved up to her clit and slowly pushed, one, two,
then three fingers into her, spreading them and her as
he licked her protruding clit.

Jennifer spread her legs wider, feeling her orgasm
coming on. She pushed down on his head as he sucked
her clit into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue.

Jennifer came down from her climax and saw that his
cock was hard again and smiled. This was the night she
went past the point of no return. She took his hard
cock in her hands, stroking it and sat him up on the
couch. She straddled his waist and slowly guided his
dick into her hot, waiting, wanting snatch. Jon
reached up and squeezed her tits, pinching her nipples
as she impaled herself on his rod. She got all the way
down, moaning with pleasure as she felt his pubic hair
tickle her clit (there are advantages to complete
shaving). She stayed there for a minute, taking him in
completely, squeezing his beautiful cock with her inner
muscles. She then began to move up and down, sliding
easily since her orgasm, squeezing evertime she lifted
up to milk his hard dick.

Jennifer leaned into him, pressing her nipples against
his as she continued to ride him, faster now. She
dragged the shaft of his cock against her clit as she
went up and down, feeling another orgasm from her first

She squeezed his cock as she came, moaning how good it
felt and climbing off so he could do to her.

Jon positioned her on the couch with her elbows on the
arm and moved behind her. He grabbed her hips as he
slowly thrust his cock into her dripping pussy from
behind, all the way until her ass was against his
stomach. He reached around and played with her clit as
he moved back and forth. She wanted to feel his ex-
plosion inside her. She began to move back against
him, driving him deeper into her as he fucked her. He
started to move faster as she started to moan again.
In between gasps, she begged for more, begged to get
fucked. She needed to cum, she needed to have her
virgin pussy filled with is cream.

Jonathon could hold back no longer. He started to pound
her cunt, using long, deep strokes, slapping her ass
with his stomach as he fucked her. She moaned hard and
louder. She didn’t want the feeling to end. She
reached back and played with his balls as he fucked her
pussy harder. Jon stroked her clit, bringing her closer
and closer as well.

Jennifer could feel her third orgasm cumming. She
pulled on her nipples as he moaned and grunted and
then she felt his hot cum in her pussy, shooting up
inside her and filling her as he unleashed four or
five, hot, full bursts. Her tight, virgin cunt
couldn’t handle all of it and some of it started to
leak back out. Jon pulled out of her and sat back.
She got between his legs on the floor and began to
lick his manhood clean, enjoying the taste of their
mingled love juices.

After that night, her sex life blossomed. Whenever
either of them needed to fulfill any desire, the other
obliged. Jennifer began to expand her sexual needs as
well as always wanting to satisfy Jon. She never had
any thought about sleeping around though. She was
concerned about catching something and she knew she
didn’t want that. Jon more than satisfied her and she
definitely wanted satisfaction.

Since they were both in the arts department in school,
they saw a lot of each other at the theatre. One day,
she pulled Jon into the wardrobe room and locked the
door, then locked her lips against his. His hands
immediately found her breasts and in no time, they
were both naked, hands roaming each others’ bodies.

Jennifer climbed onto some old costumes and spread her
legs for his hard cock. Jon got between her and rubbed
the head of his cock against her now swollen clit. He
pushed his dick into her and she wrapped her legs
around his waist, pulling him completely in to her
dripping cunt. She moaned as he filled her and begged
to be fucked hard and fast. Jon complied eagerly as
he started to fuck her hot pussy. She bounced back and
forth, her ample breasts bouncing back and forth as he
tried to get a nipple into his mouth.

Her legs clamped down on him as she started to cum and
she squeezed his cock hard and he pumped her through
her orgasm.

As soon as she came down, she gave him a devilish grin
and said that she wanted him to fill her ass with his
cum. Jon reached down to her pussy and got his fingers
wet with her juice to lubricate her ass. He pulled his
swollen cock out of her and held the head of it at the
entrance to her rosebud, nosing it in slowly. She held
her breath as he penetrated her ass and felt the relief
and stretching as he began to push farther in.

She reached down to rub her clit as she started to
stroke, harder and faster. She pushed a finger into
her pussy and felt the head of his cock in her ass.

He began to moan as well, and she could tell that he
was going to cum at any time. She started frigging her
clit harder, wanting to cum with him so that she could
squeeze his cock in her ass. He told her to get ready,
and she pinched her clit hard, cumming on the spot.

Jon exploded into her ass, filling her with his cream
again. He continued to fuck her, pulling out the jism
as his dick went in and out of her ass.

From then on, Jennifer never wanted for sexual desires
ever again…

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