Addicted to Pain – female solo
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I felt the heat from the glowing cigarette tip as I brought it closer to the
soft skin next to my nipple. My other hand was working in circles across my
soaking wet pussy as I masturbated in anticipation of the release I knew I
would feel in a few seconds. I closed my eyes and focused in on the
sensations building in my body. I moved the cigarette onto my skin, hearing
the hiss as it burnt my flesh before the sensation of pain. My pussy tingled
as the pain shot through my body I put the cigarette to my mouth and took a
drag to get it burning again.

Tssst, I touched the hot tip near the first burn, the sensation of building
sexual climax acting as a counterpoint to the stinging pain of the burn. As
I burnt myself for the third time I began to cum, the heat waves of the
orgasm surging through my body as my fingers finally brought me off. As the
last waves of pleasure faded I lay still for a few seconds, breathing deeply
and focussing on the sharp pain still emanating from the burns on my tits.
The pain made me feel alive, elevating me from the nothingness of my normal
existence and the hollowness I normally felt.

I sat cross legged on the bed and looked at my reflection in the mirrored
wardrobe doors of my room. My once beautiful body was pitted and scarred,
the latest three burns glowing brightly amongst the many others I had
inflicted on myself. My skin hung off my bony frame, my once proud and firm
tits sagged, their youthful plumpness eaten away by the months of drugs and
alcohol. Even my pussy looked old, my labia hung down like curtains between
my thighs, exposing the stretched blackness of my vagina between my open
legs. I felt the wetness of tears on my cheeks as I took the syringe and
leather lace from the bedside table. It took a while to find a working vein
but finally, as I depressed the plunger and let the leather strap fall from
my teeth the warm nothingness of the high took over my body and I fell back
on the bed, wrapped in my own world.

The ally stank of urine and my arms and legs were beginning to ache. He was
fucking me hard, but my loose cunt was doing little to bring him top orgasm.
He had been banging away for a while, his fat hips slapping into my bony ass
as I lent against the wall. I moaned like I was enjoying it and willed him
to cum. He had paid and extra $20 to fuck me bareback so he was a profitable
trick. I had only been hanging around the dark downtown area, well known
locally as a red light district, when he approached me. Usually they drove
around but this one walked up to me. From the smell of alcohol on his breath
I guess he was too drunk to drive. Finally he came. With a grunt he
deposited his seed in my pussy then, without saying a word, he zipped up his
fly and sauntered off. I straightened my tiny skirt and made my way back to
the main street.

The next trick was in the back of a SUV. He thought the wetness was because
I was hot for his black cock. “Oh yes, I am so wet for you, fuck me with
that big black cock. Fill my white pussy with your black cum” I said as he
pounded into me. The dirty talk worked and he came quickly.
The next two tricks were straight oral – one with, one without. The guy
without came right at the back of my throat, his foul tasting cum catching
me off guard and making me gag.
It was still early and I had already made enough to score my next hit. I was
ready to head home when the big Merc pulled up. The window slid down and I
peered in. He was about 40, with dark hair. He peered at me over the top of
dark shades. “I’m looking for something special” he said, “and I hear you
may be the one to help”.

“How special?” I asked. “$1,000 worth of special”, he replied dryly. “You
can fuck me all week for that!” I joked. “I’m making a film”, he continued,
ignoring my quip, “I need someone who enjoys pain”. I though for a second,
this was dangerous, but I needed the money bad, “$2,000 and you can hurt me
all you like”, I said. The door clicked open and I got in. As we set off he
passed me an envelope. “You can have the other Ł1,000 when we are done”

We stopped in a run down industrial area on the edge of town. He opened the
door to one of the units and led me inside, shutting the thick metal door
behind us. The unit was cold and empty, the only furniture being a black
table, similar to the ones used in hospitals positioned in the centre of the
room. The table was bathed in light from a series of lamps positioned around
it, making the rest of cavernous space seem even darker.

As he lead me to the table I realised we were not alone. A group of guys
were drinking coffee in a corner office. Seeing us enter they put down their
mugs and came out to meet us.

“This is the crew”, he explained, “Ignore them. When we are filming it is
like they do not exist. You get it?”

“Yes”, I replied.

“Good”, he said, “Now strip”.

It was not a request, it was a command. I did not respond for a while, I was
transfixed by the sudden activity around me. Two camera’s seemed to appear
out of nowhere and a boom mike was positioned over the bed. He turned around
to I had no moved. “I said strip”, he said in a deeply menacing voice.

I jumped to life and quickly undressed. “On the bed” he commanded and, with
me laying on my back he materialised handcuffs from nowhere and quickly
attached my wrists and ankles to the legs of the bed, leaving me in a spread
eagle position with my arms slightly raised above my head and my legs
slightly apart.

As the camera’s started to roll he ran his cold fingers over my body,
focussing his touch on the small burns around my breasts. He moved his
fingers slowly down my body, touching my needle marked arms, running his
fingers over the scars across my wrists then finally bringing his fingers to
rest on my thigh, gently easing my legs open before using his fingers to
part my pussy lips.

His study of my body complete he pulled a leather pouch out from under the
bed and opened it on a table beside me. He selected a thin needle and
rotated it before my eyes. As my pussy began to burn with anticipation he
stroked my breast with his free hand before gently pushing the tip of the
needle against the soft skin just above my nipple. I bit my lip as a sharp
pain shot through my body. The needle passing through my flesh and re
emerging an inch from the entry point, raising my skin a little before
bursting through the skin. The next needle was longer and passed through the
skin below my other nipple. Slowly and expertly he stitched more needles
through my body. By the time he had inserted the 6th or 7th needle I was in
ecstasy, overwhelmed by the tenderness of his touch and the pain of the

His needlework complete he then brought out a t shaped chain with curved
fish hooks at the three points. Gently he pinched my nipple before passing
the first hook through it. The second attached to my other nipple and the
third he inserted just above my belly button. Then he gently pulled the
chain, pulling on the hooks and making me wince with pain and pleasure.
I lay back and shut my eyes, this was the best I had felt in years. His soft
touch and the stinging pain made me feel more alive than ever.

With my eyes still closed I felt his fingers touch my pussy. I shook with
anticipation as I felt the he prick of a pin against my labia. I felt close
to orgasm as he worked on my pussy, inserting another needle in my other
labia. I felt a tug and realised this was another chain. The anticipation of
the site of the third needle was excruciating. Finally I felt his fingers on
my clitoris, as he began to pierce my clitoral hood I came, gasping for
breath as the soft touch of his fingers and the sharp prick of the needle
around my clitoris sent shock waves through my body.

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