A Different Blanket
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Daisy locked the door and pulled the blanket round her naked body. It’s
roughness excited her skin and made her nipples tingle as she nestled into
the voluminous folds, rubbing her firm body against the coarse material and
smelling the strange but familiar odours so much part of her life.
It’s earthy scents mixed with the heady aromas surrounding her as she sat
quietly studying Pip her mute but restless companion, filled her mind with
the enjoyment she now expected when locked away in her recently discovered
private world.

It was such an important day tomorrow. The journey wouldn’t be long and then
surely she would show the world her prowess in her chosen field.

Her parents were out, her brother in bed. The night was calm, mild and the
scents as she strolled expectantly from the house had filled her nostrils
with the sweet yet pungent night flavours of country air.

Daisy chuckled as Pip raised his head and sniffed the air and she glanced at
the sealed plastic box nearby. How she had thanked her lucky stars on
discovering such a potent yet simple key to her future.

Three months previously, she had watched Victoria her tutor, extract the
unique solution for perfectly normal purposes, known throughout the world
Daisy moved in. However – watching Victoria, who was unaware of Daisy’s
presence in the building, swallow all of the solution had amazed the young

The following day, Daisy and her family had watched Victoria capture top
prize, amassing huge applause from an audience who were flabbergasted at how
the elegant yet frail blonde had managed to control such power. Daisy had
remembered the smug look on the aristocratic Victoria’s face afterwards and
became determined to investigate.

Daisy’s own efforts in their shared sport had been failing miserably, but
having copied Victoria, cautiously at first, she started to experience a new
physical strength and showed it with her energetic attitude, startling her

She cast the blanket aside, shivering in the sudden change in temperature,
giggling to herself as her nipples rose to hard buds. She swiped her fingers
delicately over them, the sensation making her catch her breath and sigh.
Pip looked at her, making that familiar welcoming noise.
Her hand flickered over Pip, sensing the power through his skin as his
enormous body rippled with each movement. Without fear Daisy reached beneath
his legs, cupping the stallion’s genitals, rolling his six inch diameter
testicles. Her hand traced across his sac and onto the floppy, dangling
sheath. Pip stamped, snorting and she stepped to his handsome head blowing
into his nostrils. She opened a carton on a nearby shelf and dragged out a
thin polythene tube.

Lifting the sealed plastic box, she opened it, Pip whinnied noisily as his
favourite aroma seeped into the humid stable. A soaking rag was placed over
his nose and his tongue lolled as he sucked in the scent of a brood mare in
heat. Daisy stooped to his belly and thrust her hand gently into the folds
of his sheath, meeting the knob of his penis as it rolled relentlessly out
until she was holding a quivering pole of rampant horse cock some three feet
long and four inches across. It waved about incongruously as she reached up
for the tube.

Daisy slipped the equine condom over Pip’s dick. She played with his hot
sheath as the stallion tensed with pleasure until she grasped it’s solid
member and started to roll her hands up and down applying pressure. Pip
stamped and whinnied, snorting and thrusting immediately as Daisy
masturbated the prize winning stud horse.

It was a tiring, slow process and dangerous as Pip became more agitated.
Daisy’s naked body leaned against him and he seemed to be aware of her
fragility. Daisy puffed as her hands manipulated the bulky horse cock that
had disappeared so many times, full length into pulsing, pink, winking
vaginas of his female visitors. Daisy loved to see a mare or filly being
covered. To see Pip go through the teasing process with an old brood mare
tempting his hardness and then watching him rear and thrust at another mare,
his aim perfect, was a thrill.

Suddenly he stiffened and gave a huge scream and she held his cock tightly
feeling the inner throbbing then the jet of rich sperm flooded the condom.
It’s heat was incredible and Daisy held it firmly until Pip’s flow subsided.
Swiftly she slid the full condom off Pip’s penis and studied the creamy
consistency of his outpouring. She murmured to Pip as she stepped near his

Carefully raising the condom high, she placed the ring to her lips and
tilted the sheath to her mouth. The foamy fluid slithered into her mouth and
she drank deeply, controlling it’s flow, not wasting a drop. Gulping to the
end, draining the condom, she grinned and winked at Pip who was as quiet as
if nothing had happened and munched some hay. She wiped her face on the
blanket, before throwing it over him. Finally she checked the stable leaving
no tell tale signs of her secret pleasure.

The following day, Daisy waited anxiously as she always did before a show.
Pip was groomed and stood lazily, as Daisy’s mother polished his leathers.
Soon Daisy mounted and rode into the ring. Pip behaved handsomely on top of
his mettle, prancing proudly.
Some minutes later, the crowd in tumultuous applause, Daisy galloped out of
the ring with a clear, fast round of show jumping winning the under fourteen
National Championship.

The interviews with the thirteen year old breathless, beaming girl were
centred on not only her horsemanship, but on the way such a slight little
girl handled a monster of a thoroughbred stallion like Pip. She playfully
flexed her biceps for the TV commentators as Pip was led away.
She had the elixir to success and a slight quizzing but knowing smile from

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