Innocent Lad gets raped by a Drug Addict

This is an novice attempt to writing erotic stories. Parts of it is based on my own real experience. If you’re 18+ and fancy gay stories, this is for you. All names are fictitious. Humbly request for your feedback, both positive and criticism alike!

I had very recently moved from an urban city like Delhi to a remote place of Punjab, due to recession Dad was transferred and promoted as the branch manager there. Since, I was the only child both of my parents insisted that I too move with them, and I balefully did. The new remote place which we migrated to, was the most richest town of whole India but it also had the highest rate of drugs abuse by youths. Every 1 person out of 3 was a drug addict. Mom and Dad were absolutely concerned but so far I had given them no reason to worry. I was a Grade A college student, aged 19 but without any real friends and quite frankly life was well just happening.

We had been allotted a 2-storey bungalow, which meant a full storey apartment with almost every thing I ever wished for. Besides I was always fascinated about old and broken archeological sites. Dad was well off, my mom a complete socialite while I was cute looking, lean youngster with greenish brown eyes and an ass to die for. Yes, you read it right “I had an Ass, which would put any girl to Shame”. Guys, hold your testosterone it wasn’t that I was Gay right from birth. Of course I was an introvert with very limited social skills, but nobody including me, ever had doubts that I was a queer. Until, when this incident happened …

One fine day both Mom and Dad were away and I ventured out with my camera, to visit the fields and ancient sites, and this town was famous just for that. An hour of drive through various modes of public transport, I reached an remote site. Locals kept starting at me weirdly, probably because I was an outsider but none really made any attempts to speak to me. I saw from far off what looked like a broken ancient wall and intrigued I walked towards it. However, when I reached the site and peeked on the other side of the wall, I saw few youths lying on the ground, and all seemed pretty hammered i.e. high on drugs.

[For those who are merely interested in reading action, the story starts here]

At that moment, a strong and well built youth (whom I later got to know as Pammy) smilingly winked at me. He had this deep look and very expressive eyes, like those of Osho. Pammy seemed to be in late 20s, about 6’2, with thick long brown hair and probably the best ripped man, almost built like a tank. He also had the cutest and the fucking sexiest grin, I’ve ever seen. Bit worried, I turned to walk away, but 2 youths (who were Pammy’s accomplices and drug abusers too) literally dragged me to the other side. I raised my voice, demanding them to let me go.

Pammy ordered “bring that faggot to me”, while he pulled out his 4″ soft thick dick from his cargo shorts and began stroking it. “What the fuck” I mumbled shocked and tried to run away, instead all 4 accomplices quickly grabbed and pulled me next to him. Subsequently, 3 of his accomplices pushed me on my knees, while the 4th accomplice (known as Prakash) who stood behind me, clasped both his hands to forcefully push my face near to Pammy’s semi-hard dick.

Pammy’s dick was growing every second, and was now pointing right at my mouth. “Taste it dude” he said loudly like a demanding boss, expecting me to willfully obey his orders. I immediately yelled back, but then Prakash slapped my balls hard, and despite wearing tight jeans, I felt like I was going to puke from the pain. “Don’t fuckin play with me faggot” Pammy growled at me. With my balls aching I looked at him, humiliatingly stuck out my tongue and licked the tip of his fully enlarged 7.5″ cock.

Pammy grabbed my hair tight by the back of the head and forcefully pulled my mouth onto his dick. The moment his dick hit my throat, I gagged almost puking meanwhile tears rolled down my cheeks. I’ve literally been the prince of my home, and here a strong man was treating me a “cocksucking” slut, as if I was born to entertain men. Then Pammy started to fuck my face harder with brute force, all the while talking dirty with an authoritative tone, “Yea cocksucker, open your throat bitch, gag on my meat”. His disciples balefully laughed at his comments, calling me cheap 2-dime slut who should be gang raped every day.

I was disoriented, scared and now being gagged by a thick and sweaty dick, which was leaking so much pre cum and this honestly started to turn me on too. After all nobody had used me so selfishly before, and this scene was so erotic that my dick became the hardest ever. This was the time when the realization hit my head … Was I Gay? Is that why at some point of time, I wasn’t really excited about women.

I recalled the day when “Savita” aunty (my mom’s friend) playfully hugged me, with her blouse showing the biggest cleavage, I had ever seen. And yet, it didn’t quite excite me sexually, did she knew I was gay? And, how would Mom or Dad react, if they knew I was gay? I shrugged off these thoughts, simply avoiding to think of such a situation.

Eventually Pammy went too deep once and quickly pulled out, so I could catch my breath. He didn’t want to cum and probably had other plans. As I was gasping for air, Prakash (who was behind me) pulled my jeans and briefs to my knees in a single stroke. Cold air breeze passed through my back, Prakash then scooted further up and licked my ass. When his tongue touched my asshole, I moaned and whimpered with joy, which made everyone laugh. Nobody had ever licked my ass before, often during the bath whenever I cleaned my ass with soapy foam, it send me shivers. But this experience was beyond imagination or words, and I was panting heavily. Unfortunately his rimming didn’t even last for a minute and when I looked back, Prakash had moved away and I felt like I died a little.

Not for long, Pammy came behind, aimed his hard cock and pushed it in my ass, I felt like it was on fire. I screamed but he grabbed me more by my jaw, pulled me close to him and began licking my ears. When the head of his dick popped in, I thought he had split me open. He pushed in like an inch and I started crying, it hurt me really bad. Then of a sudden he pulled back to just the tip again and kept pushing back in each time a bit further. All this while he was holding me and kissing me tenderly on cheeks, but he never slowed down and instead continued with deep thrusts further inside, it hurt me very bad down there.

By the time I felt his balls slapping against my ass, I could barely see through my tears. It felt so dry and hurting when he first started fucking me, but by now he’d leaked so much precum which lubricated my inside and it now didn’t ache me so much, just as deep he went. Once he was balls deep, Pammy really pounded me hard, with deep and steady thrusts, almost slamming my butt cheeks with a slap sound. I screamed as loud, but it took less time when his dick initially started to feel good and then it felt amazing. He was now hitting my prostate and I went ecstatic, my cock was leaking so much precum and it remained hard twerking all the time.

Pammy like a possessed devil, made quicker and deeper thrusts, so hard that I could actually feel as if the cum was filling his cock, like an pressure pipe just waiting for you to turn the knob to splash. His cock was pushing me to the unknown limits, I was now a moaning bitch and pretty soon my cock shot spurts of cum on the ground. This was the first time, I had cum without even wanking or my hands touching my cock. All of sudden, Prakash who was till now a mute spectator watching Pammy giving me the ride of my life, kneeled and began sucking my cock. I screamed in delight, none of my past girlfriends had even touched my cock, leave alone sucking me. If this wasn’t heaven, I don’t know what it else would it be.

Prakash began tickling my balls and hungrily sucked my cock, as if he was bent to milk out the entire load of cum that I had. And in few seconds, I began shaking and came twice, Prakash willingly slurped every drop of it. Feeling me cum I tightened my ass, which pushed Pammy over the edge. He grabbed my ass with both hands and sank his cock as deep into me as he could, and his cock kept shooting spurts of cum in my male-pussy for what seemed like eternity. He collapsed on my back and I felt we both had passed out from this ecstatic experience.

After quite some time, Pammy sat up and kissed me, seemingly a fucking perfect kiss. I was now in love with him!