The Countess and the Caretaker
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He spent a restless night, constantly waking up in a state of
heightened excitement.

She would not leave him, even in his dreams. The last one he
particularly enjoyed. In it the Countess sold her apartment,
bought a large house in the country and of course, needed a
handyman to look after the place. Apart from one painful bit,
where she had him pruning hundreds of rose bushes, naked, it was
most pleasurable, and he awoke feeling safe and secure under her

Then he realised he was in his own bed and she was as
unattainable as ever, but this did nothing to diminish his
sexual urge, which was his constant waking companion.

He thought long and hard before he eventually gave in to his
frustrations. It had all been too much for him and he
desperately needed some form of sexual satisfaction.

In the end, it was all over very quickly and he began to regret
his rash decision. She was not going to be pleased with his
total lack of control, not pleased at all.

He got up, and immersed himself in his early morning routine, in
an effort not to think about the consequences of his actions. He
found he had a healthy appetite and fried himself some bacon and
eggs to go with his coffee. In some respects, he wished he could
see the Countess now, he longed to be with her again, even if he
had to take his punishment, it would be worth it.

He chose a polo neck sweater to wear under his overalls. This
was the only way he could cover up the neck collar, and so allow
him to go about his job without anyone noticing it. He had one
more room to paint in a vacant apartment, before it was put up
for sale, so he decided he would hide himself away there and
finish it. He felt if he kept himself busy, the day would pass
more quickly. At least, that was the theory.


The Countess had received a telephone call soon after breakfast.
It was from Pearl Necklace at the jewellers. The young girl had
apparently given some thought to the Countess’ offer of
yesterday and asked if she could learn some more.

The Countess was delighted and invited her over for tea at
around four o’clock. She was always pleased to initiate a new
devotee to her lifestyle, and was quite sure the girl had

It would all work out perfectly. Tea at four o’clock with plenty
of time before seven, to begin explaining all the benefits of
dominating men, and then the Caretaker would be perfect to
demonstrate the art of punishment upon.

She knew full well that she had set him up, by exciting him the
way she had. The knickers were always a beautiful touch, and she
had known he would not be able to control his desires.

Still, just because she enjoyed manipulating men and just
because punishing men excited her, it was no excuse for their
behaviour. She was still convinced that it did them good to
control their sexual instincts.

Men should show the proper respect for women, and they could
only do this by having their base desires firmly controlled.

He had brought it all upon himself anyway – if he had not put
her knickers on, the day he came to mend the window, he would
not be in this predicament today.

She did pride herself, however, on being able to spot a suitable
candidate, and her instincts concerning the Caretaker had proved
totally correct.

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