Marrying The Right Man
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“Gail you can’t be serious?” I replied in shock at
my Fiancee’s revelation.

“Yes I am Gerald. I know Gus is not the type to be
married and tied down, as he puts it, but he says he wants
to be sure I marry the right guy. He says that if you love
me you’ll accept me just the way I am now and won’t be
offended because I’m this way.”

“B-But Gail, would he accept you the same way?”

“Probably not, but he’s not the one saying he loves
me so and wants to marry me. Didn’t you also say that it
wasn’t my beauty alone that made you love me?”

“T-That’s true darling, but t-this is so unusual.
I-I just don’t know what to say.”

“So Gus was right, you are waffling. Just like he
said you’d do. At least I can believe him even if he’s
only interested in what’s between my legs. At least he’s
honest. Well I guess this is goodbye then Gerald?”

“G-Gail, c-can’t you see it from my point of view?
Even though I-I know I love you it-it’s so humiliating

“So, just like Gus said you say, you’re only worried
about yourself. Isn’t true love supposed to be unselfish
and not self-serving?”

“W-Well yes, b-but…”

“But what Gerald darling? Are you ashamed of me
because I’ve come to you with the smell of his big cock on
my breath, the taste of his cum in my mouth, and my pussy
slick with his semen?”

“Uh, m-more surprised than anything else. I-I know
he’s your former boyfriend a-and you loved him, but he
admitted that he needed more than one woman to keep him
happy. W-Why did you let him put you up to this?”

“Because what he said made sense. Plus you’re
reacting the way he said you would. Just like a man who
lets his pride get in the way of true love. He was right
on the money. After you found out I’d just sucked his
dick, you didn’t want to kiss me.”

“B-But don’t you think it’s sort of impolite for him
to interrupt our date. We were sitting here watching TV
and petting the way we were a-and then he drives up and
blows. You go out to the car and go off for an hour with
him, leaving me sitting here… a-and then he brings you
back freshly fucked.”

“Gerald, I told you I’d be right back and I said in
about an hour. I was back in an hour and five minutes, if
you want to be precise. Gus just had time for a quickie.
So he only got off three times.”

“T-Three times? I-I can’t believe…”

“Yes, believe it Gerald. He’s quite an athlete in
bed. That’s why I value his assessment of you.”

“G-Gail, I-I can see some of what he’s saying, but not
all of it.”

“So you’re saying you can’t accept me then? I thought
love was a take it all or nothing proposition? I accepted
you that way.”

“I-I see some of what you’re saying, b-but…”

“I do love you Gerald and I don’t mean to hurt you.
Besides you do have a mean tongue. It really makes my
pussy feel good and tingly. It makes up for your smaller

“I-I guess I should thank you. I-I don’t know what
else to say.”

“Why don’t you just say you’re willing to love me and
accept me the way I am? Just as when we practiced the
wedding vows. If you can say ‘in sickness and health’,
surely you can say ‘whether fucked by another man or not.'”

“Oh Gail, I do want and love you. You’re the best
thing that’s ever happened to me. I-I can see you’re dug
in on this idea. O-Okay… I-I accept you the w-way y-you

“Oh darling, I feel so good about us now. Please
tell me again and say it completely. Tell me you accept me
after I’ve been fucked by Gus or other men, and that you
don’t mind their cum being in me.”

“O-O-Other men!”

“Just a figure of speech Gerald darling, please repeat
it for me.”

“I-I accept you if you’ve been f-f-fucked by G-Gus or
o-other men…a-and with their c-cum in you.”

“SMOOCH!” Gail gave me a long stale French kiss that
had the full flavor of her previous boyfriend’s cock and

“We’re going to be so happy Gerald.”

“Now darling, since you’ve proven the first part of
your love, I know you won’t mind letting your mouth prove
you say what you mean, and mean what you say.” As Gail was
speaking she begin to undress. In a swift move she had her
skirt and her panties off. Before I knew what was
happening, she had laid back on the sofa and had parted her
legs to reveal her moist tangled pussy bush. The odor of
heavy sex emanated from her beautiful snatch. There was no
doubt another man had been playing in it. Her vulva was
reddish and slightly swollen. Her twat slit had definitely
been well stretched and had not snapped back to its pre-
fuck condition.

“Gerald, darling, come eat me out and lets seal this
moment of love between us. I feel so romantic. Show me
that Gus is wrong about you. Show me that you’re a man who
goes after the woman he wants and doesn’t worry about the
price he has to pay. Thank you darling for being a man for
all seasons.” Gail cooed in a most sensuous tone.

She was so convincing. Her building up my ego also
played a role in me letting her guide my head and lips
right to her heated, slick, still leaking, previously used,
slimy muff.

I started off slow licking, lapping and getting use
to her swampy jism saturated and flavored cunt. I was
surprised at how easy my taste buds acclimated to the lusty
slimy fuck juices. It was a far easier eating than I
thought it would be.

It was even more eerie that I felt more in charge and
confident as I worked my tongue and felt the woman I love
squirming in response to my efforts as she ground and
scrubbed her sloppy crotch in my face.

After I got her off three times with my oral actions,
She finally let go of my ears and let me mount her.
She was still very wet and well lubricated as I slide
my far smaller prick in her well used love canal. The
heated wetness was oh so soothing and pleasurable even if I
didn’t last but thirty seconds.

Gail basically didn’t seem to notice much of my
efforts, as she seemed to still be settling down from my
suck job on her cunt. It hurt to hear her mumble what I
thought was Gus’s name just as I was coming in her pussy.

After we both had delighted in the afterglow of our
orgasms, we laid there and talked about stuff, including
how she couldn’t wait to see the look n Gus’s face after
she told him, I passed all his tests and that I only had
one more to go.

“One more test?” I inquired with a puzzled look on
my face and in the tone of my voice.

“Yes, he did bring it up, but I wanted to wait a
while. I’m not sure I’m ready for it yet myself, even
though I think I am. But I want to wait a day or two to see
what your reaction will be to all this. After all Gerald,
you may wake up in the morning and not want me anymore. I
really want a true soul mate, some one for all seasons.
Someone I can believe in.”

I reassured her I was that person. I even swore that
since I’d gone as far as I had, surely there couldn’t be
much more to embarrass me in me paying the price of love,
so to speak.


Here I am standing at the altar waiting for my bride,
Gail, to walk down the aisle any minute. As I’m waiting, I
think back over the last few months and the changes that’ve

How Gus influenced us to wait until June to get
married. I still don’t fully understand why we did as he
desired of us. Some people have this influential power over
others I guess.

Anyway he recommended to Gail that she be six months
along, carrying his baby as she walked toward me to be
joined in wedlock.

Yes, her being pregnant by another man was the last
test to determine my true love for her. Not just pregnant,
but clearly and visibly showing with people knowing it was
not my child.

It was strange, but after I first committed to accept
Gail ‘ whether fucked by other men or not’, I don’t believe
we ever made love again when she didn’t have Gus or some of
his buddies sperm in her. I got use to her smelling of
having been used by several men when we made love.

One time she came in from a gang bang with semen
soaked clothes and jism all in her hair. She refused to
shower and clean up until I’d made mouth love to her raw,
puffy, and bruised sperm laden cunt. We Frenched kiss so
much that time that the group’s melded semen was second
nature to my palate, as I got use to my fiancee’s slick
jism coated gums and tongue.

I had fallen in love with a slut and was apparently
becoming acclimated to it. I recalled all the cum I’d eaten
out of her well fucked and stretched snatch since last

My commitment had been made in August. In November
it was decided by Gus that she was to get impregnated by
January, therefore I was excluded from coming in her pussy,
even wearing a condom, until she was inseminated. She
either sucked me off or jacked me off for relief during the
time she was trying to become inseminated. She was tested
pregnant by the end of December. Gus had done his deed
well. She told all her girlfriends he was the real father
of her baby to be and that I was going to be the legal

Of course by the time the wedding rolled around, it
was all over town that Gus had fucked and impregnated my
fiancee and that I was still going to marry her with his
baby in her.

I felt so foolish, but yet I also felt good about
having proved to him and my wife that I was indeed man
enough to pay the price of love.

“She looks so radiant, doesn’t she?” Gus said as he
stood next to me.

I nodded affirmatively to my best man. It was Gail’s
idea for me to ask Gus to do that honor. She said it would
truly signal to Gus that I was secure with my love for her
and that I was man enough to show him so, even though he’d
knocked her up and she was going to have his child. My
objections to doing so were met with persuasive logic from
her that only a ‘real man’ would be big enough to do what
she was asking of me. Again I capitulated to my fianc�e’s
desire, as I once more demonstrated that I could be the man
she perceived me to be.

As the music starts and Gail walks down the aisle in
her white maternity gown, I’m full of jitters that finally
she’s at last going to be mine, even if she’s bringing me
her tummy full with another man’s baby too.


“What!” I cried out in disbelief.
“Honey, you’re upset? Why? He just wants to
borrow me for the evening. He knows I belong to you.
It’s not like he’s taking me away from you or I’m
leaving you. He’s going to bring me back home to

“B-But Gail, y-you promised that you’d be all
mine a-after we’re married.” I angrily stammered out
words of anger.

“Darling, I am all yours. But what I really
said was that my heart belongs to you and you alone.
No one will take that from you. My love spirit
belongs only to you. We are soul mates, remember?
If someone threatens to take my emotional love from
you, then you’d be justified in being concerned. But
you don’t have a thing to worry about honey, he and
his friend just want to have a good time and probably
want to borrow my pussy for a little fucking, that’s

“Borrow y-your… H-His friends? T-that’s all!”

“Sweetie, lets look at this logically. First of
all, you’re not much on going out or dancing right?”

“W-Well…” I attempted to reply, but was
searching for words when my wife cut me off.

“You know you’re more of a homebody, and when we
do go out you’re worried about how much it costs.
Well this won’t cost you a cent. They’re paying for
the evening. So therefore you’re saving on the cost
of a night out on the town for me. Not to mention
with you here watching the baby, we save on the cost
of a babysitter. See my point?”

“W-Well…, but…”

“And another point darling, you really won’t be
using my pussy the whole night anyway. What does it
take, no more than two minutes for you to get off
after a few strokes in me?”

“Y-You know I-I’ll l-lick you as long as it
takes to satis…”

“You can still eat my pussy when they bring me
home, besides I expect you to do that anyway. If you
didn’t, I’d think you didn’t love me.”

“I-I see, w-well that is, I-I think I see.” I
replied slowly trying to make some sense of my wife’s
logic. “I-I guess it may be okay, a-at least since
I’m sure they’ll be using condoms… Y-you are going
to have them u-use condoms?”

“I’m glad you brought that up darling. No they
won’t. In fact Gus called earlier to let me know he
wasn’t going to use any rubbers. Just like before I
was married, he wanted to let me know he wanted my
pussy wet and raw – black skin to white skin, with
only hot pussy juice between his dick and my pussy

“B-But Gail, y-you’re off the pill. Y-You could
get pregnant. A-And besides, if-if I have to wear a
rubber why doesn’t he and his buddies?”

“Well darling, you and I both know you wear them
not only for protection but to also to increase your
stamina to prevent pre-mature ejaculation. Gus never
had that problem and all the fellows I dated never
had that problem, hence they don’t have to wear
rubbers for that purpose. Their dicks do well, very
well, in my juicy hot pussy. You know how I’ve told
you how long they last before shooting off.”

I know I looked truly pathetic now as my wife
reminded me so pointedly of how superior her ex-fuck
studs were in comparison to me.

“Darling, they’ve all promised to pull out and
let me swallow their cum. No mess no fuss, just good
fucking and sucking that’s all that’s going be
happening. There’s nothing for you to be upset
about. And besides, if for some reason, their cum
should happen to get me knocked up, it’ll just give
you another opportunity to further prove your love to
me, not to mention a new little brother or sister for
little Gus here.”

I stood virtually speechless at my wife’s words.
I knew further discussion was futile.

After she tenderly kissed me goodbye, I stood at
the window holding our son, Gus Junior. I continued
looking out, as my wife drove off in the night. She
would soon be in the arms of our son’s real father,
Gus Senior.

I mentally sighed. I thought I’d pass the love
test with flying colors. However, now it looks like
there will be many more to go.

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