Night at the laundry

Having graduated high school I was looking forward to getting out on my own. I found an apartment I could afford in a neighborhood that was going through a “transition” which meant it wasn’t the most desirable place to live. The complex was large and old with half the buildings closed for renovation. I was in a third floor efficiency. It was small but it met my needs. The pool hadn’t been filled in years and the driveway needed repairs. But at least there was still a laundry room that was open in one of the uninhabited buildings a couple away from mine.

One night I couldn’t help but notice that I had been neglecting my laundry. I had run out of clean socks, bras, panties and other necessities to get me through the work week so I gathered all the clothes that were lying around and stuffed them into my laundry basket. Detergent, softener, I had everything needed to remedy the dilemma. Now I just needed the ambition to get it done as it was late and I was tired.

I opened a wooden box on my night stand and removed rolling papers and a baggie of marijuana. I rolled a couple of nice size joints and fired one up, inhaling deeply the mystical herb. I always found a nice buzz could keep me going. Puff, puff swallow and I was ready to go.

With basket, detergent and coins in hand I was ready to go. Wearing only an extra-large hoody, panties and flip flops I began my journey down the broken sidewalk winding my way between the dilapidated buildings that had yet to be renovated. The lighting was poor to nonexistent but the beacon from the laundry room guided me toward my destination.

Other than a young Black teen passing me on the sidewalk there wasn’t a soul about. When I finally arrived I found half the machines to be broken, the coin boxes damaged and pilfered. I loaded up two washers, put them on the proper settings, deposited my quarters and I was in business. I would need more money for the dryers but I had plenty of time to smoke another doobie, after all I needed a reward for my initiative.

Feeling high, light headed and in no pain I began my laborious trek back to my apartment. I’m not exactly sure which abandoned building I was walking past when out of nowhere a fist crashed into the side of my head, causing me to stagger, stars in my eyes. Another punch was immediately delivered to my stomach, doubling me over. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t utter a sound.

“Get her arms, get her legs, drag her this way” Hands grabbed my arms and legs. A hand went over my mouth. Violently I was being dragged into one of the abandoned apartments. I was literally pulled out of my sandals. I was moved through the living room and into a back bedroom.

The stench was over powering. Night lighting from the parking lot sent scant rays of light into the room through broken blinds. An old mattress lay on the floor. Urine, sweat and semen odors permeated the room. “Scream bitch and I’ll kill you!”

I couldn’t scream, I could hardly breathe. The throbbing in my head was beginning to subside but things were still a blur. Two pairs of hands grabbed my hoody while another pair of hands had my panties. Both were ripped from my body. I was pulled onto the mattress. I lay there trying to focus. The boy I had passed earlier, it might have been him. Three more boys were visible, one on either arm with the third sitting on my legs.

I was regaining my senses. I let out a cry but it was a feeble attempt. “BITCH!” and another punch to my head. I saw stars again. He grabbed my hair, pulling my head up “OPEN!” I did and now my panties were being shoved half way down my throat. “Roll her over.” Now lying on my stomach his hands were on my ass cheeks, spreading them. “I told you to shut the fuck up!”


A tearing, burning sensation filled my body. Please let me pass out. One of the thickest cocks I have ever had in my ass was now ripping me in half. I was crying, tears, muffled screams coming from deep down inside me as his dick penetrated my colon. The violent pounding sending me into near unconsciousness. Finally I felt the warm seed from his ejaculation filling me, thankful for the lubricant as he finished assaulting my butt.

“Now let’s try this again, you scream you get hit, you fight you get hurt, you run you get dead! Understand?” I shook my head, I understood. “Let her go.” My arms were released. After pulling my panties from my mouth he grabbed my hair “Now looks what you did to my dick, clean it off.” And with that he shoved his sperm and shit covered cock into my mouth. “Suck it Bitch!” And I sucked it, that fowl, harsh tasting concoction that would make anyone sick, and I sucked it clean, swallowing every morsel. He pushed me back onto the mattress.

“Spread your legs!” And I spread them. He pointed to one boy “You go first.” He dropped his gym shorts and got between my legs, lying on top of me. I wasn’t wet but the sperm that had leaked from my ass had reached my lips and with that he was able to spread them with the head of his penis and penetrate my vagina. He began to pump, it was rough, and as I looked into the face of this young Black boy he had to be in his mid-teens if that old. His hands grabbed my chest, squeezing my tits, not really knowing what to do with them. It didn’t take long for him to explode inside my cunt. The smile on his face said he had just lost his virginity.

The next boy climbed on. He looked to be about the same age, maybe a bit older. He began fucking me like the energizer rabbit. Thank goodness the first boys’ sperm acted as a lubricant. Within minutes he too was emptying his nut sack into my pussy.

The third boy, obviously the youngest, had trouble getting an erection. I got to my knees and started sucking his cock, my hand massaging his ball sack. When he had gotten considerably hard I laid back and he got between my legs, I then guided his dick into my cunt and as he moved his hips, I moved mine in rhythm with him until he exploded, filling me with spurts of cum. “Thanks” he said as he crawled off me. I smiled.

Now it came down to the leader of the group, the boss. “On your hands and knees cunt!” I obeyed. He positioned himself behind me and grabbed my hips. His stiff dick easily slid between my lips and deep inside my pussy. As he pumped and I pushed I felt my own orgasm coming. His hands moved to my swinging tits, grabbing them, pinching and tugging at my nipples. I moaned as I orgasmed. He screamed as he came, my tunnel completely filled and over flowing. We fell to the mattress, he on top of me.

Slowly he got up as I laid still. “We know where you live bitch; you call the pigs or tell anyone you’re dead! You hear me?” I nodded. They left quietly and quickly, probably off to do their homework I surmised.

I don’t know how long I laid there but I eventually forced myself to get up, find my hoody and walk back to my apartment. My laundry could wait. I drew a hot bath and soaked until the water cooled, replaying the events of the night over and over again in my head. Did I hate it? Did I love it? I was confused, and with that I went to bed reliving the scene while rubbing my clit and bringing myself multiple orgasms.