Stuff the Stocking
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It was Christmas Eve and I was working over the break from
college at a Gap in the mall. Earlier that morning, my co-workers and
I had had a little X-mas party. Nothing special, eggnog, nuts, and
poundcake. After most of the crew had left, it was just me Drew, the
new guy, and Chrissy, the Manager Trainee. I was a little disappointed
as Carmen gave me a goodbye hug and bounced out of the store, her
bubble butt barely covered by a body suit and micro-skirt.

The mall was due to close in half an hour and it had pretty
much cleared out except for some stragglers in the Food Court.

“What’s wrong?” Chrissy asked, her voice showed true concern.
“Silly, but my Secret Santa didn’t get me anything.” I looked in my
stocking for what must have been the hundredth time.

“You must have been a bad boy.” Chrissy smiled and sipped
another glass of spiked eggnog. She flipped her red hair over her bare
freckled shoulder. “So are you going to come over to my house for

“I told Juaniqua I might stop by her apt. after the game.
Plus, won’t your Dad won’t be a little pissed at having a Negro spoil
his X-mas meal.”

Chrissy looked hurt and crossed her arms over her ample chest.
“I’m asking you not my father.” All of a sudden my words sank in and
her big blue eyes flashed. “Don’t accuse the Webster’s of being racist.
I notice you always flirt with the black girls, but never me.”

“You’re the boss,” I saw her drink another glass of eggnog.
What glass was she on? “Could lose my job for flirting.”

“And I’m not worth losing a $4.50/hour job?” She held a sprig of
mistletoe over my head.

I knew where this was leading. “Chrissy, I think you should
think this over.”

“Think nothing. I get just as wet as the black girls her. I
heard you call Carmen your brown sugar. I think you need some cream.”

She approached and leaned me against the cash register. She
kissed hesitantly at first her thin lips on my full ones. I enjoyed
the sensation of her tongue on mine, her hand roamed to my engorged
and erect penis and I pulled away. Protesting weakly. “You’ve had too
much eggnog.”

“Maybe you’ve had too much to drink. Let’s see you touch your
nose.” She took my hand and slid it beneath her top. My hands found
the hard buds of her nipples. She moaned. I lifted her top and her
breasts sprang into view. Two gorgeous mounds. I suckled one pink
nipple and then a second.

She reached down and squeezed my penis through my slacks. “I
want to see your candy cane. she unzipped my pants. My brown cock head
showed above the waistband. “My black stallion she moaned, taking it in
her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down and I buried my hands in her
hair. I felt myself about to come and she writhed in passion. I came
and she licked the white cream and smiled. “I’ve been wanting to do
that since I hired you.”

She looked unsatiated, I kissed her tasting my own sperm on
her. “Stuff my stocking, Santa?” She asked coyly holding up a condom.
She slipped it on me, kissing my dick all the while and I lifted her
skirt and pulled aside her shear Victoria’s Secrets panties. I turned
her around entered the tip of penis in her tight pink walls. I wanted
to be gentle. She had other plans. She forced her wide hips back and I
was inside. We instantly found our rhythm. She pumped and I pumped
like an orgasmic see-saw. our moans filled the mom, but our passion did
not care.

Her white hiney flushed a bright red as I held on with my
large brown hands. Her juices trickled down my leg, how I wanted to
lick them. i closed my eyes and shivered as I climax at the same time
I did.

We dressed not saying much. She kissed me again and I felt
myself growing hard. she patted my bulge. “Tomorrow.” She ran off a
few inches of register tape. And wrote furiously. “Close the store.
Here are the directions to my house. Dress nice, but for easy access.”
She massaged my penis through my pants drawing pre-cum to its tip. I
read the map and then the signature.

“Hope you liked the gift. Love, Secret Santa!”

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