My GF daughter

Answering the door together, in our altogether was how my girlfriend said to greet her daughter. Okay. What is normal for some isn’t for others. For me, this was a first. Unable to keep my dick down we answered the door with me standing there with a big hard on. Hi mom, you look great. […]

An intimate morning while showering outdoors

I slowly stepped into the shower, following an early morning jog and some stretching. Saturdays are a light exercise day, with Monday through Friday being more aggressive in my attempt to increase my level of conditioning rather than just maintain it. Sundays are a free day, left totally unscheduled… well, at least in theory they […]

The Making of a Hotwife, the training of a cuckold

It started from the moment I met my wife. I was happily married at the time, or so I thought, until she opened my eyes and set free the desires and passions that I didn’t realize I had. She was a new hire for the company, one of about a dozen. I first saw her […]

Shared Wife

To give you a background there are these advertisements which come out in the tabloids of dailies in mumbai. Cannot name the same for obvious reasons. It is meant for couples to come together to have a rollicking times. I am Ria, around 40 years in age. My husband is about a year older and […]

Debbie at the Magic Kingdom

Debbie Benson made her way quickly down the stone stairway under the sign marked WOMEN near the border between the French and the Spanish “lands” at Florida’s Magic Kingdom theme park and was thrilled that she seemed to have the facility all to herself. On this day, like most for the frisky fourteen-year- old, Debbie […]