Perverted Passions 2.
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“That is unfortunate–for you. For me, it is most
Hazun’s prick had risen to an amazing stand as he looked at
the mem-sahib with the golden hair. Knowing that the sahib’s hand
was playing between her secret places made Hazun want to bend
beneath the table and sneak a peek. Only Hazun knew he would
immediately be suspect if he should attempt such a thing.
Katt’s overwhelming desire, for the masculine Hunter, altered
her normal behaviour. It altered her codes or morals and
principles. She forgot all personal, business, professional and
social ethics. Even her sense of right and wrong took a nasty
Hunter insinuated a finger into Katt’s sopping wet slit, then
twisted it around inside. Looking into her eyes, he lazily
watching her as he made her squirm.
Flushed, Katt knew he was intentionally working her into a
stew, yet she couldn’t stop her body from responding passionately,
even with the Indian servant looking on. Her eyes closed and her
pelvis began to thrust rhythmically as Hunter’s finger probed her
depths deliciously, then came out to frig her clit. Katt stirred
faster, her heart in a flutter. My God! Was he going to get her
off right here at the table with Hazun looking on? She couldn’t
stop. Couldn’t…
As Hunter’s desire-inspiring fingers moved faster on her love
bud, Katt became more agitated. Harsh, breathy moans of desire
welled up in her throat and seemed to fill the small room.
Without warning, Hunter pulled his hand away. Katt’s eyes
flew open in disbelief. She was aquiver. He was sitting there
grinning at her, smelling his finger.
Crashing back to earth, Katt felt a sense of the ridiculous,
felt foreign to herself. She seemed to be another person, another
woman behaving wantonly.
The sweet-musk odour of her hot sex rose in Hunter’s
nostrils, making his prick jerk. How long could he keep teasing
her without driving himself crazy in the process?
From the dark corner of the room, the silent Hazun discreetly
watched. He wished she was a member of the cult so he could gouge
his finger into her rich pussy and smell it. He imagined that she
would smell spicy as sandalwood. It must be real wet by now. His
cock throbbed. Would her hair down there be pale yellow? He
Any minute now, the sahib would take the golden woman to his
bed, and he, Hazun, would be forced to listen to the sounds of
lovemaking. He would have to relieve his balls of their burden
while listening to the sucking sounds and grunts as the sahib
screwed her. Perhaps if he was careful, very much careful, he
could sneak a peek through the crack in the door and see if her
pubic flax was indeed golden.
Hunter put a hand on Katt’s breast and kneaded the flesh.
“Don’t!” she gaped, fully aware now that he was deliberately
teasing her.
Paying no attention, Hunter tweaked her erect nipples until
Katt moaned softly.
Hot himself, Hunter scrunched the silky blouse up over Katt’s
tits and tugged her white, lacy bra down. Her large breasts burst
free in all their splendour. His tongue flicked and caressed
Katt’s fevered nipples with no thought of his servant’s presence.
His skillful teeth nibbled at the excited nubs.
With a strangled sob, Katt twined her fingers in Hunter’s
hair. Her other hand slid over his cock and began to stroke it.
“Lick my nipples! Suck them!” she cried, pressing his head
Cupping her mound between his hands, Hunter clamped his lips
over the hard nipples and ravenously sucked.
“Yes, oh, Yes!” Katt became wildly excited, watching and
feeling Hunter suck her nipples. Over his head, she was shocked
to find that Hazun was watching too. Even though she was
surprised, Katt did not object. Eyes half-closed, she thrilled
beneath Hazun’s carefully guarded gaze. As hard as he was trying
to appear aloof, Katt saw that his prick was erect and poking out
the material of his pants. It looked big. Dazedly, Katt wondered
if all Indians had big peckers.
Removing his mouth from her tit, Hunter said, “Come with me.
You have something between your legs that I want to suck too. And
if we don’t adjourn to the bedroom, Hazun will ejaculate in his
With a sense of the preordained, Katt let the alluring man
lead her to the bedroom and in no time at all, they were both
Enthralled, Katt sat on the edge of the bed and watched
Hunter move toward her. His cock was a shaft the like of which
she had never seen, or even imagined. It was a thick mass of
branching blue veins about ten inches in length. The big,
sizzling penis looked enormous enough to enter her cunt and exit
her mouth. She was torn between a wild urge to grab her clothes
and run, and to beg him to fuck her with the throbbing monster.
His balls hung heavy and thick and were lightly furred.
Hunter’s strong hand shamelessly stroked his heated majestic
girth. His eyes honed in on her vee. “Spread your legs, I’ve
waited hours to see your pussy.”
Wanting his mouth on her tush, Katt enthusiastically lay back
on the bed and did as he told her.
“Luscious … inviting. I want to drive my tongue into your
cunt!” Hunter gripped her thighs and shoved his face between
them. He was determined to make her climax in his mouth.
Excitedly horny, he thrust his tongue in and out of her slit.
Katt jerked and cried out with the thrill of it. How she
loved cunnilingus! Once, right after they were married, Ted had
gone down on her. It had been the most thrilling thing in the
world. She had cum twice before he had stopped eating her.
How much more experienced Hunter’s dancing tongue was. Or
perhaps it seemed so because he loved what he was doing. His
tongue held magic as it flitted here and there and he sucked her
juices, making her quiver all over. Her emotions fishtailed and
Katt thrust her hips up and down and felt her climax build
rapidly toward a peak. “Eat it! Suck it! Oh, God, yesss!” Katt
hissed as his entire mouth came over her mound.
This lusty creature was boiling his nuts in oil! Surprising
himself, Hunter knew he had never wanted a woman like this before.
What the hell was going on? He had all the women he wanted. Yet
there was a difference with this one. What?
He stuck his tongue in her hole and tongue fucked her. His
cock had never been harder. His balls had never been fuller. He
wouldn’t be able to tease her much longer, or he’d be ejaculating
in his pants like Hazun.
When Hunter’s tongue delved deep inside her tush, Katt’s
bottom bounced on the bed like a basketball on the court. And to
think that only hours ago, she had seduced Sandor, believing that
that fuck would be her last for a good long while, perhaps a year-
-or two.
“Suck my pussy good! I’m going to cum in your mouth,
Hunter went wild, eating her ravenously. When she spilled in
his mouth, he gulped it thirstily and then quickly moved up over
her. He had to fuck her!
“Glorious cunt! Got to fuck it before my nuts explode, you
horny tart!”
Katt felt as if she could not stand more ecstasy, or she
would burst wide open. When she felt his cockhead press against
her hole, she automatically strained for more.
“Screw you, baby!” Hunter growled. He thrust his big weapon
forward. Even though her pussy was swampy as hell, and she was
begging for it, her tightness stopped him from going all the way
with one plunge.
Katt gasped in shock. Not since she had been a virgin had a
man had such trouble getting his cock in her. She wanted Hunter
to hurry. She was frantic, her flesh white-hot. She rotated her
hips and thrust upward, helping him to get it in her cunt as
quickly as possible.
It took five or six thrusts before the entire ten inches was
buried inside her. Katt could hardly believe how hard and thick
and long his cock was. It filled her so rapturously full. The
bulk of it was causing incredible rapture. It was as if her
entire core was throbbingly cumming on his pulsating cock. Yet
she was not having an orgasm. My God, what would it be like when
she did? She would lose her mind.
Half-sobbing, Katt’s cries became wilder as Hunter began to
fuck her with the huge rod. His furry balls swung to and fro,
making dull slapping sounds against her ass.
She shook all over with ecstasy and forcefully thrust herself
up at him.
Her pussy was so tight! Supporting most of his weight on his
arms, Hunter fucked her slow and steady, trying to hold back his
climax. She was a frustrated woman, and he could not allow
himself to lose it before she did.
Moans growing louder, Katt began to pound her cunt onto
Hunter’s randy stalk. She put her hands over her breasts and
kneaded them, something she had never done to herself before while
making love. Mindless ecstasy made her toss her head from side to
side and cry out.
Accelerating and strengthening his strokes, Hunter gazed down
at the vamp beneath him with gutter lust in his eyes. “Cum! Cum!
Cum!” he began to chant, realizing his own time was perilously
short. With a forceful hip thrust, Hunter drove all ten inches of
his spear deep into her tight hole. He groaned as his spitting
shaft foamed at the mouth. Orgiastic, it jerked and raged as it
cast out gushes of hot cream.
At the same instant that Hunter’s milky load blasted the
insides of her belly, Katt’s pussy erupted.
At every gush of fluid hitting her cervix, Katt shrieked with
bliss. The contractions were acute as they ripped through her,
twisting and jerking her body. She had suspected that making love
to Hunter Beal would be astounding, but this far surpassed that.
It was a totally uncontrolled, mind-boggling climax.
Hunter’s prick did not lose its virility. When he withdrew
it, her tight pussy clung, not wanting to relinquish it.
Katt let her arms fall away from his back. Laying limply on
the bed, seeing him through a fog, Katt tried to think of
something to say. Nothing, however, came to mind.
“I can’t remember when I’ve ever been so hot for a woman.”
Hunter grinned at her. “Not regretting it, are you?”
Seeing that he still had a seething hard-on, she shook her
head. “I felt the same way. I would only regret it if Ted would
find out. It would hurt him deeply.”
His eyes narrowed. “Are you sure? He seems more interested
in his work than his wife.”
“No … I’m not sure. Though I believe that Ted would feel
betrayed. He may not have as strong a need for sex, not like me
anyway, but he does have a need to know that I am there, in the
wings–supporting him, waiting for him.”
“Sounds like a lousy way to maintain a marriage to me.”
“Are you married?”
“Have you ever been?”
“I thought playboys seduced virgins, not other men’s wives,”
Katt said saucily, eyeing Hunter curiously.
“I wouldn’t know. I’m not a playboy. I’m a hard-headed
businessman. I’ve no time for globe-hopping and wining and dining
a different female every night.”
“You could have fooled me,” Katt replied, running a finger
over his roughly stubbled cheek.
“You are worth the trouble, and the time to wine and dine,”
Hunter said, his eyes twinkling and his rod twitching against her
“You are so outlandishly brazen,” Katt said, for lack of a
better word.
“You made me brazen. You’re an irresistible witch. From the
moment I saw you stroll into that tent, I wanted to screw you. I
want to screw you now. You look so sedate, so regally cool, yet I
knew you would be a fabulous fuck. You are even more passionate,
more stimulating than I’d hoped.”
Katt’s fiery pussy seared Hunter’s cock head as he raised her
leg and it slid into her. He audibly caught his breath. He
clasped her tight and kissed her hungrily, demandingly. His hands
moved up and down her back and then slid lower over her shapely
Katt thrust herself back and forth on Hunter’s prick, her
buttocks clasping and relaxing rapidly. Her strength and stamina
had returned.
Katt’s heart lurched, and she felt absolutely carnal, when
Hunter’s fingers slid into her crack and rubbed up and down. Hot
desire flamed through every fibre of her being. She moaned and
began to pant.
Hunter started hammering into her cunt with urgency, his rod
steelier and bigger than ever before.
Hazun lurked behind the door jam staring at the golden
beauty’s butt, which his sahib was unwittingly holding open for
his pleasure. He beat his meat, suppressing his need to groan and
make other unwise sounds of pleasure. His lust-filled eyes never
left her thrashing bottom, hoping to catch a glimpse of her golden
He had been too cautious to peer in earlier. But as his
vicious fluids stirred, and his dick grew more and more dense, he
had been driven to less judicious behaviour. The sahib would be
very angry if he was discovered.
Hunter groaned as Katt’s pussy squeezed down on his cock.
Her cries of, “I’m cumming!” drove him wild. He jackhammered into
her cunt, shooting off his boiling nuts in flaming spurts.
On the spot, Hazun splashed the floor, frantically jerking
his dick and trying to make no sound.
Katt felt Hunter pull out of her and roll her onto her back.
She opened her eyes to the feel of a tongue devotedly licking her
pussy. Katt began to groan softly.
Behind the door, Hazun had quickly stuffed his member back
into his fly and was frantically mopping up his mess. He knew the
sahib was busy eating pussy, and he was anxious to see what it
looked like. Yet he must clean up the evidence of his excitement
before he dared peek again, just in case the sahib decided to come
out of the bedroom. He could hear every slurp that was made in
the room, for the walls were paper thin.
Katt raised her head and looked down between her legs at her
muscular lover. She could see the sinews in Hunter’s broad
shoulders and firm back flex powerfully. Not only was Hunter
powerful in a physical way, he was damnably potent, and all too
capable of turning her into a nymphomaniac.
Behind the door, Hazun felt his cock stiffen erratically as
he stared at mem-sahib’s golden-haired snatch. What he could see
around the sahib’s mouth, it was all wet and pink and beautifully
sexy. He wanted to touch it, knew he never could. If only she
would somehow become a cult member… Hazun took his cock out of
his pants and began to stroke his second hard-on in isolation.
Something, or nothing, made Katt look up. She saw Hazun.
Her mouth dropped open. Lust was written all over his face, and
from the movement of his neck and shoulder, she could tell that he
was jerking off. He was spying on them!
Hazun’s startled eyes flew wide with fear as they locked with
hers. He had been caught! He froze in stunned tableau. A spasm,
more fright than orgasm, shook him. He felt his balls hurl their
load and his knees go weak.
Blank, amazed, at the thrill she felt, Katt saw the white
streaks of sperm shoot with force from his cock. She recalled
Hunter saying that they had no secrets from each other. Did he
allow Hazun to watch and jerk off?
Hunter had paid no attention to her cry. In the very midst
of wild, intoxicating passion, Katt’s attention sharply veered
from the servant as Hunter flipped her over like a sack of
He ran his hands over her buttocks. From behind, he came up
over her, double-handed her hips and shoved his cock into her
Unable to see if Hazun had left his secret place, she felt a
tingle of something strange. What if he was still watching? He
had seen her letting Hunter lick and suck her pussy. He could be
just as sneakily watching her let Hunter fuck her in this naughty
doggie position, for her back was now to the doorway.
The deep, sudden penetration made her cry out with pleasure
as she took all of Hunter’s meat to the hilt. In this position,
his long, thick cock probed her cunt incredibly deep.
At the moment of discovery, Hazun had been unable to move.
And when he realized that the mem-sahib was not going to turn his
sahib on him, Hazun lingered a moment longer, because his knees
had turned to jelly. Now, he was getting another hard-on as the
sahib fucked that golden delight full of cock again. Very full of
cock. The sahib sure was hung! Mem-sahib liked that big prick
too, if her writhing ass was any indication. His own nine-incher
leapt upright with lust. Hazun hoped she had liked his cock too.
When she had watched him shoot, Hazun had been transported to
blood and thunder ecstasy.
Arising from her brain, shudders of raw passion began in
Katt’s head and rampaged down her spine to her cunt, hitting every
nerve in between her pulsating twat as tongues of flame licked her
entire being. Firebrands shot out in every direction. Strong,
involuntary spasms caused her pussy to alternately grip and
release Hunter’s gorilla prick.
“You are a fiery piece!” Hunter mumbled, and with extreme
self-control, managed to keep from cumming.
Making wild guttural sounds in her throat, Katt remained in
raging rapture, climaxing heatedly as Hunter teased a finger over
her wet clit. Katt was glowing red-hot, therefore his act made
her even moreso than it might otherwise have done.
There was a gnawing carnal need deep inside Hunter that made
him want to fuck her. There was every chance that she had taken
it from behind before, but he couldn’t be certain. Although his
dick was still in her horny pussy plowing away, Hunter’s mind had
it buried deep in her mouth, loving her.
With long, fast, strokes meant to keep her cumming, Hunter
felt his balls tighten as they did every time he got close to his
orgasm. Well, there was no stopping it. His raging rod spewed
load after load of buttermilk in her cunt.
Through envious eyes, Hazun watched his sahib fuck Katt, felt
his cock erupt again and pump a monstrous load of seed on the
Hunter pulled his finger away from her cunt with a pop. She
had not voiced even a token protest, which pleased him and made
him hopeful that the beautiful woman would be willing to indulge
in anything with him. He pulled away from her and tumbled with her
to the bed.
Delighted, Hunter held her and kissed her. “You are the
sexiest female I have ever known! I want you totally, completely-
-in every way.”
“You have just had me,” she murmured, her eyes shiny with
satisfaction. “If you take me again, I’ll not be able to walk
tomorrow. How will I explain that to my husband?”
“He’ll never notice. There are many ways to make love to a
woman. Tonight, you have only sampled the most common one.”
“Three,” she counted and snuggled her head against his
“Ahh, you were counting,” he chided, and gave her a playful
pinch on the rear.
Katt yelped.
“I want to make love to you all the ways there are, until we
are both ready to drop from exhaustion.”
“I want that too, darling” she replied softly. “But it’s my
first night home, and Ted just may keep his promise and come home
earlier than usual.”
Hunter scowled. “He knows you’re with me?”
“Yes. But it must be close to eleven o’clock and he would
Hunter sighed. He had hoped to detain her for another fuck,
dog style. All he could think about was her fabulous wet cuntal
opening and how fuckably exciting he found it. He sat up and
coaxed her over on her belly.
“Just one kiss. Then, I’ll drive you home.”
A tremor of excitement raced down her spine at the slow,
sensuous movements of his lips over her buttocks.
A fever began to rage in Hunter’s flesh. He raised Katt
until her enticing rear was in the air, her face pressed against
the mattress.
Allowing him to position her however he wanted, Katt thought
Hunter only meant to continue kissing her buns. It was with a
shock that she felt Hunter spread her ass cheeks. And it was an
ever greater shock when she felt his tongue wipe across her
With a forward lurch, Katt cried out.
Hunter held her fast and reverently ran his tongue all around
the tiny puckered opening, tasting its musky flavour. His cock
turned to stone. His tongue darted over her thighs.
Discomposed, shocked, confused, Katt didn’t know what to do.
She had forgotten Hazun until then. Good God, was he watching
Hunter lick her ass? Even in her abashed state, a stab of wanton
arousal shot through Katt.
“Why not? Your rosebud is so beautiful. I just had to kiss
it, sweetheart,” he said, making her believe for one crazy moment
that it was the most natural thing in the world for a man to kiss
a woman’s asshole.
He kissed it again. “Now, doesn’t that feel good?”
“Yes, but it’s not nice,” she said.
“I think everything about you is very nice.”
In consternation, Katt tried to twist away as he stuck his
nose against her asshole and sniffed. But he had a hold of her
hips. Hunter was smelling her asshole! What was she to do? It
was so filthy! She began to move, grind her rump around and moan
Suddenly, Hunter’s hands spread her buttocks and his tongue
went wild at her love opening.
He didn’t dare lick her pussy for long or he’d blast off.
Looking at her naked rear end, Hunter probed delicately into her
clenching cunt with one finger–tight.
Katt was incited to a new high of lust as Hunter ignited her
mind with the insertion of a slick fingertip. Hazun … where was
Hazun? Rippling desire made her forget the peeping servant and
squirm uncontrollably.
Wanting to hook her for one last sex act, Hunter kissed her
hole and gently pushed his finger deeper into her love nest and
carefully wriggled it around. When she gave a low moan of
pleasure, he knew she was his.
Being a lover of sex, Hunter knew what he was doing with this
woman. He loved fucking women. He’d rather fuck pussy anytime
than eat. It was more exciting to Hunter. That Katt was
accepting it so readily elated him.
The hitch and hike movements of her bottom started Katt’s
breasts swinging and bouncing. Horrified, she heard herself moan
lustily and could not stop the rotation of her hips. Hunter was
fucking her with his finger, pulling it out fast and cramming it
back into her. Wow! She was behaving like a–a…
Unpredictably, the rapture-giving digit left her. Katt
glanced back to see why he’d quit playing in her cunt so suddenly.
Hunter grinned at her, stood up, and took his rock-hard cock
in his hand. “Have you had sex doggy style before?”
“Yes!” she gasped, heart beating her to death, her face a
crimson blush. Why was he asking her if she had done something
like this – with other men?
Trembling, she heard Hunter say, “You are going to have lots
of sex with me, sweetheart.”
She knew she should adamantly refuse. But Katt wanted Hunter
to do it to her, so, she kept still. Nevertheless, she could not
still her body.
Katt was shaking so hard that Hunter had doubts about
proceeding. With one hand, he held his throbbing cock in
readiness, but did not move to mount her.
“Don’t be frightened. I won’t hurt you,” he assured Katt in
a softly spoken tone.
“I can’t stop shaking. I want you to–do it to me.”
“You’re too uptight now,” he said and guided his prick to her
pussy slit. When she got hot and forgot about being scared, he
could take her again. Then, she would not be so uptight about it.
Katt had an urge to tell him to go ahead, to impale her again
and again on his big member. But it was imbedded in her pussy
now, and it felt stupendous. To Katt, it seemed like his super-
sized cock was actually submerged in her throat. Exquisite
sensations of the most lewd nature bombarded her.
“I’m happy you want to fuck me–you know…”
“From behind? I did. I do. But you are not ready to take
it all darling.” His finger moved between her legs to play a
frantic tattoo on her sensitive clit.
Katt began to hump back and forth. Soon, she was lurching
forward and plummeting back in wild abandon. “Fuck me! Fuck my
pussy, Hunter! Your big cock makes me feel so good! Faster …
move, move faster … please!”
His cock jerked urgently in her clenching pussy. Damn! He
had wanted her just as soon as she mellowed out and was hot and
ready for it. But she had him so wild, so horny, he knew he’d
never make it now. He would go off before he got it out of her
cunt and into her mouth. His left hand remained at the top of her
hotly aroused vee, twiddling her wet clit. His other went up to
her pitching tit, which he found her clutching.
Seeking the other breast, Hunter pressed and squeezed the
nipple, manipulating it in his fingers, making her moan with
Katt whimpered and trembled. Arousal swept through her. The
long, powerful strokes of his hard prick inside her cunt, while
his fingers frigged her stiff clit, caused intense pleasure like
she would never have believed.
“Darling, I wanted to cum in your beautiful mouth,” Hunter
gasped, plowing into her. He had to be satisfied with looking at
it. “Screw! Fuck! Hump!”
His passionate commands sent ripples cavorting down her
spinal column and blood pounding even faster through her veins.
At that instant, Katt would have done anything Hunter asked of
Gripping her waist, Hunter whipped his cock in and out of her
cunt at a dizzying clip.
“Your beautiful ass! Shake it, baby! Bounce it back at me!
Fuck your brains out!” He slid his fingers into her slamming
crack and found her asshole, teasing her rectum with his finger.
“Want to fuck this lush body!” he moaned, driving his long
shlong to the hilt.
Feeling his fuck-dick burrow deep in her pussy, Katt cried
out for Hunter to fuck her–hard!
“Your mouth?” her big lover panted. “Too fucking late!”
Katt cried, “Yes! Yes! Fuck my face!” Wriggling her ass,
Katt didn’t recognize herself. She couldn’t believe how
positively nasty, how wonderfully lusty she felt. She couldn’t
wait for him to do that wild thing to her.
While she was hot, Hunter thrust another finger at her clit
so that she was actually getting double pleasure. He was so
fucking turned on, he could barely control the urge to shoot his
balls off. Her pussy was so hot and tight…
The slurp-slurp sound of her wet pussy suctioning his cock
incited Katt even more. His finger at her clit made her feel so
“Next time, I’m going to screw your face, darling!”
Her cunt contracted deliciously. Rigorous jolts of orgasmic
ecstasy jerked Katt’s body like she was having a fit. Turbulently
climaxing, madly insensate, she humped and ground her cunt harder
and faster as waves of passion spun her into outer space.
Plowing his exploding cock deep, Hunter came, gasping for
breath and clinging to Katt’s hips until his balls were drained

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