Oh, God .. It’s so big
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It was near Thanksgiving that Betty and Jean both
invited Heather to join them over the holiday at their
Mom’s house. Their mother was divorced and lived alone in a
big, rambling house. Neither Jean or Betty knew that Heather
had slept with both of them and Heather, in her usual private
way, did nothing to pass that information on. As a result,
the ride in the car was pretty plain fare as the
conversation stayed to boys, school and music. Nobody dared make
a move.
Just as they were about to enter the house, Jean took
Heather off to one side and said, “My Mom’s kinda
overprotective, so expect some mothering. She’s always
been very liberal in her views, so just about anything goes
in this house. I guess I mean, don’t be surprised by her.
She’ll do anything for you if she likes you and I know
she’ll love you. Come on, lets get you introduced and
The opened the door and were greeted by a much younger
woman than Heather expected. Neatly dressed in a tight
sweater and very tight jeans, she had an excellent figure,
very pretty face and thick and long dark red hair, like
Jean. It was very easy to see where they had gotten their
great bodies and hair.
“Mom, this is Heather.”
“I’m so glad you could come home with the girls. I’ve
so wanted to meet the woman whom I’ve heard so much about.”
“A pleasure to meet you too. Your daughters are
really good friends of mine. Thank you for the invitation.
With my parents away, I expected to be lonely over the
holiday, but you’ve saved me from all that.”
Heather was given the large guest room right next to
the master bedroom and the other girls went to their rooms
over in another wing of the house. It was a beautiful room
with it’s own TV, VCR and a library of movies, books.
Briefly scanning the collection before she left the room,
she notice it leaned heavily to porn, both soft and hard
and she had never heard or seen most of them.
Dinner was casual and then they all went out to a
movie and back home. Carol, the mother’s name, brought out
a large bottle of wine and poured four glasses. “To our
new guest on her first night.” They toasted. The talk
turned to every subject and finally sex. Heather was
surprised at how casual everyone was about it and was a
little nervous that her name might come up, but Jean and
Betty talked about boys and some light flings instead. It
was a particular point that Heather never had luck
attracting boys, since she dressed down and was very quiet
and kept to herself. Occasionally, however, one of the
girls would catch her eye and smile knowingly when they
thought no one would notice. Once, Heather thought she
notice Carol glance over at her curiously, but if was only
for a fleeting moment. They all were a little tight when
they headed for bed.
Heather took a hot shower, dried her long hair and
settled down in her room. Finding herself relaxed, but not
sleepy, she popped one of the porn movies and watched.
It started out with a new, cute guy, moving into his
new apartment and a very cute girl spotting him and
offering to help. He had a very nice build and had a tight
t-shirt and jeans on. She helped carry in a few packages
and they chatted and smiled at each other a lot.
Later that night, as he finished taking a shower and
was putting on his jeans, the doorbell rang and when he
answered it, it was the girl from upstairs and two others,
introduced as roommates. They had food, wine and beer and
had come to welcome him.
As their coats were shed, he was treated to three very
sexy outfits and lots of exposed skin. One in particular
had small breasts, but the were almost completely exposed
in a very low cut t-shirt top. Another had very large
breasts that were moving heavily under a lose fitting half
top that flashed the lower half of them every time she
moved. The third was in a halter that lifted and framed
her nice breasts, exposing just the top of each nipple. He
was having a hard time keeping his eyes off them as they
spread the food on some boxes and everybody had some wine.
The movie cut ahead and one of the women was standing
behind him and they wanted to know what he wanted for
desert. He smiled and reached out and pulled her down to him.
She laughed and pulled her top aside so he could suck her
nipple. They got him to his feet and pulled him out into
the middle of the room so they could get his pants off. As
they moved them down off his hips, a very nice, hard cock
lifted clear and the girl in front of him began to lick and
suck on it. Another was rubbing her breasts on his back
and he was kissing the third. His eyes closed and as all
the sucking began to get to him, the woman giving him a
blow job turned around and backed into him. A hand reached
out and guided the stiff, throbbing prick into her waiting
channel. With a wiggle of her hips, she backed onto him in
two lunges. His hands moved to grip her hips and the
camera showed the lust on her face as his cock began to
pump her strongly. Shortly, he moved to rubbing the pussy
of one and kissing and rubbing the breasts of another. The
moaning was getting louder and the fucking got stronger and
stronger. The woman came with frenzied humping. She had a
lustful, almost tortured look on her face as she twitched
and shook. He pulled out and pulled the woman next to him
onto the floor, he lay on his back and the woman mounted
him in a sitting position. She began to slowly roll her
hips in a circular motion.
“This is a good one. Now watch how hot the other
woman gets as he eats her out.”
Heather was startled to realize the Carol had entered
the bedroom from the joining door and was standing behind
her chair.
She swivelled around and said.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you. I’ll turn it
off.” She was a little embarrassed to be caught watching
the movie by the girl’s mother.
“You don’t have to stop watching. And you didn’t
embarrass me, honey. Keep watching. Look. Doesn’t she
have beautiful full breasts? Look at them sway from side
to side as she rocks back and forth. There, his tongue
just went up in her. Look at the bitch start to heat up.
You can see him whip her clit and see her jump. God,
Heather, she is so hot now. Her nipples are hard. See her
hips starting to jerk around. They can’t fake that. She’s
getting done sooooo good.” Her voice had dropped to a
Heather was surprised at the running commentary as
Carol looked at the screen. She moved up alongside the
lounger and perched on the arm, leaning back and putting
her arm up behind Heather’s head. The chatter continued,
and Carol’s voice began to show she was getting very turned
“Oh, she’s getting it now. See her lick the sweat on
her lip? I’ll bet she’s just dripping gobs of hot come
into his mouth. The one getting fucked is going out of her
head. There, oh, see that big cock going in and out of
her? He must be in eight inches and she is humping like
she wants to ram it up to her throat. She’s starting to
come.. Oh.. she’s coming…”
Carol was breathless. Her hand had drifted down on
top of Heather’s head and was stroking her hair. She was
already turned on by the movie and this warm body stretched
out next to her was adding to the effect. One of Carol’s
large tits was exposed as the wrap fell away. The nipple
was turgid and the breast swollen from her rising passion.
Heather looked back to the film, trying to keep from
staring, not sure how to act about this.
“Now, eat her. Really give it to her. That’s it.
So, hot. Tits bouncing. See her want to pull on her own
tits but is crazy with need so she can’t concentrate. Hips
thrusting. Oh, her pussy is so hot now. He must be in her
three inches with that tongue. Look at the lust on her
face and her nipples come up. Now..she’s going to
come…deep…commmming..there she goes…commmmmmingg..
oh…”, she was breathless, whispering.
The woman on the screen moaned loudly over and over
and jerked back an forth, head back, spine bent stiffly.
Heather needed to get herself off to relieve herself
from the deep arousal she felt in her cunt, but didn’t dare
touch herself with Carol there. Frustrated, she sat
The first woman pulled the still hard cock out of the
second woman and began to suck it. In seconds, he shot a
large squirt of cum deep into her mouth and she swished it
around and swallowed it. The next shot was treated the
same, but she kept the rest in her mouth and then kissed
the big breasted woman and they shared the cum with their
tongues, deeply french kissing with cum running out over
their lips. The movie ended with the three leaving and
kissing him goodbye.
“Oh, dear, why can’t men eat and fuck like that in
real life? I’ll never know. That one woman is a hot
bitch, don’t you think? I’ll bet she could fuck him to
death and still need more. Why, did the movie get you hot
and bothered, dear?” She was staring at Heather’s large,
erect nipples, intrigued by their extraordinary length.
“I’m sorry, I always get real horny watching these
things. There’s never anyone around to solve that problem,
“You come with me young lady, I have just the fix for
your problem”, she laughed lightly.
She walked out of the room and Heather hesitatingly
followed her into the master bedroom.
Carol walked over to a dresser and took out a box and
went over to the bed.
“Don’t be shy, come get in bed and meet Fred.”
Heather sat on the edge of the bed. The top came off
the box and out came the largest single dildo Heather had
ever seen. Top like a small tomato and a twelve inch, thick
shaft, it had a small wire coming out of itat the base. The
wire ran to a control unit of some sort that Carol took out
of the box. The box on the floor, she turned to Heather and
said, “Meet Fred. You’ve seen dildos before?”
“Yes, of course, but not one so large.”
“Don’t worry about that. Fred takes some getting used
to just this first time, but then, well, he’ll make you
want to come all night. This control box let’s him do all
kinds of tricks. Now, let’s get you comfortable. You
aren’t embarrassed, are you?. We have no secrets in this
house and we don’t tell tales either. We just have a good
She re-arranged the pillows and pushed Heather back so
her ass was lifted onto a pillow and top slightly lower.
Her legs were open and tits shifted slightly to each side.
She could barely see Carol, who had moved around to the end
of the bed.
Carol’s head appeared between her legs and the lights
dimmed almost to dark. Heather felt the head of the dildo
begin to rub on her inner thighs, already tingling from the
anticipation. Carol began her by now familiar steady
“My, what a beautiful cunt you have. And you are
randy too, from the look of the come wet hair and pussy
lips. Fred is going to be very nice to you. You smell so
sweet, I’ll bet you taste delicious. My, you are already
running onto the sheet. Such a waste.”
She ran her finger over the sheet and lifted it and
put it into her mouth. “Ummmmm, yes, your pussy juice just
as sweet.” She was looking down at her twat and now the
head of Fred was passing over and around her twat.
“Fred takes a bit of patience to arrive. He wants to
fuck your little pussy, and he is starting to go inside
your dark hole.”
Heather felt the head of the dildo begin to part her
twat and the pressure increased as the large head moved
harder and harder against her. The pleasure was great, but
just as it became slightly uncomfortable, the head passed
inside and her twat closed on the only slightly thinner
shaft. The large head was now in the pleasure canal,
pushing her parts aside.
“Ohhhhh. That’s …fuck.. Oh… it’s big…
“Beautiful. Fred wants to show you his tricks now.
You won’t mind if I lay beside you and teach you all Fred’s
tricks, will you?”
Carol slipped off the wrap, exposing her luscious
body. She slid up and sat indian style next to her,
control box in hand.
Heather waited in anticipation, beginning to feel that
this unusual woman clearly had the situation completely in
control and wasn’t going to let her go until she had been
properly fucked by this mechanical monster. Her pussy was
straining and stretching to accommodate it’s size. Her
clit was pulsing.
Carol moved a switch and suddenly, the dildo head
expanded slightly, then the swelling moved down the shaft
in a rolling effect. As the swelling rolled downward, she
tingled inside and her twat tried to grip the dildo, As a
result, it moved slightly up, deeper inside, giving her a
deep sensation of pleasure between her legs and up her
The dildo, repeated the motion.
“Fred smells your hot pussy and wants more. He’s
going to go up inside you to places you never dreamed could
be fucked.”
Heather’s hips were trying to thrust against the
slowly penetrating tool. As six inches disappeared Carol
pushed another control and the head of the dildo began to
revolve slightly in a random pattern, leaning from one side
to another. The sensations of it moving up deeper and
deeper were intensified by the extra motion.
“Is your twat excited?”
“Oh, gosh…that’s….so gooooood. It’s fucking
me… Ohhhhh..”
Her hips were lifting.
Now it was in seven inches. Slowly, it wormed and
pushed against the resistance deep inside. Heather was
beginning to quiver and tremble as waves a passion rolled
from her cunt and through her body. It was flooding her
mind. Carol’s voice came from a distance.
“It’s a nice slow fuck like you’ve rarely ever had,
I’m sure. No man could do this. Oh, dear, you are very
hot. My nipples are hard just watching your lustful body
be fucked. My cunt is wet and wants to be fucked. Oh,
your nipples are so hard. Your pussy smell fills the room.
You fuck so beautifully.”
Eight inches. “Unnnnn. Unnnnn. Ughnn….
I…fuck…shit.. I need to cum….oh…oh. oh…oh…
Carol, I need to cum.. I can’t stand this…make me cum.
please ohhhh… UMMMmmmm….”
“You will cum soon. I will help you.” Carol’s mouth
closed over the long nipple and Heather whimpered and
Nine inches. Her hips were thrusting and shaking,
jerking to make Fred move faster, to fuck her harder, but
it continued its methodical assault and her passion
continued to build to a peak she couldn’t believe. She
needed to cum so badly.
Ten inches, it’s advance was to the very depths of
Heather’s belly and her groaning became louder and louder.
As her back stiffened, it arched off the bed. Fred was in
almost eleven inches, worming and pulsing and her cum was
pouring out around it. She pulled Carol’s head down harder
onto her tit.
“Make me cum! Make me cum! Please! I can’t stand
it! I’m going crazy. Please.” Her voice was desperate.
Carols finger brushed another control and the dildo began
to vibrate quietly, it’s pulsations traveling through her
groin in waves.
Her breath caught and the orgasm hit her and she
lifted ten inches off the bed. Carol was biting and
sucking. She drifted from one orgasm to another for over
ten minutes until Carol stopped the motion and sat stoking
her arm and side. Heather found it difficult to clear her
mind. Just as she began to focus on Carol’s face, the
dildo started again.
“Oh. No. I can’t..All done. I’m awash in cum.
Even as she said it, the heat in her loins grew and
she began to twitch and react.
“The evening is young, dear. Here, suck on me a
little. You’ve made me so hot. Ummm…”
Heather found the heavy breast in her face and the
nipple brushing her lips and her groin spasmed with
pleasure and she pulled the nipple into her hot mouth.
Carol gasped with pleasure.
This time, the dildo went even slower and Heather took
even longer to cum, almost passing out from the endless
passion that stretched every nerve in her body for minute
after minute. Carol was now stroking her own pussy and
Heather was pulling alarmingly hard on the nipple from
reflex, lost in her own passion.
Just as Heather started to twitch on the very edge of
another orgasm that refused to release in her, Fred
suddenly flooded her insides with a hot strong discharge.
As the hot sensation rolled through her belly, she
released, groaning very loudly deep in her throat. If her
mouth hadn’t been full of breast at the time, she could
have been heard all over the house.
Carol was very hot and she reached down and stoked her
clit rapidly and came, her flat stomach rippling with waves
of release. Her own discharge flooded the bed beneath her.
Seconds later, she came again.
Some minutes later, she removed Fred, carefully wiped
it off, refilled it from a special bottle of fluid and
replaced it in the box. She carefully helped Heather back
to her own bedroom, tucked her in bed and gave her a big
kiss. “I really don’t know how you girls stand being in
school and being so horny all the time.” Heather gave her
a small smile and was asleep instantly. This was not
exactly the kind of mothering she thought Jean had meant,
that was for sure..
Both rooms smelled of sweet hot lust as Carol changed
the sheets and spread out. Yes, her daughters did have a
very good friend. And about the best breasts she had ever

The next day was the holiday, with a big meal to
prepare and guests, mostly aunts and uncles. After dinner,
they all spread out through the house and Heather, away
from her family, found that she felt lonely and not very
much into things.
She drifted back to her bedroom to find a good book.
She pulled one down, a translation of an 18th century
fornication book and headed for a chair. Out of the corner
of her eye, she spotted a small package neatly placed in
the middle of the pillow.
Under it was a note. “I suspect you’ll feel a little
lonely with your family gone on the holiday today. Here’s
a little something I picked up years ago over in the Orient
that might help get you through this or any lonely day.
Please keep it as a gift. Sweet dreams.” It was signed
She opened the package and inside were a beautiful set
of large very large Ben-Wa balls and a device that was a
four inch flexible wand with a slim stopper attached
crosswise on one end and a round metal ball about an inch
in diameter on the other. The flexible wand was bent in a
curve about thirty degrees toward the front. A brief set
of instructions was included.
Intrigued, she closed the door to the room and went
into the bathroom for some oil. Returning to the room, she
pulled her skirt down and eased her panties to her knees,
then stepped out of them. Spreading oil on her asshole,
she followed the instructions. She started by probing her
hole until the muscle relaxed and then, placed the ball on
the shaft against the opening and began to apply pressure.
Slowly, but surely, her asshole opened and after a half a
minute, it popped inside with a small sucking sound.
Rotating the slim stopper so the curve in the shaft leaned
the ball toward her belly, she slowly eased it inside until
the contoured stopper was firmly up tight and trapped in
the crease between her tight cheeks, all but unnoticeable
in that position. Aside from the mildly pleasant sensation
inside her ass of the heavy weight stretching her rectum,
she found as she stood up that the shaft stayed firmly in
place as she stood and moved around.
Sitting down, she oiled her twat and, after warming
the Ben-Wa balls in her hand, inserted them slowly, one at
a time. She closed her legs and picked up the directions.
These heavy, hollow balls were so large that she felt
distinctly stretched and aware of pleasant tingling in
nerves deep inside and around her pussy. She pulled her
panties and skirt back on and just as she started to read
the rest of the instructions, the door to the bedroom
popped open and Carol stuck her head in. “Oh, there you
are. We’re playing a game in the family room and need
another player. Come, be my partner.”
Well, she couldn’t just say excuse me, I’ve got my
pussy and ass stuffed full of the sex equipment you gave
me, so, walking slowly toward the door, she smiled and
said, “Let’s show them who’s boss.” As she walked down the
hall, the heavy balls pressed against her insides and
bounced and swayed inside, producing a growing arousal in
her twat. The ball and shaft in her ass were almost
unnoticeable. She wondered how that was supposed to work.
So far it wasn’t doing anything that she could notice.
They sat around a table and began to play a board
game. Most of the group was trying to also watch a
football game behind them on the TV, so the game went in
fits and starts. She tried to experiment with the
equipment inside her, but the chair only allowed her a
small movement, so the Ben-Wa balls only moved a very small
amount, nice by itself, but hardly something to get her
really hot.
Then, by accident, when she got up to get more
popcorn, it felt like the rod in her ass was slipping
slightly and she instinctively tightened her ass muscles to
hold it. Unexpectedly, this tipped the rod and ball tipped
forward, stretching her rectum forward against space
between the metal balls in her vagina. The top ball was
pushed up away from the bottom one and the bottom was
shoved down to put more pressure on the opening, sending a
very strong tingle through her twat. Surprised by all the
action inside, she relaxed as the tingle spread up her
belly. This allowed the rod to move back and the top ball
slid heavily down her tunnel and strongly bumped the lower
one, triggering another tingle even stronger than the
first. It was like having a three ball billiards game
going on inside with her cunt as the pocket to shoot for.
All this happened in the three steps to the kitchen
and she stumbled slightly, paused to catch herself and made
it into the kitchen and back to her seat without anyone
noticing the little smile on her face.
In the minutes that followed, she found by experiment
that she could simply tighten her ass, totally unnoticeable
to anyone else, even Carol sitting next to her. And the
motion inside her was repeated, now even stronger, because
the sitting position lined her vagina up a little better.
As the balls separated and moved together, she found her
lubrication increasing rapidly and her pussy swelled,
increasing the pressure and pleasure even more. In five
minutes, her mind was clearly no longer on the game. Her
pussy was on the verge of taking control of her lower body
and her nipples were hardening.
“Are you all right, dear?” Carol leaned over close and
almost whispered. No one else at the table was paying any
“Mmm. Ah. Excuse me, what did you say?” She had to
force herself to pay attention.
Heather clearly had a dreamy look on her face. “I
said.. Oh, I guess you found my little present?”
“Yes, I did, just before the game started. I’m sorry,
I didn’t have time to remove them before you came in.”
“Well, let’s not get carried away with the family
here. You have a lifetime to enjoy them.”
“I won’t. It’s very nice. Certainly does perk up a
boring day.”
They both laughed and the game went on.
Again and again, Heather would start the motion and
just at the point of beginning a drive to an orgasm, she
would force herself to stop and let her nerves settle down.
Carol, sitting so close, could smell her young, hot pussy
and was turned on by it, but tried not to show it. Jean
and Betty would occasionally catch the dreamy look on
Heather’s face and glance at each other, but no one else
paid attention. They knew that look. Heather seemed to be
very turned on, but how? The heavy sweatshirt she had on
hid her swollen nipples.
On about the fifteenth time she started the balls
going, before she could stop herself, her lower body began
to take control. The strong wave of pleasure in her pussy
would make her ass tighten, triggering the reaction over
and over. It was like her ass and pussy were talking to
each other and went into automatic without consulting her.
In less than a minute, Heather knew she would orgasm and
couldn’t no longer stop it. Her belly was tightening and
twat pulsing, wetness now spreading widely over her
panties. She gripped Carol’s leg and tried to push her
stiffening back into the chair to brace herself. When it
hit, it was a beautiful, powerful, smooth orgasm that sent
tingles down to her toes and tips of her fingers. Fighting
for control, she suppressed a strong urge to groan and
moan. She trembled slightly and the waves rolled out of
her twat and up her belly and tightened her chest. As it
passed, she settled down and casually looked around the
table to see if anyone had noticed, but they hadn’t.
Actually, Jean and Betty had, but pretended they didn’t.
And Carol, of course. “You handled that very well.
You’ll find you can do that all day long if you like. I
need to go put mine in. We’ll be a real dream team then.”
She quickly left the game table and returned five minutes
later. Jean and Betty watched her leave and wondered about
As the afternoon went on, both Heather and Carol would
pause from time to time as orgasms took them, then,
breathing slowly to regain control, continued to play the
game. Jean and Betty were incredulous that their mother
and friend were both sitting at the table apparently
getting off in public. More amazingly, now one else seemed
to have noticed, they were so distracted by the game on TV.
Carol seemed to be having orgasms every three or four
minutes or so, much quicker than Heather. Then, toward the
end, Heather found that her ass and twat were learning to
begin the automatic response almost immediately, so she too
began to come quicker and quicker. Soon, she was barely
coming down from one orgasm when the next would build in
her belly and take her. Her mind struggled to stay with
the game.
They finally lost and the game broke up. Heather
quickly made her way to her room and removed the equipment
and changed her soaked underwear. She washed off the
equipment and carefully packed it in her bag. She was
already thinking of how to get off in art class in front of
Traci. That would have her hopping.
Jean popped in. “God, were you just getting off out
in the family room? I mean, how were you doing it? Nobody
was touching you.” She didn’t know how to mention that
apparently her mother was also doing it.
Heather took out the box and showed her the equipment
and explained how it worked. Jean was intrigued and before
she left the room, Heather helped her to insert the rod and
balls. Then, tightening her ass as instructed, a sudden
look of astonishment and pleasure crossed her face as the
motion inside produced its effect. After five minutes, her
ass went into overdrive and her pussy had her humping the
edge of the chair. As Heather put her arm around her, she
began to build toward an orgasm.
“I think I’m …. goinnggg.. tO.. C.O.MMMM !” She
shook and moaned loudly. “UUUmMMMMMMMMmmmMMMm.”
Calming down, she took the empty box and walked slowly
from the room. “I’ll bring them back later. I may be late
for dinner.”
She left, balls swaying inside, clit extended and pussy
wet and pulsing. She just made it into her room when
another orgasm hit her and her knees buckled slowly and she
ended up kneeling on the floor, hanging onto a chair. Yes,
she would DEFINITELY be late for dinner.

Later that night, tired from eating all the food and
having such an active life all day, Heather headed back to
her room. Showering and putting on a see through nightie.
Then she picked up the book she had chosen to read earlier.
It was actually a very good translation.
A young maiden was taken to her Aunt’s in the city for
a visit. A comely wench, described as having flowing dark
hair to her waist, trim waist, very large bosom, slim hips
and nicely turned legs, her Aunt took her under her wing
and began to introduce her to city life.
Her version of city life, at least. It seems the Aunt
was partial to female lovers and as the innocent niece was
taken from party to party, she began to experience sexual
assaults of various kinds. Her Aunt responded to her fears
and questions about what was happening as things to that
all women should expect to happen and enjoy as one of the
pleasures that life in the country could not offer her.
At the first dinner party they attended, the niece,
Bibi, was dressed in a fine gown of the period, heaving
breasts almost totally exposed, waist finely drawn, with
full skirts. At her Aunt’s instructions, she left off the
balance of her undergarments. The night air on her rarely
exposed parts was tingly and pleasant.
At the dinner party, all the guests were female and
dressed in all sorts of beautiful gowns. She notice that
as the women talked, they held hands, or caressed one
another’s waist or arm. Finding that the women she was
introduced to were friendly in this way, she thought
nothing of it and joined in as well. The constant rubbing
did produce a warm feeling between her legs that she liked.
Dinner was served and it was a multiple course meal in
a room lit only with several candles. In the middle of the
second course, a brief breeze stirred her skirts under the
table, then stopped.
Moments later, a warm hand gently grasped her ankle and she
started. Remembering that her Aunt had always instructed
her to be a lady at dinner and mind her manners, she tried
to hide her obvious agitation.
“What’s wrong, dear?” Her Aunt leaned over toward
her, smiling at her hostess.
“Nothing. I.. I found my dress caught for a moment.”
“Remember what I told you, a lady never makes a scene,
never. Now enjoy the dinner and show the other guests you
know how to behave like a real lady.”
The warm hand was sliding up her legs and pushing her
skirts ahead of it. It was soft and caressing and actually
felt nice, but she wondered what was happening. Who was
this under the table? Looking around the dinner table, she
noticed an empty chair and remembered that the woman who
was sitting in it had been particularly friendly before
dinner. Her hands had not strayed from Bibi’s for more
than a moment or two after they were introduced. Could it
be her exploring her lower half?
It was producing a most wonderful feeling in her twat.
As the hands approached her, the tingling and ripples
increased and she found her breathing becoming shaky. She
could feel hot breath on her legs. Her head began to swim
with the pleasure coming from her cunt.
The plates were taken away and the light chit chat at
the table continued. Bibi found her face blushing and her
chest heaving as the pleasure between her legs continued to
grow. In fact, her bodice was barely able to contain the
swelling of her breasts as they grew even more full with
her excitement. The nipples, barely covered to begin with,
were now partially exposed and threatening to break free
any moment.
A hot tongue started licking her inner thighs and she
could feel long hair caressing her legs, which were being
spread wide under her full skirts.
She began to gasp slightly as the tongue found her
twat and began to eat her in a eager way. Her ass was
shifting in the seat and she couldn’t control it. A glance
around the room showed no one was paying particular
attention to her. The tongue penetrated deeply into her
twat and she gave a little moan. Stuffing some of the
desert cake into her mouth, she looked over to the hostess
and said, “Delicious”.
It came out as a gasp..
“I’m glad you like it dear, have some more.” The
hostess was staring admiringly, and somewhat greedily at
her heaving boobs, now almost totally exposed. The right
nipple had declared itself free and stood proudly pointed
over the top of the bodice. Bibi was too far gone to
notice the growing state of disarray of her clothing. The
tongue penetrated even deeper and she found herself sliding
down slightly in the chair to meet the thrusts, her hips
beginning to lift and twist at each penetration.
She was desperately trying to maintain control, and
was smiling somewhat hysterically at everyone who looked
her way, but finally, her insides began to shake and
shudder. Her head was bending back and her spine twist
slowly back like a bow. Then the orgasm hit her, releasing
a flood between her legs and the eager tongue worked hard
and lapped it all up. She was shaking like a leaf,
trembling, mouth partially open. Her bodice gave up all
attempts at containing her chest and her breasts quivered
from the strong spasms coursing through her. As she began
to calm down, she was relieved that apparently no one had
noticed her unseemly behavior. Alarmed at her apparent
state of undress, she quickly adjusted her dress. She
trembled as her hands gripped her still very tender nipples
to force them into the dress. Waves of pleasure again
gripped her.
The person under the table seemed to have disappeared
and Bibi finished her second dessert.
“Did you enjoy your dessert, dear?”, her Aunt asked.
“Yes. It was quite unexpectedly wonderful and full of
“Good. You’ll have come her more often to enjoy all
we have to offer.”
A glance down to the other end of the table revealed
the other woman had regained her seat. Face still flushed
and hair slightly out of place, she looked at Bibi with a
twinkle in her eye and winked. Bibi thought that even
though this was very strange and unexpected behavior, it
was thoroughly enjoyable. She looked back up and down to
the other woman and winked back.

Heather was finding this story remarkable similar to
the trick she had played on Traci and found herself smiling
at the memory of it. Times seemed to never change. Tired
as she was, she felt turned on again at the thought of the
honey in Traci’s pussy and how good it had tasted.
“Are you still awake dear?” It was Carol in a very
sexy nightgown.
“Yes, just getting horny again reading some of your
books. Where did you find all these?”
“I’ve been collecting for years. I find them here and
there. Friends keep an eye out for me.”
“I’ve enjoyed, the, ah, gifts and time at your home.
It has made the holiday so much nicer for me. Thank you.”
“Since you have to leave in the morning, I thought
maybe you’d enjoy one last little item I have. Something
to remember me by on cold nights.”
“Well, I have lots of great memories already. But I’d
love to see what you have.”
She followed Carol into the next bedroom and Carol
took another long box out of a cabinet and came over to the
bed. Helping Heather off with her robe and nightie, she
placed her in the center of the bed and proceeded to
secure her wrists over her head and ankles to the corners
of the bed. In less than two minutes, Heather found
herself completely spread eagled on the bed. Carol took
off her nightie and sat next too her.
She took two small wires and attached them to her
nipples and plugged them into a small box. She flipped a
switch and almost imperceptible shocks tickled her nipples
in waves. Her nipples rose strongly and her chest
tightened. The pleasure was very strong and her pussy
immediately lubricated. In seconds, she couldn’t get her
breath as the lust built in her body.
“Wow, I’m so hot, I can’t breath.” Carol smiled and
leaned over Heather with something in her hand. Heather
only saw it briefly between her swollen breasts before
Carol’s hand disappeared between her legs. Seconds later,
she felt pressure on her asshole but before she could
react, Carol pushed smoothly and a very large dildo went
deeply up her ass.
“Ungh! God!”
Another wire was connected and the dildo began to
shock her rectum in concert with her nipples. The initial
discomfort of the dildo was instantly erased with lust as
her pussy began to open and clit extend. Her butt was
pumping the bed spasmodically as the shocks hit, some weak,
some increasingly strong.
Heather looked over at Carol, who was attaching wires
to her own chest. Waves of pleasure passed over her face.
“Ohhhhh… thisss… iss… always sooo… niceeee…”
Heather continued to shake and moan as Carol leaned
over, turgid nipples extending from the passion. She had
another of the large dildos and inserted into her rectum,
then connected another wire. She was already shaking and
gasping, her hips twitching and pumping in reaction to the
shocks and lust building in her twat. The two of them were
hot with rapidly building lust and were humping and
writhing, eyes half closed and mouths open.
Fighting the need to just give into the lust, Carol
quickly climbed over Heather and sat on her, pussy to
pussy. Her somewhat broader hips covered Heathers just
comfortably and as they jerked from the shocks, their clits
were now hitting each other, Heather’s very long clit
sticking up into Carol’s pussy like a small cock.. She
slid down slightly and reached into the box and pulled out
a long, fat, double headed rubber dildo over sixteen inches
Hand shaking, she worked it up into Heather’s
twitching canal and then, lifting up, worked the other end
into her own pussy.
By this time, both of them were moaning and grunting.
“Oh, Goddddd.. It’s so big. I’m going to commmm.”
The shocks were getting stronger and as they reacted,
the pussies alternately gripped the shaft of the dildo and
pushed or relaxed as the other woman humped to her own
response. The boxed timed them in perfect alteration and
it was increasing the speed in a smooth manner. Up and
down, in and out. The special material in the cock was
expanding and lengthening from their heat, increasing their
Carol leaned over and stuck her tongue deep into
Heather’s eager mouth. Their tongues probed and sucked and
fought each other. Heavy moaning in the room was almost
constant as their bodies, driven relentlessly by the
computer controlled stimulus, rose to greater and greater
heights of lust.
Heavy breasts banging together, dildo buried
completely in their now fluid pussies, cunt lips pressed
together, they were rolling up and down to the electric
They soon came together, a deep moan coming from each
as they trembled and shook. The electric shocks relaxed,
but continued to come and in less than two minutes, they
built back up and they had another orgasm.
The rest periods were various, then the waves would
speed up and they would fuck at a faster and faster pace
and then, cunts banging against each other, they would
come. Each time, the pattern of shocks was completely
different than the last. There wasn’t time to feel tired.
Time went by and the fucking continued. There was no way
to resist it.
Then, the box excited them one last time and even
though they climaxed, it kept up the very rapid
contractions and, then, they came one last time, a mind
bending orgasm hitting them both like explosions in their
They both passed out from their response. Soaked in
sweat, come pouring between their legs, Carol’s flowing
down the dildo and mixing with Heather’s and the double
flood running down her ass and into her asshole and onto
the bed. Carol’s swollen tits spread over Heather’s even
larger ones and their bodies blended into one as they lay
As they came to, Carol slowly sat up, lips trembling.
“That was unbelievable, Carol. I never had a fuck
like that.”
“I told you it was special. Someone in NASA built
that for me and I never to get use it. Did you enjoy
Heather felt overwhelmingly full with the long, fat
dong up her pussy and deep dildo floating in her ass and
she trembled.
“Good. It’ll start again in about a minute.”
“I don’t think I can do that again.”
“Yes you can dear. It won’t hurt you, I promise. And
once it starts, you just give in to it.”
“How many times does it do this?”
“Until we turn it off.” And then she placed the box
over the edge of the bed out of reach. “But, I intend to
fuck your hot pussy all night. We can’t have you going
back to school horny, can we?”
“Carol, please don’t hurt met, I….”
The electric tingles rose up in her twat and they
rolled into another series of surging, sweaty, humping
orgasmic responses. Each time Heather thought she’d come
for the last time, when, with a gasp, she would respond and
her mind lost control.
Hump. Groan. Fuck. Dong surging up and down their
twats. Hips coming together, clits riding the shaft. Pussy
juice spread out over the sheets and soaked the bedding.
Still, they came and came.
It was very late in the night when Carol finally
pulled the box back onto the bed and turned it off.
Untying Heather, she sat with her for a while, then they
took a shower together and slept. For the first time in
her life, Heather felt completely and utterly fucked. Yes,
she would remember Carol and that night.
The ride back to school was quiet. Jean seemed very
distant until Heather realized that she had the Ben-Wa
balls and rod in her ass and was spending the long drive in
bliss. The next morning, she returned them.
“I hope you had a nice time. Mom said to tell you
she’d love to have you again.”
“I’d love to come, too.”
They both laughed.

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