The End of the Innocence 1.
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Call me Daniel. In the late summer of 1978, at the age of 24, I was
what could be fairly described as a “reformed computer geek”. I only
realize this now, looking back at pictures of myself at the time. An only
son of fairly strict but loving parents in a large Southern state, I had
found myself well employed after high school and never attended college. In
fact, I was only moving out of my parents house about the same time that
most of my peers were graduating from four years of college. Though not a
physically a virgin, in some very real sense I was an emotional one. Deep
within me I knew this, and I was getting tired of it.

As to my appearance, my face and body wasn’t unattractive, but I was a
bit too short and a bit too thin to be the kind of “hunk” girls like to
invite home from the bars. But I had had a few invitations, and enjoyed
them all. Still, I was inexperienced compared to my friend Jerry, who never
seemed to lack for companionship, even though I never saw him seek it.

Jerry was actually the friend of a close friend with whom I was living
at the time. Of average size and not notable for classic good looks, he was
nonetheless a very attractive person to large numbers of both women and men.
I asked several girls we both knew what it was that made him that way, and
the answers varied from “the way he moves” to “his eyes” or his “sexy voice”
or “easygoing manner”. Indeed he was a friendly and quiet person who was
very easy to be around and be intimate with.

That summer, I had money and an itch to travel. Jerry had time (being
temporarily between jobs) but no money. For some reason I thought it might
be fun to drive down to Key West, Florida, and proposed to Jerry that if I
financed the trip in toto and provided the car, if he wanted he could come
along if he would provide the tent, cook, clean, and drive at least half the
time. Of course he agreed, and in a few days we jammed what we thought we
might need into my tiny car and took off south with no plan except to go
there and see what happened.

I won’t bore you with the details of the trip, or the first few days,
except what is important to the last four nights we were there. We did find
a campsite and set up our little blue and white three-man tent in a public
campground. Most of our days were spent getting a tan on the small beach
and snorkling around amongst the colorful sea creatures; and our nights
cruising amongst the colorful night creatures on Duvall street. Sex, drugs,
and kinkyness were ubiquitous in the Key West of the 1970’s after dark, but
we were only interested spectators, until Jerry’s (and my) increasing
horniness led us into an adult “bookstore” on the 5th night of our stay.
And so the story begins…
The store was sleazy, as these things almost always are.
There were a few books there, but the front part was taken up by a wall
of magazines, and in the back, taking up most of the store and accessible
thru a set of saloon-type doors, was a “mini-movie arcade”. It wasn’t my
first time in such a place, maybe my third.
The magazines had names like “Hard Candy”, “Ass Fuckers”, and “All
Anal”. The pictures on the covers illustrated in full color what the titles
“…All Anal” Jerry said, in an approving tone of voice, in front of a
magazine of that name that depicted two men penetrating the rear of one
women, who was lewdly straddling one while the other squatted and inserted
his cock into her ass. Her expression was intense, but hard to describe.

We didn’t buy anything (I suppose the choice was mine, since I had the
money), but wandered past the proprietor (who was reading a detective
novel), back through the saloon doors to see what was there.
What was there were about twenty small dark booths, each with a curtain
in front and a small projector into which one fed a quarter to view about
two minutes of a soundless “loop” of people having sex. While it was
technically accurate to say they were “25 cent” movies, if you wanted to see
a whole one you’d have to feed in quarter after quarter. Each booth catered
to a different specialty or combination. A small sign on each one said
things like “boy/girl” or “1 boy/2 girls”.
There were a few occupied, most empty. We stood around while I waited
for Jerry to decide to either leave or pick a booth. I didn’t have but a
few quarters, neither did he.

Behind us the doors squeaked, and we turned to behold what we least
expected: A pair of smooth tanned legs, leading up to a pair of cutoff
jeans and a t-shirt; all on a sandy-haired girl with a hint of a freckle or
two and a round face that probably wouldn’t be featured in Playboy but that
was pleasing to look at nonetheless.
She was probably over 18, still I’d have ID’d her if I was running the
place; but the proprietor was in a good part of his novel and obviously paid
no attention. Her body looked over 18: about 5’2″, very well proportioned
without being overly endowed.
The round face smiled, and the mouth beneath the cute little nose
“Hi.”, we replied, trying to be completely cool.
“I’m looking for something in particular!” she said, as if we worked
there. She did seem totally cool and unembarassed to be alone, female and
young in such a place.
We paused just a second before Jerry asked,
“What is it?” as if he worked there.
“Two guys.” she replied, matter of factly.
(I am sure I am remembering this just like it happened, word for
word. I am not making it up. I promise.)

Now, your ordinary horny guys would not have hesitated to reply
something along the lines of “Well here we are!” but I wisely kept my mouth
shut, and Jerry was far too worldly and laid back to have been so crass. We
both knew she really meant that’s the kind of visual entertainment she was
“Let’s have a look” he did say.
And we together toured the outsides of the variously dimly-lit
booths, looking at the small signs. But there was no “boy/boy”, despite
Key West’s reputation (well deserved) of boasting a high percentage of
homosexual men. I suppose gays had their own bookstores, since straight
men are often highly offended (threatened) by male/male sex.
“Well, there are two boy/boy/girl ones” he finally said to her,
“if you want you can try one and we’ll try the other, and if we see
the two guys getting friendly we’ll call you over”.
“Ok.” she smiled, clearly liking that we were not uncool.
And we went to one, and she to another, out of sight.

I know now how Jerry was such a master at picking up, or rather being
picked up by, women. Did we both want into this girl’s pants? Of course!
We were young (me 24 Jerry 23), horny, and in a adult bookstore. She was
rather attractive in both looks and personality.
But rather than “make a move”, Jerry conveyed to her: friendiness, a
sense of being able to be trusted, and yet by his body language and tone of
voice and general calmness a kind of experience that promised sweet things
if she was so inclined. If she wasn’t, no big deal.
I just stood by and smiled and hoped my new tan and 7-day-old beard
made me look less geeky than I felt.

We watched our loop for a quarter or three. The two young actors took
the young lady soundlessly by mouth, pussy, and ass in several combinations
— but stayed strictly away from one another. It was hot to watch, and
I of course became rock hard in my pants, as I’m sure Jerry did too, but
we did not comment on it.
As the third quarter ran out and the screen clicked off, our companion
seeker came up to our booth. Jerry noticed and asked,
“Any luck?”.
“Nope” she replied, “It was pretty good, but the two guys just
concentrated on the girl.”.
“Same here”. Jerry said.

There was a short pause. Nothing was said, but I had the feeling that
in some subtle way cards were being laid on the table. She was letting us
know she might be interested in spending some time with us. After all, she
could have just walked away, but instead she stood there for a second or
two. I didn’t know how to pick up the cards, but Jerry did. More boldly
than she or I could have imagined.
“Would you like to see two guys for real?” he asked. It was a casually
asked question, as if he’d asked her if she’d like to see our car. But of
course the import was anything but casual. I expected her to walk, and was
feeling embarrassed at his faux pas. My opinion of Jerry’s coolness took a

But she didn’t walk. Silence: and she looked at Jerry, and he looked
right back at her — serious eye contact. Then she looked at me, and I just
gave her a little smile and looked right back at her too. It’s speculation,
but I think that behind those female eyes was a battle pitting the organ
between her ears against the organ between her legs.
The battle was short.
The lower half won.
“Where?” she asked.
“With us.” he replied, even and calm as could be.
She looked from one to the other again.
“Ok.” she said. Maybe she thought we were gay and willing to be
exhibitionists for her benefit. Or simply that we knew a place where a gay
movie could be found.
In any case, I was amazed, truly amazed.
“Let’s get out of here then.” Jerry said, and together we walked back
through the saloon doors, past the magazines, and into the fresh warm
midnight air.

We had about five blocks to walk to the parking lot where my little blue
car was, and we used the time to get aquainted. I asked her if she lived
here, and she explained that she and a female friend lived in Central
Florida, and had driven down here for two weeks before returning to school
in Tallahassee. Her friend had found a man last night, and wanted privacy,
so she was temporarily “persona non grata” (in her words) back at the hotel
So she was out on her own, and feeling a little reckless. “So you wound
up at a peep show?” asked Jerry playfully.

“Why the fuck not?” she replied and for some reason we all broke up
laughing just at the way she said it. I could feel the awkwardness of the
situation starting to fade away. It was nice to hear her use a word like
“fuck”, with a sweet smile on her face.
She said her name was Laura, and we told her ours.
Still, during the silent moments of the walk, I wondered what the
hell Jerry meant “for real” when I was the only other guy he knew on the
island. But there was no good opportunity to ask without queering the
deal, so to speak.

Back at the car, we climbed in cheerfully, and Jerry pulled the bag of
marijuana (universally known as “pot” amongst my circle) and offered her a
share of our pipe.
“Ah, why the fuck not?” again in her slightly deep (for a girl) voice,
and laughter all around again. Jerry stuffed the bowl and lit up, and we
passed it around as I backed out and drove aimlessly around the small island
for a half hour or more, as we slowly did justice to the contents of the
pipe, and in so doing, altered our mood considerably.
“We’re staying in a tent at one of the campgrounds, want to go there?”
my somewhat mellowed self asked the light-brown-haired pixie in the
smoke-filled back seat.
“Where else?” came the reply, and there was a bit of giggling, maybe not
only by her, my memory is a bit hazy at this point.

(For those impatiently waiting for the “good parts”, don’t worry they’re
coming, and coming soon. You’ll get all you want, I think, and maybe then

In the last silence of the drive, I tried to face what I thought was
coming. Whenever I’m confronted with some choice, if I have time I think
ahead to what’s going to happen and ask myself “Will you do this?”. I wait
for the answer from my heart, and if it’s “No, I’m not” that’s it, I don’t
do it — I don’t really care what others think. If the answer is “Yes, I
will” then I go ahead and no looking back.
Jerry had invited her to be with us on a promise that we would engage in
some kind of sex act for her. I had never even considered sex with Jerry or
any other man, even though the thought didn’t repel me. Horny as I was, my
libido really was directed only towards females. But I remember someone
saying “sex is really just giving and receiving pleasure”, and it was a
statement I would like to believe but had never really tested. Would he
suck my cock? Want me to suck his? Fondle each other? If it felt good, so
what? I was far from home, high, and horny. I trusted Jerry to do nothing
I didn’t allow. If I didn’t like it I could always just forget it happened.
And if we didn’t come through, would she leave, or worse, go off with Jerry
and leave me out of it?

So would I do it? Yes, I would.
No looking back.

We pulled up to the tent, and as it was after one in the morning the
place seemed pretty deserted, with all tent occupants either asleep or away.
I was glad we had pitched ours as far from others as was possible, still,
our nearest neighbors were some fifteen feet away.
It wasn’t hard to see by the moon, and we piled out and offered Laura
anything she might like to eat or drink. She declined but needed to pee,
and we pointed her towards the light over the concrete campground
bathroom/shower, a short walk down the path. Off she went, ourselves rather
crassly failing to escort her, and Jerry asked me:
“Are you up for this?”.
“Yeah, sure.” I replied.
“It’s OK if you’re not.” he said, and I appreciated his offering me an
“Didn’t we promise?” I asked, and he grinned.
“Let’s get ready then”.
And we crept into the tent.

Jerry pulled out a candle, and mounted it on the tiny table/box at the
head of our fairly small 3-man tent. He then pulled off his t-shirt. I
pulled off mine and then expressed concern that if we stripped Laura might
freak if she came back and saw us. We decided to just leave our cutoffs on.
I then retrieved our stash and we loaded the pipe again. By that time
Laura stuck her head in to the tent, saw us, and let out a giggle.
“Hey” cried Jerry in mock offense at her implied slight of our
physiques. She then just whistled lowly, grinned, and asked if she could
join us.
“Why sure” I said and offered up the pipe. I needed the relaxation the
pot would give me. We lit and slowly passed the pipe again, each drawing in
as much as possible and holding it, not knowing but not dreading what might
lay ahead of us this night.

As the last was smoked, we sat in silence, then Jerry leaned over and
unsnapped the snap button on my cutoff jeans. It was the moment of truth,
but I had already decided in the car. He looked at me, and I leaned back
and looked right back with no words but consent in my eyes. He slowly
unzipped the zipper, and I raised my hips as he slipped off my pants.
If Laura had somehow misunderstood anything that had transpired before
now, she would speak up and we would stop (and probably be embarrassed).
But she just sat there, only three feet from me. Watching with interest but
saying nothing.
I was now clad only in my briefs. My cock was there very visibly, not
really hard but not really soft either. For those that are interested in
such things, my member is about 6 1/2 inches long from tip to root fully
erect, is circumcised, and is neither thick nor thin for it’s length.
I heard a little shuffle and saw Laura reposition herself for a better
view. She was still fully clothed, but her face was starting to look a bit
excited. I didn’t know if she would join us, but I hoped so.
Jerry meanwhile very slowly and deliberately took his index finger and
stroked it gently over my still covered cock. Laura and I both watched
this, and though it felt good my cock did not start immediately to get
harder. But Jerry seemed intent on getting me to rise while still concealed
so he could reveal me, I suppose, in full glory. Laura watched, and silence
reigned; a foggy silence, as we all three were floating on our pot-induced
high as well as a growing sexual arousal.
I did a mental trick to produce the expected rise. I closed my eyes and
remembered a scene from the few minutes of loops we had watched earlier. I
thought of one of the men who had pressed his cock up inside the ass of the
supine girl while she was riding her other lover. I imagined the feel of
his cock rubbing the other cock through the thin wall of skin between her
vagina and rectum. Soon, the touch of Jerry’s finger felt better, and I
could feel the exquisite pleasure of the blood filling my cock.
I opened my eyes as I felt his hand leave me, and his fingers loop under
the elastic band of the underwear. I raised my ass again, and my last
remnant of modesty was pulled off.
“Ooooo” I heard Laura moan softly, “Yeah”.

Her approval was crucial for me at this stage. Any doubt about her
participation, at least as an onlooker, would have caused the tension to
break disastrously for me.
Jerry took my cock in his warm hand and lifted it high, waving it around
a bit playfully. Fully hard.
There comes a time with all new sexual partners, where a line is crossed
and you sense all are committed to carry through with inhibitions left
behind. This was that moment now, and since no one showed any objection to
the proceedings, we all three were able to shed that last bit of reservation
that stood between us and indulgence in pure lust.

I felt no modesty at all, in fact, I wanted more pleasure. He knowingly
obliged me by stopping the waving and manually fondling me in a very expert
way. His hand worked slowly up and down my turgid member, hardening it
further and sending sexual thrills up my spine. Good hand work is rare, and
I had never experienced any before now. That he was a guy and not a girl, I
just didn’t care at the moment. I closed my eyes, leaned my head back, and
soaked up the pleasure.
I loved the thought of Laura watching and hopefully enjoying, in fact,
that was an essential element in my comfort. Had it been Jerry alone, I
probably would never have even considered this activity.
Jerry shifted, I could feel it, but he kept stroking; God, yes, it was
good I remember thinking, but what was he doing?.
“Yes” I heard Laura’s excited whisper, “Yes do it”.

Snap. The sound of a button popping. I opened my eyes, to see her
still fully clothed, but her hand was at her crotch area and I was sure she
had unsnapped her cutoffs. Yes: I could see in the candlelight her right
hand working it’s way down between her legs, spreading the zipper. I felt
a surge of even greater lust as she crossed her little barrier.
My cock stood inside his hand, very large it seemed and red, and the
head was flared and purple. A drop of pre-cum had already dribbled out and
down to the edge of the flange, and another had formed in the tip. I was
ready for about anything at this point – sex hormones fully in control of my
He was holding me steady now, not moving his hand. I remember like it
was yesterday. He bent his head down until it was inches from my cockhead.
He was going to suck me. I didn’t recoil. I lay still and watched. Laura
was riveted, her eyes on the same scene as mine, her only motion a gentle
circling of her finger down below.
He looked up at her.
“You like this?” he asked.
“Yes” came the quick breathy answer.
His tongue extended and gently plucked the precum from my tip. He was
teasing me, teasing us both.
“Are you sure?”.
“Oh yeah”.
“What do you want now?”.
“I want you to suck him.”.
“Suck him how?”.
“Suck his dickhead into your mouth, oh, yeah.”. She sounded more
excited than I had ever seen a woman in my life. I didn’t even know girls
could be voyeurs, I thought that was a man-only thing.
So he did. His lips curled over the wet purple head of my cock, making
it disappear into his mouth.
If this were fiction, I’d tell you of the incredible burst of pleasure
this brought, but in fact the touch of his lips and tongue were a great deal
more gentle than his hand, and the pleasure while sweet was not nearly as
intense. Still, it was far better than any other mouth I had ever felt.
The several girls that had treated me thus far in my 24 years were rank
amateurs next to Jerry’s technique. This couldn’t possibly be even near his
first time doing this.

He sucked, and I could feel him gently licking me too. The sight was
incredible, with his head bobbing slowly up and down on my cock now
glistening with his spittle in the candlelight. This was not lost on our
observer, who sighed several times as she pleasured herself. My eyes
travelled from his mouth to her finger, and back again. Jerry and I were
both concious of putting on a show, and to enhance the effect a little I
moaned and begged him to suck me more.
He responded by stopping his mouth work, and returning to his hand
masturbation on my now very slick shaft. The increase in pleasure was
intense, and I moaned for real.
“Jack me” I moaned, and he immediately went back to sucking. I realized
I now had some control over his ministrations on me, albeit in reverse. He
really knew what he was doing; he was a gourmet of sexual delight. Not
only his physical technique, but his giving of control to me for his
pleasuring of me.
I didn’t want to come too soon. I wanted the show, and the pleasure, to
last. But every cycle of sucking, licking, then masturbation brought me a
step closer. I closed my eyes; I could think of nothing but the sensations
on my cock. I was lost in a world of Jerry’s mouth and hands.
I don’t know how long it lasted, have no idea. We were all excited and
the sound of uneven breathing filled the tent. The drugs tend to alter
your time perception, making everything seem to go in wonderful slow motion.
But, eventually the feeling of inevitable release crept up my loins, and I
moaned out loud that I was close.
“Make him cum” I heard her say, softly and pleadingly.

He did, with his hand. He stroked me again and again, and when I knew
he wasn’t going to stop till I came all over myself, I just let it go. In
the last delicious pause before the eruption, I heard a soft feminine moan.

The orgasm started in my cock and radiated to the tips of my toes and to
the top of my head. I stiffened, raised up my ass, and squirted several
jets of white cum into the air, falling all over my stomach and legs,
Jerry’s hand, and my cock. Rivulets ran out the tip, over his fingers, and
into my pubic hair.
“oooooo shit. God damn. God damn.” I heard Laura say in a choked kind
of voice. “Oh fuck I want to cum too”.
This followed by silence for a short period.
I didn’t really see anything. I think I heard her moan and thrash about
a little. I seem to remember staring up at the top of the tent and waiting
for my breathing to return to something like normal.

Things briefly settled down a bit. I could breathe again, and I heard
the ragged breathing of Laura. She had cum! And we had brought her off
with our show. I remember these thoughts with pleasure in the aftermath,
then a feeling that I didn’t like: the knowledge that Jerry hadn’t cum, and
maybe Laura and Jerry would now get it on without me.
I looked up, and Jerry was looking at Laura. His left hand was pretty
white with streaks of my cum, and as he looked at her and she at him, he
slowly and seductively began licking my cum off his own hand. I would
have been shocked had I not just had an intense orgasm.
“Oooo” again from her, and she appreciated this sexy move. I just lay
there, recovering, feeling the hot cum I had shot on myself beginning to get
just a little cooler.
“I want some too” she said, and he moved his hand to her to offer some
of my cum, thinking that’s what she wanted.
“No, I need someone inside me, I want to join you. Will you let me?”.
“Sure.” He replied simply.
She looked over at me, only a few feet away, laying naked and sort of
messy and dazed, and asked “Is it alright?”.
I didn’t know exactly what she meant at first, until I realized she must
have thought we were gay lovers. She wasn’t sure Jerry would be interested
in her, or if I would be jealous if he was.
“Go right ahead” I managed to say, and indeed at that moment I didn’t
really care, except that I wanted to stay with them. Neither seemed to have
the slightest interest in gaining privacy by excluding me, however.

I wiped some cum off me as best I could with my discarded t-shirt, the
only rag I could reach. As I did, Laura swiftly stripped off her top,
revealing a pair of nice firm and rather pointy tits, with nipples either
peaked with excitement or just naturally long. In a jiffy came off the
little cutoff jeans, leaving only a pair of panties quite obviously soaked
in the middle. All this would have been very exciting had I not just cum,
as it was I simply watched with interest.
“Lie down” she said, peeling off the panties.
He did, slipping off his pants as rapidly as possible. Out bobbed his
cock, of average size, about the size of mine or a little longer, and well
proportioned. He was very aroused.
She moved eagerly to straddle him, not wasting a moment or a motion in
her heat to couple with the only available male organ in condition to
satisfy her at the moment. I was certainly out of the action for a while,
but I was beginning to enjoy the sight of her smooth legs spread over his
waist, and her hand going underneath to take hold of his hard, sensitive
cock and place it next to her pussy. She was too hot to hesitate with
preliminaries, and so was he, so she simply impaled herself without further
Atop him, she just paused and sat there, as if she wanted to savor the
feel of it for a few moments before increasing the pleasure. I looked up to
her eyes to see them staring straight ahead, in sort of a glazed condition.
Her breasts seemed swollen and the nipples were crinkled and pointed.
(I was a little amazed at the heat she was in — my orgasm had cooled my
desire, at least temporarily, but hers had only seemed to fire her up more.
I suppose that’s one of the differences between the sexuality of men and
women; at least, some women.)
As she sat there, he placed his hands on her hips, then moved them up
her back and pulled her towards him, until her nipples came down to where
his mouth could reach them. I could see his lips close over her entire left
areola (I was laying to the left of them) as he sucked, licked, and nibbled
causing a deep moan from her. After a short suck on one, he switched to the
other, and the effect this time was to start her hips moving. Once the
sweet friction began, both seemed to lose interest in the nipple sucking, as
his head settled back down and she pulled up erect above him. Her hips rose
and fell in a steady rhythm. She paid no attention to me, but then again
she wasn’t the least bit shy about coupling in my presence.
Earlier both had been teasing and talking as he pleasured me, but the
time for talk was gone; the only thing that mattered to either of them was
the effort to rub genitals together until the pleasure became unbearable and
they exploded.
I had never actually seen people doing live sex before, only in porno
movies. Once I saw the real thing right next to me, I could feel my
so-recently spent member starting to pleasurably fill again. I knew then I
was probably destined to be a voyeur for life.

She humped him steadily, neither fast nor slow. Her eyes were closed,
but neither Jerry nor Laura had the energy to make much noise except for
heavy breathing. I could see clearly from only two feet away the point of
coupling between them, and it was very, very wet with her juices. Her ample
patch of light-brown pubic hair was stained mostly dark with wetness, as
were her thighs and his hairy belly. The pole of his cock shown greasily in
the candlelight as she lifted off it, only to slide back down again making
it disappear inside her. The process made a wet and very sexy sound that
filled the tent in the otherwise silent night.
I quickly and happily became fully hard. I stroked myself, then shifted
a little over and on a whim rubbed my cock on her thigh as she humped up
and down on him. She didn’t even seem to notice the contact.
Soon she begin to moan, then leaned back and screwed up her features as
the pleasure peaked. Her rhythm changed from long strokes to short quick
hunches as she obviously endured a powerful set of orgasmic contractions.
Finally with a gasp she fell forward on her hands, and opened her eyes and
looked down at him. He was still fully hard inside her.
And his need must have been urgent, because even as she paused and
rested for a bit I could see his hips moving to maintain some friction.
Eventually she too started moving again, then stopped and held still. He
seemed to squirm and let out a long “ahhhhhhh.”.
Suddenly it hit me that she was probably tightening her vaginal muscles
on him, stroking and sucking on him without even moving. The effect was
electric, as he started to hump up to her harder. I got even stiffer.

It didn’t take but a few moments before he groaned, flung his head back
and his hips up, and quite obviously shot spurt after spurt of long-held
cum deep inside her. She just held still and looked down into his face.
As he eventually relaxed, she fell gently forward on him. They kissed,
and I felt a little twinge of jealousy at being left out. As she lay there,
I stroked my hard cock along her leg once again. She looked back down at me
and smiled.
“Ooooo, another hard one. I have to do something about that.” she
murmured, reaching back and taking me in her hand. Then she rose up, and
positioned her knees over on my side of Jerry’s prone and languid body, and
“Come on baby, doggy me”.

Man, I thought, talk about insatiable. For me, now, the concept was
more than just a word. This was unbelievable.

Her gorgeous ass was raised in my direction, and I didn’t need a second
invitation. I got up on my knees behind her, and guided my cock up between
her legs. Her whole crotch area was, to put in mildly, a sloppy mess. Her
own copius juices plus white steaks of Jerry’s sperm covered her glistening
pink labia, and ran in a few little rivulets down her thighs.
I didn’t care, I just put my cock up there and slid it in.
The feel was hot and wet, but the area was so lubricated and stretched
that it felt almost like putting your dick in a tub of melted butter. I
couldn’t feel much inside her, only the outer rim of her vagina. But the
whole scene was so nasty and sexy, and the thought of swirling my cock
around in a mixture of his and her cum so enflaming, that I remember almost
shuddering in lust.
It didn’t help that as I reached the point where my balls pressed up
against her clit area, cum bubbled out all around my cock and ran down both
our thighs; and a fabulous wave of hot musky sex smells wafted up my chest
from her ass to my nostrils.
I started humping, with long steady stokes. The feel was still not
there but I kept it up. The movement in the wetness made sloppy sloshing
sounds, and I could hear the wet slap of my loins on her ass cheeks.
Slosh, slosh, slosh; in a steady beat. The feeling came back into my
cock and started to slowly build. I looked down briefly and saw Jerry,
lying underneath us, casually and tenderly caressing her hair.
“Oh fuck” I heard myself say. Slosh, slosh, slosh…I looked down at
her face, turned to the right. I could see the profile, in the candlelight,
of a woman receiving pleasure. The arousal in me began to increase rapidly,
filling me with the thick sweet feel of unbridled lust.
Slosh, slosh, slosh…I felt something underneath me, moving, and
realized it was her hand, her fingers circling her clit and flicking it
close to where my balls met her flesh in the instrokes.
Over and over…it was starting to feel really, really good. Sweet
sliding pleasure.
Slosh, slosh, slosh…and then she said distinctly “Fuck me harder”.
I obeyed instantly, as a good lover should.
Slosh slosh slosh…I pumped my cock into her at a faster pace,
increasing my own pleasure. I didn’t want to increase it too much, because
I wanted to be sure she came before I did. I could still feel her finger
working away down there.
“Oh, fuck, fuck me, fuck me harder” she panted.

Sloshsloshslosh…I fucked her fast and hard; oddly the faster pace
diminished the feel of pleasure on my cock, rather than increasing it. If
this seems contrary to the laws of sex, be assured there are none. But she
moaned somewhat frantically, as it had the opposite effect on her.
“Fuckmeharder, oh, harder, harder, oh, oh” she was almost chanting, her
voice rising in pitch on almost every word.
At last she groaned really hard and started hunching her ass back at me
in the same rhythm I saw when she came on Jerry. I grabbed her hips and
held my throbbing cock deep and still inside her, hoping to feel the
pulsations of her cum.
…Of course, you can’t really do that, as the contractions are subtle
and the male organ is a blunt instrument when it comes to subtle feelings.
But still it is so enjoyable to feel her body quiver and shake and know that
she feels you inside her as she cums hard.
When the shaking stopped, my stroking started again at my favorite
pace…Slosh, slosh, slosh; slowly but steadily. The full feeling returned
and built in a delicious spiral.
There wasn’t any reason to hold back, so I just let it go. She
patiently stayed in place for me, even though she stopped moving, as the
lovely feelings peaked and my cock stiffened and let loose several spurts of
hot white sperm into her belly; mixing a delicious cocktail of juices from
all three of us in her well-used love tunnel. I rode again the peak of joy,
having nothing in my mind but the feeling of the liquid flowing out of me
and into her.

Then it was over. We both stayed coupled for a minute or two, both
gasping a bit for breath and not even wanting to move. But of course my
twice-drained cock wilted, it’s job well done, and after I felt it slide out
of it’s own accord there was no reason not to just fall down on the air
mattress in total but satisfied exhaustion. As I hit the sack I felt, rather
than saw, her collapse also, right on top of Jerry who had patiently just
lain there as we fucked above him.
“Damn that was good” I heard her murmur, and Jerry answered “Amen”.
Breathing gradually returned to normal, and some languid efforts were
made to rearrange our sweating naked bodies to a more comfortable
configuration, particularly with Laura crawling off Jerry.

I had a powerful urge to pee, and reluctantly pulled on a pair of boxers
and walked (staggered?) out of the tent and down to the communal bathroom.
Looking down at my spent cock as I pissed, and feeling the slick wetness of
her lingering on it, I felt a sense of pride and pleasure at what it and I
had done tonight.

Returning, I noticed the candle still burning, but Jerry and Laura
rearranged into a spoon, with Jerry on the right and Laura glued behind him,
her loins pressed to his ass. The inside of our little tent reeked,
absolutely reeked, of sweat and sperm and musky sex. I blew out the candle,
slipped off the boxers and pressed my body up close behind her, with my cock
pressed nicely into her ass crack.

She at first made no move, but then her hand reached back and carressed
the side of my hip just enough to let me know I was right where she wanted
me to be.

The last thing I remember of that night was the feel of her wet sweaty
smooth back against my chest.

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