Wife’s a bitch, Husband’s a Rapist

“Hey John, I am getting an early parole. I’ll be out in two weeks! Can I stay with you?” With that one phone conversation John knew that his life was about to change. Again. He had not heard the voice on the phone for over five years now. A lifetime for both of them. Ronald […]

Romantic BDSM

She worked hard all day, but her mind was distracted. No matter how hard she tried to concentrate, to focus on what she was doing, she kept slipping away in her thoughts and daydreams, beginning to imagine what might happen that night when she got home. It had started with a message on her answering […]

An erection on instagram

So I was living a normal life, going to school, doing homework, hanging out with my girlfriend, you know regular 16 year old guy stuff. Then I posted a picture on instagram. A couple of girls, named Kennedy and Hailey noticed that I had an erection in the photo. They decided that they would come […]