Riding the Javelin
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The best fun I had at school was when I got in with
Jodi Malenger’s gang. This was in England, way back,
but Jodi wasn’t English, he’d been born in Estonia or
somewhere like that and his family had moved over when
he was young.

Anyway, wherever he was from, he was the toughest and
cleverest kid I’d ever met and anybody lucky enough to
hang out with him was guaranteed plenty of fun. Partly
because his family was well off, but mainly because
Jodi seemed to be able to get away with anything where
girls were concerned. You could take the poshest, most
stuck up bitch in the school, and she’d like nothing
better than being dragged off somewhere by Jodi. What’s
more, most of them didn’t seem to care much if his
friends tagged along with him. But what really showed
me how good Jodi was happened one afternoon when we had
Linda Beresford trapped in the gymn storeoom at school.

We’d been after her for quite a while, and she knew it
as well as we did. She was a plump little half pint of
a blonde who giggled a lot, especially when Jodi goosed
her. This particular afternoon we’d seen her hanging
around down the gymn area just as everybody was
leaving. Now she must have known that Jodi had bribed
the caretaker into giving us a spare set of keys for
that area; every other kid in the school certainly knew
it. She must have known as well that to hang around
near the sports storeroom at the end of the day was
tempting fate. If you were in that corridor when the
last bell went, and you happened to be a halfway decent
looking girl, then it was trapping territory. Jodi
would suddenly appear at one end of the corridor and
two more of his gang would come around the opposite
corner at the same moment.

One minute later the storeroom door would be unlocked
and the girl — or girls — would find themselves on
the other side of it. Then the door was locked and the
squealing began. But this time we got careless and
didn’t lock the door as soon as we should have done.

It was Linda’s fault. She’d obviously been waiting a
while for a chance to be the centre of attention and
she was really stacking on the drama as we ruffled her
feathers. Every time a hand grabbed her there was more
noise than a cat fight. Not that it stopped her giving
us coy “come on” looks from underneath her disarranged
hair as she weighed the opposition up. In fact she had
unusually heavy odds to face that day because there
were five of us there. Jodi was the one who really
mattered though — short and broad shouldered, with the
face of an angel and the mind of a sewer rat. The rest
of us just followed whatever he did.

There was Will, the biggest and oldest of us all, not
very bright, but always strong and willing. Micky and
Jacko were both highly respected in the school because
they’d fight anybody any time. I was there because I
was pretty handy with my own fists. And each of us
would have followed Jodi into just about any situation.
Incidentally, my name’s Andy.

Anyway, we’d made a circle around Linda to give her
some heavy petting, just as an introduction. She was
making it more sporting by trying to keep pushing our
hands away, although with odds of two against ten most
of the grabs getting past her defences, which was why
she was making so much noise. After a few minutes
though she changed her tactics and just stood there,
giggling and telling us we’d better let her go or else
we’d be in trouble.

Fat chance. Standing there with her ripe little figure
neatly fitted out in a white shirt and short brown
skirt she looked good enough to eat. Mind you, she was
a lot less neater than she had been, with her shirt
half pulled out and her tits hefted around so much
they’d just about popped out of her bra cups. We’d soon
finish that job off anyway, that was for sure.

“OK, boys, let’s try for three falls and a submission.”
Jodi said.

“What are you doing?” Linda asked as Jacko and Will
walked her across the storeroom.

It was a pretty stupid question because she was being
taken towards a pile of judo mats that had been stacked
in the middle of the room and it was obvious what they
were there for. And, again, I would have been surprised
if Linda hadn’t heard stories about some of the past
performances of the top of those mats. As Jodi had
said, there’d certainly been plenty of submissions on
top of them.

One of the most satisfying of them had been by Miss
snooty nose-in-the air Janet Saunders, the head girl.
She’d been photographed stretched out on top of the
mats without a stitch on, giving everybody a
demonstration of how to sixty nine with the boy
underneath her. Jodi, in point of fact, but you
couldn’t see much of him except his cock, with Janet
frantically licking away at it as if it was a melting
ice cream cone.

Oddly, it was Will who’d provided the finishing touch.
In some dusty corner of the room he’d found a bundle of
paper union jacks on sticks, probably meant to be waved
around by the school kids during some long forgotten
royal visit to the town. He’d finally found a use for
one of the flags by pushing the stick up Janet’s bum,
then making her carry on with Jodi while we snapped her
with a cock at one end and the flag flying at the other
one. A very embarrassed girl she’d been, and she had to
do some more very embarrassing things to keep that
photo safely hidden away.

Anyway, to get back to what I’m telling you about,
Linda was stood at the side of the mats. She was doing
a lot of heavy breathing but she wasn’t screaming, or
crying either, so it was on to the next round. Jodi sat
down on the mats in front of her before reaching out
with skilled hands to unhook and unzip her skirt. Linda
made a few more protests, just for the record, then
decided to shut up as her skirt fell down. Of course
this wasn’t the first time we admired her bared legs,
we’d seen them plenty of times before when the girls
had been playing netball. But this time we were going
to see a lot more than just her legs. We told her that
as well as we gave her another good touching up.

Micky and I had a bum cheek each to play with, whilst
Will and Jacko swooped onto her tits as their own
special areas of interest. Jodi put his hand down
between her thighs, below the gusset of the briefs —
just below, yet not quite touching.

“Bend your knees, Linda.”

She gave out a higher pitched squeal than anything
she’d yet managed, then lowered her quim half an inch
onto his fingertips as if she was getting into a hot
bath. Like they say, a bird in the hand is worth having
— and by the time she gets to that stage she’s
certainly going to be had. Anyway, that meant the
preliminaries were over. Linda Beresford was showing
every signs of having joined in the spirit of the party
and panting as Jodi made himself at home.

“Oh, God, you’re going to do it to me, aren’t you?”

Jodi rubbed her with his fingers in a way which had her
wriggling like a dog having its stomach scratched.

“No, girl, you’re going to do it to us. But if you’re
really nice about it we may give you some good fucking
on top of these mats as well. We’ve got plenty of
frenchies and we don’t care how many you use up.”

Jodi was speaking as if he was almost bored.

“Strip her off and throw her on top of the mats. Let
her keep her shoes on though. I know her legs are in
the right position for a good shag when the laces are
hanging straight down.”

Getting a giggling Linda out of her shirt was a job
nobody minded lending a hand with. Especially as we
managed to finally bounce her starboard tit clear out
of its cup in the process. The plump mound of white
freckled flesh was lifted high up on top of the now
redundant tit harness, showing off a nipple that looked
as hard as walnut and felt as hard as one when I nipped
it between my fingers. Linda called me a randy bastard
and that made everybody grin.

Will unhooked her bra and threw it away. Jodi stood her
aside his legs before hauling both of her tits down to
his mouth, giving them a good kneading and some playful
bites. Linda’s eyes seemed to be rolling around in
their sockets, pretending to be so distressed but
making sure we were all watching her being treated like
that. I reckoned it was exactly what she’d been waiting
for ever since she’d hung around in the corridor.

“I’ll make her tits shake more than that when she’s
riding on my cock,” Jacko promised loudly, with Linda
quivering in response as though electric shocks were
going up and down her spine.

“Drop them for us, you little prick teaser,” Jacko
demanded, and Jodi nodded his head in agreement.

With practically no hesitation at all Linda slipped her
hands into the sides of her briefs and pushed them down
as far as she could, which wasn’t far since she was
standing straddle legged, but far enough for us to see
everything that mattered. She had quite a nest of light
brown hair down below, a physical detail which was
quickly covered by Jodi’s right palm as he fingered
her. The rest of backed up his good work by grabbing
whatever we could. Linda threw her head back, saying
“Shit! shit! shit!” until Will put his lips on hers and
gave her a taste of his tongue.

“I think we’ve got a hot one here,” Jacko said.

It was a pretty fair statement because Linda’s hands
were darting around like butterflies, stroking Jodi’s
arm that was fingering her, running over Will’s head as
he tongued her. It was just then that I heard a female
gasp of outrage and it certainly couldn’t have come
from Linda. We spun around and gaped at the teacher who
was standing next to the mats, watching everything that
was going on with eyes bulging out like a dead cod’s on
a fishmonger’s slab.

Mrs Dunkley her name was, an English teacher, but not a
very good one. I mean, she knew all about her subject
but she’d been away from teaching for a long time and
the schools she been at before must have been much
better behaved ones than ours, because she was pissweak
at enforcing discipline. She’d only been at our
educational slum for a month or so but we’d really made
things difficult for her in every class she’d taken
with us. Ma Dunkley was what Jodi called her and,
naturally, he’d caused her more trouble than the rest
of us put together.

Yet there was one thing about her which did have all
our interest. Well, two things in fact. She wasn’t the
flashy type, being middle aged and pretty quiet, but
she wore tight sweaters all the time and underneath
those sweaters were the biggest set of tits we’d ever
seen. No arguments about them being padding either —
no padding ever made could have swayed around as
enticingly as those two mounds did. Apart from that she
was dark haired and dark skinned, with just a wisp of
hair on her upper lip. Italian or Greek blood in the
family perhaps, with a good full arse that twitched
along underneath her pleated skirts almost as nicely as
her bazoons bounced on ahead.

Another thing we’d all noticed about her was that in
anything except high summer she always wore boots which
reached up almost to her knees. There had been a lot of
speculation about those boots and whether maybe she was
sexier than she let on, wedding ring or no wedding

So, there we were and there she was, and the shit had
fallen into the muckspreader alright. As soon as she’d
reported this little lot we’d all be on our way to a
police court and probably Borstal institutions. And
that’s what might have happened if Jodi hadn’t been
there. Because Jodi was always fast, always dangerous
and a born leader. Whilst the rest of us were still too
stunned to react he was moving, pushing Linda away so
hard she would have fallen if we hadn’t been clustered
so closely around her. Then I almost went over myself
as he knocked me out of the way, heading towards the
opened door.

For a second, just for a second, I wondered if he was
running away. But even before the thought was formed I
saw him slam the door closed and turn the key in the
lock, the thing we should have thought to have done
done first before we got started on Linda. Yet what he
did next had me totally confused because he disappeared
out of sight behind a storage rack, taking the door key
with him.

Which left the rest of us hanging around like non
speaking extras in a play after the main character has
disppeared down a stage trapdoor. Linda was the only
one who could think of anything positive to do, by
pulling up her knickers.

Under any other circumstances I would have been
laughing at the expression on her face. Linda Beresford
did not look like a girl duly grateful for being saved
from a terrible fate at the hands — and dicks — of a
bunch of hooligan boys: she looked more like a
gymnkhana rider whose horse had gone sprawling at the
first fence; lots of exertion, lots of build up, but no
jumps. Though Ma Dunkley distracted my attention
quickly enough with an angry shout.

“Malenger, come back here!”

Well, he did, back out from behind that storage rack as
quickly as he’d gone behind it. And in his hand was a
javelin. Which, just in case English is your second
language, is a metal spear with rather a sharp point at
one end. People with nothing better to do go out on an
athletics field to see how far they can throw them.
Another fun recreational thing you can also do with the
sharp end of a javelin is to stick it into a big tit.
If you want to attract the attention of the owner of
the aforementioned big tit, I can assure you that it’s
an effective way of doing so.

“Back! Back against the wall, you fat bitch!”

I was thinking to myself, “This is crazy, we can’t do
this to a teacher”, but it was happening anyway, as
things always seemed to do when Jodi wanted them to. Ma
Dunkley took two steps backwards under the pressure of
the javelin’s tip, then tried to stand her ground.

“Malenger, you must be mad! Put that down at once.”

Well, and so he did. He leaned forward, dropped the
javelin’s point and pushed it forward straight between
her knee high boots.

“Come on you useless bastards, give her a lift,” he
called out to us.

Ma Dunkley didn’t understand what he meant but we did,
because another thing you can do with a javelin for fun
and profit is to use it to persuade a girl to see
things your way. Remember I mentioned a certain Janet
Saunders as an excellent example of a enthusiatic
female submission? Well, it had been a ride around the
store room on a javelin which had quickly and easily
brought her to that way of thinking. But to do it to a
teacher …

“Come on!” Jodi urged, and so we did. What the hell, it
had to be worth whatever trouble it eventually got us
into. So I grabbed the point behind her and Micky took
hold of it as well, while Jacko helped Jodi in front.

That was all there was room for, four pairs of hands,
but it was plenty. We lifted the javelin nice and
level, straight up between Ma Dunkley’s legs, hoisting
her pleated skirt in big folds in front and behind her.
Then we got her weight on top of the javelin and raised
it up higher yet, until she was on the toes of her
boots. She shrieked like a factory whistle spitting out
steam, leaning forward over her rucked up skirt to grab
the javelin through the folds, holding on next to
Jacko’s and Jodi’s hands as she deperately tried to
lift herself above the metal shaft. I could understand
why — it must have been a rough experience to have
your cunt split apart on something like that.

“Walk her!”

Well, walking her isn’t quite what happens. The point
is that if you lift the rider high enough she can’t
walk, and she can’t rest her weight on the ground, it’s
all pressing down on those soft sensitive areas between
the inner thighs and that round strip of aluminium. The
javelin bowed underneath Ma Dunkley’s weight but it
didn’t stop us from lifting her right off the floor and
taking several shuffling steps as she swayed from side
to side, screaming out in fear and pain as she found
out she was balanced on the next worst thing to a knife

“Oh God, oh God, stop it please! Please — please —

“Down with her. On her tiptoes though, that’s all.
Will, you take my place here.”

So there was the scene, Mrs Dunkley with her skirt
piled up, legs straight and clamped hard together, bent
forward from the waist and still clutching onto the
javelin. She smelt nice — rosewater, maybe. There was
white flecks in the tightly stretched grey sweater. Her
bra straps were clearly visible through the material
and I cursed my bad luck in being behind her, instead
of in front with Will and Jacko. I could see them
gloating at the sight of her big bristols being
squeezed into view between her straightened arms.
Still, we had a consolation view of her legs, partially
revealed by the upraised skirt. Lots of smoothly
rounded flesh all nicely wrapped up in dark pantyhose.

“Malenger — Jodi. Please, this is silly.”

No doubt about her tone now, she wasn’t demanding now,
she was asking not to be hurt anymore. And we all knew
that one or two more quick rides would have her begging
to do something else — anything at all. My imagination
went into overdrive at the thought of having those legs
wrapped around me and those tits in my hands. In an
instant my cock was as rigid as the javelin.

“Keep her like that,” Jodi snapped.

Still moving as quickly as a striking ferret, he
reached out to Ma Dunkley and gave one of her earrings
a sharp tug, making her cry out again.

“What do you think about that, Mrs Dunkley? One of the
girls you’re supposed to be looking after and here she
is in a storeroom showing a bunch of boys everything
she’s got. However did that happen?”

“I don’t know.” She was answering quietly, and quickly.
What with one thing and another I guess there wasn’t
much choice. We all knew Jodi would twist Ma Dunkley’s
ear or ride her on the javelin again if she tried to
talk back to him.

“I was walking along the corridor and I heard the
noise, so I came in.”

Jodi put his other hand on the nape of her neck,
underneath her long black hair, and gently massaged her
neck muscles.

“Now that’s a funny thing, right there. Yeah, Linda was
making a lot of noise at first but she quietened down a
lot afterwards. Pretty hard to hear her from way out
there then. My idea is that you heard her alright, only
you waited a while before you came in. Were you waiting
because you thought you might make a deal with us?”

She tried to turn her head towards him pulled but
couldn’t because Jodi pulled on her ear to make her
look straight ahead. We all heard her gasp again.

“A deal? What do you mean?”

“I mean that we’re the lads who’ve been giving you the
most trouble in your classes. But if you caught us with
Linda you could either get us thrown out of the school
or threaten us into behaving ourselves in future.”

“No, I never thought that!”

“Ah, but I say you did. And I say that people who go in
for blackmail deserve to be blackmailed themselves.

He emphasised each of the last words by tugging on her
earlobe again each time he spoke. The teacher gave a
little gasp with each tug. Jodi was showing her again
how much she was under his control

“Now let me get this clear in my mind, Mrs Dunkley. Is
anybody going to come looking for you soon if we keep
you here? And before you answer, you’d better know that
if you lie to us, I’ll personally push this javelin
right up your arse.”

“No.” She was whispering, her voice shaking. “No, but
the caretaker is probably still around.”

“You don’t need to worry about him. He knows when to be
deaf. So it looks like you’re going to be with us for
quite a while. Never mind, I guess we can find some
interesting ways of passing the time.”

We were all licking our lips at that, though Mark and I
were still cursing our luck at having to stand behind
Ma Dunkley and not being able to see her face. I
wondered if Jodi could put her completely under his
control, the way he seemed able to do with all the
girls. He’d certainly faced a lot of defiance from
Janet Saunders at first, yet a few minutes on the
javelin had turned from a Head Girl into a girl who’d
much sooner give head than ride the rail again.

“Linda, come over here.”

We’d almost forgotten about Linda, which was quite
something, since she was still only wearing her briefs
and her socks and shoes — oh, yeah, and her necktie,
which had somehow got left behind when her shirt was
pulled off. She looked as juicy as ever, yet a lot more
nervous than when we’d been mauling her.

“Jodi, I don’t want to get involved in this.”

“Fair enough, I don’t want to make you change places
with Ma Dunkley, but I will do if I get anymore of your
lip. Go on the other side of her.”

Linda obediently walked around past Mark and me. I
never thought I’d let a pair of bare tits go by without
taking a grab at them but I had to then. Linda ended up
facing Jodi across the javelin with the teacher perched
between them.

“Right, Mrs Dunkley, let’s start getting to know each
other a bit better. An introduction would be nice.
Normally, of course, I’d shake hands but you seem to be
using both of yours at the moment. So what we’ll do is
to have a little rule which starts right now.” Jodi
tweaked her ear again, getting another gasp. “Are you
listening, Mrs Dunkley?”

“Yes, I’m listening.”

“Right, the rule is this: every time somebody squeezes
one of your tits you introduce yourself with your first
name and say ‘I’m very pleased to meet you’. You
understand the rule, Mrs Dunkley?”

Her answer was music to our ears, mumbled but obedient:
“Yes, I understand.”

To me, this was incredible. Ma Dunkley was almost twice
our age, a teacher, a married woman, and whatever we
did she should have been able to dominate us. If Jodi
hadn’t been there she would have done. It was his
personality, his determination to dominate her instead
and his readiness to hurt her as much as necessary
which was beating her down. Unless of course she wanted
to be in this situation. Maybe she had been waiting
outside, getting up the courage to walk in and betting
that this was indeed the way it was going to turn out.
Who could tell why a woman did anything?

Jodi left one hand on her neck, took the other one from
her ear and let his oustretched fingers slide gently
down the side of one of the arms pushed straight down
in front of her as she still kept trying to relieve the
pain of being on top of the javelin. I thought she must
be getting very tired of being in that position.

“Hmm, just to make it more interesting yet, we’ll make
a second rule. After you’ve introduced yourself, you’ll
do whatever you’re told to by anybody who’s holding one
of your tits. Have you got that?”


“I’ve got a name.”

“Yes, Jodi.”

“So what happens when I squeeze one of your bouncers.”

She spoke very quickly: “I say, ‘Hello, my name is
Christine and I’m very pleased to meet you.’ It seemed
to me that she was in a hurry to show how compliant she
was. Not only tired but probably sore as well.

“Right, let’s try it.”

There was enough tension in the room to run a power
station as I saw his hand move around in front of her.
The javelin quivered in our hands and the teacher
gasped, then said: “Hello, my name is Christine and I’m
very pleased to meet you.”

That broke the tension up, for the moment anyway. All
of us chortled in delight at her surrender until Jodi
held his hand up for us to be quiet again.

“Not bad, but fair turn is fair play. The same rule
applies to you, Linda.”

He must have moved his hand over to her titties because
she got pulled forward and bent over until she was
almost leaning on the teacher. She’d been taken by
surprise: “Oh God, what have I got to say? My name is
Linda and I’m very pleased to meet you, Jodi, you

We laughed at that as well, until Linda gave a real
screech of pain. “I don’t allow backchat from any
female in here. In this room they do as they’re told.”
He must have given her tit a real screwing with his
hand because she cried out again.

“OK, so to make it clearer, from now on, whenever an
udder gets pulled I expect to hear the bitch that owns
it to say her name and to say she’ll do whatever she’s
told to. Let’s try this one again.”

Linda didn’t need telling twice: “My name is Linda and
I’ll do whatever you tell me too.”

Then the teacher spoke up again, clearly feeling Jodi’s
hand giving her the cue again: “My name is Christine
and I’ll do whatever you tell me to.”

Jodi laughed. “Things seem to be coming along nicely.
Now, Christine, let’s talk about deals. You’re
certainly not going to be in any position to blackmail
us, but we can offer you a good deal instead. If you’re
nice to us we’ll stop causing you trouble in your
classes. Not only that, I’ll make sure nobody else in
the school gives you any trouble either. Would you like

“Yes, Jodi, I’d like that.”

“Quite sure?”

“Yes.” She was almost shouting back at him, answering
as quickly as she could. I could see her arms trembling
as she kept them pressed down on the javelin.

“OK, but if we do that for you, you’ve got to do
something for us. Is that fair?”

“Yes — yes!”

Jodi chuckled and then Linda blurted out loudly: “My
name is Linda, how do you do and I’ll do whatever you
tell me too.”

I still couldn’t see exactly what was going on but it
was obvious that Jodi had grabbed one of her tits again
and she was gabbling out the words he’d taught her like
a trained parrot.

“Well done, Linda. Now, girl, what do you think you’d
have had to do for us if Christine hadn’t come in and
spoilt things? What do the other girls tell you they
have to do in here?”

“They say they have to suck your cock, Jodi.”

That got a laugh. Will and Jacko weren’t looking at her
though, they were staring at the teacher’s face to see
her response. They were both grinning from ear to ear
and I wished once again I was in their place.

“Just my cock?”

Linda certainly wasn’t being coy now. She was answering
up loud and clear: “No, you make them suck all your
mate’s cocks as well, and afterwards they get shagged
by everybody.”

Jodi shook his head in mock sorrow: “Who are these
horrible girls, and why are they saying such terrible
things about me?”

You know how sometimes you start laughing and you can’t
control it — you’re sort of gasping with ingrowing
breath? I reckon we’d all reached that stage by then
and Linda was laughing along with the rest of us. The
thing was, we didn’t want to pissarse around and hold
things up by laughing, we wanted to hear what the
teacher had to say. She certainly wasn’t laughing
though. Mick and I were fascinated by the way her leg
muscles were flexing underneath those dark stockings as
she wrigggled around on top of the javelin trying to
find a position — any position — which wasn’t so
uncomfortable as the one she was in.

I could certainly understand that because my forearms
were aching with effort of holding her up on tip toe.

Finally, at long last, we stopped chortling and carried
on with mere gloating as Jodi moved one hand away from
the back of the teacher’s neck and gripped her earring
again. He must have moved his other hand as well
because she said — almost shouted: “My name is
Christine, how do you do and I’ll do anything you tell
me to.”

“Will you really, Mrs Dunkley? Or may I call you
Christine? Now you’ve just heard what Linda thinks
we’re going to make her do. She thinks I’m going to
make her suck my dick while everybody else in here
watches her do it. Do you think I’d do something like
that, especially with a lady like yourself here having
to watch such a dirty little scene?”

“Jodi, I’m absolutely sure that she’s going to do
whatever you tell her to, just as I’m sure that I’m not
getting off this javelin until I agree to do everything
she does.”

I looked at Mick and he looked at me, and he was as
suprised as I was. We could hear the strain in her
voice from being straddled on top of the javelin yet
otherwise Mrs Dunkley seemed pretty calm as she
admitted she was ours to do with as we liked. Oh God,
make this afternoon last for ever.

“Well, yeah, that sounds like a reasonable offer,” Jodi
said, still playing it really cool. “Tell me,
Christine, are you really saying that if I let you off
this javelin you’ll suck us all off.”

“Yes. Jodi, please, I am offering to do whatever you
want. Couldn’t you lower me down now, please?”

“I’ll tell you what we’ll do. We’ll lower you on to
your heels and Linda and I will take your sweater off.
If you behave that far perhaps we won’t lift you up on
your toes again. Do you want to do that?”

“Yes, Jodi, yes please.”

He laughed. “Now that’s what I like to hear. But I’m
still waiting for some detail about what you’ll do for
us. Make it sound interesting and we’ll let you down.”

“Oh God. Jodi, I’ll go down on my knees for you. I’ll
go down on my knees in front of you with everybody
watching and give you a gobble.”

My toes were curling as I was listening to this. God,
but Jodi had soon put this middle aged bitch back into
her box. And everybody knew that she was going to have
to do what she was promising she would.

“Well, that sounds fine. But suppose we started by
stripping you to the waist and letting all the lads
play with those big knockers of yours. Would you rather
do that than be left where you are?”

“Yes, Jodi, please, please, play with my tits, all of
you, please.” I couldn’t believe how desperate she was
sounding. Either that javelin was really hurting our
captured teacher or she was making a good production of
sounding as if it was.

Naturally, the more desperate she sounded, the more
Jodi spun things out. “Hmm … well, I’ll ask the lads
about it. OK guys, is anybody interested in playing
with Mrs Dunkley’s big fat bristols?”

He certainly had our approval on that notion, and we
all snarled in approval like a wolf pack around a
trapped deer.

“OK, the motion is carried unanimously. Now, would all
those who’d like to fuck Mrs Dunkley as well please
lift her up to show approval in the usual manner.”

She shrieked in pain as we gave her another swift lift,
wriggling on top of the javelin again as though it were
an electrified fence. Maybe it was, because there was
enough excitement shooting through my body alone to
have put a high voltage charge into the steel shaft.
Jodi tugged the teacher’s earring again to make sure
she was listening.

“So how about that idea, Christine? You think this
might be a good time to get put on your back and give
the class a practical demonstration in sex education?”

“Yes, Jodi, yes, yes! Anything you want!”

Jodi giggled: “Does that include multiple choice

“God, yes, I’ll take all of you on — all of you! But
for fuck’s sake let me down, please!”

It seemed that what we had on our javelin here was a
teacher who’d been taught a quick and very successful
lesson in learning to do what she was told. If she
hadn’t known much before about how to enforce
discipline she’d certainly come to the right place to
learn. Jodi enforced her surrender with quickly
delivered demands.

“Right, lower her onto her heels. Linda, grab her
sweater at the bottom. Christine, hold up your arms or
we’ll hold you up again.”

The teacher let out a great shuddery sigh of relief as
settled her back onto her heels. As Linda and Jodie
tugged at the tight fitting sweater she instantly held
her arms up over her head and kept them there as the
material was rucked up until her bra strap came into
view. It was as wide as my thumb, satin white, with
silver metal double clips. Sexy, but not much of a
consolation prize for what must be visible from the
front. Surprisingly, it was Linda who made the first
comment from that viewpoint: “My God, look at them.”

If there’s ever been a more unnecessary suggestion I
can’t imagine where or when it was made. Will and
Jacko nearly had their eyes popping out of their heads
and even Jodi looked startled. Then he and Linda jerked
sweater up further until it was caught up around the
teacher’s raised elbows and wrapped around her head.

“OK, take that javelin away. Push her up against the
storage racks. Hold her there. Keep her arms up.”

We did as he said in a flurry of movement, pushing the
teacher back against the racks and holding her wrists
up above her head, although all you could see of it was
a pile of disarranged black hair protruding from the
top of the sweater. She certainly couldn’t see a thing,
which saved her at least one shock as Jodi pulled out
his flick knife. All he wanted it for though was to cut
a couple of lengths off a roll of lane marking tape.

“Put her wrists up against the supports.”

Will and Jacko stepped apart to hold Christine’s wrists
against the vertical shelving struts. When they did
they revealed the stiff white cups of her foundation
bra. My immediate thought was that they must be padded
after all, because surely to God she couldn’t walk
around all day supporting that amount weight in front
of her?

“Christ, you could carry a week’s shopping home in
those cups,” Mark declared, sharing my disbelief.

Not that we had much chance to admire the sights
because Jodi immediately stepped in front of Christine
as he tied her wrists to the struts. There was no
resistance, she simply stood against the shelves as she
was secured. Jodi stood back, with the rest of us
crowing around him to take in the view again.

“One teacher, almost ready for lessons,” Jodi said

By God, was she ever! Sweater up around her face, boobs
out on the shop window, the waist band of her skirt
jammed around her wide hips and the top of a white
girdle just seen above it with a couple of rolls of
stomach fat resting on top. Not that she didn’t have a
pretty good figure without even taking into account
those fantastic udders. A bit overripe maybe, but what
could you expect at that age. As for that pleated skirt
and those boots underneath it — well, it looked as if
Christmas was coming early this year.

Jodi began unbuttoning his shirt. “Go over and
introduce yourselves, guys. You know what to do. Linda,
you lazy bitch, come here and unlace my shoes.”

That time I must have been slow off the mark because
Mark beat me, if you’ll forgive the pun. And he was
behind Jacko. Not that Mrs Dunkley knew the difference.
She just knew we were taking turns at feeling her tits
and as she was fondled she said loudly again and again
that her name was Christine, she was very pleased to
meet us, and she’d do whatever we told her to. Again,
there was no doubt about how effective Jodi’s training
techniques were. Not that I cared much about anything
but being stuck at the end of the queue for copping a
few feels.

“They’re for real,” Jacko announced loudly. He had his
hands on each of her cups but not for long as Will
elbowed him aside and grabbed one for himself.

“My name is Christine and I’ll do whatever you want,”
the teacher said again, loud enough for us to hear even
though she was partially muffled by the sweater across
her face. Mark got in between both of them, lifted up a
roll of the sweater high enough to reveal her mouth
hanging open and put his mouth against hers to see what
the reaction was. He was also copying Jodi’s methods by
holding one of her earrings but he didn’t seem to need
to do much with it to get the results he wanted. Of
course I was going frantic and in the end I had to pull
him off her so I could get a turn.

By then Will and Jacko were pulling up Ma Dunkley’s
skirt and I was finally able to get my fingers on both
of her cups. One touch and I found out what everybody
else already had done, that these were the genuine
items. The heat coming from them was proof enough
without even needing to feel the lumps where her
nipples were pushing against the stiff fabric. I
wondered how she’d react to another tonguing and gave
her lips a little lick. What I got back immediately was
a length of flesh that pushed into my mouth like a cow
cleaning out an oat trough.

Mrs Dunkley probably had no idea who she was french
kissing and just as probably couldn’t have cared by
then anyway. I pushed two fingers down between the
rolls of flesh squelched up out of the top of the bra
and swirled things around a little. The storage rack
she was tied to began rattling as she snorted through
her nose, then started trying to lick my tonsils again.
Mind you, I think that was mostly due to what Will and
Jacko were doing around her panties. Mark came crowding
in again as well, taking hold of the nipple I’d
abandoned only for a second. It was a real gold rush,
everybody staking out a claim wherever there was a
chance. Not that you could complain, there was more
territory going spare there than was in Alaska.

“OK, pull the sweater up a bit,” Jodi told us. “I want
her to see this.”

I heaved the bottom of the sweater up clear of
Christine’s face. Her eyelids had been closed. They
opened though as soon as the light fell onto her
flushed cheeks and she stared into my face in a way
that seemed to have trouble getting focused. “Oh,
Christ, Andy, what are you all doing to me?”

“Getting you ready for a good fucking,” I told her
truthfully and the storage racks rattled again as she
twitched like a shot rabbit.

“Out of the way, lads.”

We reluctantly moved out of the way. Jodi was naked
now, facing an equally naked Linda. They were side on
to Christine, looking at her as Linda held Jodi’s stiff
cock in her right hand, rubbing it gently as if trying
to put a polish on it.

“How about doing this for me, Mrs Dunkley? Would you
like to do this for me?”

She didn’t seem to have much difficulty in fastening
her gaze on his cock. She was trembling but her voice
hardly quivered as she answered.

“Yes, alright.”

Jodi walked over to her. The sight of the opened knife
he was carrying had her trembling even more, especially
when he held it up close to her.

“Are you right handed or left handed.”

“Right handed.”

He slashed through the tape around her right wrist. She
immediately lowered her hand and held his cock just as
Linda had done, working his foreskin back and forth in
quick movements. Jodi’s knife dropped lower, underneath
her bra strap and she gave a little grunt as he cut
through it with one quick movement, letting her entire
upperworks tilt over to one side like a collapsing
bridge. Then he moved his face next to the teacher’s
and put his lips on hers, his free hand stroking her
bottom. I could see her fingers gripping tightly around
his cock and that she was squirming around again. Jacko
and Will were on either side of Linda, pulling at her
neat little tits at the same time as they were trying
to get their clothes off as quickly as they could. That
seemed like a good idea — in fact they were both good
ideas but the lads were having trouble in sorting out
their priorities.

Jodi stopped tonguing Christine and leaned back to use
his knife again. The other strap fell apart and the bra
cups slid halfway down her bust. We stared open mouthed
at the size of her partially revealed tits, no lighter
in colour than the rest of her skin, with a speckling
of four or five beauty spots on the upper slopes of the
right one, like base camps on the slopes of Mount
Everest. Mark — and I swear to God this is true —
yelled out “Dam Busters” at the sight of all the tit
meat that was spilling out. We pissed ourselves
laughing as Ma Dunkley went even redder in the face and
even — if you can believe it — even more embarrassed.
She still kept pumping away at Jodi’s cock though, not
missing a beat. He dropped his knife on the shelf,
grabbed the bottom part of her bra and dragged it down
until her tits were hanging totally free. We gawped at
the sight like tourists seeing the pyramids for the
first time.

“OK, take her over to the bars.” Jodi snarled, stepping
back, but giving Ma Dunkley’s nips a squeeze to be
going on with. They were swollen out to the size of
half eaten plums, a natural match for the tits they
belonged to. Jodi picked up his knife again and slashed
through the tape still securing her left wrist.

“Mark, get another javelin,” he ordered.

I guess we all wondered what was in his mind, but it
was a fair bet it was going to be pretty entertaining.
Not that we didn’t have entertainment enough, frog
marching our now firmly cowed cow of a teacher on her
way to the grand finale of a public screwing. I was
holding one of her arms and Jacko had the other, still
up over her head and still entangled in the sleeves of
her jumper. That way the material was down over her
eyes again, which was a pity because what Jodi was
arranging near the mats was quite a scene.

Not that it mattered much because as soon as we stopped
by the mats the first thing we did was to lift the
sweater off and throw it aside. Ma Dunkley’s mouth
dropped when she saw Linda. A long time ago a section
of climbing bars had been taken down from off the gymn
wall and stacked away inside the storeroom. Too many
kids falling off and hurting themselves I suppose.
Anyway, there it was, about eight feet high and ten
feet long, leaning against the end wall. And on it,
arms and legs oustretched, was Linda, still wearing
that school tie and her shoes, but nothing else. Her
feet were about three feet off the floor and standing
in front of her was Andy, holding the javelin. The back
end was tilted down, the sharp end was nestled between
the lips of Linda’s cunt. She was staring straight down
at Andy’s hands and if Doctor Who’s Time Machine had
appeared in the storeroom right then I don’t think she
would have even noticed it.

Of course Andy had never thought of that by himself. It
was Jodi who’d arranged the scene, just as it was Jodi
who was enjoying himself most by watching Ma Dunkley’s
reaction. Mark handed him another javelin and Jodi made
a mock show out of feeling the tip for sharpness and
blowing on it.

“OK, Christine, put your back to the bars and climb up
alongside Linda. It’s easily done, just like going up a
ladder backwards and plenty of hand grips to help you.”
He held up the javelin. “If you think you need any
extra incentive, just let me know.”

She was plainly baffled, but certainly not in any mood
to argue. She let us push her unresistingly up against
the inclined bars, then grunted and puffed as she went
up a few bars, until she was level with Linda and in
the same position, arms outstretched at the level of
her shoulders to keep her balance. There was something
of a double crucifiction scene about it, an impression
reinforced by the spear-like javelins. Nothing but
sinners here though, or at least they would be by the
time we’d finished with them.

Maybe the religious thoughts lingered for a moment or
two though, because when I looked up at the teacher’s
swaying tits I thought it was a pity we couldn’t take
her into church and lay her out on the alter at harvest
festival time — just the way she was, naked, plump
and full of nature’s bounty. Maybe it would have made
the Vicar’s eyes pop out but what the hell, it was the
thought that counted. Jodi’s next words certainly gave
Christine even more to think about.

“Right, let’s have some teat pulling here.”

No problem. It was like a crowded tube train with
everybody strap hanging though a lot more interesting.
I started off with the only free tit I could get hold
of — one of Linda’s, worse luck. Never mind, I also
found that her pussy was at just the right height for
me to give her clit a good licking and I also had
another hand in the complicated manouvering going on
underneath the teacher’s skirt. Perhaps it helped to
take her mind off the assorting handling her massive
boobs were getting, though not very much. Not judging
by the squeals she was making and the way the bars were
rattling — you’d have thought a gorilla was shaking
them. Linda was doing plenty of squirming and shouting
herself. When I let somebody else tongue her and looked
up her head was arched back, her mouth hanging open and
she was twitching her hips around as if she was being
tickled up the twat with a feather duster.

“OK, Andy, fetch the camera.”

Trust me to get stuck with the worst job. Still,
somebody had to keep a nicely detailed record of the
teacher and her best looking pupil being put through
their paces.

When I came back with the Olympus 35 millimetre and the
flash bulbs both of our victims cried out in protest.
That camera was going to be an instrument of fate for
them and they knew it. Linda had probably been
expecting it from the start but the teacher gave a
despairing wail as I started getting in some good

And it was when we started getting some good exposure
of Christine herself that I began to suspect that maybe
she had expected to find herself doing some pin up
work. Because once the lads had pulled her skirt and
girdle off, there were tiny little lilac coloured
panties underneath her pantyhose. Well, tiny compared
to the width of her hips which shook like a Turkish
belly dancer’s when Jodi trailed his finger tip along
the damp gusset of the panties.

“For God’s sake, Jodi. I can’t stand much more of
this,” she moaned. “Don’t keep me hanging around
anymore, just fuck me, please!”

Yeah, well, she had a sense of humour, you had to give
her that. We grinned at each other, and at Jodie. And
Jodie, the bastard, he told the other guys to leave
Linda alone for a while and everybody to squeeze
Christine’s tits and put their hands up between her
legs. While they were doing that he slit the pantyhose
on the seams, rolled it down her legs, and then slashed
it again until it was in shreds around the top of her
boots. It was skilful work, leaving her with nothing on
but her sexy panties as hand after hand rubbed her
mound of Venus and twiddled with those big nipples. And
whilst all that was going on I took snaps of the
teacher, some standing back, some in close up with hair
all over her face, lips drawn back and mouth open and
her teeth clenched like a fox going down underneath a
pack of hounds.

Oh yea, and I also got a couple of nice shots of poor
deserted Linda, hanging up next to the teacher and with
one of her hands down at her cunt, giving herself a
wanking and not caring who took a picture of her doing
it. But then I made her stop it, and got another nice
shot of her clutching the bars and swearing at us with
every filthy word she could think of as we left her on
the shelf for a while.

“You little bastards, do it to me then, if you’re going
to! Fuck me, fuck me!”

“Me as well!” Christine wailed.

That caused some serious laugher before Jodi finally
got things back on track by slashing Ma Dunkley’s
panties and pocketing them as a trophy. She had a patch
of black hair as coarse and curly as a Freisland’s
forehead and the same kind of bovine stupified
satisfaction as the guys lined up to lick her, with
Linda as a side order. If Christine had been swinging
her hips before, what she did then would have made her
the toast of the Instanbul belly dancers’ academy.

I guess that if you want to talk about tenderising your
meat, that was the time. The meat was hanging up there,
fondled, stroked, tongued and their nipples sucked as
if it were milking time. The lads were yelling and
holding up their fingers in triumph to prove that love
juice was coming out of both cunts like honey oozing
out of a hive: there was nothing those two hanging on
the bars weren’t game for by then and they wouldn’t
have cared if they were on the newsreels, let alone any
photos I was taking.

Jodi got Linda to stand face to face with the teacher
on the bars, her legs on both side of Christine’s, her
face against the woman and kissing her in full french
style as we fingered both of them like fury. There were
yells of approval as they did a full bumps and grind
routine against each other. Then we let them down and
put them on their knees, side by side. This was the
great moment, First Jodi had Linda take his cock in her
mouth while the teacher held it steady for her. She was
watching the action very closely, although it didn’t
last long before Jodi ordered a change over.

No, Christine didn’t hesitate for even the blink of an
eye before she was sucking on Jodi’s monster like a
vacuum cleaner salesmen demonstrating the latest
product. Nothing left on her but her boots, big white
arse sticking out, huge tits shaking and her eyes
staring up at Jodi as she did everything she could to
earn a fuck. She bloody soon got it as well.

“OK, let’s take her,” Jodi ordered.

We threw her on top of the mats and everybody held Ma
Dunkley’s legs as far apart as we possibly could. She
was shivering and her teeth were chattering as if she
was cold, but she wasn’t, not with the the way she
jerking her honeypot around. She could barely keep it
still as Jodi rammed his length into her and then she
yelled out like she’d scored a goal at a cup final and
called us all a pack of bastards. Then Mrs Dunkley’s
eyes kind of rolled back and she shouted out wildly:
“Fuck me, you bastards, fuck me!”

Somebody else threw Linda across the mats the other
way, face down across the teacher’s stomach, and both
Jodi and Ma Dunkley were playing with the schoolgirl’s
cunt before Will filled it with his cock. During the
cross fucking afterwards the teacher kept stroking
Linda’s hair and bottom all the time the partners were
changing for both of them. Even after all this time I
still have to take the photos out sometimes and look at
them to believe it really happened.

Afterwards though was even better. Once we’d de-spunked
ourselves for the first time in those hot cunts we had
an afternoon of cock sucking that was simply amazing.
Thank God females talk so much that they’ve all got
more muscles in their mouth than anywhere else: without
that natural training I don’t think either Linda or
Christine would have got through that mouth to cock
rescusitation session without RSI of the jaw.

It was strictly two on one. Each of us took a turn
lying on our back on the mats. Christine and Linda
stood on each side of the pile and took their turns —
two minutes each and they had to touch bottom at least
once every turn or get their tits twisted. Just to make
it more interesting, the one who was watching had to
tell us all about a really good fucking she’d had, or a
way she wanted to be fucked. Truth to tell, Linda
wasn’t much cop at either. She hadn’t had any major
experiences before we’d taken her in hand and she
didn’t have much imagination.

Mind you, some of Jodi’s notions combined with a lot of
fingering had her going off like a firework display. He
was going to sit her on top of a jumping horse, at one
end, put a javelin through the handholes and tie her
ankles to it. Another length of rope through the
handholes at the other end, bend her forward, tie her
wrists to the ends, and she’d be bent forward like a
jockey on a real horse, her bum hanging over the end of
the box and not able to see behind her. Then we’d call
around all our mates and let them form an orderly queue
for a good healthy work out in the gymn.

Christine was listening to all this as she was working
on Will’s cock, and really giving it her best. But when
Jodi said maybe it’d be even better if we mounted the
teacher at the other end of the box as well she nearly
went into labour on the spot just thinking about it.
Will still says he thought she was going to suck his
cock out by the roots. He came in her mouth and never
saw a drop to prove it. We just about had to drag her
off him like pulling a tiger away from a piece of meat.
Mark and Jacko were kind hearted enough to finger her
cunt, something she desperately needed doing for her by
then. It’s the first and only time I’ve ever seen a
woman tap dancing during an orgasm — those boots sure
were made for coming!

Of course there was no way we could really do anything
like that at the school, more’s the pity. It would
never have been hushed up and we’d all have been in the
deepest shit. But there was no reason at all why we
couldn’t do a deal with one of Jodi’s mates for a great
big party well off the beaten track. I won’t bore you
with all the sordid details but the logistics were
neat. Jodi managed to borrow a cattle truck and we
cleaned it out until it was spotless, then filled it
with clean straw. When we did the rounds to pick the
gals, the eager ones and the reluctant ones alike their
eyes nearly popped out when they saw what the transport

But that was nothing, nothing at all, compared to the
way they looked when we got to the field the rendezvous
was arranged for. There must ahve been forty guys or
more waiting on the grass, motor bikes and a few cars
parked all over the place. A good job it really was a
remote place because most of the fellows were already
stripped for action. Pretty sensible because if you
took something off in that truck you’d never find it
again. Anyway, the male mob gave a great cheer as the
truck came into the field. And the sight of all those
female eyes staring through the slats in the back of
the truck: now that really was an eye-popping occasion.
The slats were good though, lots of useful handholds
and you could piss out the side whenever you liked. All
the girl’s gear went overboard through them as well.
And with a ladder and a camera some of the great orgy
shots of all time were on offer from any angle you
wanted. Yeah, someday I’ll have to tell that story in
more detail.

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