Transexual Fun

When I got home I jumped in the shower and put on a large tee shirt and leisure pants. Liz and Lindsey had dinner on the table and the children in bed.

We sat on the sofa as we talked about the day. Liz told us about the troublesome customers she had at the store. Linds told us about events around the house. Then I told them about the training and the events after. I described Crystal and our sexual activities in the motel. By the time I finished both Liz and Linds were obviously excited. They had their hands on me as I kissed each of them in turn. Liz rubbed my nipples through my shirt as Linds opened my pants and fished out my semi-hard cock.

Liz shed her shorts and crop top and straddled my chest as Linds took off her robe and used her tongue and mouth to bring me to total hardness. I used my tongue and lips to paint my wife’s pussy with my saliva before pushing my nose between the folds of her outer lips. Linds sat on my cock and opened Liz’s butt cheeks. She ran her tongue through Liz’s valley as she ground herself on my face. Their groans filled the room as each of my lovers drove themselves to orgasm. Liz gushed her release all over my face as Linds punched her lips and ground her pelvis down. Her juices flooding out on my thighs, balls, and cock.

Both ladies sat down on the loveseat and rested from our first round as I sat on the sofa and slowly stroked my still hard cock. As we rested Liz and Linds asked questions about my experience with Crystal. How I sucked her cock and she reciprocated. How she surprised me by shoving her tool into me before I knew what she had to offer. In very little time the girls were pawing each other. Liz sucked Lind’s milk filled breasts while Linds pumped a toy in and out of Liz’s pussy.

They stopped only long enough to move to the floor and start sixty-nining each other. I nearly shot my load over the scene. I dropped to the floor as well and alternated between my wife and sister. My cock in each ass in turn. The volume of the moans and sighs told me they were nearing another release as I pumped in and out of Liz. When my cock entered Lind’s rectum Linds groaned and pushed her pussy into Liz’s face. She shook as her body orgasmed again. I quickly pulled out and filled my wife’s ass with my seed.

When we regained our composure I asked both of them if they would like to meet Crystal. They were more than willing to meet the beautiful transexual. I took my phone and left a message on Crystal’s phone.


We had my mother take the kids the Saturday night we arranged to meet Crystal. We were all nervous and excited. We all agreed to refrain from sex for three days before the meeting.

I met Crystal at the door. She was wearing a long coat that ran from her shoulders down to her ankles. Her feet were encased in leather ankle strap pumps that shone as she entered the house. I followed her bouncing bottom as she walked into the living room. Introductions were completed, l offered everyone a drink. By the time I returned Liz and Linds were sitting either side or Chrys as she sat on the sofa.

They laughed and traded stories of the men and women they slept with; including me. A couple of drinks later and the three ladies on the sofa were making out like sex-crazed teenagers. My cock was hard and wet watching the three of them. All their bodies tangled in lusty emotion. Liz and Linds each had a nipple in their mouths while Chrys played with their breasts and moaned softly. I moved over and dropped to my knees and moved Chrys’s thong to one side and licked her hard cock. I filled my mouth with her tool as the two ladies arranged themselves so Chrys could get her hands in their pussys while they sucked and kissed each other.

I got up and let Chrys pick who she was to take first. Chrys took Linds by the hand and lay her on the floor. She knelt between my sister’s legs and entered her. They kissed each other with passionate abandon as Liz and I watched Chrys’s ass rise and fall. When Linds wrapped her legs around the transsexual deep in her pussy I lay my wife next to them and did the same.

It was a good thing the children were not home. Our sounds of lust and joy-filled the house. Chrys rolled my sister to her knees and rammed back inside her. I did the same with my wife. The two ladies kissed each other excitedly as we rammed into both of them.

I leaned over and said, “She likes it in the ass too.”

Chrys worked her thumb in Linds bottom while thrusting in and out. The added sensations caused her to push back and moan louder.

I followed suit with Liz and her responses matched Linds’s. When both ladies orgasmed we took our cocks out. Chrys and I traded places and fed our cocks into the ladies’ asses. We all grunted as we slammed our bodies together. Chrys and I came at almost together flooding our respective ladies with the seed of our joy.

Chrys and I cuddled and lightly kissed while Linds and Liz cleaned each of our cocks. I lay on the floor as Chrys moved over me. My heels on her shoulders, she placed her cock in my butt and rammed it home. I roared as she screwed her cock inside my body.

Liz and Linds each sat on my hands pinning them to the floor as the floor turns sucking and nipping Chrys and my bodies. Chrys kept up her pace as I shook and rocked on her cock. my sister sat on my face as Liz aimed my cock in her body. The rhythm of Chrys thrusts fucked all of us in turn. I came in my sexy wife while my sister and wife came all over me. Chrys shoot her juices in my ass as we lay down on the floor again using each other for pillows.

A couple of hours later we woke up and paired off in separate rooms. Liz and Chrys took our room while my sister and I took hers. Liz screams of joy echoed our lust as I bred my sister again. When my cock was in Lind’s mouth I could hear the loud noises I knew was Liz giving Chrys head. As my cock filled Lind’s pussy I heard Liz and Chrys groan in unison as the beautiful transexual thrust in my wife. As I emptied my joy inside Linds and we both released, the sounds of mutual joy of the couple in the next room told me the same was happening there.

We all had Sunday off so we slept in. I got out of bed and entered the bathroom to relieve myself. Chrys was already on the toilet and she was slowly stroking her cock.”You need some help?” I asked.

She nodded her head and I dropped to my knees. The sharp smell of bodily fluids in the toilet counter-pointed the taste of Liz mixed with Chrys sticky residue. The sensations were intoxicating. I sucked the cock of the lady in front of me. I heard and felt Chrys’s cock tapped at the back of my throat as she rocked on the porcelain seat. My cock was dripping clear juice on the floor, as I swallowed the transexual’s joy.

I stood back and let my partner finish cleaning up then I used the facilities. Chrys and I french kissed before she turned around and offered her ass to me. I grabbed her hips and rammed inside. She arched her back and shoved her button my cock. I hammered into her with reckless joy as we worked to make each other happy. Chrys groaned in joy as I shot my load home.

We walked out of the room arm in arm on our way to the kitchen. We began breakfast as we listened to the others rousting out of bed.