Mae the Doggie’s Delight

Mae was worried when she went to the address Bill had given her. The two had been making pornographic movies for sale on the internet for about six months and it had never really bothered her before. Even the ones with another man in them hadn’t bothered her; she’d done three ways in her real […]

What the Doctor Ordered

I had been having serious trouble with premature ejaculation, and my sex life with my wife had come to a complete stand still. Each time we began to make love, an irresistible urge to let go would seize me, and I would spill my essence on her threshold, leaving her wet, sticky and frustrated. We […]

Filipina Sandwich

Alma and I have been happily married for five years now. I met Alma on an internet dating site for Asian women looking to for a western husband called Filipina Heart ( I had actually been looking for a Thai girl as I had visited Thailand and fallen in love with the country, its language, […]

The Cyberdog

Professor Carl Davis was proud of his invention. It had taken the man a mere three years of trouble and toil to create the body, but will all living things; the body is but a shell. It was another ten before he managed to bring the semi-sentient AI on line. Working in his basement, keeping […]

Strange banging in the Night

Wendy woke in the middle of the night when the sounds of the jungle changed. She was always a light sleeper, having minded the boys during their bouts against the cold and grippe. She still heard the night birds and small animals scurrying about but there was a new sound, a murmuring and sort of […]