Preemptive Strike
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We lay entwined and exhausted. I said “Mmmmmm. That was nice. I’m
glad we sampled the vanilla.”

You replied “It wasn’t precisely vanilla, sir. After all, I’m still
wearing your training collar. I don’t really think being ordered to
make love vanilla style is quite the same as making love vanilla style.”

“Close enough. Sorry about the trouble finding me- I thought the con
suite was an obvious place to look.”

“That’s o.k., lover. Good night.”

“G’nighmumble” I drifted off, feeling the comforting sensation of you
your fingers holding me gently around the genitals. As time wore on, I
occasionally drifted up into a half dreaming-half awake state, when your
holding occasionally changed into fondling. With time I got used to it.

I dreamed I was standing in front of a classroom, answering questions
about the homework, and my pants were too tight. I was too embarrassed
to put my hands in my pants right there, but it was getting really
uncomfortable and distracting me, and a girl in the front row was
staring at my crotch like something really peculiar was happening there.
Finally, drifting into the almost awake state in which I can sometimes
control my dreams, I decided to go stand facing the blackboard in the
corner of the classroom, like I was peering at a diagram I had drawn,
and just stick my right hand in my pants real quick and rearrange
things. My fingers encountered someone else’s, and something else, and
I was in bed, touching your hand and the padlock in it, that went around
my balls. And I was coming awake real fast. My dick got even harder
than it already had in my sleep, and my stomach clenched and fluttered
with fear. “Oh shit” I thought.

“I wondered when you were going to wake up.”

You were lying alongside me, speaking softly into my ear. I could see
your face above mine by the light of the city coming in the hotel room

“It’s been about five minutes.”

The expression in your face and voice was a mixture of love, desire,
and cat-who-just-ate-the-canary satisfaction. You wriggled the lock a
bit, massaging my balls with it, and my cock twitched up and banged into
the sheet above it.

I had been carefully lying motionless thinking about the situation, and
gathering my strength. I suddenly grabbed for the chain around your neck.
My fingertips slid along your skin, encountering nothing. “Ohhhhhh shiiiiit”
I thought. But I figured I’d try to bluff it out.

“Did I tell you you could take you collar off?” I snapped in my best
masterly voice. You stiffened and pulled into yourself for an instant,
then mock-snarled and yanked the lock. Not hard enough to really hurt,
but it hurt a bit, and it sure got the idea across. You pushed my
shoulders to the mattress with your left hand, put your face six inches
above mine and stared sternly into my eyes, and pulled upward on the
body of the lock, pressing the top of the shackle into the base of my
dick and pulling not quite gently on my balls.

“Lay perfectly still, or you really won’t like it. I was going to be
gentle with you, but it looks like I can’t afford to be.” Your voice
was hard. I couldn’t hear the c-w-j-a-t-c grin in it any more.

I didn’t move. I couldn’t move.

The tingling in my stomach had become became almost purely fear. Lots
of it. Someone with power over me was displeased with me, and I was in
deep shit. My cock started to wilt. Certainly every other part of me
was paralyzed by your hand and your voice.

“Let me make one thing perfectly clear.” You chuckled at the quote.
I couldn’t quite.
TUG That one produced a twinge of pain.

“Sorry, did I hurt you?”,

Hearing a normal tone of voice from you was very comforting.

“A bit. Any harder and it’s going to cause a pain that lasts for hours.”

“How close to the edge of that was I?”

“Right on it”

“Gooooood. Lets continue then.”


“I looked for you, and you weren’t there. I thought I was going to
spend the whole weekend looking for you again. Once was forgivable,
twice isn’t.”

“That’s completely unfair. If you want to know if I’m going to be at
a con, you should try calling me first.”

“But this time you weren’t where you said you’d be, and that gave me a
panic. Your fault or not, unfair or not, you’re going to pay. Any
objections?” As your pull slowly increased, it became obvious there was
only one smart thing to say.

“no.” Real quietly.

“No what?” tug

“No Mistress”

You switched to pulling directly down on the lock, and your middle
finger strayed up to the base of my cock. You started speaking, gently
now, with the grin back in your voice. “I seem to have been having the
wrong effect on you. I want you hard. Real hard.”

“All weekend.”

Gulp! But through the apprehension, your finger’s playing on my cock
was making it hard again. Your other hand stroked the back of my neck,
and you kissed me gently on the cheek. “If you’re cooperative, it
*will* be very pleasurable for you too.”

“All weekend!?” I whined.

“Yeahhh. I don’t want to worry about having to go looking for you. I
figure you’ll stay real close by, so long as I have the key to you
balls.” Ear nibble.

“And by the way, you can move now. You’re allowed to stroke and kiss
me, but stay on your back.” You sat up a bit, looked down at me and

“Please me.”

“Sigh. This what I get for being merciful with you. I should have
used the locking collar after all, even if it is less comfortable to
sleep in.”

“Then you would have woken up with me twisting your balls and asking
for the key. In a wrestling match with you holding my collar and me
holding your balls, who do think is going to win? Now get to work. And
remember, stay on your back.”

I inchwormed downwards on the bed, leaned my head to the right, and
started licking and blowing on your nipple. I could tell by your gasps
I was pleasing you.

After much kissing, stroking and fondling, and a bit of having my face
sat on, I was still lying on my back in the same place, with you
straddling me, rubbing your cunt up and down against the topside of my
cock, giving it just enough stimulation to make me want lots more.

“Your choice. Would you be more comfortable wearing the lock or tied
down by your hands and feet?”

“Why don’t we try just the lock. I want to be able to put my arms
around you. If it starts to hurt, I’ll tell you, but I think I can hold
it between my thighs so it won’t get in the way.” You slid down onto
me, and it was wonderful. After about fifty strokes you came. And
stopped moving. I lay there pleading with my eyes.

Sitting there with me still in you, looking down at me, you asked “If
you come now, when will you be ready again?”

“I’m not sure. Maybe half an hour, maybe two.”

“Good enough. If I want you again and you’re not hard, I’ll make you
eat and spank you till you are.”

Hearing this made my cock twitch inside you. You started moving

“I want you to come inside me. With me. When I start coming, you
start coming too. Or you’re gonna have a bright red butt.”

Five minutes later, we came together, simultaneously, and really hard.
We snuggled and purred together with you on top of me for a while, then
you slid off to one side.

As you lay alongside and on me, gently playing with my beard, you
asked “So, didn’t I tell you that if you cooperated you would enjoy it?”

“Mmm hmmm. It felt a little weird coming though. Usually my balls
sort of pull in real tight just before- with the lock there they
couldn’t, so it felt a bit uncomfortable.”

“You should have said something.”

“At that point I didn’t want to stop.”

I brushed my lips gently across your cheek. “So, you’ve made your
point very effectively. Could you please take it off now?”

“Nope.” You grinned and then chuckled.

“What’s so funny?”

“Not that I think you’d actually be that rude, but now I don’t have to
worry about you chasing after other women at the costume party tomorrow
night. You’d find this rather embarrassing.”

You wiggled the lock gently, and, amazing for so soon, my dick started
to swell again just a bit. “Besides, even if you were willing to show
someone this, I’d hope she’d have enough respect for another woman’s
property (that phrase made my gut clench and my dick harden even more)
to just send you away as soon as she saw it.”

“Also, this gives me a little more leverage (You pulled up on the lock
as you had done before, only more gently, and giggled at your pun) in
trying to get you to wear the slave boy costume.”

My body stiffened, and my cock unstiffened. “Ummmm. There are some
things that sound like a lot of fun when you’re horny and daydreaming,
that in the cold light of dawn and detumescence, and thinking about
actually doing them, no longer sound like they’d be much fun.
Seriously. I’d really rather not.”

You pouted. “I really wanted to see you in it at the party.”

We just lay there a bit, then you said “I know. I’ll give you a
choice. You can wear the costume, or the lock. You choose. I’ll take
it off right now it you agree to wear the costume.”

“And right after the party if I don’t?”

TUG. “Whenever I feel like it if I you don’t. And you’d better be
good, and you’d better not ask to have it taken off again until I give
you permission to beg, or I’m taking the key home with me, and sending
it to you in the mail.” You gave me a nasty grin. “How much do you
trust the U.S. Mail? So. Which will it be?”

This was a tough one. Neither alternative looked real appealing, but
the costume was definitely worse. That wasn’t just a game that was a
bit too intense, but potential real-world embarrassment, which is
something I don’t enjoy, or enjoy the actual threat of. In fact, that
threat was softening me up again. The best, of course, would be to get
the lock off by myself. “How about I sleep on it a bit. It’s a tough

“I thought you really wanted to get it off.”

“It’s not all that uncomfortable now, and right now I’m leaning to
going with the lock rather than the costume, but I want to leave the
option open in case I change my mind.”

“If you want to wear the lock all day and then change your mind and
wear the costume, that’s just fine with me. Ooooo. You’re getting hard
again.” You rubbed the base af my cock a bit while rocking the lock,
and nibbled on my ear a bit. “Well that’s too bad for you because I’m
completely sated. If you masturbate it’s the U.S. Mail for sure. Good

We fell asleep much as before, except you held the lock instead of my
cock, and I was telling myself to wake up again in about an hour.

I slowly drifted into wakefulness, with you fast asleep. I carefully
peeled your fingers off the lock. You mumbled a bit, then went back to
sleep. Whew. I slowly disentangled myself and drifted away from you.
You mumbled a bit more and went back to sleep. Great! I went into the
bathroom, quietly closed the door, and turned on the light. I’d done
it! The easy part anyway. I wasn’t going to masturbate, even though I
was rather horny. While I didn’t think you really meant it about
mailing me the key, it wasn’t worth the risk. I set about searching
through my knapsack for the old street cleaner bristle that I had stuck
in there two years ago and never done anything with, and my pliers. A
little breaking and twisting later, and I had crude but just barely
serviceable lockpicking tools. I’m not real good at it, but I’ve opened
Master locks repeatedly when I was in practice; they have pretty crude
cylinders. I carefully rotated the lock about my balls so the keyhole
pointed up.

It wasn’t a Master. It wasn’t anything I had ever heard of before.

I worked on it for about five minutes, and got absolutely nowhere. I
was starting to think about giving up and going back to bed, when the
decision was made for me.

The door sprang open. “Gotcha! Now you’re really in for it!” You
were brandishing a belt. “I told you…

“Oh. I guess I didn’t tell you not to try to pick the lock.” A huge
smug grin covered your face. “That’s because I didn’t have to.”

“I figured you might try that, so I asked my friend Harry about
picking locks, and what kind are really difficult. He said no one he
knows can do these, not even most locksmiths, they’ve got some weird
kind of rotating pins with angled cuts. The key is really bizarre

“Could I see it?”

Grin. “What kind of fool do you take me for.”

“It was worth a try.”

You reached down and tugged lightly. “No it wasn’t. And the fact you
even tried it shows disrespect. Watch yourself.”

“The New England distributor could make a key for you, except that I
ground the serial number off. Besides, they’re 500 miles away and
they’re closed for the weekend. The shackle’s hardened like a
Kryptonite lock, you can break it with liquid nitrogen and a hammer, or
saw it off with a day’s work and a dozen hacksaw blades. It would take
you a long time to find locksmith who could pick it, and it would be
real embarrassing. Any other bright ideas?”

I thought a while. You’d anticipated everything.


“So I’ve really got you good, don’t I. Just thinking about how well
I’ve got you is making me hot. Go get back in the bed- you’re gonna get
fucked again.”

The next morning (after having me kneel in front of a chair, tying me
to it so I could barely move anything, including my head, and fucking my
face for a while, followed by screwing with me lying on top of you with
the lock off, but with my hands tied behind my back, followed by a
little more snuggling, the last bit with the lock back on because I
wanted to be able to put my arms around you too) we went out for
breakfast, and to enjoy the con. A fairly baggy pair of pants, loose
underwear not pulled all the way up, and a harness made of string to
support the weight of the lock allowed me to walk around without too
much discomfort. Mostly it was a usual day at a science fiction
convention, except that I did all the running back to the room for
stuff, carrying freebies, getting glasses of water, etc. I kept
expecting to hear someone mutter “Wow, she’s sure got him by the balls.”
I was real aware of my movements, because my balls felt real vulnerable,
and I knew a slight blow from bumping into a table or something, that I
normally wouldn’t even notice, would hurt real bad. And I was always
real aware of anything you might possibly want from me, so I could jump
to it instantly. Your wish was my command. The constant undertone of
knowing that, at every instant of the day, you had my balls, even if you
weren’t in sight (not that that happened often, you sure didn’t have any
trouble keeping track of me at this con!) kept me constantly horny,
which you took great advantage of.

“This panel is boring me. We’re going back to the room.”

“But it’s just been a half an hour since the last time. And it’s been
a long day. I might not be hard again yet.”

“Then I’ll just spank your butt ’till you get hard.”

And you did. And I did. And then you made me eat you, and left me

“That’s for not following orders fast enough, and tiring my hand out.”
Grin. “Besides, it ought to put you in a better mood to enjoy the
costume party. By the way, I want to spend the rest of the afternoon
talking with some old friends, so don’t go hanging around me any more.
I know you want the key back, but you’re not getting it until sometime
after the party, and hanging around will just annoy me and make me keep
it longer. I’ll meet you in the con suite at six for dinner. Oh, by
the way, you’d really better be there when I come looking.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

The next two hours of the con were even worse than what had gone
before. I was really aware of the lock, and of the fact that you
weren’t right there with the key. But the worst part was sitting in the
con suite until seven thirty, wondering if you’d gone out to dinner with
your friends, or gone to spend the evening at someone’s apartment in
town, or what. Were you even going to show up again before my ride for
home left next afternoon? When you did show up a wave of relief rolled
over me. After a nice dinner with your friends, and stopping off at the
rooms for our costumes, a quickie hand job for you, and nothing for me,
we headed off to the costume party.

The costume party was, indeed, fun, except that whenever you thought I
was enjoying a chain-mail bikini a bit too much, (which in my
desperately horny state I was much inclined to do), you’d lean over and
whisper “I wonder what she’d say if she knew you had my lock on your
balls”, which would quiet me right down again.

After it ended, you decided we would go party hopping. I just wanted
to go back to the room and fuck, but what I wanted didn’t seem real
important. In an isolated stairwell, you said “You can beg to have the
lock off now.”

I did so. I kneeled. I groveled. I kissed your feet. I kissed your
crotch. I groveled some more. You said “No”. I begged some more.

“Your permission to beg is removed,” you snapped. Seeing how I
cringed, you smiled gently at me, not playing the harsh mistress any
more. “Don’t worry, I’m not really mad. You’re doing just what I want
you to do.” You reached down and stroked my face. “Let’s head off to
the parties.”

Finally you got bored with party hopping, and we went back to the
room. The door closed. “Kneel.” I did.

After I did a lot more begging, some of it naked, you said, “I’m going
to release you soon. Now I could go through all kinds of shenanigans
tying you up and blindfolding you so you can’t see where I put the lock
and key, or you can just promise to keep your eyes closed and not move
until I say you’re released.”

“Why not just unlock me?”

“I want to make sure I can do this to you again, and I don’t want you
seeing how the key works. That might help you figure out how to pick
this. And I don’t want you stealing the lock and throwing it away.”

“Okay, I promise.” I knelt there, eyes closed, hands behind my back,
dick sticking strait out. I felt you working at my balls, and the lock
came off. “Aaaaaaah”, I sighed in relief. I knelt the same way for a
while, while I listened to you fumbling around in your stuff. I heard
you come stand in front of me, felt you stroking my neck softly, smelled
your heat. I shivered, but otherwise remained immobile, getting
incredibly hard.

“You’re released.”

I sprang up, grabbed you and threw you to the bed, and right away we
were fucking like crazed weasels. Before long we were drained and
exhausted by an incredible blast of ecstasy, and starting to doze off
again. I had felt a full release of a sort I never really get while
enslaved; it was a very full day’s worth of crazed weasel energy you

“Do you promise not to put that on me again if I fall asleep next to

“Ohhh no.” Grin. “No promises. I won’t do it real often, but any
time you sleep with me you take a chance I may decide to do this again.
Are you willing to pay that price?”

I looked back on our weekend. I hadn’t come that often in twenty four
hours since I was a teenager. And the last one was incredible. You had
made it pleasurable.

And I thought about doing a preemptive strike with a pair of handcuffs.


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