The Senator’s hotwife
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Doug couldn’t believe he got himself in this situation again. Why couldn’t he just keep his big mouth shut? His wife didn’t take kindly to backtalk or to being late and he was guilty of both.

“If you move your hands from that floor, you’ll get 50 strokes with the cane instead of this hairbrush. Do you understand, Mr. Smartmouth?” Becky hissed sternly.

Doug nodded his head as he lay naked across her lap with his hands and the balls of his feet supporting his weight to prevent too much pressure on her legs. Becky was still wearing the knee-length blue dress, pantyhose and black heels she had been wearing at the hair salon when he picked her up earlier. He knew he was in trouble when he saw the impatient look on her face and the way she had her arms crossed tightly in front of her. Her patent-leather black purse dangled from one arm over the vintage lime green coat that extended just below her knees. She looked like a 1950s housewife with her retro vintage dress and bouffant hairstyle. It was this stylish, retro look that infatuated him since the first time he saw her. She reminded him of a teacher he had in grade school that was his first crush. The first time he had ever masturbated he was thinking about that teacher.

While his prim and proper wife may have looked and acted like a traditional wife in public, she was hardly traditional behind the closed doors of their home. Unless of course, spankings and cornertime for errant husbands was now considered traditional. Or, having sex with the couple next door while your husband waited at home was considered traditional. She was a woman of many contradictions, but there was one thing Doug had no doubt about. He was about to get one hell of a whipping with her trusty wooden hairbrush. It had been a wedding present from her mom with a note saying “Spare the rod, spoil the man”. Whenever her mom visited, she would always ask, “So, has our boy been behaving himself?” Doug wished his wife didn’t always have to tell her mom about the whippings she had given him since the last time they saw her. He could already envision the twinkle in his mo_ther-in-law’s eyes as she listened to how he had been punished this time. She would probably ask, “And did you make him cry again?” She loved to humiliate him. It was no wonder Becky’s dad had left her shortly after Becky graduated from high school.

Becky patted the hairbrush lightly against the cheeks of his ass as she prepared to give him the promised fifty swats. Doug knew these pats were simply the prelude for the scolding he was about to get from his wife. There would be no warm-up. When it was time for the spanking to begin, his wife wouldn’t stop until she had delivered fifty hard swats with all the power her forearm could muster. She never spared the rod.

“What time did I tell you to pick me up?”

“Two o’clock,” Doug replied meekly.

“And when did you show up?”

“Five minutes late,” he mumbled.

“And what do I always tell you about being on time?”

“If you’re not ten minutes early, you’re late.”

“And, instead of apologizing, what did you say to me?” she asked with the taps of the hairbrush becoming a bit more aggressive.

Doug paused before answering, “I said I was only five minutes late.”

“Is that all you remember?” she demanded menacingly. In a mocking voice, Becky said, “I seem to remember you saying, ‘Oh geez Becky, give me a break. I’m five minutes late for god’s sake. It’s not like I haven’t sat out here for twenty minutes waiting for you while you gossip with the other ladies.’ Does that sound familiar?”

“Yes,” Doug sighed quietly. The last few times he had picked her up at the salon, he could see her through the window as she sat sipping wine and chatting and laughing with the other women while he waited impatiently in the car. Apparently, being punctual was only a rule that he had to follow.

She tapped the hairbrush on his ass one more time before saying, “I’m getting tired of this attitude boy. The next time you talk to me like that I’ll stick a bar of soap in your mouth and you can stand in the corner for an hour after I beat your ass. Got it?”

Before Doug could respond, he felt her knee press against his groin as she pushed his hips up with her leg and brought the hairbrush down with a loud CRACK on his ass. The sudden flash of pain caused him to lose his breath and he never got a chance to catch it again as she rained down a steady barrage of swats that seemed to cover every inch of both asscheeks. She paused midway through the spanking to run her hand over his bright red butt. It was already hot to the touch. She smiled and then continued to give him the remaining swats in a steady, unrelenting rhythm. By the time she got to thirty he was crying out with each spank. By forty, the tears began to fall, and by the time she reached fifty, he was bawling like a ch_ild.

She let him lay across her lap until he quit crying, then she told him to kneel in front of her. “Do you have anything to say to me?” she asked.

Doug’s eyes were red and his face was streaked with tears. He wondered if these spankings would ever get easier to take. His voice was shaky as he stammered, “I’m sorry honey. I’ll do my best to be on time and I promise to be more respectful when talking to you.”

Becky let him kneel there sniffling with downcast eyes as she watched him. She loved seeing her sexy, handsome husband on his knees. She knew he worshipped her, and she wanted to make sure he always would. These little sessions were good for reminding him of the proper order in their relationship and he was always more attentive afterward. He was a prime example of how to create a good husband with the proper training. He kept his body in good shape thanks to her insistence that he go to the gym every morning before work and her diligent control of their diets. Thanks to her carefully choreographed volunteer and advocacy work for him, Doug was recognized as a pillar of the community and, despite his relatively young age, easily won election to the State Senate. With his good looks and her daddy’s money, she was confident he could remain in the Senate and maybe even have a shot at governor someday. Especially, if he continued to push women and family issues that were important to her and most of the other women in the state. He was lucky to have her.

“Whipping you has made me horny boy,” she said in a softer tone. She tousled his hair and tapped his nose with her finger as she laid the brush on the bench next to her. “You may remove my panties and pleasure me.”

She scooted to the edge of the bench and put her hands under her so she could raise her hips. Doug leaned forward and slipped both hands under the hem of her knee-length dress until he found the waistband of her silky panties on her hips. He pulled the panties and saw they were blue and matched her dress. He wondered why that mattered. Who would know if your panties and dress matched? He also noticed the wet spot in the crotch of her panties as he pulled them down her legs and over her feet. Spanking him really had made her horny. He was glad he could make her excited. His head was still floating and foggy from the intensity of emotions he experienced while crying. He was feeling incredibly submissive and was desperate to put his tongue in her pussy. These discipline sessions always made him so eager to please her.

She spread her knees as she leaned back and put her hands on the bench behind her. She didn’t pull her dress up, so Doug stuck his head under the dress to find the object of his desire. He smelled her scent and his head swooned with yearning. It was claustrophobic with his head wedged between her thighs and trapped under the dress but he didn’t care. He wanted to make up for his sins and please his wife. When his tongue plunged into her pussy she sighed and squeezed his face with her thighs in pleasure. He didn’t waste much time in finding her clitoris with his lips and tongue. It was already displayed prominently under the delicate hood but he knew it would get even bigger and more erect as she became more aroused. He had been with his share of women in his life but none of them had a clitoris as large as his wife’s. He assumed that is what made her so easily aroused and multi-orgasmic. Despite her outward appearance, his wife was undoubtedly the most sexual woman he had ever met.

Becky reached for the back of his head protruding from under her dress. She had taught him to be an expert pussy licker. She loved getting oral sex and he was always so eager to please her. She gave him plenty of opportunities to demonstrate his skills and show his wife how much he loved her. Before long, she could feel the tremors of her first orgasm building as he sucked lightly on her clit and his tongue flicked urgently over the entire area. Her hips started thrusting in time with his licking and he responded with enthusiasm at her encouragement. As her orgasm continued to build, she pushed more urgently on the back of his head as her hips thrust faster. She smashed his face tighter against her pussy and began to moan as he sucked harder in anticipation of her imminent eruption. She arched her back and yelled out her pleasure as her husband continued to suck and lick her engorged clit. Her wet pussy gushed her sweet juices and Doug eagerly licked her offering as if it were a rare treat he might never get to savor again. His cock was fully erect, pointing toward the floor as he knelt with his face buried in the font of his inspiration. His flaming red ass was forgotten momentarily as the endorphins coursed through his body.

Finally, Becky insisted he stop as her clit became too sensitive for any further stimulation. She pushed his partially covered head away from her sex as she squeezed her thighs together. As Doug removed his face from under her dress, she could see her dew on his face. It pleased her that she had marked him with her scent. He would wear it the rest of the day and smell her every time he inhaled through his nose. His ass would tingle and he would think about lying across her lap whenever he had a quiet moment tonight. He would lust for her despite knowing his unrequited passion would likely be met with mere amusement. Like a marionette on a string, he was her willing puppet, eager to perform for his puppet-master. She stoked the embers of his lustful fire with a deft hand, like a virtuoso playing an instrument. He was her boy and she was his everything. Exactly as she planned, as she demanded, from her husband.

Doug looked at her from his knees with puppy dog eyes seeking her approval for a job well done. However, he didn’t receive any praise. Instead, her eyes and face became stern as she smoothed her dress across her lap and leaned forward toward him. “You’ve been a very bad boy,” she scolded. “There will be no playing with your little thing for at least two weeks. If you don’t think you can keep your hands off it, then we will lock it up.”

Doug hated the chastity cage and shook his head with pleading eyes. She had made him wear it for two months the prior year. After she’d returned from a dinner date with the neighbors, she asked if he had been masturbating while she was out. When he denied it, she made him show the browser history on his laptop. That’s when she saw the cuckold porn sites he loved to visit. She was more upset that he lied to her than the fact he was masturbating to cuckold porn. His cuckold fetish was no secret. “I’m glad you have fellow cuckolds to chat with, but I won’t tolerate lying and it disgusts me to think you’re playing with yourself every time you’re home alone.” At first, she made him wear it for a week but at the end of the week she decided she liked it and told him he needed another week. Before he knew it, it had been a month and she told him to quit whining if he ever wanted to get it off. Finally, at the end of the second month she relented and said he had learned his lesson.

“Very well, you are on your honor for the next two weeks. I don’t expect to see your pants down unless it’s for a trip across my lap and I hope today’s lesson will encourage better behavior. You’ll still pleasure me and do your cleanup and fluffer duties but there will be no need for anyone to see your little weenie the rest of the month. Understand?” she demanded with raised eyebrows.

Doug nodded his head with a sad look on his face. That meant no Sunday morning sex with his wife, no handjobs at the hot tub parties and no playing with himself after giving his wife oral sex. He also wanted to clarify that there were still three weeks left in the month but figured that could be addressed in two weeks. Then, his wife ordered, “Now, go stand in the corner so I can admire my handiwork while I have a cup of tea.”

Doug shuffled naked to the corner of the living room and stood facing the corner while Becky went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. After she returned, she sat in the chair across the room with one leg over the other, watching her husband stand in the corner like a chastised toddler. She smiled as she looked at his bright red ass. Her wooden hairbrush always provided reliable results! In addition to the bright red color, there were angry purple splotches that would be bruises tomorrow. She knew he would be looking in the mirror to see the evidence of this spanking for days to come.

After ten minutes or so, Becky came up behind her husband and put her arms around him. She pinched his nipples with her fingers until he gasped and she whispered in his ear, “Do you love me?”

“Yes,” he gasped. “Very much.”

“I know,” she replied softly. Then, she released his nipples and said in a casual voice, “You can get dressed and get busy. Don’t you have a speech to write.”

Doug nodded as he turned toward her, “Yes, the new women’s shelter opens tomorrow and I’m rolling out my new domestic violence bill at the ribbon-cutting.”

Becky tilted her head and offered him her cheek. Doug kissed her cheek before she turned to sashay out of the room like a runway model with her ass swinging sexily under the silky material. She had no doubt her husband was watching every step with yearning in his eyes.

Doug retrieved his clothes and pulled his underwear and pants over his tingly, painful ass. He cringed at the sight of the evil hairbrush that was still lying on the bench. As usual, she had reminded him that disrespect toward her would be dealt with harshly. While it would hurt to sit for a few hours, he couldn’t help but feel a little turned on now that the punishment was over. He was especially excited by the time he’d spent between her thighs. Becky’s fragrant perfume still lingered in the air and he uncon_sciously licked his upper lip, tasting her scent. His cock stirred as he imagined lying in bed, looking up at his wife naked, kneeling with her pussy over his face. He imagined a long drip of cum seeping from her pussy toward his eager, waiting lips. He licked the remnants of her dew from his lip again as his imagination showed her smiling down at him with gleaming eyes, squeezing her breasts and telling him, “Lick it all, my love. Show my lover how much you want to taste him.” He rubbed his hardening cock through his pants and was suddenly snapped out of his reverie as he remembered his wife’s threat of chastity. He shuddered at the thought of the cage and quickly finished dressing so he could get back to work.

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