Secretary Sophie
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Sophie was ordered to bend over the board room table and place her hands in front of her on the smooth glass surface. Due to the strategically placed video camera and the huge screen in front of her at the other end of the room, she could see her short black skirt ride up showing the pretty pink panties covering her beautiful round bum. Her pretty face flushed as her grinning boss lifted Sophie’s skirt and ran her hands over the inviting round globes in front of her. Sophie had never been touched by a woman before but that was nothing compared to the excruciating embarrassment she felt at the fact that there were actually 12 well dressed men in suits watching her predicament.

“Oh no” breathed Sophie quietly as she looked at the big screen and watched her panties being slowly pulled down to her thighs where they rested, the thin material stretched between her legs like an erotic bridge. “You are going to enjoy yourself this afternoon my girl, we’ll take care of that” said her boss soothingly. “What do you mean we?!” A startled Sophie cried out. “Remind yourself of why you are here Sophie you naughty girl” With this Sophie was speechless as she thought about the mess she had gotten herself in. “Now let’s get on with this” said Jane, Sophie’s boss, and now it seemed the owner of her body.

The next few moments were a blur as she could do nothing but watch events unfold. The men cheered as Jane pulled open a drawer and to Sophie’s dismay lifted out a huge glass butt plug and a large tube of lube. She was helpless and she knew it, she could do nothing but submit to her ordeal. Sophie was far from stupid however and she began to focus more on trying to enjoy what she could during this torture, just to make this easier for her. She could only admit that the whole scene was having an unconscious effect on her, seeing herself looking the perfect example of fuckable in front of a whole group of men who she knew were going to do very dirty things to her.

Sophie watched as Jane toyed with her bum, running her hands over her ass cheeks, pulling them apart and running her fingers between Sophie’s ever moistening pussy lips. “What do you think of this lovely tight hole?” Jane amusingly asked the men as she pulled her cheeks apart and ran a finger tip over Sophie’s tiny bum hole. Sophie was never a fan of anal sex despite her boyfriend’s best efforts, she just hated the feeling of something up there. Lost in her thoughts she gasped as she felt the cold lube on her puckered little anus. The men cheered and she squirmed as Jane’s long finger penetrated her and slid effortlessly up into Sophie’s butt. She cried out as her stinging anus clenched tight on the woman’s finger sliding mercilessly in and out of her. “Stop stop stop stop please stop!” pleaded Sophie as a second finger began stretching her ass even wider. She was gasping and panting with the effort of enduring the pain in her butt. “Oh calm down” giggled her boss “sluts like you who complain about taking it up the arse need to relax” she laughed as she gave her this useless piece of advice. By now Sophie had three slippery well manicured fingers sliding slowly but fully in and out of her body.

Suddenly relief. Sophie felt immediate comfort as the fingers were pulled from the tight hole that instantly closed up tightly. “No please it’s way too big for me” begged Sophie as she watched Jane take the butt plug and smear a generous amount of lube over the hard glass toy. “You’ll thank yourself for having this in later, trust me” Jane said with a wink. “Now watch you’re little stretching exercise sweety” laughed Jane with emphasis on the ‘stretching’ and motioning to the screen. Sophie groaned dejectedly as she felt the cold end of the toy against her bum. She cried out begging Jane to stop as the toy slowly but surely began to slide inside, opening her protesting anal opening wider and wider. She couldn’t think she could take any more as she yelped, holding back tears as the toy slipped inside her, her anus stretched open unnaturally, unable to close. Sophie squirmed over the table, the image of her on the big screen looked obscene with the object lodged inside her and felt to her like she was doing biggest non stop poo of her life.

Sophie could tell that the men were loving her discomfort from the leering expressions on their faces. By now most of them had their cocks in theirs hands and she was dismayed to see most of them were massive. “Right boys form a line” ordered Jane and Sophie had to make every effort to think about why she was being made to do this just to stop from running out of the room. Jane was soothing Sophie sarcastically. “Does it hurt baby? Bit of a pain in the ass hey honey? Well let’s get you some cock to make you feel better” Jane cooed into Sophie’s pretty face, looking her over and running her hand’s through the blonde hair that made Sophie even more the quintessential slut fantasy.

“We’ll play a game” explained Jane. “In my hand I will either have a letter ‘V’ or a letter ‘A’. You will chose a hand and whichever letter you get, that’s your hole. Now can you tell me what those letters stand for Sophie?” It was obvious what they stood for. “For fuck’s sake please just get it over with” Sophie complained, just wanting this over with. “What if I throw away the V baby? What then? Tell us what they stand for now, just so that we know you understand our fun little game” she whispered softly into the squirming girl’s ear. “V is for vaginal and A must be for, oh god, anal” Sophie said quietly between wincing at the enduring fullness in her ass. Sophie heard several of the men saying they’re hoping for the A, this caused a knot in Sophie’s stomach, the thought of a huge cock going up her bum making her tremble in her heels.

She hadn’t even noticed that the first man had drawn a letter. She gulped waiting to find out what it was. Her wait abruptly ended as she felt the head of a massive hard cock sliding between her now wet pussy lips. She gasped out loud and felt herself pushed hard against the table as the cock stretched her pussy, filling her up to the limit. She was forced to watch herself being fucked, and being fucked hard. She couldn’t concentrate as she watched herself being rocked back and forth against the table, her mouth open, moaning with each thrust as the cock relentlessly and forcefully thrust in and out her body.

Teetering in her heels she suddenly became aware of a warmth spreading through her body. The combination of everything that was happening and how it looked, being recorded for posterity all conspired to awaken her to the pleasure that was fast building inside her. Suddenly she cried out just as the suited and sweating man behind her tensed, shoving himself deep inside her she was wracked with the most devastatingly intense orgasm of her life. Her whole body was electrified and both of her holes tightened around the intrusions inside her. She collapsed, exhausted bent over the table as she felt the cock inside her slide out with a slippery wad of come seeping out of her and onto her thighs. She was heaving and panting and couldn’t resist a smile of satisfaction.

“Next!” Jane commanded loudly. Sophie resigned herself to her fate, hoping and praying that the men would be so turned on that they would not last long. She couldn’t work out whether it would be the fucking or the orgasms that would wear her out. This train of thought was broken as the next man grabbed her hips. He wasted no time at all in thrusting into her, driving her against the table and making her moan uncontrollably with the fullness inside her. She didn’t have time to catch her breath before she shuddered and screamed as yet another orgasm pushed her to the limits of her senses.

Her hope of her ordeal being both quick and pleasurable were realised as the line of men all took turns, eager to get inside her after having to wait and watch her being relentlessly fucked they never lasted to long. Sophie lost count of the times that she had been rendered helpless with the ecstasy of the orgasms being forced upon her but was beginning to feel sore. It was now that she realised that no A letter had been drawn as part of Jane’s cruel game.

Her mind reeled at the fact that she had just been fucked by 11 cocks, one after the other and not only did she think on the fact that she had been literally gangbanged but that she had enjoyed it. This was what brought the most shame to herself. The orgasms she enjoyed had been the most intense of her entire life.

It was after the last of the lucky men had pushed himself deep up inside Sophie and filled her with his sticky come that Sophie was allowed time to breathe. Jane ordered the men out of the room and with a smirk on her face took hold of the glass plug that Sophie had now become accustomed to. “I’ve let you off for now” Jane informed Sophie who winced as she felt a tugging sensation in her anus. “Don’t worry, you will be taking cock up your tight little bum, this was just a taster” said Jane with a smile. Sophie gasped and cried out as she felt her plugged hole once again stretching open to it’s very limit. Jane revelled in Sophie’s discomfort as she slowly pulled the slippery toy from the poor girl’s now tightly closing anal opening. “Pull your panties up and get back to work” commanded Jane and Sophie groaned as she felt come seeping out of her and down her thighs. She pulled up her panties which immediately became soaked with 12 men’s come slipping out of her well fucked pussy. “I’ll give you a week and then it’ll be time for your next task, you enjoyed yourself today didn’t you? Like a good little slut” mocked Jane as Sophie straightened her clothes and walked uncomfortably out into the office. All eyes were on her, everyone knowing what she had done and she was mortified, sitting slowly and tentatively down onto her chair where she spent the rest of her shift squirming and wriggling in her seat.

Jane had since made Sophie get the contraceptive implant. This had a strong side effect for Sophie in making her constantly horny, her panties would get wet within half an hour of putting them on. Once home from work she would watch porn and frantically fuck herself with her rabbit, thinking back to her gang bang, bent over the board room table taking cock after cock. She didn’t know what had come over her, all she knew was that she constantly felt ike a cock hungry slut.

A week later she was instructed to meet Jane’s husband in the town centre. She waited, self conscious in the outfit she was ordered to wear. She noticed all of the lustful looks she was getting from men as well as the disapproving looks from the women who passed her by. She inwardly begged for time to pass, for Jane’s husband to hurry. Her outfit left little to the imagination. Porno heels, a tight blouse that barely contained the big, round boobs threatening to burst out of it and denim hot pants so tight, and cut so high that the bottom half of her bum cheeks were clearly visible.

Suddenly she was aware of the three huge black men approaching her. “You must be Sophie” said one of the men, all three were looking over her body, drinking her in with their eyes. Sophie blushed as she felt herself getting involuntarily moist between her legs at the sight of these three huge men lustfully staring at her boobs.

She was escorted under stares from everyone passing by to the local branch of Ann Summers. As she walked in her heels she just knew that everyone was staring at her pert wriggling bum, contained in the tight denim. She quivered as she entered the shop full of sexy imagery and saucy underwear. The assistant stared wide eyed at her and gasped as Sophie surrounded by the men approached the counter. As ordered Sophie asked the assistant for help. ‘Just get this over with’ thought Sophie and as instructed she nervously asked the grinning assistant for the best lube for anal sex. The assistant giggled and looked over Sophie’s hot body and then looked at the three huge black men browsing the panties on display. “I think you’ll need this” said the assistant placing a small pill into Sophie’s hand. “What’s this?” asked Sophie and the assistant explained it was to help Sophie relax, a muscle relaxant and Sophie bit her lip as she thought about what was going to happen to her. She took the pill, the assistant reassuring her that it would begin working in about half an hour and that it would make things a little easier for her. “You lovers have fun” mocked the giggling assistant as Sophie left the store with the trio of big muscularly men.

Sophie had to admit to herself that this whole excruciatingly embarrassing scenario had turned her on in ways she’d never known before. She was resigned to basically performing the role of a sex toy, asking for anal lube and now sitting in the back of a taxi with three huge black men running their hands over her boobs, her nipples hardening at their touch she was squirming in agonising ecstasy.

The taxi pulled up at Jane’s house and Sophie was escorted inside with big black hands on her bum cheeks. Jane greeted them with a smile and led them all into a large room with nothing but a big bed situated right in the middle, and a huge wall mirror at one end. Sophie gasped as she saw her dreaded butt plug lying on the bed sheet. “Stand here!” commanded Jane who made Sophie stand at the foot of the bed. The men all began to strip and Sophie groaned dejectedly as she saw how massive their cocks were. ‘I’m never going to be able to take them in me’ thought Sophie with great apprehension, butterflies in her stomach. She was soaking by now and again coudn’t help but be turned on by how slutty she looked. Perfect hair and makeup, all ready to be fucked.

Jane approached Sophie from behind and began feeling Sophie’s bum, cupping her cheeks in her hands and running her fingers between Sophie’s legs. Jane also looked the perfect part of sexiness. A black corset barely containing huge round boobs, pretty little black panties and thigh high boots made Jane look every bit the dominant woman, Sophie was in no doubt who was in charge. The beautiful brunette ran her feminine hands all over Sophie’s quivering body, squeezing her boobs and running her fingers through her hair. She reached around and began undoing the buttons on Sophie’s little hot pants before slowly pulling them down and off her slim legs.

“Take a look at this beautiful arse boys” said Jane before she instructed Sophie to lube up the butt plug. Sophie felt her panties being pulled slowly down her legs and then many hands groping her bum, puling her cheeks apart and fingers probing between her legs. She saw in the mirror the three black men with huge monster cocks all playing with her. Hands went into her blouse and squeezed her ample boobs. She moaned as fingers slid up inside her wet pussy. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter as huge black fingers squirmed around inside her. Jane stood back and watched as the giant men played with Sophies supple body.

“Put the toy in your ass” Jane commanded Sophie. ‘Oh no not again’ thought sophie and she bit her lower lip, a look of worried apprehension on her face as she placed the tip of the big glass plug against her rear opening. The pill had taken effect and as she applied pressure she felt the toy begin to slide in a lot easier than the first time. Still she cried out in pain as the thickest part of the toy stretched her open before slipping inside. Jane slipped a hand into her panties and began playing with her own soaking wet pussy, turned on at the image in front of her. Sophie then watched her gorgeous boss pull her panties to one side and take hold of a little piece of string protruding from her pussy. Jane moaned in pleasure as she pulled two large balls from inside herself. They were glistening with the wetness from her pussy and she approached Sophie, and with no warning shoved the slippery balls up into Sophie’s velevety vagina.

Sophie felt full but was grateful for the muscle relaxant. She knew that things were going to get worse for her when she looked at the three massive cocks. Jane gently ran her hands along two of the hard, solid black shafts and moaned in pleasure. She instructed Sophie to get onto her knees who was then presented with all three of the menacing cocks in front of her face.

“Suck!” Just one word from Jane and Sophie knew what she had to do. She tentatively took one of the huge shafts in her hands and opened her mouth toward it. She had to open her mouth as wide as it would go to fit the girth inside. As she attempted to fit the huge cock into her mouth she took the other two in her hands and rubbed them slowly up and down, the men groaning in pleasure. Her moans were muffled and saliva slid down her chin and dripped onto her cleavage as out of the corner of her eye she saw Jane sitting, legs open and playing with herself, enjoying the scene in front of her.

Sophie struggled and sucked on all three of the now slippery wet cocks, she took turns taking each one into her mouth as deep as they would go until she was gagging on the length. The men grabbed her hair and pushed themselves into her face, her eyes wide with the effort.

After what seemed to Sophie like hours Jane told Sophie to get up and lie back on the bed. Sophie was made to spread her legs and pull the balls slowly from out of her tight pussy. She moaned as Jane and the men all watched her closely, the slippery balls emerging slowly from inside Sophie’s body who had never before felt so exposed, her wet pussy, lips spread open on full display.

One of the men lay back on the bed as Sophie was told to stand. His huge cock stood upright, hard and solid, and thick! Very thick, it was huge. Sophie’s face was one of dread as she was told to climb onto the bed and straddle herself over the huge cock standing to attention between her legs. Jane got behind Sophie, reached between her legs and took the huge cock in her hand. At the same time she pushed down on the small of Sophie’s back before guiding the tip of the cock to Sophie’s slippery pussy. Sophie squirmed and wriggled as the tip of the cock played against her clit, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her body.

“Sit yourself down slutty girl” Jane commanded the wriggling blonde. “Oh my god it’s so big!”exclaimed Sophie and moaned out in discomfort as she slid her tight, slippery pussy down the length of the massive pole. “Look at that” giggled Jane, Sophie yelped as the huge cock forced the butt plug out of Sophie’s bum from the inside. Sophie couldn’t get herself down the full length of the huge shaft, she breathed heavily and groaned as Jane pushed down on her hips, forcing the poor girl right down to the base of the cock. Sophie could feel it deep inside her tummy, it felt as if it had pushed her insides aside, she’d never experienced anything like it before.

Sophie watched in the mirror as Jane’s husband got up onto the bed behind her. The man under her pulled her down to his chest as Jane took one of Sophie’s bum cheeks in each hand and spread them apart taking a close look at Sophie’s lubed anus.

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