Coffee Break
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I work with a number of attractive women. I happen
to be one of only 6 males that work for this parti-
cular business, and of the six, I am the youngest
25. The majority of the females that work with me
are around my age and attend graduate school in
similar programs as I do.

It is because of this that we have similar interests
and problems. I have often talked to them about
schoolwork or their opinions on certain topics or
problems with our relationships. School and work
happen to take up a lot of our time and our relation-
ships with girlfriends and boyfriends tend to

Tonight wasn’t any different. I had plans to go to
dinner with my girlfriend and her parents but had
to hit the library instead to do research for a
paper I was doing. Of course she didn’t understand
and we had a big fight, so she went to dinner and I
headed to the library.

When I got to the library I found out that it
closed at 8PM, and there it was 8:30 PM. Just my
luck, I had a big fight with my girlfriend over
nothing, I couldn’t even get the work done that I
needed to. I couldn’t bare to listen to her bitch
and moan about me not going with her to dinner so I
called one of my friends from work. I got in touch
with Gretchen and we decided to meet for coffee,
she needed to take a break from studying and I
needed some impartial company.

I got to the food and sat with Gretchen at a
table and we ordered some coffee and something to
eat and talked for a bit. I told her my problems
with my girlfriend and she told me her problems
with her boyfriend. It seemed that are problems
were similar and we found humor in that. I could
have sworn that she started flirting with me the
minute I sat down, laughing at almost every joke I
said, touching my hand, playing with her hair, but
I couldn’t be sure. As we wrapped up our
conversations and finished eating she said to me,
“I have been flirting with you all night, aren’t
you going to kiss me?”

This caught me off guard because we were
talking about our relationships with others, people
who we were dating. I replied to her, “I don’t
think that is a good idea, we are both dating other
people. It’s not that I don’t want to, I mean you
are beautiful and I like you a lot, but it just
wouldn’t be right.” She truly is attractive and I
do like her. She just smiled and said, “Trust me
after I show you what I have in my car, you will
not feel the same way.”

I wasn’t sure what she was talking about, but I
figured that I should go and find out. We went to
her car and she told me to get in the passenger
side. I got in and she started the car and opened
the glove compartment where she removed some
pictures. She told me that some of the girls at
work were passing these around and I would be
interested in them. She handed them over and I saw
pictures that Cheryl, Jill and I took at work one
night (see story Where I Work). They were explicit
pictures of a 3-some we had. She explained to me
that she talked with both Cheryl and Jill and they
had told her that it was an incredible experience
and that it relieved a lot of stress from school
and work and that she wanted to have some of that
stress treatment.

I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was
being blackmailed into fooling around with
Gretchen. I fantasized about blackmailing girls
into having sex with me but not the other way
around. I loved the idea. I told Gretchen, “I
guess I have to do what you say, I wouldn’t want
those pictures to get around too much.” Gretchen
smiled and said that she hoped I would see it her
way. In reality I didn’t care if those pictures
got around, apparently they had already gotten
around. Gretchen told me to follow her in my car
to her apartment. I did as she said.

We arrived there and she brought me inside. I
told her that I was at her disposal. She smiled
and told me to sit and relax that she wanted to
change and then we can get started. I sat down on
the plush couch and looked around. I saw some
pictures hanging on the wall and got up and looked
at them. They were pictures of Gretchen and her
boyfriend at the beach. I never realized just how
sexy Gretchen was. Whenever I saw her she wore
very conservative clothing. She never wore clothes
that accentuated her body, which was quite nice
from what I could see in the pictures.

I heard Gretchen enter the room again and I
turned to see her. She was wearing a schoolgirl
outfit, a sheer white blouse, plaid skirt and knee
socks. She told me she had a fantasy about one of
her high school teachers and she wanted me to be
him. I too had a similar fantasy, but mine was
about seducing a schoolgirl. I sat back down on
the couch and she said, “I am glad you agreed to be
my private tutor. I could really use a good grade
in your class.” Getting into role I replied, “It
is my pleasure, I don’t want anyone to have
problems in my class.” She sat down across from me
on her loveseat and leaned over to pick something
off the coffee table and I got a nice view down her
blouse. I noticed through her blouse that she was
wearing a black bra and now I was looking at her
breasts being held by that bra. I got and idea of
where to take this role-play and said to her, “I
think I know why you are having problems in

She said back, “Really? Why am I having

I looked at her, smiled and said, “I think it
is because the boys are giving you a lot of
attention.” She nodded in agreement and I said, “I
know why they are doing that, you are wearing a
black bra and a white shirt, they can see right
through your shirt and see your bra and they are
getting aroused by you.”

She blushed and smiled and said, “You think

I said yes and told her that she should
consider wearing a white bra instead and wear the
school sweater to cover her breasts. I continued
that I thought she was very beautiful and that I
didn’t mind her wearing what she was wearing. As I
was talking she sat back and spread her legs
slightly and I couldn’t see Gretchen wearing any
underwear, I couldn’t quite make out her pussy but
definitely no underwear. I smiled at her and she
said, “You really think I am beautiful, I think my
breasts are too small.” I shook my head and said
that they were perfect.

She said, “How can you tell, they are covered
up,” as she unbuttoned her blouse and said that she
was going to give me a better look. She quickly
removed her blouse and bra and covered her breasts
so I couldn’t see and said that since she was
showing herself that I should reciprocate. I told
her that wouldn’t be appropriate and she said,
“what would the police say if a 16 year old was
naked in her teachers apartment.” I agreed and
began to undress.

It wasn’t long before I was wearing my boxers
(which were pointing straight out) and she removed
her hands from her breasts and revealed the most
perfectly shaped breasts I have seen. On
Gretchen’s 5-8, 110 lb. frame, her breasts were
very firm, nipples small but hard and pointed
straight at me. There was no sag in her breasts
and the entire breast looked hard and firm. She
looked directly at the bulge in my boxers as she
removed her skirt to reveal that she was indeed not
wearing panties. Her pussy looked delicious, she
had neatly trimmed pubic hair, just a small patch
above her pussy. She asked if I liked how she kept
her crotch and I nodded. She asked how I kept
mine, as she pointed to my tented boxers. I told
her to come on over and take a look.

She walked over to me and dropped to her knees
and took my boxers by the waistband and slowly slid
them down. She jumped when my cock sprang from my
boxers and almost hit her in the nose. I stepped
out of my boxers and asked her what she thought.
She said it looked yummy and I told her to go ahead
and have a taste. She tentatively took my cock in
her hand and stroked it loosely in her hand. She
took her other hand and with her finger wiped a
drop of precum on the tip of it and licked it. She
moaned as she did so and licked her lips. She
opened her mouth and licked the tip of my cock and
ran her tongue around the head of my cock then she
took me in her mouth sucking and twirling her
tongue around my cock.

I looked down to see her sucking my cock and
found her sliding her finger up and down her pussy.
I told her to stand up and when she did I took the
fingers she was using to rub herself into my mouth
and tasted her sweet pussy. I took her hand with
mine and slid our fingers into her pussy as I
kissed her. When our fingers were drenched from
her pussy, I brought them up and had her suck her
fingers while I rubbed her juices on her nipples.
I pinched and rolled them slightly getting them wet
and slippery. She said she never tasted herself
before and would have to more often now because she
like the taste.

I told her that she would have the opportunity
again real soon as we lied on the floor. She
stroked my cock as I kissed her and licked her neck
and tits. Sliding my tongue around her nipples,
sucking them and pulling them with my mouth. She
moaned and asked me to eat her.

I moved my head down and spread her legs wide.
For the first time I got a really good look at her
pussy and saw the tightest looking pussy I had ever
seen. Her lips were not large at all, very tight
and young looking. All I noticed was her clit
protruding from it’s hood. I licked all around her
pussy as I looked up and saw her playing with her
tits. I took one of her hands and brought it to
her pussy where I helped her slide her fingers in
to her pussy. Between the 2 of us we had 3 fingers
in her pussy, sliding them in and out slowly as her
juices dripped and I licked them up. Her other
hand continued to pinch and play with her nipples
and tit.

I removed our fingers from her pussy and she
licked hers while I spread those tight lips and
focused on her clit, sucking and nibbling it,
occasionally sliding my tongue and fingers in her
pussy. It wasn’t long before her body tightened
and she started to moan louder and louder. When
all of a sudden she grabbed the back of my head and
pushed me into her pussy, as fluid started to
squirt out of her pussy. I opened my mouth and
caught as much of the juices as I could as she
continued to cum, one of her hands found her clit
and was rubbing it fast and hard. She came for 45
seconds straight, juices never stopped flowing.
When she relaxed and let go of my head she told me
to kiss her. Little did she know that I had a
mouthful of her cum.

I slid my body up on top of hers and kissed her
letting her cum flow into her mouth. She played
with her cum with her tongue and moaned. Our kiss
broke and I rolled off her. She sat up as some of
her cum dripped from her mouth and onto her tits.
I rubbed the fluid around on her tits and played
with her nipples as she moaned and said that she
had never came like that before. I told her it
wasn’t over and to get on her knees so I could fuck
that tight pussy of hers. She rolled over and got
on all fours.

I took my cock in hand and rubbed it up and
down her pussy making sure to get the head nice and
wet. When I was satisfied that I would slide in
her easily, I pushed hard and fast and entered her.
She wasn’t expecting to be taken that fast and hard
and fell on her face, with her ass in the air. I
pulled my cock almost all the way out and thrust
hard into her again. She said, “Yes, fuck me, fuck
my pussy, I love it hard.” I pounded into her as
she reached under her and played with my balls when
they slapped against her. Once in a while I stood
still with my cock in her and my balls against her
as her fingers played with my balls.

I slid my cock in and out of her pussy for
quite a while. We switched positions many times,
her on top, doggy-style, over the couch, standing
up, against a wall, sideways, I did everything I
could to keep from cumming. We were fucking for
over an hour and she had cum 4 or 5 times, when I
removed my soaking cock from her pussy and
straddled her stomach and rest my cock between her
tits. I moved forward and slide my cock into her
mouth. She moaned as she tasted herself on my cock
and sucked me into her. She bobbed her head back
and forth and I started to cum. I shot 2 times in
her mouth and her cheeks bulged, and she pulled my
cock out of her mouth and stroked my cock over her
tits as I finished cumming on her tits. She didn’t
swallow and sat up and let my cum drip out of her
mouth onto her tits. She told me when she was
finished that she loved cum on her tits, just like
in the pictures of Jill and Cheryl.

She played with the cum on her tits and rubbed
it in and got her nipples really hard. I cleaned
up and got her a towel. When we got dressed
Gretchen told me she had a secret she wanted to
tell me about. She brought me to the TV and turned
it on where I saw us standing there. It seemed she
had a video camera hidden in the room and had
videotaped us. She said that she wanted to show
Jill and Cheryl sometime. I told her that she
could do that as long as I was there when she did
it so we could all have a good time. She agreed
and couldn’t wait to make a date and called both
Jill and Cheryl and told them that she had a great
movie that she wanted them to watch with her and
invited them over for the next weekend. She made
it sound like a girls weekend not mentioning that I
would be there. When she got off the phone she
told me she would pick me up early and I could hide
and watch as they watched the video and see what
happens from there. I agreed and waited for the

But that is another story.

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