The Sinner
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It was a May, Sunday afternoon in the 80 s years before x – rated, online material irreparably damaged the Spicy Adventures Adult Bookstore s business and Odyssey Express, a swingers mag, was still in circulation.

However, the submissive, black – haired and 25 – /o Susan wasn t aware that Troy, her dominant, white and 26 – y/o husband, had put an ad in the publication which described her craving for non – violent, yet extreme degradation and verbal abuse.

A week later, 2 local residents, the white, 22 – y/o Nate and 24 – y/o Gerald wrote Troy regarding their interest in defiling her during a bookstore meeting.

Nonetheless, exciting guilt was burning in her loins because she and Troy had just departed a church service and she presently was in the women s bathroom at restaurant changing into high – heeled shoes, fishnets, a brief skirt and tank – top cradling her firm, medium – sized tits, and…

… wow, is my old lady a hustler? Troy grinned as she got into his vehicle s front passenger s seat.

Why did you say that, sir? she inquired.

No particular reason, Troy fibbed since he d previously arranged to have a certain film installed on the video – machine in a private viewing room at the store.

He next accompanied her into the room and inserted a $2o – bill in the machine.

Have you ever watched “The Gangbang Girl 29” featuring Belladonna? he asked.

No, sir, Susan responded, before a guard in the movie led 12 inmates into a jail infirmary, then announced Belladonna as a doctor giving the prisoners a physical exam.

Aroused, the wife reached under her skirt and masturbated until the actress fell to her knees and started rimming her co – stars.

Oh, my god! Susan had barely gasped when the door opened, followed by Gerald and Nate stepping into the room.

I realize I shouldn t swear on the Holy Sabbath, but what in Jesus name is happening? Nate sneered.

I m Troy; this is my wife, Susan.

I m Nate and this is my buddy, Gerald, the former said.

Your wife s a sinner – right? Gerald remarked.

You wouldn t believe she was listening to the preacher condemning adultery in church less than 30 minutes ago! Troy smiled.

Really? Nate acted surprised.

Yeah, she was, Troy confirmed the facts.

You unholy woman! Gerald snorted as he peeled Susan s top below her tits and gently groped them.

Don t be so nice to the Jezebel! Troy admonished.

Nice? There s nothing the least nice about you! Nate snarled, after which he and Gerald lowered their jeans.

With them having done that, Nate brought Susan to her knees, jammed his anal pucker against her beautiful face and ordered, Kiss my butt!

Aarrmm! she gagged while starting to obey, at which point she heard a porn – stud telling Belladonna: – Show us what a dirty, little hooker you are!

He s talking to you, bitch! Nate said as he clutched Susan s tresses and forced her nose between Gerald s ass – cheeks.

Do you mind if I blow her a fart? he asked the husband.

Hell, no! She s foul stinker! Troy replied.

Then, smell yourself! Gerald commanded as he broke wind.

The hills are alive with the sound of vulgar music! he declared.

I didn t know you re Mrs. Vulgarity! Nate jeered.

Yes, I am, sir! she answered.

Isn t that special! Nate scoffed as he sank his 11 – inched penis into her mouth.

Suck my cock, you filthy animal! he instructed, followed by Gerald crouching behind her and burying his 10 – inched pecker in her vag.

Take my dick, you bestial cunt! he rasped.

Uh – hmmm! the tart mumbled, while Troy observed the lewd scene until 10 minutes later when Gerald and Nate withdrew from their respective orifices and shot their jizz on the carpet.

Clean up YOUR mess! Nate demanded.

Yes, sir! she moaned as she licked the floor.

She s a great janitor, isn t she? Troy chuckled.

Not bad, Nate said, with another actor then calling Belladonna a rancid, fucking whore.

You re rancid, fucking whore, too! Troy exclaimed as he knelt and drove his 12 – inched pylon into his wife s bowels.

Oh, god, yes! Destroy meee! she implored.

You can t destroy worthless trash, you dumb troll! Nate snickered.

Eeeh, yes, I m worthless! Susan squealed through an orgasm.

But it wasn t long until Troy emptied his balls into her anus and dismounted her.

Thank you, sirs, she murmured.

We re not done. It s time to pay you, hooker, Troy responded before he removed 3 dripping condoms from the waste basket and stuffed them in her snatch.

Wear these home, he said.

The guys then stowed their pricks in their jeans and went out to the rear parking lot where Troy unlocked his car – trunk, deposited her in it, closed its lid with a rubber tie – down and left.

The next Friday night, however, he, Gerald and Nate accepted Susan into their one – twat harem as their concubine happily serving their needs.

Now, that s a good wife!

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