A Father Is Blessed
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I watched my daughter walking back across the sands to
me. In fact I watched all the men of the beach watching
her. The image of her mother at that age (her mother
had died 2 years later of cancer -18 years ago ), she
was wearing a loose floral blouse and a three quarter
length skirt buttoned up the front that was undone to
just below the top of the thighs. As she strode across
the beach, dreamily oblivious to everything around her,
her long, gorgeous legs broke through the gap in the
skirt and almost exposed her pants. Almost, but not

I was reminded of a picture I had once had above my bed
of Sophia Loren, who, in the days of Bardot and Monroe
and the like, had been, in fact still was, my favourite
pin up! The picture depicted Sophia leaning against a
wall, similarly dressed, her lips open and one leg
thrusting out of her skirt. I suddenly realised how
physically like Sophia Jane was, and so also had her
mother been. Had my choice of bride been influenced by
my choice of pin up? Perhaps it was, but I hadn’t
realised it previously.

I suddenly noticed that the sight of the lovely woman
approaching me, together with the thoughts of Sophia,
and of my late wife had caused a lump in my shorts as
well as in my throat. I quickly sat up and drew my
knees up to my chest to hide my embarrassment. Mind
you, from the gazes of the other men watching Jane, I
guess I wasn’t the only erection on the sands!

As Jane stooped to kneel down in front of me, her skirt
rode up slightly and revealed that she was not wearing
panties! Wow! Then she leaned forward and gave me a
kiss, pushing me flat and tickling me at the same time.
We had a good relationship; we teased each other
constantly, could talk to each other about anything and
had been very close since my wife died.

“What’s up Dad?” she asked. “You look a little

“I’ve just had a glimpse of part of you I haven’t seen
since you were 3 or 4 years old!” I replied. Then she
saw why I had been sitting as I was.

“Daddy!” she exclaimed. “I’m your daughter!”

“But you looked so like your mother coming up the
beach, and I rather think that if you had noticed the
looks of most of the men watching you, you would
probably find I’m not alone in my thoughts! So now
leave me alone to think about paint drying!”

Jane blushed exquisitely and asked for a drink.

I passed her a cold juice from the cool box and took
one myself. I had to do something, her kiss and
tickling had almost brought me to an orgasm and I was
fighting to control my feelings. This was my eldest
daughter I was aroused over (Jane had a younger sister
and brother), and I was most certainly not brought up
to think like that!

“What’s Roger up to?” I asked.

“He’s looking for things to photo and collecting sea
urchins, so I thought I’d join you!” Jane announced.

I’ve had Jane and her husband coming to stay several
times a year. Of course, the nearby beach helped
influence their visit, but now that her boys were in
their late teens it was normally just Jane and Roger.

That night, my mind full of thoughts fantasizing in a
mix up of my late wife, daughter and Sophia Loren I
found it difficult to sleep. Mind you, after downing
about 8 cans of beer during the evening, Roger’s
snoring the other side of the bedroom wall didn’t help
either. At about 1.30 am I threw a light robe on and
went downstairs to put the kettle on. Just as I poured
a cup of tea Jane appeared wearing a ‘baby doll’ short
nightie and asked me to make her a cuppa as well.

“Couldn’t you sleep either then?” I asked.

“I’m wondering why the neighbours haven’t called in the
noise abatement people,” she replied. “After the amount
he’s drunk today he’ll be comatose till noon!”

We carried our drinks into the lounge. “Is he a heavy
drinker?” I asked.

“Not normally, but once in a while, mainly at weekends,
he goes into binge mode. It’s been pretty stressful at
work lately, lots of overtime and little family time!”

I sat on the sofa and Jane swung her feet up beside her
and curled into my arm pit, a pose she had adopted
since early childhood. There is always comfort in the
familiar. I dropped my hand onto her waist as she
snuggled deeper, her nightie riding up and once again
revealing a lack of underwear. She started playing with
my fingers and then suddenly lifted my hand to her
mouth, brushing it against her breast as she did so and
I briefly felt the hardness of her protruding nipple
against my palm. She kissed my wrist. “I love you
Daddy.” Then she proceeded to suck and nibble my
fingers one by one.

“I love you too, my darling,” I murmured as I felt
myself hardening under the robe. What I hadn’t realised
was that the robe had fallen open and my erection was
exposed to view.

Suddenly Jane swung round to face me and kissed me hard
on the lips. I automatically responded, returning her
kiss just as ardently. She thrust her tongue into my
mouth and twirled it around my own. Again my response
was automatic and I couldn’t resist thrusting my tongue
in between her lips.

I felt Jane’s hand fasten around the base of my penis
and, pulling my face from hers, exclaimed “Darling, I’m
your father!” But even as I said it Jane swung round
off the sofa and silenced me by surrounding my
throbbing manhood with her soft lips, swallowing me
entirely. I reached out with both hands and started
stroking her head and face, moaning as I did so. It had
been a long time since I had been with a woman and this
“Flesh of my Flesh” was beautiful, obviously
experienced in giving blow jobs and causing sensations
I didn’t know existed.

“I’m cumming!!” I cried as the sweet pressure on my
engorged member took control. Jane thrust her mouth to
my balls, and started gently squeezing and massaging
them. Unable to draw back I just let my sperm eject
into her mouth and throat which was apparently what
Jane wanted as she swallowed it all and then started
licking me clean. When she was satisfied with my
cleanliness she climbed onto my lap and gave me a long,
tongues enjoined kiss allowing me to savour the taste
of me on her.

I lifted Jane off me and laid her on the sofa. “Your
turn” I said as I pulled the nightie up and over her
head exposing her completely to my view. All thoughts
of guilt and incest had completely left me. I
desperately wanted this woman and she wanted me.

Kneeling in front of my eldest child I started
caressing and kissing the toes of her exquisite feet.
First the right and then the left, massaging with my
hands and pulling gently with my mouth on individual
toes. From her toes I moved onto the soles of her feet,
massaging and kissing, one then the other. Slowly I
moved up to her calves, her knees, the inside of her
thighs, ever closer to that soft furry garden of
paradise at their join. I could see the moisture on her
lower lips � just as her mother used to be, she was
ready long before I approached the epicentre of her

I licked the flowing juices from her dampened hair,
tasting the sharp sweetness that so quickly brought
back the memories of her mother’s sweetness. Already
awakened, the lump of her clitoris caught the attention
of my tongue, and I sucked and played it with my mouth,
knowing that her orgasm was close. I gently inserted a
finger into her waiting cunt and moved it slowly
around, feeling the sides of the cave surrounding it.
Her muscles clenched, a moan escaped her lips and her
body shook with rapture as wave after wave of reaction
to my attentions racked through her.

“Oh, Daddy!” she screamed. “Fuck me now, I need you

I moved her into a lying position on the sofa, aware
that my ministrations to Jane had revived my own
desires, and I was so very ready to grant her wishes.

I stretched out along her body, my chest resting upon
her hard, prominent nipples, and my cock resting along
her thighs, gently pressing against her labia.

Not wanting to hurry the experience that we were about
to enjoy, I pushed cautiously into the awaiting lips,
feeling her muscles clench and relax around me as I
reached further and further into the warmth that was my

Pulling out almost completely, I then thrust urgently
in, till the full length of me was encompassed. Jane
moaned and responded by raising her hips and pushing
against me until I could feel my balls hitting the soft
flesh at the top of her thighs. I bent my head and took
a nipple in my teeth, sucking and cautiously nibbling
at the aroused knob. Jane’s body started to react as I
sensed a second orgasm rising within her. I altered my
tempo, all the way in, almost all the way out to meet
her rhythms, knowing that as I had recently cum, I
would last some time.

Again her orgasm flooded through her and I slowed my
pace to relax her again. For some minutes we gently
enjoyed mutual sensations as our bodies combined to
give us both pleasure. I felt myself start to respond
to the muscle motions with which my daughter was
treating my cock, and again raised the pace to
encourage yet another orgasm for her.

Together we climbed towards the peak, encouraging each
other with endearments and caresses and ever increasing
thrusting of our bodies in urgent passion.

Together we reached a climax that was mind blowing and
exciting and exhausting and beautiful.

Together our juices exploded into a fusion of oneness
that caused sensations too wonderful to express. We
relaxed in each others arms, still enjoined, loving
each other in a closeness that far exceeded the love of
father and daughter, yet one that seemed as natural and
right as anything � two souls that were always meant to
be thus entwined.

When I had shrivelled and left the warmth of my
daughter’s vagina, I went down and licked, kissed and
cleaned away our combined fluids. Then I kissed her on
the mouth deeply, the sweetness of our combined juices
shared between us. Jane then pushed me off her and then
started licking and sucking me clean. A labour of such
intimacy and love that was beautiful in every aspect.

We cuddled and kissed for some time until, drowsily we
wandered off to our own beds to sleep regardless of the
sonorous snores Roger was still filling the house with!

Over the next few months we established a routine. Jane
would visit once a month, ostensibly to provide me with
a freezer full of home made meals! She’d expressed
horror at my store of ready cooked ‘meal for one’
dishes, and this provided the perfect excuse for her to
come over one afternoon, spend the next day shopping
and cooking and then return home the following day. Of
course, meal preparation wasn’t the only way we spent
our time together, and we slept the two nights in each
other’s arms, enjoying an intimate closeness that many
would envy.

That all started two years ago, and since then I had
set up an encrypted, private network that meant we
could communicate over the internet as often as we
wished, both visually and audibly without concerns
about others impeding on our connection. It was almost
midnight and we were enjoying an in family joke. My
mother had always complained that I had deliberately
waited until 10 past midnight on her birthday to be
born! It meant she only got one day of celebrations
instead of two! In a few minutes I would be 70, and
starting the day alone.

Jane was the lead soprano in the local choral society,
and this evening had been a major concert engagement.
She had since showered and relaxed, Roger had gone to
bed and my so beautiful daughter was sitting in front
of her web cam dressed in a thick fluffy white wrap
exposing the curve of her gorgeous breasts while I was
sitting in just a thin robe.

I’ll be over in the evening” Jane announced, “but you
should get your present before then!” The clock struck
midnight and I heard a key open the front door. “In
fact, that’s probably it now” Jane explained. Only she
and her sister Ruth had keys to my home and my concerns
departed as Ruth came in wearing a length coat. Ruth
takes after me and is a tall, willowy natural blonde.
She and Jane have very few secrets between them.

“Happy Birthday Daddy!” they both shouted as Ruth threw
open her coat revealing herself to be dressed in just a
black lacy bra, lacy black pants and suspenders
supporting sheer, black stockings. My mind and eyes
popped as my cock swelled to maximum erection.

“I thought it was about time Ruth grew to know her
Daddy as well as I do,” Jane explained as she signed
off saying she would join us both later.

This is one father truly blessed with the love of his
daughters, and it would seem that they too count their

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