Wife’s a bitch, Husband’s a Rapist

“Hey John, I am getting an early parole. I’ll be out in two weeks! Can I stay with you?” With that one phone conversation John knew that his life was about to change. Again. He had not heard the voice on the phone for over five years now. A lifetime for both of them. Ronald […]

My new family

I had married Sarah after a whirlwind courtship. A beautiful, petite woman with dark brown hair but bright blue eyes, I fell in love with her after our first date. It was a total of two months dating, three months of constant e-mail contact while I was away on business, and two months living together […]

Anal Teen Story

She just turned 18. I texted her on her birthday and said happy birthday, just wanted to remind you your legal now and if you want to come over some time I’d love to fuck you. So she texts back and asks if later that night she could come over, she comes over and she’s […]