Debi and the Boys
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Ding! ‘That was so fucking hot!’ Kyle texted back.

‘I can’t wait till you get home. I need a good fucking.’ Debi responded, and she meant it.

Even though she came twice on the vibrator, she was in need of a real cock to completely satisfy her. She looked at her bikini laying on the floor and thought about following her husband’s suggestion from earlier. But first she decided to spy on the boys the way he had the previous day, so she went across the hall and into his office. She saw them huddled around Kyle looking at his phone again and got shivers when she realized they were probably looking at the video of her pleasuring herself with the vibrator.

That made up her mind, or was it her pussy talking? Either way, before she talked herself out of it she quickly pulled a thin beach coverup out of her closet and headed downstairs. It was thin and translucent, so it wouldn’t take the boys long to figure out she was nude underneath, but she wanted to continue the teasing as much as possible.

As she stepped out onto the patio, she could feel their eyes on her. Maybe they were trying to figure out why she was now wearing the coverup. They may even be thinking the show was over. If so, they were really in for a surprise!

When she reached her recliner, Debi announced, “I think I’m going to hit the pool – anybody want to join me?”

Debi turned to see the boy’s reaction as she slipped off the coverup. Their eyes popped wide open and their jaws went slack. Satisfied for the moment, she turned and walked to the edge of the pool and dove in. Several seconds later there were four splashes as they all ran over and jumped in with her.

She crossed her arms over her ample tits and said, “What do you boys think you are doing?”

The all got worried looks on their faces.

“You asked if anybody wanted to join you, so…” Kyle stammered.

“Yes, I know,” she answered, “but when the hostess goes into the pool nude, all the guests are expected to follow suit.”

Kyle’s friends all looked at him questioningly. After a heartbeat he grinned, reached under the water, and threw his wet trunks up onto the patio. Three others followed quickly. The sexual tension was high now and there was an awkward moment. Then Andy picked up a ball and threw it to Jamal. Soon there was a spirited game of water polo going with Kyle and Debi on one side, and the rest on the other.

The boys arranged to have Kyle and his Mom in the shallow end. Then they hit the ball up high in Debi’s vicinity as often as possible so that she had to jump for it and show more of her body, not to mention make her huge D-cup tits bounce. For her part, she didn’t mind since her original goal was to show off more anyway. She wanted to get them as turned on as possible, and by the look of the few clear looks she got, it was working.

“Kyle is lucky to have a mother like you, Mrs. Ross.” Andy said at one point.

“I think we are way past Mrs. Ross, don’t you think? Call me Debi.” She replied and then looked at Kyle. “Or Mom.”

“OK Mom.” Jamal joked.

Debi playfully splashed some water at him. “But what do you mean by – a mother like me – Andy?”

“I mean a hot woman that’s not afraid show it.” He answered.

The other three agreed with him, nodding their heads up and down. The situation was quickly approaching the point of no return, she knew, but the cautious part of her losing the battle for control.

Eventually all pretense of playing a real game was dropped and the boys began a campaign of bumping into Debi and then pretending to catch her or help pull her back up. This, of course, gave them plenty of opportunity to rub up against her naked body with theirs, or “accidentally” get a quick feel of tit flesh. But they weren’t the only ones playing at this game; she also took advantage of these situations by reaching out for something to hold when she “slipped”, and briefly grabbing onto a hard cock.

Then it finally happened. Jamal came up from underwater right in front of her (probably getting a good look at her bald cunt), and seriously put her off balance. As Debi fell backwards, Kyle caught her from behind, and as he did, his hands slid up over her ample D-cup tits. She couldn’t stifle a low moan and her son couldn’t help squeezing his mother’s tits. Then Jamal reached under the water and went right for the object of his lust.

When Jamal’s fingers touched her pussy it was like a lighting bolt shot straight from there to her nipples, which Kyle was now pulling on. Her body convulsed and Debi’s legs gave out on her. Kyle and Jamal easily lifted her out of the pool and sat her on the edge facing Jamal who was still standing in the water. With her legs wide open, this left him looking straight at her cunt. Unable to resist, he leaned in, spread her lips open and took a long lick the length of her slit.

Debi shuddered and reveled in the wicked sensation. Since she was doing nothing to stop him, Jamal continued slurping his former teacher’s pussy. Mark got out of the pool next and began playing with her tits from one side while Kyle stood on the other and watched.

Suddenly aware that someone was standing next to her, she turned her head and was rewarded with a closeup view of her son’s fully erect cock. It was beautiful, much like his father’s, only a little longer and fatter. She reached out and stroked it’s full length.

“Oh fuck Mom, that feels good.” He said.

Then she gripped it firmly and pulled him closer. When it got within range, she guided it into her mouth.

“Oh fuck yeah!” Kyle groaned.

The depravity of what she was doing might have shocked her only days before, but now it only stoked her sexual fires even higher. She could feel her orgasm building quickly. She put her hand on the back of the back of Jamal’s head and pulled it in harder.

“Don’t stop, I’m going to cum.” She moaned and began to buck her hips. “Oh fuck, I’m cumming. I’m cumming on your fucking tongue! FUCK!”

Her orgasm was so powerful it shook her entire body and caused her to see stars behind her tightly closed eyelids. It went on and on, wave after wave pulsing through her entire body. When it finally ended, she opened her eyes to the lust filled faces of four boys, really young men since they were all 18, but it still seemed like yesterday they were just confused 12 year olds. But their cocks looked mature enough, and she couldn’t wait to try them all out.

She put her hands out and said, “Help me up.”

Kyle and Mark helped her to her feet and make her way to the lounge chair. There she put one knee down on the chair and one on the ground. She turned and looked at the four boys standing behind her.

“Do you need a written invitation?” She asked and wiggled her ass.

Kyle and Jamal scurried forward.

“Sh’s my slutty mother, so I get to go first.” Kyle declared and lined up behind her.

Jamal wasn’t picky and moved to her other end. Debi stroked his hard cock, estimating it was at least an inch longer and about as thick as Kyle’s.

“Mmmm, I love dark meat.” She said, guiding it to her mouth.

Meanwhile her son rubbed the tip of his spear up and down Debi’s wet slit. He couldn’t believe he was finally going to fuck his hot mom; this was a dream come true for him. He lined up at the entrance of her fuck hole and slowly pushed forward.

Just as Debi had taken in all of Jamal’s cock that she could, Kyle’s entered her from the other end. This was the first time she’d ever taken two cocks at once, and it was her son and his best friend. She closed her eyes and reveled in the all consuming sensations that were rocking her world.

Mark, not wanting to be left out, stepped up and began playing with her tits. He was a real breast man and he like them big – the bigger the better. So needless to say, he had always lusted after Debi’s huge melons. To show her appreciation, she began to stroke his cock with her free hand.

This was not the first pussy Kyle had dipped is cock into, but because it was his mother, it was special and he wanted it to last. So he used long, slow strokes. It was taking all his willpower to keep from jack hammering her.

For his part, Jamal had always wanted to pound Debi’s married cunt and make her cream on his black cock. He imagined watching her big jugs bounce as she begged him to fuck her harder. Now his chance had arrived, but he had to be patient for now. Besides, she was a good cock sucker, and he was going to fulfill another fantasy: he was going to make her eat his sperm.

“Oh fuck, take it bitch! Take it all.” He croaked as his cock swelled in his ex-teacher’s mouth and blasted the first jet of cum into the back of her throat.

Debi wasn’t quite ready for the velocity or amount of it and gagged, snorting some of the milky white goo out of her nose. Instinctively she pulled back and was hit in the face and hair by the remaining ejaculations. Jamal would have preferred that it all wind up in her belly, however painting her face was fun too. Debi swallowed the warm liquid and smiled, thinking about how good that cock will feel in her greedy cunt.

“Oh Fuck Kyle, that feels so good. Don’t stop. Make me cum. Make your mama come!”

As soon as Jamal stepped back, Andy took his place, boldly pressing his dick against Debi’s lips. She eagerly took it in her mouth. It is slim and long and hard as a steel bar. It reminds her of the one time she caught Kyle jacking off. It was just after his 12th birthday and she was going to make sure he had done his homework. Upon opening his bedroom door, she saw him on his bed, erection in hand and eyes closed. She was so shocked that she didn’t move for a second, then she quickly closed the door and hoped he hadn’t noticed her intrusion. She always knocked on his door after that, if it was closed, but she never forget that scene. Andy’s cock, while a bit longer, is very similar to what her son’s looked like back then.

Kyle tried to hold back as long as he could, but he was quickly approaching the point of no return when Andy groaned and started cumming in Debi’s mouth. This pushed Kyle over the edge. He slammed into her hard one final time and then let go with a bellow.

“OH Fuck! I’m cumming inside you, you fucking slut of a mother.”

Debi swallowed Andy’s spunk and squealed “Give it to me you motherfucker!”

Another orgasm ripped though her body as her son’s cock pulsed inside her, flooding her womb with his seed.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck,” she whimpered as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body.

This was all too much for Mark. “I want to cum on your tits!”

As her son slipped his cock out of her still spasming cunt, she straightened up enough to allow Mark a clear shot. She stroked him faster until she felt the telltale swelling of his cock and aimed it square at her chest. The first shot was a little high and hit her neck, so she lowered her aim a bit and was rewarded with direct hits on her tits with the subsequent blasts of ropey jism. Then she collapsed on the lounger for a few moments, enjoying the afterglow of two of the best orgasms she’d ever had.

“Hmmm, that was really nice.” Debi said as she rose to her feet and stretched. “But I think I’m going to wash this pool water off.”

She sauntered over to the pool shower, which was just an open shower area with a single spay head intended for rinsing off before going inside or sun bathing. She had never used it in the nude before, but then she had never been fucked outside on the patio before either. She adjusted the water temperature and then stepped under the spray. Truthfully she wanted to get the cum out of her hair too. It was highly erotic in the moment, but she was pretty sure it would be kind of gross if allowed to dry.

The boys, of course, were far from done with the Teacher/MILF and watched her closely as she rinsed off her hot body. While Kyle and Jamal had a quiet conversation between themselves, Mark and Andy joined Deb in the shower.

“Just conserving water.” Mark explained.

“Sure you are.” Debi responded playfully.

The two 18 year olds “helped” their friend’s mother to clean off her body, which gave them ample opportunities to play with all her tits, cunt, and ass as well as rub up against her. Mark was the first one to initiate a kiss. It was tentative at first, but quickly turned into a tongue wrestling match. When she finally came up for air, Andy turned her head in his direction and copied his friend. All the while they continued to rub, pinch, and pull on all her sensitive parts.

“OK, OK, it’s our turn now.” Kyle called out.

Mark and Andy were disappointed, of course, but knew they would have plenty more time to play with their ex-teacher. So they stepped out of the shower to let Kyle and Jamal take their place. A shiver ran down Debi’s body as they moved in close to her. It was these two, more than the others, that made her knees weak and want to be their sex toy.

She was a little surprised when Kyle immediately pulled her face to his and began kissing her passionately. For some reason, this seemed even more taboo than when he had fucked her. She reached for his cock and found it was already hard. Obviously her son was extremely turned on as well.

“Someone is excited.” She said breathlessly in Kyle’s ear.

“I’ve wanted to do this since the first time I saw you in the shower.” He replied.

“Oh, were you spying on your mom, you naughty boy?” She teased.

“No, you had left the door to the bathroom partly open and as I walked by, I couldn’t help seeing you. I was afraid you would catch me, so I didn’t stay and watch. But I never forgot what I saw. I jacked off to that image a lot after that.” Kyle revealed.

“And how old were you then?” She asked.

“It was just before my 12th birthday.” He answered.

Wow, Debi thought, he might have been thinking about me that time I caught him stroking his immature cock. If I had known that back then…I wonder. Just then Jamal turned her head his way and began kissing her hard while he worked a finger into her cunt. She used her other hand to play with Jamal’s long cock which was only about at half staff, but stiffening under her ministrations. She was ready to go again, and so it seemed were the boys. There was something to be said about youthful stamina, even if they were inexperienced. But she could do something about that.

“OK everybody. Time for round 2!” Debi declared.

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